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BROWNS Brisbane Luxury Student Apartments @ “Central Parklands” BROWNS English Language School is delighted to offer five-star Luxury share Apartment Accommodation, available “exclusively” for BROWNS students. We hope that students will enjoy their stay. Please note that these apartments are NOT SERVICED APARTMENTS and should be treated with care and respect. To preserve the high level of quality of each apartment, we expect students to abide by the Terms and Conditions below:

Terms & Conditions: 1)

Apartment Address and Postal Address

Apartment Address:

Central Parklands 3 Parkland Boulevard, Brisbane 4000 Queensland, Australia

Students do not have access to the mailbox at Central Parklands. All mail and packages must be sent to the BROWNS English Language School Postal Address. Students can collect their mail from the “Student Mail Collection Area” at BROWNS English Language School. BROWNS Postal Address: 2)

GPO Box 662 Brisbane QLD 4001

BROWNS Apartments Manager

If a student has any questions regarding their apartment they should speak to the BROWNS Apartments Manager. In an emergency, students must call The Apartment Manager on his mobile (the Apartment Manager can be contacted any day of the week) The Apartment Manager’s mobile phone number is 0413 975 171. The Apartment Manager is authorized to conduct regular and routine inspections of each apartment, including the bedrooms and bathrooms. 3)

BROWNS Booking Officer

The Apartment Booking Officer is responsible for booking a student a bed in one of the BROWNS Luxury Apartments. Students can visit the Apartment Booking Officer at the BROWNS Front Desk between 3:30pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday (the Apartment Booking Officer is not available on Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays). 4)

Length of stay

The minimum length of stay is four (4) weeks. The student’s check-in date can be before their start-date at BROWNS and the student’s check-out can be after their graduation date at BROWNS; that is, the number of accommodation weeks can be more than the number of study weeks. 5)


All prices quoted in communications are in Australian Dollars (AUD). 6) Application and Acceptance To apply to stay at one of the BROWNS Apartments, a student should tick “Apartment Accommodation” on the BROWNS Application form and provide their Flight Arrival Details.


Students under 18 are not permitted to stay in the BROWNS Apartments Due to insurance reasons, Airport Pick-up is compulsory. That is, a student must book and pay for the BROWNS Airport Pick-up service if they intend to stay at the BROWNS Apartments. A bed cannot be confirmed for a student until BROWNS have received the student’s Flight Arrival Details. If BROWNS have not received student’s flight arrival details 2 weeks prior to the student’s book in date the apartment booking will be cancelled. A bed booking is “confirmed” when the Agent receives a “Bed Confirmation Form” from BROWNS (the “Bed Confirmation Form” will be sent by email). If a bed is not available for the students’ requested “check-in” and/or “check-out” date, the Agent will be notified by email within 24 hours of the request. A student may be required to move to a different bed and/or a different apartment, at any time, during their length of stay. 7)

BROWNS Luxury Apartment Fees***

Apartment Placement Fee Bond (2 weeks rent) Key Deposit Apartment Accommodation Weekly Fee Apartment Accommodation Nightly Fee

$190 $420 $80 $210 per week $33 per extra night

** 1 week at the BROWNS Luxury Apartment Accommodation is 7 nights and 8 days ** *** Prices are subject to change at any time without notification 8)

Payment deadlines

Apartment Placement Fee: Bond: Key Deposit: Total Accommodation Fees:

Pay with other fees on the Student’s Invoice (see Due Date) + Pay with other fees on the Student’s Invoice (see Due Date) + Pay with other fees on the Student’s Invoice (see Due Date) + Pay with other fees on the Student’s Invoice (see Due Date)

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that total payment of the fees above is made before arrival. 9)

Bond and Key Deposit

If checking out prior to 9.00 am, a student must return their Apartment Key/Lift swipe to mailbox 3023 at the BROWNS Apartments. The Apartments Booking Officer will refund the student’s Bond and Key Deposit (provided that the student has abided by the “Terms & Conditions of Stay” and has returned their Apartment Key/Lift Swipe). The student will receive a refund by cheque, cash or by bank transfer. Refunds will be paid 3:30pm – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday. If checking out after schools hours or on the weekend, the student must return their Apartment Key/Lift swipe to the Apartments Manager. In this case, the student must see the Apartments Booking Officer prior to checking out and during school hours (regarding the refund of their Bond and Key Deposit). It is the student’s responsibility to see the Apartments Booking Officer regarding the refund of their bond 10)



Cancellation and Refunds No refunds will be granted once the student has moved into the apartment (Including an early check-out). BROWNS Apartment fees are not transferable to BROWNS Homestay. 100% of the accommodation fee, bond and key deposit will be refunded if you cancel or postpone your accommodation more than four (4) weeks before your arrival. Placement fee is not refundable. If you cancel or postpone your accommodation less than two (2) weeks before your arrival, you will you

will be charged $100 to cover administration costs. If you cancel your accommodation booking less than 48 hours you will be charged one week’s accommodation fee and the placement fee will not be refunded. The bond and key deposit will be refunded.

Refunds for “Cancellation of bed reservation” will be paid to the student within 14 days from the time of notification.


Bank charges will be deducted from refunds made by electronic transfer or bank draft. If the student has no bank account in Australia and needs to cash a cheque, a cash handling fee will be charged by National Australia Bank. 11)

Maximum of 4 people in each BROWNS Apartment

All apartments have 2 twin bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining and lounge area and balcony. The bedrooms are either ‘male only share’ or ‘female only share’ or ‘mixed’. The four students in the apartment may be ‘all male’, ‘all female’ or ‘mixed’ (male and female). BROWNS do not guarantee that students requesting to stay together will be placed in the same room. Rooms are allocated on the availability at the time. In each BROWNS Luxury Apartment there are 4 single beds. Every bed has been assigned a letter: “A”, “B”,” C” or “D”. Student’s can check their ‘Bed Confirmation Form’ or the tag of their Apartment Key to find out if they are: Bed “A”, Bed “B”, Bed “C” or Bed “D”. 12)


Students are NOT PERMITTED TO INVITE VISITORS TO THEIR APARTMENT of Central Parklands at any time during their stay Visitors CAN ONLY BE MET IN THE FOYER (GROUND FLOOR) of Central Parklands. Any “visitors” found to be in an apartment will be asked to leave immediately. The student who invited the visitor will be fined a $100 penalty. 13)


Central Parklands is a NON-SMOKING BUILDING! Smoking in any part of the building, including bedrooms/balcony, Recreational Area and the entry foyer is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any student who is caught or reported smoking will be issued a $100 penalty. 14)

Checking in at Central Parklands


All students coming from Brisbane or Gold Coast International/Domestic Airport will be checked in at the BROWNS apartments by the BROWNS Airport Driver

The BROWNS Airport driver will give the student their Apartment Key and Swipe card. The student will be shown how to use the Swipe card to enter the building and what level number to press in the lift. For easy reference, the Apartment level and Apartment door number is on the back of the student’s key tag.

The BROWNS Apartment Manager will meet the student that afternoon (or the next morning) to go through the Apartment Terms & Conditions and answer any questions the student may have.

If the student urgently needs to speak with the Apartments Manager, they should call 0413 975 171


During School Hours, the student must go to BROWNS English Language School and collect their Apartment Key and Swipe Card from the Apartment Manager. All students must be waiting in the BROWNS reception area with their bags at 4pm (Monday – Friday). The Apartments Manager is not available to do check-ins on Saturday or Sunday. If the student can not find the Apartments Manager, they should call 07 3221 7871.

The Apartments Manager will give the student their Apartment Key and Lift Swipe Card.


Contents Insurance

It is the student’s responsibility to lock their apartment to ensure the safety of all contents at all times. BROWNS is not responsible or accountable for the theft of or damage to a student’s personal possessions. IT IS THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO INSURE THEIR OWN PROPERTY & POSSESSIONS BY WAY OF PERSONAL CONTENTS INSURANCE. BROWNS’ advises that the student attends to this as soon as possible.



Apartment Inclusions and Items for purchase

Apartment Inclusions: •

Beds and Linen, Kitchen and Lounge Furniture, TV, Crockery, Cutlery, Glasses, Cooking Utensils, Kettle, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner

Consumable items that must be purchased by the student: •

Cleaning Products, Rubbish Bags and Toilet paper (all available from Coles Supermarket and The Warehouse; only 8 - 10 minutes walking distance from Central Parklands).


Damage or Loss of Property

If an apartment inclusion inventory items is broken, lost or needs to be replaced, students must inform the Apartments Manager immediately by calling 0413 975 171. 18)

Car Parking

Car parks in the Central Parklands Basement are not available for use. Car park spaces are in the adjoining and nearby streets. 19)

Bicycle Racks

Bicycles are not allowed to be brought inside the Central Parklands (or in the Apartment). There are no bicycle racks in the basement of the Central Parklands. Students must go to the BROWNS Front desk to find out where they can lock up their bicycles. 20)

Apartment Inspections

Inspections of each Apartment, including bedrooms and bathrooms, will be conducted regularly by the Apartments Manager. Each student’s privacy will be respected at all times. If the BROWNS Apartment Manager is unsatisfied with the general cleanliness of a student’s room or if damage to the apartment has been made, the student may lose their Bond, face eviction or be charged a $100 penalty. 21)

Quiet Policy

All students are expected to be considerate of others by being quiet, especially at night. No excessive noise will be tolerated (no loud music and no loud TV). In the case of any noise complaints, where security is called to your apartment, a $100 penalty charge will be automatically deducted from the bond of the student(s) responsible. Continuous noise complaints will result in a student being evicted. 22)


It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REMOVE RUBBISH FROM THEIR APARTMENT EVERY DAY. Garbage chutes are located on each floor of Central Parklands; students need to look for the door with the “Refuse Only” sign. Large Garbage bins are also located on B1 of the Underground basement. Rubbish is not to be left outside the door of the apartment. Anyone found breaching this rule will have $100 deducted from their Bond. Depositing rubbish in any fire exit will result in a fine of $1800, as per the Queensland fire regulations. 23)

Ants & Insects

Insects are part of sub-Tropical Queensland. Students are not to leave any food matter uncovered at any time as this will attract unwanted insects! 24)

Room keys and Lift Swipes

The Key deposit will not be refunded to the student if the Apartment Key/Lift swipe card allocated to them is lost, damaged or not handed back upon checking out.


Replacements keys and swipes cards can be ordered; students must call the Apartments Manager to arrange for a new Apartment Key and Lift swipe. 25)

Lock out of your apartment (keys left inside apartment)

If a student is locked out of their Apartment, they should first try calling their Apartment “share-mates” to ask them to open the Apartment door. If a student can not get in contact with their Apartment “share-mates” they will need to call the Apartments Manager on 0413 975 171. 26)


Balconies must not be used for storage and clothes must not be hung over the balcony railing to dry. Throwing items over the balcony will lead to loss of Bond or a $100 penalty. 27)

Washing and Drying of Clothes & Bed Linen (sheets/pillow cases)

Clothes and bed linen are to be washed regularly by the student using the washing machine inside their apartment. Students are to hang up their clothes and bed linen on one of the 3 washing lines that are on their apartment balcony. Only on rainy days are students allowed to use the dryer (BROWNS has a green environmental policy). 28)

Pool, Spa, Steam Room/Sauna and Gym

Access to the Pool, Spa, Steam Room/Sauna and Gym is free of charge. Note: the use of the pool is at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty. Students must keep noise to a minimum. The pool is available for use from 8am till 10pm daily. No glass containers are to be taken to the pool. 29)

General Maintenance

Student’s are to telephone the Apartments Manager on 07 3221 7871 or 0413 975 171 for urgent repairs of electricity, water, gas and external door locks. 30)


All beds in the apartment are supplied with a mattress protector, a set of cotton sheets, a pillow, pillow slip, a quilt and quilt cover. Students are required to bring their own bath towels. Blankets can be purchased at a reasonable price from “The Warehouse” or “Pillow Talk” in Queen Street Mall. The sheets and pillow cases will be cleaned by a professional cleaner at the end of the student’s stay. 31)

Shoes off

Students must take their shoes off when they enter the apartment and leave them at the door. No shoes (including thongs) are to be worn inside the apartment. If students are spotted or reported wearing their shoes inside then there will be a $100 penalty deducted from the students bond. 32)

Room cleaning

It is the responsibility of the student’s to keep their apartment tidy and clean • Cutlery, Crockery and pots are to be washed and put away daily • Kitchen bench must be wiped down with detergent daily • Kitchen floor, dining area and bedrooms must be vacuumed regularly • Bathroom basin must be wiped down with detergent daily • Bed linen must be put in washing machine and dried on clothes line regularly • Toilets brushes must be used to scrub the toilet regularly • Shower must be cleaned with bleach every Sunday A cleaning cost of $100 will be deducted from the student’s bond if their room and bathroom is deemed as unsanitary. Cleaning of the floor carpet must be carried out by a licensed professional. Any spillages on the carpet made by students will lead to loss of Bond or a $100 penalty.


Any stains to the quilt, sheets, pillow & mattress protector must be professionally dry-cleaned. This dry-cleaning cost will be deducted from the student’s Bond. 33)


There is a TV in each apartment but no DVD player. Student’s can bring or buy their personal DVD player. 34)


There is no phone in the apartment. A public pay phone is available for use at Brisbane. BROWNS recommends that student’s use an international calling card. 35)


Central Parkland does have wireless internet access. If the wireless router is not working properly, please inform the office manager. In case, we find that it has been damaged by the users, we will deduct $35.00 from all students’ bond. 36)


The air-conditioning unit in each Apartment has been turned off (inactivated). The Apartments have windows and sliding doors that provide adequate ventilation. 37)

Recreational Facilities

The Recreational Facilities on Central Parklands is only for the use of students who are staying in an apartment (no visitors are allowed to Recreation Area). Student’s who use these facilities should ensure they are:

• • • • • •

not intoxicated/disorderly patrons not acting or speaking offensively or inappropriately not making excessive noise not inappropriately dressed not causing damage to the property or its facilities adhering to the No Smoking rules

NO VISITORS ARE TO COME TO CENTRAL PARKLANDS (VISITORS CAN ONLY BE MET IN THE FOYER ON GROUND FLOOR). If students do bring visitors then they will face a $100 penalty per person. 38)

Termination of the Rental Agreement by BROWNS

BROWNS’ has the authority to terminate the ‘Contract of Stay’ with any student at any time if the student is found: • Not maintaining a hygienically clean and well cared for room. • Making excessive noise in any part of the Building • Causing other student’s personal, emotional or bodily harm. • Being rude or using rude & expletive or unacceptable language. • Sexual misconduct or harassment. • Racial, religious or sexual intolerance displayed. • Wilfully damaging the property of any fellow room-mate or that of BROWNS Apartments. • Setting off fire alarms. • Tampering with any equipment. • Drinking alcohol in excess and causing house keeping problems that are damaging to the care of the property, in public space or in the privacy of the room. • Possessing guns or fireworks. • Possessing, selling or using any illicit drugs. The Police will also be called. Tenants will be convicted In the event of any of the above occurring BROWNS will terminate the ‘Contract of Stay’ and give the student immediate eviction notice. 39)

Exit date

Upon check-out, the student must leave all bed linen on the bed; it is BROWNS’ responsibility to ensure that bed linen is removed and professionally cleaned before a new student arrives.



Extension of stay

If a student wishes to extend their stay past their confirmed “check-out date”, they must talk to the Apartments Booking Officer at BROWNS English Language School to request an extension of stay. 41)


BROWNS is not liable for any personal injury inflicted to a student by his/her own actions. 42)

Change of terms & conditions

These terms are correct at the time of printing although BROWNS reserves the right to add or change these conditions as required. 43)

BROWNS Apartment Accommodation Account Details

The Student’s Invoice will include all fees relating to the student’s Apartment Accommodation. The total on the Student Invoice must be paid to the “BROWNS English Language School Trust” Bank Account (see Invoice for account details) prior to arrival.


I agree to abide by the “Terms and Conditions of Stay” while I am staying at the BROWNS Luxury Apartments. I understand that BROWNS reserves the right to deduct money from my Bond or Key Deposit and can evict me from my Apartment if I breach any of the “Terms and Conditions of Stay” stated above. Signing this form is deemed as acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions of Stay”. Student Signature:


Student’s Full Name:


Scheduled Check-in Date: ___________________________ Apartment No:

_____________ Bed: ________

Overseas contact number: ___________________________ Student’s Email:


(Consultant use only) Signature of Witness: _______________________________


BROWNS Luxury appartment conditions  

Condiciones de los apartamentos de Browns.

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