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Here is Your Head-to-Toe Bridal Beauty Prep Guide So, your wedding is just round the corner. Now it is the high time you indulge into enjoying the ‘me’ time and invest time on getting prepared for the D-day. It is your wedding, and you need to look the best of your version. Here we have curated top-to-bottom beauty prep to bring out a beautiful you. Hair Let’s start with your tresses. It goes without saying that it is not possible to get the best locks overnight. You need to take care of your locks with little love and great devotion. To get the best version of hair on the wedding day, be regular with trimming sessions, avoid using styling tools and products. You also need to make some drastic changes in your diet. If you love binging on fast food, then curb your cravings and eat a diet filled with vitamin B and E instead. Face When it comes to treating common facial issues, you may get a

number of solutions over Google and Pinterest. But if you have serious breakouts problem, it is wise to approach a dermatologist. Start seeing a skin specialist at least six months prior to your marriage. This will help your skin adjust to a new regimen and help you get glowing, blemish free skin. Drink lots of water to make your skin look dewy and radiant. For bridal makeup, approach a reputed makeup artist in Toronto right away. Eyes Dark circles and puffiness are common issues that every bride-to-be is concerned about. The area around your eyes is comparatively sensitive, thus you need to be little gentle. Take off eye makeup with a water-soluble remover. Don’t go to sleep with makeup on. Approach a skin specialist to treat the problem area. Feet Pamper your feet before the big day. Go for sweet treatments in the months leading up the special day. Get your feet finely pedicured at least two days before the D-day. So this is your head-to-toe beauty care tip that you should swear by as you are planning to walk down the aisle.

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