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Will timon quit lion King and be tired of Pumbaa?

Hi we have a ping pong tournament and people are raging. Who will win and go on who's best. Ping pong is an interesting game that people play. Its about skill and technic Someone was already picked to play. And who knows when it will end or who will be ruler.

Valentines already passed and it was great. Everyone brought red and candy. The candy was good and was spread. People were happy and there was joy. After school there was an assembly. They played games and it was fun. Some of the games couldn't be played. Because there was no time and people weren't working. Sometimes people got mad because ity wasn't fun. At the the end people made a party and there was a marathon.

Pumbaa how big are you? Im 2 feet tall. And growing. Pumbaa how fat are you? Im 50 cm wide. that’s fat. Pumbaa are you fast? No .2 miles per day Pumbaa how old are you? Im 30. in pig years. Pumbaa do you have bad memory? WHAT. What did you say Pumbaa whos your BFF? Its TIMON. I miss him. Pumbaa do you exercise? Yes if being lazy counts. AND sleeping. Pumbaa are you single? No im a celebrity. My mom isn't my date. Pumbaa are you handsome? My mom say yes. So I am. Pumbaa whats your favorite frase? Hakuna matata. and never waste food like you waste paper.

Games Games they have become revolutionary. Many games qualify in a age material. MOSTLY PEOPLE CHOOSE AN AGE THEY DON’T HAVE. Game aer for you to have fun and be in another world. Games are awesome for many people. People buy games that have different world types. Like open world or inside missions. I like games because they make you feel like you can do anyting. GAMES ARE ALSO BAD IN A WAY THAT KIDS ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING. There are many consoles to play with. SOME GAMES ARE ONLY FOR SPECIFIC GAMES. AND HAVE DIFFERENT STORY LIKE IN THIS CASE WII. Games take really a long time to make. You can preorder it for extra bonus. GAMES HAVE A PRODUCER. GAMES ARE ALSO FOR PC AND FREE.


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