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DEBUT ISSUE! Hot Make-up & Fashion Trends for

! g n i r Sp Get to know Breakout Band, The Maine

Pretty Little Liars Exclusive! Janel Parrish Reveals Fashion Faves & PLL Scoop

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Publisher Leigh J Merrill Editor-in-Chief Kristen Dixon Entertainment Director Steven Littles Fashion Editor Nubia Quele Santos Beauty Editor Tawni Michelle Lanford Music Editor Taryn Dicterow Entertainment Editor Emmie Lombardi Dating Expert Taryn Dicterow Photographers Cover Photo courtesy of ABC Family (Janel Parrish) Francis Bertrand (Janel Parrish Photos) Patrick Cashin (Editors Make-up Pick) Rebekah Shoenbach (Adrienne Bailon) Ben Cope (Max Ehrich) Benjamin Lozovsky (Model Photos at the Noon By Noor Fashion Show in NYC) Jason Merritt, Getty Images (Art of Elysium Photos, Julianne Hough, Camilla Belle, Anna Kendrick) Benjamin Lozovsky (P. 13 Model Photo) Beauty Team Stylist: Jane Sewerd (Max Ehrich) Groomer: Anna Branson (Max Ehrich)


Letter from the Editor Dear Readers, As you know this is our first issue and we’re really excited to share it with you! I’d like to thank everyone who helped put this magazine together, making it a reality. Also to our readers, for allowing us to be a part of your day. It is because of you that we’re able to make this is a reality. We look forward to many more issues to come with you guys. Til’ next time my lovely readers,

Kristen Dixon

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

I want to thank everyone who stood behind and supported this endevour. I would like to give a special thanks to Editor-in-Chief, Kristen Dixon for arranging and putting together this magazine. I also would like to thank people who have stood behind Gossip Meets Couture from the beginning including my mother, Susan Merrill and Steven Littles. Steven inspired me with this project after creating his magazine, ZePhra Magazine. We have a huge teen audience on our site and what better than to put out a teen magazine for our viewers to enjoy! I hope you like the first issue! Hugs & Kisses

Leigh xoxo

March 2013

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Fashion Trends for Spring

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On the Cover

P.33 Editor’s Make-up Fave

Exclusive interview with Janel Parrish

Interview with Adrienne Bailon

Music Spotlight Fresh Faces: Ryan Lerman

Actors Spotlight: Max Ehrich & Cambrie Schroder

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March 2013, Issue 1


at us D



DEBUT ISSUE! Hot P. 8-15 Make-up & Fashion Trends for

Spring! P. 22 Get to know

Breakout Band, The Maine

Pretty Little Liars Exclusive! Janel Parrish Reveals Fashion Faves & PLL Scoop

Exclusive TV Spoilers! $3.99 US

$5.99 CA

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Bold Colors

(From left to right) 1. Model at the Noon by Noor Show during Fall’s NY Fashion Week. 2, Model at the Lela Rose Show during Fall’s NY Fashion Week. 3. Anna Kendrick at an Art of Elysium Event in LA. 4. Gossip Meets Couture founder, Leigh J Merrill Nasty Gal is a website that has the hottest looks each season. It has a vintage section as well. Nasty Gal is becoming the go to place for new trends and amazing finds that you won’t find in stores. They are based out of the west coast but expanding to the east coast. They ship internationally.

From the R


to the Re d Carp Bold

Shay Mittchell, Juicy Couture Launch

Camilla Belle, Art of Elysium Event

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ick: Editor’s P for olor Hot Lip C Spring!

Photographed by: Patrick Cashin Model: Amy Jackson Make-up by Tawni Landord

Photo by Francis Bertrand

J N L A E R IH P A RS Meet the Girl Behind the Pretty Little Liar’s Character

Photos by Francis Bertand

By Leigh J Merrill


Photo by Francis Bertrand

GMC: What was it like playing the role going

GMC: What are you favorite spring

JP: It’s fun!! They’ve pretty much given me every

JP: I’m excited that tie-die is back!

from “glam and glitzy” Mona to “Crazy” Mona?

fashion trends?

kind of character to play. I’ve played the nerd, the glitz and glamour drama queen and then I played a psycho killer {laughs} crazy person and then I went to this new wholesome Mona. It’s been really fun for me, I constantly feel like I’m playing a different character each time

GMC: When you were

revealed as “A” on last season’s finale, how much in advance did you know you were going to be “A” and were you surprised?

I saw they have these new tie-die jeans that I want to try but I don’t know if I can pull it off. For Spring and Summer, I always like really bright colors. I always like to rock florescent pinks and yellows! Fan Ques #1 (@a_ len94) What’s the biggest plot twist you’d wish for Mona?

“ . It’s been really fun for me, I constantly feel JP: They officially told me a like I’m playing a difweek before we shot the epferent character each isode when I got the script but I had some idea and I time. read the book and I knew “ that’s where it went in the book and I had a feeling that’s where they were going to go with it in the show.

GMC: What was it like returning to the stage for Spring Awakening?

JP: It was amazing and I haven’t done theater in about 11 years. It was kind of like my big return to the stage and it was so great because it reminded me of how much I loved it and I felt the fire and now I don’t think I can go another year without doing another show. Hopefully, if I have time this year, I’d love to do another show.


I’d love for Mona to end up being the one who killed Allison because she was so obsessed with her and then maybe wanted to take on her whole life. It kinda feels like she is Allison in some ways. Fan Ques #2 (@tehbola) How do fans approach you after they found out you were “A”?


Sometimes, they’re a little hesitant to come up and then when they see that I’ll be nice to them and love interacting with fans, they’ll come up. For the most part, I think that people are usually really excited when they run in to someone from their favorite show. We have such loyal fans that just love the show. So, usually when I go out and get recognized they get very very excited and that makes me excited because I love seeing how much we affect the fans. 411

5 Things Our Covergirl, Janel Parrish is Sharing with Us 1. When Janel isn’t playing Mona on the streets of Rosewood, Janel goes home to Hawaii!

2. Currently, on Janel’s IPod you can find, Frank Ocean. 3. Janel’s most embarassing Hollywood moment was when she was working on the set of “Hawaii 5-0” and she had to ride a moped for the first time and ended up driving into a police car, knocking off the mirror of the moped and scratching the side of the police car! 4, Janel’s most cherished moment of being famous is when she goes home to Hawaii and gets recognized. In LA she’s known as Mona but in Hawaii she’s known as Janel Parrish. 5.Janel’s favorite vacation spot is New York City. She likes to visit whenver she gets the chance and take in a broadway show!


Get to know the Ma


aine and Their Music Q: What genre would you consider your music to be? I’m not a fan of the compartmentalization of music. I’d like to think we’re making rock music, and continue to experiment in other areas, but the pretentious music “critic” would most likely disagree. At the basis of everything, we’re just making music. Q:Who or what are most of your songs about? It varies. I’ve been including a lot of myself in the material I’m writing for the fourth album. They are songs about situations I’ve been a part of over the past year, year and a half or so. As of late, I’ve been attempting to trust my intuition and instinctual feelings. I often find myself over-thinking things. Something I’m definitely trying to improve upon. Q: Where is your favorite place/venue to perform? Least favorite? And Why? We’ve had the privilege to perform in great places for great people all over the world which makes it extremely difficult to pick just one on either side of the coin. We just had the pleasure of playing in Spain and Italy for the first time which was something to write home about. We honestly haven’t had many shit shows fortunately (at least on the crowds end, our end is debatable). Q:What are some bands that you like or inspire you? Artists that stir the pot, really mix things up. Artists who refuse to compromise or give in to demands of those around. Those who pave the path in which the uninspired follow. How did you guys come about with the bands Q:name, The Maine? I still need to create some elaborate story of debauchery and sex and drugs that eventually climaxes with the formation of our band name, but in reality we took it from a song by a group called Ivory. (Continued on next page)

(The Maine Conintued)

For More information on our sister magazine, ZePhra Magazine visit

Q: How long have you known each other? How did you meet? We’ve known each other in this dynamic for about 6 years now, but I’d say we’ve known or known of each other for a little more than twice that long. Q:Which album took the most time to make? I suppose it was our most recent album. The process was quite the conundrum seeing as we were balancing the creation of the album as well as the constant battle with the label pertaining to its release. All in all it took about 2 years to record and release it. Q:What advice would you give to small bands trying to become something? Never trivialize yourselves, question everything, and avoid cutting corners. Q: When are you looking to go on tour again? It is looking like the summer of 2013 at this point. Finishing the record is the most important thing as of now. Q:What is your opinion on the record industry today? The record industry will collapse on December 21, 2013 at 11:21 pacific standard time. Q:What do you hope for the band in 2013? I hope we create a record we can stand behind and, lord willing and the creek don’t rise, can tour on until it’s time to head back into the studio to make a fifth. Q:How is the new album coming? Will it take on the same vibe as your previous albums? We definitely have a solid foundation for what will be the next album. It’s honestly hard to say what personality this album will have in contrast to our previous, but that is what makes the process exciting. I can assure you it will not sound like the one direction. Q:What is the process you guys go through when coming up with new material? Initial ideas begin with me, and ultimately develop when we are together in a space. From there it hits digital tape. Alas, a song is born. Q:How much has your life changed since forming the band? In comparison to my life as the subpar college student, times are vastly different. Either way, I still do not possess the ability to grow a beard. Pray for me. Q:Are there any bands or musicians who you would like to one day collaborate with? Why? Collaborations, in my opinion, need a certain level of spontaneity and uncertainty to feel appropriate. There are bands we’d like to hit the road with, but as far as collaborating with, that will remain to be seen.

Fresh Faces: Ryan Lerman This Monday, January 14th, I met with musician/singer/songwriter Ryan Lerman before his show at the Silver Lake Lounge. While his name may sound unfamiliar, there’s a good chance you have heard his music; as he has played with Ben Folds, A Fine Frenzy, and Pomplamoose, and recently had one of his songs featured on Parenthood on NBC. I asked Ryan about what he has going on in 2013 and he nonchalantly rattled off a list of performances including: Google and Youtube’s Inaugural Party sponsored by Elle Magazine, a performance at the Sundance Film Festival and several performances across the county. And that is just January. Here’s the lowdown. Ryan began playing guitar at a young age but thought he would be a lawyer growing up. He made the decision to apply to college for music as a means of setting him apart from his classmates, but, when he entered school, he made the “gradual realization that this is what I have to do” and never turned back. While he has spent most of his professional career playing other bands’ music, Ryan enjoys writing and recording with a style he calls “pop circa 1973” and feels it has “helped him grow as a musician and person.” His first album is already available and he will release his second record this summer.

Ryan is about to embark on his first tour playing his own music with Nataly Dawn, opening for Ben Folds. However, Ryan is not a stranger to the touring world. He toured playing guitar with Joshua Radin and Vanessa Carlton while still a student at USC (where he studied Studio and Jazz Guitar) and, the last two years, he’s played bass for Ben Folds’ international tour and toured with Pomplamoose. With this kind of schedule and resume, I would expect a proud braggart rather than the quiet, reserved 20-something that sat across from me. By: Taryn Dicterow Music Editor


TTV, Books and Movie Scoop By: Kristen Dixon

TV: Where to start... Well first off can we say what an awesome season for shows. If you are not already hooked on several of these shows, then you need to be. Take a look at My Show of the Month and What Show to Look out For. Show of the Month: One show that I am hooked on is the new hot drama, “Arrow” which airs on The CW. This show is full of action, romance, and of course mystery. Not only does this show keep you guessing with all the twist and turns but it also takes you on the journey of one mans quest to fulfill his dying fathers last words. Buckle up beause “Arrow” will have you hanging off the edge of your seat. Rating: 5 Stars Coming Soon to Television:

What happens if your favorite show was out to harm you? Well in the new show, “Cult,” airing on the CW Tueday February 19th, it takes television to a whole new level. According to the synopsis on The CW, “Cult” follows investigative journalist, Jeff Sefton (Matt Davis from the “Vampire Diaries”) on his hunt for his brother who vanishes after becoming paranoid that he is the shows next target. But how far will the fans go in order to see what happens next... Hot Trending Books: “The Lux” series by Jennifer Armentrout, “Pretend” by Sharlay and “Beautiful Creatures” by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Note to all the Mediator Fans out there, Meg Cabot is coming out with the 7th book in the “Mediator” series. (If you haven’t read the books, I highly recommend them!) Movie Buzz: Look out for the movies, ‘Snitch’, staring Dwayne Johnson, Jack the Giant Slayer, OZ the Great and Powerful and Admission Staring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd 411

Actor’s Spotlight...

Max Ehrich

GMC: What is it like to work on the Young and The Restless? And when you were given the opportunity to join this cast? ME:It is unlike any other project I have ever worked on. We shoot an episode a day and a scene in one take. That being said, it is quite challenging and keeps me on my toes. The stakes are always very high so it is emotionally challenging every day. I got the role in April of 2012. My character has had a big arc from the “white to black swan.” GMC: How does the character you play now compare to past roles? ME:I have never played a character that started off with one sense of moral and then completely have something trigger him to go against all that he believed in. Growing up on this show is very fulfilling. GMC: Are you anything like your character Fenmore Baldwin? ME: Fenmore is a hopeless romantic like me. We also both have a bit of a rebellious streak in us. GMC:What can fans expect from your character in the show? ME: To go on a ride with Fenmore. He is in such a vulnerable place in life and is constantly battling with the angel and the devil on each shoulder. GMC: During an interview with you discussed how your character along with Summer would be addressing cyber bullying, what was it like to have to dive into such a topic that is something teens are currently facing today? ME:I was ecstatic when I heard they were addressing the issue. I experience it firsthand (being an artist in a suburban school in New Jersey.) I hope this spreads awareness of the epidemic. GMC:What do you hope for your character, Fenmore, in the future? ME: I hope his road to self discovery is not easy... that’d be boring. GMC: For those who don’t know you’re in a band called Social Networkk, how would you describe your music? ME: International pop. GMC: How did you guys come up with the name Social Networkk? ME: We all met through social media. Our generation is run by social media, so we thought it would be appropriate. GMC: What are your dreams for the future when it comes to acting and music? (continued on Page 32)

Cambrie Schroder

GMC: What was your favorite part about playing Willow? CS:I loved everything about playing Willow, but I especially loved creating little nuances within Willows character that would lead up to her final transformation. It was fun to get into a character that had so much to grow from the beginning of the movie to the end. GMC: Was it hard to tap into the character of Willow?

GMC: For those who don’t know what is Wild Hearts about? CS: ‘Wild Hearts’ is a family movie made by my entire family about a sophisticated girl from Malibu (Willow) who is in search of the father she has never known in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. During her journey she falls in love with a wild mustang (Bravo) and attempts to set him free. GMC: How would you describe your character Willow? CS: Willow is an intelligent, headstrong girl who is challenged by the unpredictability of the west. She is strong on the inside, very much like the Mustang she bonds with. She fights for her freedom and stands up for what she believes in.

CS: At times it was a little bit more challenging than others. Willow is both very similar to me in some ways and very different from me in others. Willow is quite serious, so the exciting part was to give her a sense of humor. That’s something I have to remind myself of too, to laugh at the little things and not take life too seriously. GMC: What was your favorite part about being in this film? CS: I loved working with my family, and studying under my dad. I learned so much from him and feel so blessed for the opportunity I was given. I loved the crew and really enjoyed seeing how much everyone had to give to make a great movie. There were so many people and so much work put into this film in front of the camera and behind it. It was overall a humbling, positive, fun experience and I can’t wait to do it again! (Continued on page 32)


(Max Ehrich (continued) ME: My dream is to give people the joy of escape. My mission is to work on projects that inspire and make people feel and think immensely. Furthermore, work on material with passionate directors, writers, and fellow artists. GMC: Do you have anything new in the works that you can tell us about? ME: Hang tight. I have a lot brewing! 411 (Cambrie Schroder continued) GMC: What was it like to work with your father in the movie Wild Hearts? CS: I have so much more respect for my dad now that I worked with him one on one. I was able to see how talented he is and how hard he works. The two things that he always emphasized to me were 1) to always be prepared and 2) to treat everybody with respect. It was an invaluable experience to act and then to think about the fact that he has been acting for over 30 years. It blows my mind and I realize I am very lucky to work with such a veteran actor on my first movie. It was challenging to work with him at times because our personalities are so alike, so there were very few times when we butted heads. Working on ‘Wild Hearts’ with my dad definitely made our relationship grow in the way that I was able to gain more respect for him and likewise, he gained for me.. GMC: Some people might compare Wild Hearts to the movie called Flicka but what would you say makes this movie different? This movie is a lot different because for one, I am in it. The story is about setting a horse free while finding freedom in our souls. It has a lot of depth. The motives and intentions of the movies are very different. Plus we have the whole storyline with ‘Grizz’ (Martin Kove’s character) and his sons (my brothers Luke and Holden) who are the antagonists competing for the horse. ‘Wild Hearts’ is special because we have six Schroder family members portraying different people while in real life we are all blood related. This is the first movie on Hallmark to have an entire family in it, actually, it may be the first time ever a film has an entire family of six plus family dog in it!

GMC: How would you describe your fashion style? CS: I love mixing edgy with feminine. Studs with crystals, leather with lace. I love wearing chunky black biker boots with a dress. I love unexpected twists. GMC: What do you hope for the future in acting? And in general? CS: I am dying to act again. I am working my butt off in school so that when I have another opportunity to act, my grades are good and my teachers are flexible with me. I am excited for the future and sense another acting job in my very near future! GMC: Do you have any other projects coming up that you can share with us? CS: I work as a model for ‘Tortuga Swimwear,’ a bathing suit company. I am a competitive swimmer, so the brand really makes sense for me. I am also designing my own line of jewelry and clothes. I am a full time student at a college preparatory school, so, while I am really busy with things most teenagers are busy with, I am also keeping my eye out for other acting projects. GMC: What’s currently on your music play list right now? CS: I adore Taylor Swift’s and Rihanna’s latest albums, they are full of great songs. I also enjoy listening to unusual artists like Snatam Kaur, praise music and Spanish music if I’m 411 feeling spicy.

Dating Tips with Taryn of Q: My boyfriend is verbally abusive and the things he says make me feel small, insecure and unworthy... what should I do? -Torn, New York, NY

411: Feeling unworthy and insecure is one

of the biggest red flags in a relationship. Your significant other is supposed to make you feel the exact opposite: loved, special and protected. Have you spoken to your boyfriend about this issue? If not, the first thing you should do is confront him with the way he is making you feel. Boys can pick on or joke with the girls they like the most, like you would expect in grade school, without realizing that they are hurting your feelings. Confronting him about your feelings should make him realize that he needs to make some changes in order to keep you in the relationship and make you happy. If you confront him and he does not change his behavior, you should consider ending the relationship. Even if you have strong feelings for him, his behavior towards you will prevent you from feeling content and loved. You will feel better surrounding yourself with positive people like friends and family who can bring you up, rather than spending time with someone who makes you feel unworthy. To Ask Taryn a Question, Email:

Q: I’m crazy in love with someone that barely knows I exist! How do I get him/her to fall in love with me? -Lonley in Love, Los Angeles, CA

411: Have you ever tried talking to/starting a conversa-

tion with this person? I know it may seem like the most obvious idea, but it can be scary going up to the person you like and putting yourself out there. The best thing to do in this situation is to find a way to approach this person, preferably if he or she is alone. Sparking up a simple conversation, asking about homework or asking to be someone’s study buddy can be the difference between him not knowing you exist and the beginning of a solid friendship or relationship. Q: I’m beginning to fall in love with someone I met online.. is it possible to have feelings for someone you’ve never seen, touched, dated? -Curious, Little Rock, AR

411:Of course it is possible to fall for someone you met

online. Just because you have not seen them in person does not make the amount of time you spend talking and learning about each other any less real. I recommend you video chat with this person for a couple of reasons. First, it helps to concrete your connection when you can actually see the other person, even if it is online. Second, unfortunately it is not uncommon for someone to create a new identity online, and I would hate to see you gain feelings for someone who is doing that.


Adrienne Bailon Spotted at a Raine Magazine event in NYC


Shay Mitchell Spotted at a a Juicy Couture Fragrance Launch in LA

Out ‘N About

Julianne Hough Spotted at an Art of Elysium Event in LA

ICarly’s Noah Munck Spotted at the Smashburger Opening in LA


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Gossip Meets Couture: 411  

Gossip Meets Couture: 411 is a teen magazine. This is our debut issue with Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars on the cover.