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Seven Major Mistakes to Avoid on Your Big Day Experimenting with your look by using a lipstick of unusual colour, or having an unconventional haircut is passable. But when it comes to your wedding day, you need to tame your desires of experimenting, and go with what mirror principle says. With all of the planning and preparation that goes into your wedding day, you, the bride, must be willing to look the best you can. While flipping through your wedding album, you would certainly not like to regret for the makeup up you wore on the most special day of your life. Here we have curated seven major mistakes you should not make on your nuptial. Using the wrong colour foundation Choose the colour of your foundation complimenting your skin-tone. Too light foundation can make you look white while too dark can make you look you have painted your face. Start testing out foundation about 3 months before your wedding and continue testing

according to the skin tone changing due to tanning. Abandoning waterproof mascara Not using waterproof mascara is one of the biggest blunders a bride can do. Weddings are emotional celebrations, and you would not like to get the area around your eyes to turn into black due to your tears. Forgetting to exfoliate lips before applying lipstick To get soft, supple and kissable lips, exfoliation before application of lipstick is necessary. There are numerous methods to exfoliate lips. Use a sugar scrub and your toothbrush to buff out dead skin. Then, put a moisturizing mask on your lips overnight to get soft lips next morning. Applying too much of blush Blush is an important element of your bridal makeup. But don’t go too rosy. The simple method of applying blush is, blend, blend and blend. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend thoroughly to get that incredible look. Not using moisture before makeup A dry, or flaky skin can mar your efforts that you have put on your makeup. Don’t ruin the whole look by applying cosmetics to dry skin. Use a facemask before about three days before the D-day so your skin becomes soft and supple. Using unusual eye shadow We all love emerald green eye shadow, but it would be good for your cocktail party not for the wedding. A smoky eye can create the spell if strategically blended. Go for natural colours such as browns, tans, taupes and creams to get cool look on your wedding day.

Not hiring a professional So you can create perfect winged eyeliner or have good sense of makeup. But makeup is beyond winged eyeliner, it is an art. Hire a wedding hair and makeup to get bridal make done in a great fashion.

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Wedding Hair and Makeup  

Experimenting with your look by using a lipstick of unusual colour, or having an unconventional haircut is passable.