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What if you could be anyone you wanted to be? What if anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of suddenly came true? Gossip takes you on an exhilarating ride across the worlds of fashion and fantasy, showing you how to change your personality and your life via what’s hiding in your closet. Have your friends become all too boring? Drop them! Are your parents giving you an unbearable headache? Ignore them! Is your lover paying too much attention to someone else? Replace them! All that matters are the clothes you wear – and how fabulous people think you are. Stand out in the crowd and shine like a midnight beacon! See you in winter, Gossip

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Roxy Olin sure knows how to stir things up! The 24-year-old socialite first made headlines on The Hills for confronting Lauren Conrad at a club. She has since gone on to make waves on The City, where she shared an apartment with Whitney Port until the two had a fight. Additionally, the reality star has a recurring role on the ABC series Brothers & Sisters, of which her father Ken Olin is the executive producer and her mother Patricia Wettig is a cast member; drama is clearly in this starlet’s blood. She gave us the scoop on her friendship with Port, the real and not-so-real aspects of The City and her true opinion of co-star Olivia Palermo. 1. How much of The City is realistic, and to what degree is it staged? A lot of it is real or an exaggeration of the truth. Then there are things in our lives that they don’t show and things that may be edited, and so the end product is different than what actually happened. 2. Do you feel that your personality is accurately portrayed on The City? I believe you get a dimension of my personality, but I have a lot more sides than what’s portrayed. For example, I’m a complete goofball, and they never show that!

CITY SENSATION Drama is clearly in Roxy Olin’s blood

3. You appeared on a few episodes of The Hills prior to starring on The City. What brought you to the show? I’m from LA, and I went to school with Whitney, Stephanie and Spencer.

I work part-time at People’s Revolution. And luckily, The City focuses on us at work. Kelly Cutrone has also been very supportive of me and helps when I’m filming Brothers & Sisters.

4. What compelled you to move out of the apartment you shared with Port? It was a mix of things that got me to move out. It’s not easy to live and work and be best friends. We started to take each other for granted, and we care way too much about each other to do that. Whit letting me stay there was beyond considerate of her, and it was never supposed to be permanent.

7. Is PR maven Cutrone (owner of People’s Revolution) really as tough as she seems on TV? Kelly is definitely tough, but she is also one of the most generous and loving people I know. She is the ultimate mama bear.

5. You have been open about your dislike for Palermo. What is it about her that irks you so much? I have a real problem with people who act entitled. I have no tolerance for it. I was brought up where everyone is equal, and you better treat everyone you work for and who works for you with equal respect. So, snobby behavior gets under my skin, to say the least. 6. On the show, you are shown working at the public relations firm People’s Revolution. How are you able to balance that with your work on The City and Brothers & Sisters?

8. What was it like working with both of your parents on Brothers & Sisters? It’s pretty cool. The only problem is that since my dad’s “boss,” all the boys on the show wouldn’t even look in my direction. Unfortunately, I didn’t even film with either of my parents. My brother, though, wrote two of the episodes I was in, so he watched while I was on set. I look forward to working with all of them again this season. 9. Tell us one thing about you that most people probably don’t know. I’m a dork!

[ Text Kristin Julie Viola ]


music Au Revoir Simone

SOUNDS FROM ACROSS THE Once upon a time, the Bowery was the ultimate destination for emerging bands, but in recent years, Brooklyn has usurped Manhattan’s sonic boom and become the hub of New York’s music scene. The sound coming from across the bridge cannot be pigeonholed into one category – it is born from diverse musical influences that stretch from soul and disco to indie rock and country. These local bands are producing an eclectic mix of original, groundbreaking work that is shaking up the music industry. The raw, powerful sound of The National has been dominating the airwaves with the recent release of their fifth album, High Violet. Formed over a decade ago, the Ohio-raised band consists of Matt Berninger (lead singer), and two sets of brothers: Aaron (guitar, bass, piano) and Bryce Dessner (guitar), and Scott (bass, guitar) and Bryan Devendorf (drums). Berninger’s striking, baritone voice is the perfect instrument for the band’s meticulously crafted compositions and introspective lyrics. In 2008, the Obama campaign used their song “Fake Empire” for several major events, including the Democratic National Convention. Au Revoir Simone’s dreamy electronic pop evokes sweet innocence and the sun-kissed days of summer. The band – made up of Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart – had its genesis in Forster’s apartment, and after some experimentation, the trio came up with a string of ethereal, melodic tunes together. The band’s love for all things vintage is not limited to their music: they are also known for their whimsical, retro style that has been featured in the New York Times and Vogue. With three albums under their belt and a new remix of “Still Night Still Light,” they are one of the hardest working bands in Brooklyn.

Grizzly Bear is an ensemble of four ambitious musicians – Ed Droste (singer), Christopher Bear (drums), Chris Taylor (woodwinds, bass) and Daniel Rossen (singer, guitar) – who have a talent for creating complex compositions accompanied by swelling vocal harmonies and layered orchestral arrangements. The band’s 2009 album Veckatimest received critical acclaim and made a few impressive Top Album lists for 2009, including No. 1 on the Wall Street Journal and No. 6 on the New York Times. Over the past few years, Grizzly Bear has had a packed touring schedule – co-headlining with the LA Philharmonic and opening for Feist and Radiohead. If you’re looking for some finger-snapping, headbopping tunes with the potential for an all-out dance party, you might want to download the upcoming album from the post-disco, electrofunk band Boy Crisis. The five band members – Tal Rozen, Alex Kestner, Victor Vazquez, Lee Pender and Bill Bruford – met at Wesleyan University in 2005 and just signed to B-Unique records. Describing their sound as “teen girl aerobic” and “disillusioned wave,” Vazquez (who’s also part of the rap duo, Das Racist) explains the band’s collaborative process: “I think the dude who co-produced our album with us called us ‘frustratingly democratic.’”

Grizzly Bear


The National


Brooklyn has usurped Manhattan’s sonic boom

Boys Crisis

[ Text LC Gates ]



TRINKETS AND CHARMS Noor Fares, the 24-year-old jewelry designer and daughter of former deputy prime minister of Lebanon Issam Fares, has lived in glamorous world capitals and partied with the likes of Paris Hilton, but she remains surprisingly down to earth and genuinely charming. Her jewelry line, N.oor, which was launched in December 2009, has already garnered much acclaim among the stylish, in-the-know fashion crowd. “I’ve always loved design, and I love jewelry. Even before I started working in the jewelry industry, I used to always make little things for myself, and I used to really enjoy designing and putting things together,” says Fares, whose stunning pieces range in price from $600 to $25,000. Fares, who now calls London home, was born in Paris, but spent long stretches of time in Lebanon during her younger years. After graduating from high school at 16, she decided to immerse herself in the real college experience by attending Tufts University in Boston where she earned a BA in art history. “I learned so much while at college. It’s really those four years that made me the person that I am.” After completing PR internships at both YSL and Freud Communications, Fares embarked on her own business venture and began designing her jewelry full time. Her diploma, from the prestigious Gemology Institute of America in London, helped her better understand the art of jewelry design, however, her innate talent shines through in each piece she creates. “I’ve always been very artistic and always knew that I would to end up doing something related to design.”

N.oor consists of two ranges of jewelry, the first being Touch Wood, a high-end fine jewelry collection, composed mainly of pieces made from rhodium white gold, fossilized wood and diamonds. The lower-priced Happiness collection features silver- and gold-plated pieces. “I like to play with different materials, like diamonds on bronze. For the next collection, I’m planning on using different metals, like gunmetal and brass. I also love working with precious materials and especially wood, since in many cultures wood denotes good luck.”

Noor Fares creates stunning jewelry And good luck has definitely come to the bright designer whose cool collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and headpieces is now sold at boutiques worldwide, including Harrods in London, Boutique 1 in Dubai and Aïshti in Lebanon.

[ Text Tala Habbal ]




Start with a brick wall. Apply your background of Renaissance painting technique and classical portraiture to draw and cut out life-sized, heartfelt images of loved ones and passersby. Slap wheat paste on these cutouts so they stick to the brick wall. Repeat until famous. Here is Swoon, the artist formerly known as Caledonia “Callie” Dance Curry, at her essence, so fascinated by daily life, such as a person living out of a cardboard box or a woman pushing the grocery cart down the aisle, that she devotes her artistic life to rendering them and then redecorating the streets of New York, Moscow, Philadelphia and, for a short stint, Cairo. Swoon does not concern herself with the longevity of her art. By the time her street-based revolution has devolved into a colossal wreck, she’s onto the next project. Drawing from diverse influences, such as jagged German Expressionist woodcuts and Balinese shadow puppet theater, the artist relies on the muse to direct her, saying, “...when I feel like I’m doing things that make no sense to me, but I still feel deeply compelled to do them, I take it as a good sign.” What deeply compels Swoon? In the past couple of years, she has worked with the TOYSHOP collective to alter billboards and stage street parties. She has installed peepholes in random city spaces. One of her highly publicized projects occurred in 2009, when Swoon and


a crew of artists sent an assemblage-cum-flotilla down the main canal in Venice to crash the Venice Biennial. The project – “Swimming Cities of Serinissima” – embarked in Slovenia. Three Swoon-designed ships stopped to dock in various locales, with artists in the crew rummaging through abandoned properties and rural areas to create a “cabinet of curiosities” to have on view once the boats docked in Venice.

Never let the bastards get you down Like many artists, street and commercial, Swoon returns to certain themes in her artwork. She describes the most pervasive theme in her work as “the hands-on creation of our world...and the creation of moments of pause, human connection, empathy, surprise, wonder and ridiculousness.” Through her work, she endeavors to democratize public spaces, deeply explore human identity and give loving attention to her subjects in the belief that doing so is transformative. Those lone, level brick walls don’t stand a chance next to Swoon’s cutouts, their spirit affirming another essential Swoon theme: “Never let the bastards get you down.”

[ Text Serena Makofsky ]


what to do

24 Hours in HAMRA Hamra is Beirut’s most iconic neighborhood, the one that best represents the city’s pre-1975 golden years. The civil war dealt Hamra a heavy blow, turning the Champs-Elysées of the Middle East into a down-market shopping strip with little appeal. But over the past few years, Hamra has undergone an unexpected renaissance. New cafés, restaurants and stores are once again populating the historic neighborhood, giving Hamra and its environs a lively, dynamic vibe. Hamra’s new incarnation, however, is infinitely younger and edgier than its pre-war persona. Credit the nearby universities, whose teenage and 20-something students are infusing hope, happiness and lots of entertainment into the changing neighborhood.

8:30am: Breakfast at Buttermint

9:30pm: Dinner at Olio

To kick start your day pop into Buttermint for a hearty breakfast. Located near the beginning of Hamra, just up the street from Red Shoe, Buttermint, which is open from the early morning to late night, has a spacious terrace; the perfect spot to watch the neighborhood slowly (and loudly) come to life. Try the healthy omelet served in a bread bowl, or the substantial and sumptuous pancakes with rich maple syrup. After a frothy cappuccino, head down to Hamra Street and go west.

Located just off Makdisi Street, which is fast becoming Hamra’s answer to Gemmayze, with its tiny and ever-increasing watering holes, Olio is hands-down the best spot for pizza. Be sure to order their specialty, Pizza Olio, topped with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil. Don’t overindulge though; the night is still young.

10am: Shopping and a coffee break (part one)

About halfway down Hamra Street, pop into the recently opened Shabby Chic boutique for the latest in that rumpled look with layered skirts and ruffled tops. From there, continue along Hamra toward the end where you’ll find Henry’s Hand-Made jewelry. As the name declares, it’s all hand-made and a great place to pick up gifts, particularly for those with alternative tastes, from thick leather bracelets and dainty dangling earrings, to intricate necklaces and chunky rings. Head backward and turn left to the next street, Makdisi. You’re likely ready for another caffeine shot now, or maybe a refreshing fruit smoothie, so take a break at the blissfully cigarette-free Gloria Jean’s coffee shop. Re-energized and ready to pound the pavement once again, your first stop is only a block or so away at Al Badia, for stunning Palestinian embroidered cushion covers, purses and coasters. 2pm: Lunch at Bread Republic

By now you’ve earned that break, so head to Bread Republic. The alleyway outdoor café (they have indoor seating, but very limited) is the place to tempt your taste buds with specialty sandwiches, all made with the eatery’s trademark and varied loafs (like potato bread, fig bread, chocolate bread etc.). If you happen to be at Bread Republic on Tuesday, you’re in for a treat as it’s the weekly Souk el Tayeb day, where you can purchase pastries, vegetables and saj sandwiches made fresh on the spot.

3:30pm: Shopping (part two)

Head back east along Hamra Street, past the Starbucks (if you’re still caffeine deficient, pop in for a quick one), turn left at Abdul Aziz Street and walk down toward the American University of Beirut (AUB). Along the way, pop into House on Mars for colorful and unconventional ear/nose/bellybutton rings. If the variety of shapes, colors and possibilities inspire you to get a piercing (or a tattoo), you’re in the right place. About a block-and-a-half down, make another stop at the Agial art gallery to check out their current show of paintings and/or sculptures. Another few steps and you’re at the If boutique, where you’ll find two floors of trendy fashions and accessories – from the more mainstream to avant-garde designers. One of the wonderful things about Hamra is that you can find new places to shop during virtually every visit. The neighborhood is chock-full of tiny establishments selling such things as out-of-print romance novels (Said bookstore), butter-laden, retro-looking croissants (La Brioche) and even Chinese and Far Eastern knickknacks (Asean Art).

11:30pm: Post-dinner drinks at Ferdinand

At the other end of Makdisi is Ferdinand, with its eclectic décor and crowds. The music is always inspiring and people have been known to spontaneously burst into dance on the spot where they happen to be standing or sitting. 3am: Late-night snacks at Bliss House

At virtually every hour during the day or night, and even the wee hours of the morning, Bliss Street is bustling, and the traffic constantly converges around Bliss House. Sandwiches, ice cream, fresh fruit cocktail or whatever you’re craving, Bliss House has it.

5pm: Walk around AUB

Two blocks down from If and you’re at AUB’s medical gate. Once you step across the gates, all the busyness of Hamra will fall away, and you’ll be surrounded by a dream vision of lush evergreens, picturesque whitestone buildings and dramatic Mediterranean vistas. Take a leisurely stroll through the campus to truly appreciate its beauty: there are plenty of benches tucked alongside the pathway where you can take a few minutes to rest and admire the fantastic sea views. Before you exit the campus, get a dose of culture at any or all of the university’s museums: Archeological, Geological and Biological. 7:30pm: Pre-dinner drinks at De Prague

Although this bar/restaurant is pulsating later in the evening, it’s a great place to have a pre-dinner beverage, when the ambiance is just right for a conversation or a mild flirtation. The mostly 20-something crowd is a nice mix of students and young professionals and artists.


[ Text AG Joy Photos Raya Farhat ]



HOW TO BE ECO-CHIC Trends come and go in the fashion industry with a blink of an eye, but in recent years, the “sustainable fashion” movement has been gradually gaining momentum – proving too significant to be dismissed as a passing fad. Eco-friendly fashion usually conjures up images of unstructured hemp garments, hippy-loving Birkenstocks and sporty basics. However, a new wave of environmentally conscious designers are cropping up, and they’re not only making us think twice about the clothes on our back, but also showing us that we need not sacrifice style to be kind to the environment.


Sonja den Elzen brings a new sophistication to green fashion with her clothing line, Thieves. Elzen’s collections are studded with sleek garments that are accentuated by delicate draping and strong architectural details. It was a natural decision to make an ethical clothing line for Elzen. “Having a lifestyle that puts the environment in the equation of purchasing decisions, it only made sense to run my business that way too,” she says. Based in Toronto, Thieves is made in Canada. Elzen uses an assortment of sustainable fabrics such as hemp blends, organic wools, tussah silks, lyocell, organic cotton, bamboo and soy. Creating well-constructed and fashion-forward designs, Elzen fuses high fashion with sustainability. In the next year, Elzen plans to expand and bring her avant-garde designs to Europe and the United States. “The advantages [of the job] are getting to design for people who do appreciate good design and appreciate consideration for the environment,” she says. Lara Miller

Chicago-based designer, Lara Miller, practices what she preaches, ensuring that every step of the design process and production of her clothing line conserves energy and minimizes waste. However, Miller’s garments are as stylish as they are eco. Miller integrates bold geometric forms with vibrant colors, exuding a subtle sexiness and a sense of movement. Miller’s interest in sustainable fashion was sparked while interning for Laurenceleste, an organic baby clothing company. “Lauren and Celeste [the designers of the company] were at the forefront of organic design,” says Miller. “They were making fashion-forward baby and toddler clothes that also happened to be eco-friendly. I was amazed by the luxuriousness of the fabrics and vowed to do all that I could to be sustainable if I were to ever launch my own line someday.” Miller has been true to her word and gone to great lengths to make each garment as eco-friendly as possible by recycling craft paper for pattern making, turning any waste into office stationary, sourcing fibers from US mills and using a selection of environmentally sound materials such as SKAL certified organic cotton, vegan ahimsa peace silk and handloomed bamboo, to name a few.


[ Text LC Gates Photos Lara Miller, John Patrick Organic, Thieves ]

John Patrick Organic

John Patrick, a pioneer of the eco fashion movement, broke ground in 2002 with the launch of his brand, John Patrick Organic. Traveling far and wide for sustainable materials, Patrick forged relationships with organic farm collectives in Peru and convinced vendors abroad to create organic and recycled textiles. Using both new and traditional techniques, Patrick produces all of his collections in the United States. “I wanted to elevate the perception of organic and take it as high as possible,” he explains. In 2008, Patrick was named as a finalist for the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fund awards thanks to his perfectly tailored and modern designs. Patrick’s work, with its feminine touches and timeless elegance, has raised the bar for sustainable fashion over the years and caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, New York Times Magazine and Vogue. While there have been challenges, Patrick sees the progress. “I see the industry growing, and it is becoming part of our everyday lives.” Patrick isn’t slowing down any time soon. He plans to add home furnishings to his long list of accomplishments.

There’s no need to sacrifice style to be kind to the environment




Winter’s never looked this good. And in an ode to the season’s edgiest fashions, Gossip commissioned long-time contributing photographers Petrovsky & Ramone to shoot young men and women in various styles, from punk and hippie to glamorous and preppy. Take a look for yourself.

[ Photos Petrovsky & Ramone

queen of the street

Jan Taminiau dress, Cheap Monday jacket, Wolford tights and Nike sneakers

Styling Venus Waterman Hair Hester Werner for Sebastian Professional Makeup Kathinka Gernant for MAC and Jan Fuite ]

the inheritors of punk

Left: D&G top, Citizens of Humanity jacket, Tov Essentials bracelet, Wolford tights and model’s own boots Center: D&G shirt, Dsquared pants, Rock & Republic belt and Camper by Veronique Brancino boots Right: Gucci top, Armani Jeans denim pants, Otazu ring and United Nude boots

grease is the girl

2 Love by Tony Cohen top, Relish 4 Citizens of Humanity jeans, Maison Martin Margiela shoes and Monki belt

outdoorsy babe

Helmut Lang dress, DNA coat, H&M scarf, Wolford tights and Diesel bag

grunge beauty

D&G turtleneck, D&G skirt, Diesel shirt, Camper boots, DKNY beanie and stylist’s own socks and bracelets

still ruling the street

Jan Taminiau dress, Cheap Monday jacket and vintage earrings

warrior prince

Burberry Prorsum jumper

keeping the punk legacy alive

D&G top, Citizens of Humanity jacket, Tov Essentials bracelet, vintage ring, Wolford tights and model’s own boots

sci-fi vixen

Iris Van Herpen dress and Dsquared belt worn as a choker

the mod bod

Burberry Prorsum trench coast, Surface to Air top, Gucci pants, Rosantica Jewelry necklace and North Sails hat

‘90s ingenues

Both dresses are by Diesel Black Gold

‘60s schoolgirl gone rad Prada shoes, miu miu dress and Otazu bracelet

post-modern yuppie

Gucci eyeglasses and shirt, jacket, vest and bow tie, all by D&G

the geek does ‘90s chic

Dsquared shirt, Napapijri jumper, Diesel jacket, Nike body warmer, Diesel Black Gold jeans, Diesel belt, Prada glasses and Ben Sherman hat

his stepsister is an alien

Left: Dsquared shirt, Napapijri jumper, Diesel jacket, Nike body warmer, Diesel Black Gold jeans, D&G boots, Diesel belt, Prada glasses and Ben Sherman hat Right: Iris Van Herpen dress, miu miu shoes and Dsquared belt worn as a choker

punky scenester

Claes Iversen blouse, Dsquared skirt, Gucci boots, vintage fur coat and vintage knuckle ring. Available at A誰zone stores.

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G (sh eorg ol e’s ia he d is Mi May in r o sh ck’ Ja So Hu wn owi s da gge r Ja re dso rig ng rlin r’s Ja gge nti, n’s ht, the g d pap g 20 ge r r th se as wo au a m leg 10- r w evvi e c xy n evid rld ghte ay b of ge 11 ear ng am ew en tha r), e a to d a co s k it u pa ca ced t s bu Ro na nd lle ey p ign m b he t t ll l b b ct ite wi h in p y lac oo ion m th sho aig he can e 1 g S k a t- , s f a w n. r s m 8-y ton nd cut inc rom bee s a Sho tar ake ea e gr de lud H fca s t b ring it ray ni in ud ke ca y r in n s. m g s i sk son ma tily Mar ole l ’ n in s f e i dif ny al mo clad o fer , s l/w de en tra int l. t s ig er ha htde s

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It be ’s ha e ha n rd lik s a aro to b am e T cu un elie ta on aylo lt f d si ve t k by es g r M ollo nc ha sil off a m its m om win e 20 t Cu pa hou erin od os sen g a 08 rren st et g ern t n : bu tes hip a ard and d c the t/Ell t w an , n pp en Je ou b iot ith d s ice roa t f nn nts ran t ha an up ly fi ch t ans ifer yo d a s o ey erio ttin o A . C Lo ung lrea nly e t r fi g m ur ve o t ts jea er re H sta dy he , al ns ica nt/ ew rs fu l in wi n c Elli itt tu sp th las ot re. ire un sic t d b iq s y t ue he


Photos Aeronautica Militare, Tory Burch, Current/Elliott, Halston Heritage, Hudson, Paige ]


File: Publication:

R&R FA10 Gossip GOSSIP

Trim Size: 23.2cm x 35cm Bleed Size:  N/A



Photos Nini Styling Hala Moawad Makeup Ralph Lteif Location Beirut

When she’s not in New York studying at Parsons, Sarah Baroudi sits pretty in her Beirut home. She’s in a Current/Elliott top, LL583,000; Vince leggings, LL432,000; Dsquared belt, LL667,000; and Marni shoes, LL1,094,000

Ayla Hibri, photography student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, likes to shoot ‘em up in cold blood. She’s in an Elizabeth & James T-shirt, LL197,000; Vince leggings, LL435,000; and Helmut Lang jacket, LL1,961,000



Fashion photographer George Zouein relaxes in his pad. He’s in a Kain T-shirt, LL175,000; Avenue Montaigne pants, LL500,000; Helmut Lang jacket, LL1,961,000; and Fendi shoes, LL1,204,000

High school student Yasmine Mrowa looks like she belongs on the set of 90210. She’s wearing an Elizabeth & James T-shirt, LL197,000; Rockstar pants, LL523,000; Haute Hippie jacket, LL2,060,000; and four rings by Harpo, priced from LL349,000-LL1,628,000


Karl Tabet chills out before heading back to Concordia University in Montreal. He’s in a True Religion shirt, LL265,000; and his own Diesel jeans

Hampshire College student Ramzi Hibri dishes in his Beirut living room with Youmna Ghandour, who studies at AUB. He’s in a Laurence Dolige T-shirt, LL144,000; Citizens of Humanity jeans, LL402,000; and Iceberg cardigan, LL485,000. She’s in a Dsquared cardigan, LL1,181,000; Citizens of Humanity jeans, LL387,000; and her own top


Student Basile Ghosn hangs at home. He’s wearing a Laurence Dolige sweatshirt, LL182,000; Citizens of Humanity jeans, LL402,000; and Sperry shoes, LL281,000

Elissar Harati just graduated from AUB and plans to take a year off to travel the world. She’s in a Laurence Dolige top, LL265,000; Iceberg scarf, LL281,000; and miu miu leggings, LL869,000. On the floor: YSL animal print boots, LL1,765,000; Moschino shoes, LL894,000; Tory Burch red boots, LL364,000; and YSL fur-lined boots, LL1,651,000. Available at Aïzone stores.


style #1. ready for a rumble

The ‘50s rebel yell makes for a totally trendy look. Put on your skinny jeans, roll them up and wear them with either ballerina flats or retro kitten heels. Tory Burch top, LL682,000; Me & Kashmiere scarf, LL281,000; Akiko Ogawa jacket, LL1,454,000; 7 For All Mankind jeans, LL523,000; Celine shoes, LL1,197,000

timeline trends:

10 shortcuts to style [

Photos Bachar Srour Styling Nadine Kharrat Makeup Bobbi Brown


#2. pretty in plaid

Naughty schoolgirl chic is one look to love this fall: just wear a plaid skirt with anything that strikes your fancy. Dsquared top, LL432,000; Moschino Cheap & Chic skirt, LL712,000; miu miu leggings, LL689,000

#3. get into red

You can thank the vampire craze for this one. Red is hot, hot, hot, and nothing says “funky fashionista” quite like a total crimson look. DKNY sweater, LL629,000; DKNY jacket, LL803,000; Jay Godfrey shorts, LL296,000

#5. country gal

City girls are all country girls at heart. Pair a thick, flowy top with a short skirt and knee-high boots, all the while keeping your knees visible to all! Velvet top, LL417,000; Sea shorts, LL500,000; Etro hat, LL243,000; Maison Martin Margiela boots, LL1,242,000

#4. mini and maxi

Look the part with a sexy mini dress worn under an oversized coat or long jacket. Stella McCartney dress, LL2,415,000; Stella McCartney jacket, LL2,854,000


#6. love to layer

Wearing layers is what winter is all about. Try slipping into an LBD and then enhance the look with a sequined bolero. Wayne dress, LL810,000; Haute Hippie top, LL924,000


They’re baaack! Boyish brogues are all the rage: wear them with anything, from tailored jeans to flouncy dresses. Paul & Joe top, LL583,000; Carven jacket, LL780,000; Dylan George jeans, LL349,000; Gucci bag, LL3,051,000; Balenciaga shoes, LL932,000

#9. cape fear

Yes, capes are back, and they can be worn with just about anything, from simple jeans to long dresses. Celine top, LL1,106,000; Dsquared jacket, LL2,711,000; Dylan George jeans, LL349,000

#10. romancing the aviator Keep the cold wind at bay by donning a warm leather aviator jacket. Then find a matching accessory – like a hunky aviator! Marc by Marc Jacobs top, LL318,000; Burberry Prorsum jacket, LL4,838,000; J Brand pants, LL644,000

#8. that sexy cardigan

Take the early ‘80s as your inspiration and grab that iconic, oversized knit cardigan – then wear it with sky-high stilettos and little else! Celine cardigan, LL1,439,000; Prada shoes, LL886,000



WONDER BOY 5. 4. 2. 1. 3. 4. 10.

8. 11.

6. 7.


12. 14.



20. 17. 16. 18.

19. 22.


1. Dsquared sweatshirts, LL555,000 (each) 2. D&G scarf, LL270,000 3. Gucci eyeglasses, LL345,000 4. Burberry polo shirt, LL195,000 5. Dsquared shirt, LL495,000 6. J Brand pants, LL638,000 7. Burberry tie, LL225,000 8. North Sails sweater, LL270,000 9. Bleu de Chanel cologne, LL169,000 10. Santoni shoes, LL1,080,000 11. Corneliani cufflinks, LL409,000 12. D&G T-shirt, LL293,000 13. Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater, LL705,000 14. Hackett belt, LL255,000 15. Diesel sweatshirt, LL120,000 16. Burberry bag, LL1,893,000 17. 7 For All Mankind jeans, LL413,000 18. Alden shoes, LL900,000 20. Prada wallet, LL293,000 21. Postcard from Papercup




5. 6.



9. 10.












1. Armani jeans hat, LL135,000 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, LL1,178,000 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, LL1,103,000 4. Burberry scarf, LL525,000 5. DKNY shoes, LL420,000 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case LL143,000 7. Theory jacket, LL360,000 8. Marc Jacobs sunglasses, LL480,000 9. Napapijri bag, LL270,000 10. Melissa shoes, LL210,000 11. Juicy Couture shorts, LL263,000 12. Tory Burch shoes, LL593,000 13. Juicy Couture key chain, LL98,000 14. Burberry skirt, LL743,000 15. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, LL435,000 16. Prince of California boots, LL218,000 17. Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan, LL668,000 18. Juicy Couture headband, LL90,000 19. YSL bag, LL2,820,000 20. Juicy Couture cape, LL713,000. Available at A誰zone stores unless otherwise indicated.



BRANDED FOR AUTUMN So what are the main trends for the coming fall and winter? According to four of the edgiest brands, the cooler seasons herald a return to nature and an unabashed mixing of the sexes. Fashion-forward young dudes and style-worthy femmes will do no wrong if they don any of the following looks: sexy turtlenecks or high collars, patchwork sweaters and quilted coats, military-inspired jackets and wide pants. Favorite accessories range from gloves (in various materials, including lace for girls) to boots (thigh-highs are huge, huge, huge!).


Diesel Black Gold

She’s industrial in attitude but artsy at heart: the Diesel Black Gold woman this year is all about complexity and contrasts. The collection showcases lots of leather combined with soft denim in slim dresses and jumpsuits, while velvet is covered with tulle to create delicate, metropolitan looks. Delicate metal embroidery, inspired by yarn and denim weave, embraces women’s shapes, while wool dresses with a bleached-out look turn softness into rebellion. An urban rebel, the Diesel Black Gold man showcases military-style uniforms reworked into tough outerwear, and knitwear inspired from vintage undergarments. Shirts glitter with carapaces of sequins or metallic applications, while techno-voile adds unexpected poetry to jackets and sneakers. Denim is slimfit, but occasionally shows off the new drop crotch. Marc by Marc Jacobs

Whiz designer Marc Jacobs channels the tail-end of the ‘80s and the early ‘90s for the fall/winter 2010-11 collection of his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, a time when euphoric young men and women were tearing down barricades and creating a New World Order, the collection spotlights key looks like a khaki melton coat with red trim, a black fur hat and a big woolen coat roughly belted as a dress. Boys will look the part this winter thanks to washed-out black felt cargo pants with a matching jacket. Military references come on strong throughout the collection, with little-drummer-girl jackets for the ladies and big black trench coats worn over long johns for the gents.

Fans of the Martin Margiela brand cried in despair when the designer exited the fashion house he so lovingly created, but the revamped Maison Martin Margiela is now hotter than ever, thanks to a savvy marketing campaign and new styles inspired by Margiela’s unique looks yet restyled to appeal to modern fashionistas. Nowhere is this youthful flair more apparent than in Maison Martin Margiela’s sister label MM6, a standalone collection designed for women. The fall/winter 2010-11 MM6 line showcases mixable separates, shoes and accessories, all of which can be worn on both casuals days and elegant evenings. Highlights of the new collection include belted brown harem pants worn with a patchwork sweater mixing red, burgundy and beige colors, and a military-style trench that harks back to the final days of communism and the dawn of a new era. D&G

D&G’s fall/winter 2010-11 collection is an après-ski extravaganza, all of it alive with a festive winter vacation spirit. There are snowflake sweaters and bodysuits galore (in rich hues of red), belted cardigans, full-body ski suits and charcoal gray sweaters cut into D&G’s sensual bustier dresses. In addition to the burgundy reds and deliciously dark grays, the collection runs a gamut of deep, seductive winter colors like chocolate browns, comforting off-whites and, of course, lots of black, but often mixed in with lighter colors to take the edge off and keep with the vacation vibe. The snowflake theme carries on throughout the collection, but is often offset with single-color leggings, blouses and bustiers.

[ Text Sydney Reade Photos D&G, Diesel Black Gold, Marc by Marc Jacobs, MM6 ]




Diesel Black Gold

Marc by Marc Jacobs


melissa_joy_lofficiel500x350.indd 1

13.09.10 14:58:12




Horny Halloween Laptop scare

Alexander McQueen’s funky laptop case sports the brand’s signature skull print. This one’s sure to become a collector’s piece.

You sexy beast

Calling all X-Men addicts: when Dr. Hank McCoy has no energy left to fight his mutation, he becomes the violent, yet strangely seductive Beast. Which one is your favorite X-Men character?

Persian creature Fashion chill

UK-born, Paris-based fashion designer Gareth Pugh has introduced a strong dose of monster flair into his new collection. Darth Vader anyone?

A muscular, almost mythical creation, the Ostoure (which means “legend” in Farsi) is a midnight-black motorcycle that’s sure to haunt all bike lovers for eternity.

Scottish myth

Does the Loch Ness Monster really exist? Believed to inhabit the Scottish Highlands, this terrifying water creature (affectionately called “Nessie”) has inspired countless books and films.

Trip to the underworld

Illustrator and graphic designer Adam Spizak creates supernatural, fantastical artwork. His drawings have been featured in many places across the web.

You’ve seen and worn every scary costume know to man on Halloween. So this year, do something different and wear a sexy, fleshrevealing disguise. For boys: a shirtless pirate looking for innocent women to ravage. For girls: a buxom blonde Playboy bunny!

Barney the terror

The world’s most famous dinosaur got a scary skeletal grin when Made by Monsters and Ron English teamed up to create the 10-inch Barney as part of English’s spooky Grin series.

Video fright Film fantasy

The Tom Cruise fantasy Legend, directed by Ridley Scott, captured a whole generation’s imagination when it was first released 25 years ago. Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness vibrates with sinister sex appeal.

The Mayfair witches

Long before the current vampire craze, Anne Rice set the literary world ablaze with her Vampire Chronicles. Yet, her most compelling novel was The Witching Hour, which related the captivating story of a long lineage of New Orleans witches.

Skulls ‘n’ shoes

Australian brother-and-sister musical duo Angus & Julia Stone have set the small screen afire with their haunting, cartoon-inspired video “The Beast.”

Kermit Tesoro’s delightfully naughty foot creations feature two skulls cheekily adorning the back of his new set of heels.

Draw me a monster Spider’s web

Delfina Deletterez’s Anatomik collection, with its spider-adorned bracelets and armbands, adds a stylish touch of spook to traditional jewelry.


True blood

This one’s a no brainer. Which drink should you order during the scariest time of the year? Why a Bloody Mary, of course. Be sure to generously pour on the Tabasco – you’ll need it to spit out fire!

Hylton Warburton draws wicked cool illustrations and graphics. Check out his outlandish, devilish creatures: yes they’re monsters, but they’re full of innocence and charm.

Prickly animal

Artist Jennifer Maestre has taken the common pencil and turned it into a scary affair with her monster sculptures, all made from impeccably sharpened pencils.

what to do


You’ll be swerving in and out of traffic with grace and style

Two wheelers are making a comeback around the world to the cries of “two wheels good, four wheels bad.” In these times of high fuel prices and growing environmentalism, cycling is a sustainable alternative as well as being great for your health. But what do you do in a hilly city with no cycle lanes and where even a short ride drenches you in sweat due to the high humidity? Get two wheels with an engine. Four wheelers may be comfortable bubbles of A/C and music, but Beirut’s progressively worse traffic means plenty of wasted time as you crawl across town from Hamra to Ashrafieh and then get stuck in more traffic trying to find a parking space. A zippy two wheeler will cover the same distance in around 10 minutes. Good luck doing that in the middle of the day in a car. And good luck finding a parking space! That the Lebanese have never taken to two-wheelers in the same way as the Italians or French is puzzling given the congenial Mediterranean climate that makes for perfect biking nearly year-round. Yet this may be due to the lack of stylish wheels on offer. It’s long been a choice of a cheapo, small engine moped coated in plastic or a bigger Japanese or European motorbike. This is all to change with Piaggio’s new Vespa models.

People have been zooming around on the iconic Vespa for 64 years, with the design gradually evolving aesthetically but never losing its distinctive look. The sound has changed however, with Piaggio scrapping the two-stroke engine that gave the Vespa its buzzing sound and name, the wasp. The new limited edition GTV Via Montenapoleone is constructed entirely of steel and has retained a ‘50s-inspired look with alloy rims, rear rack, side grill, a mudguard-mounted headlight and a split seat in upholstered leather. Named after the eponymous Milanese shopping district, the Via Montenapoleone is more motorbike than moped with a 278cc liquidcooled motor and a nine-liter fuel tank. Yet with a front protection “shield,” the rider is protected from the elements, and the pass-through leg area design means ladies can drive in a dress or skirt – always a challenge on a motorcycle. Vespa have also released the equally retro GTS SuperSport with a 300cc and four-valve engine. With such wheels you’ll be swerving in and out of traffic like a food delivery guy, but with far more grace and style.

[ Text Paul Cochrane

Photo Tony Alieh ]





Invited to dinner, she arrives at her friend’s home with a camera in her handbag. While everyone’s enjoying the chocolate mousse, she pretends to go to the bathroom, but nips into her friend’s bedroom, removes all her clothing and snaps a sneaky picture of herself before rejoining the party fully clothed. “In Your Home” is a series of nude pics that 30-yearold Lebanese Londoner Rasha Kahil is busy snapping of herself without her friends’ knowledge. “It’s where the privacy of the domestic space and the privacy of the body overlap,” she says of these photos. Using her body to convey certain messages, Kahil confronts certain feelings and emotions. “I feel that when I explore something very personal, I’m touching on something universal,” she says. “These are my moments, but everyone can identify with them or has experienced them.” That’s why “The Shameless,” her recent exhibition in Lebanon’s Zico House, had viewers laughing, nodding and retelling their own stories about the situations in the photos: photos of people waking up in the morning, dancing at a party, embracing in a steam bath and running through the woods. “It’s about people crossing boundaries and giving themselves up to a certain experience or moment,” Kahil explains of the snapshots. “When people are captured in action, you find a certain vulnerability in the essence of the moment. The photos are a celebration of opening oneself up to something wonderful.” Where some could call images, such as the naked male in the shower, shocking, Kahil says, “The only thing shocking about the image is that I froze that moment,

Rasha Kahil uses her body to convey messages and confront emotions

but these are things we’ve all witnessed.” What she calls an on-off relationship with the camera turned into a full-time passion three years ago when she attended London’s Royal College of Art, two years after completing her degree in graphic design at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Now, there’s nowhere she goes without one of her two 35mm film cameras – one color, one black and white. “Maybe I have a fear of loss or forgetting moments,” she says, “so I collect memories.” Her latest memories are soon to surprise friends when they recognize a naked Kahil amid their household items.

[ Text Veronique Loger ]


Available in Aïshti Downtown, Aïshti S easide, Aïshti Verdun, Aïzone AB C Ashrafieh, Aïzone Ci ty Mal l, Aïzone Beirut Souks +961.1.991111, Dubai, Mall of the Emirates +971.4.3479333, Dubai Mall +971.4.3306442, M i r d i f f C i t y C e n t e r + 9 7 1 . 4 . 2 8 4 3 0 0 7, J o r d a n , C i t y M a l l + 9 6 2 6 5 8 1 5 6 7 0 , S y r i a , D a m a s c u s B o u l e v a r d M a l l +963.11.2322243, Bahrain, Bahrain City Center +973.1.7178012, Kuwait, The Avenues Mall +965 22598016


Beginnings endings and second lives movies to watch

This biopic, featuring excellent performances, explores John Lennon’s early life in mid-’50s England. Lennon’s troubled, estranged mother is at odds with her sister Mimi (John’s guardian from the age of five) over Lennon’s affections, making for a dysfunctional family life. But the future Beatle finds an escape through music, which flourishes when he meets a kindred spirit and fellow Liverpoolian, a lad named Paul McCartney. One caveat: this film is devoid of any actual Beatles music.

Nowhere Boy

The Social Network

Paranormal Activity 2

What must it be like to be a college student/computer genius and create a revolutionary idea that truly changes the way people live – and makes you a billionaire? Find out in this dramatization of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to creating a little thing called Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg stars as Zuckerberg, and Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker, Napster founder and Facebook consultant.

Expect more serious scares in the follow up to the wildly successful Paranormal Activity. Once again, a couple film themselves while sleeping to try and figure out who or what is haunting their suburban home. Spooky hauntings drive the plot of this supernatural thriller/mockumentary directed by Tod Williams.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1

“It all ends here” is the tagline of the second to last of the Harry Potter movies, which covers the first half of the seventh and final book in JK Rowling’s series. Harry, Hermione and Ron take over for Dumbledore in their efforts to destroy a more-powerful-than-ever Dark Lord. Enjoy the ride as Operation “Find the Rest of the Horcruxes” begins!


Sam Nussbaum, for whom the film is named, is about to get married when he decides he and his slacker brother Tom should hit the road. Why? So Tom can connect with his middle school crush. The laughs come often in this indie-slacker comedy directed by Drake Doremus, but it’s also quite touching – as it unpeels the relationship between siblings who have taken rivalry to an art form.

new oN DVD

October 5

October 12

October 12

October 26

November 16

November 30

The Secret of Kells

I Am Love

Essential Bugs Bunny

Alien Anthology

The Endless Summer

Waking Sleeping Beauty

A boy/monk is on a quest to

Tilda Swinton is mesmerizing

Wisecracking Bugs and crew are

Get your full-on Alien fix with this

The Director’s Special Edition of

A fly-on-the-wall peek at Disney

conquer evil in this animated

in this gorgeous Italian drama

at their funniest in this anthology.

six-piece Blu-ray set, including all

the Bruce Brown-directed surfer

animation from 1984 to 1994,

medieval tale.

where family, love, sex, betrayal

four films plus some extras.


when the teetering studio was

and death converge.


before footage.


spectacularly reborn.




Artist Balsam Abo Zour has been a vegetarian ever since a sheep was slaughtered in front of her for a meal. “Animals live in their own societies; they breathe oxygen. I can’t imagine someone eating me,” she says, shaking her tiny body in a disgusted gesture. “You need to live with them to know them,” says the 28-year-old farm-dweller. In her fantasy paintings, Abo Zour personifies animals by intertwining them with human figures. “They’re not just animals who eat and drink. That’s why I like to humanize them and bring them closer to us humans,” she explains. It’s her observations during her walks on the family farm in the Lebanese mountains that transform themselves into fantasy images, where dogs, turkeys and lizards interact with woman and child, or combine to form a whimsical creature of the big-screen-animation kind. Abo Zour is one of a few people who know that when a dove’s egg hatches, she walks around twice in a circle with the shell in her beak to show off that she has a new baby. “Nature gives you the gift of peace,” she says dreamily. “Up in the mountains, you’re free. Life leaves you to do what you want, and you’re allowed to think about yourself.”


It’s when she returns to her bedroom, which also serves as her “studio,” that these ideas of what she wants come to life on a canvas that she places on the floor and works on from all fours, detailing it with acrylic tales. And there’s no subconscious meaning. “People were telling me about how my goats could be the symbol of evil, but I just like goats. We have 22 on our farm, and my dad has named them all. I’m not trying to use symbols!” She does, however, admit that what she sees in a dog is very different to what someone living in the city sees, and so her work is filled with stories about her own personal relationship with nature. Balsam may have a degree in fine arts from the Lebanese University, but it seems that Mother Nature remains her greatest instructor.

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Balsam Abo Zour personifies animals by intertwining them with human figures




Kid Cudi is 26 and he’s already worked with everyone. Or at least he’s worked with a range of musicians large enough that he’s already professionally legit. His collaborative choices are as intelligent as his lyrics are conscious and thoughtful. He’s totally cute, and if it weren’t for all the street cred, he’d be a little bit bubble gum in that cool, sweet, edgy way. He’s no Fresh Prince, but he’s a little bit bouncy, and he’s not angry, but he can be pensive. He’s not brooding, but sometimes he taps a little bit of pain to make a point. He’s funny and sarcastic like Snoop Dogg (of course he’s worked with him); Kid Cudi is not shoving his Hennessy in your face rapping angry didactics about how to get paid. There’s no annoying message about how many guns it takes to get respect or any tired recitations of personal victories involving the Kama Sutra. He’s just saying some things you might be interested to hear because it might be pretty acute and real. And like any great music, Kid Cudi’s speaks to you. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it’s a little out there, psychedelic, and sometimes it’s a little serious, but it always feels deliberate. He’s usually smiling. Kid Cudi knows what he is doing. His real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, and he’s from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2008, he made his way to Brooklyn, hit the scene, eventually made a mixtape that found its way to Kanye West, and then rapidly became someone to talk about (a lot). He’s got two hot mixtapes, a serious affiliation with West (and record label G.O.O.D.), a ton of impressive collaborations, one album released by Universal Motown and another one slated for release this fall. He’s also starring in HBO’s new series How to Make it in America, which seems like something he’s already mostly figured out how to do.


Kid Cudi’s totally cute, in that cool, sweet, edgy way Cudi’s first album Man on the Moon: The End of Day was released in 2009 with acclaim. The single “Pursuit of Happiness,” one of the album’s most popular singles, contains a long, slow, rockstyle guitar solo and several singing violins, which genuinely augment a complex, intermingling compilation of voices and base and lyrics. And then, sometimes, Auto Tune is involved. There is “Make Her Say,” in which he collaborated with West and rapper Common, and sampled in Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” He’s worked with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas, and is featured on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. “That Tree,” which he performs with Snoop Dogg, is cartoony, funny and inspired. Rumored future projects involve potential collaborations with the likes of Green Day and Robin Thicke, and his anticipated second album, titled Man on the Moon: The Legend of Mr. Rager, is scheduled to drop this October. Keep watching him; Kid Cudi is sitting pretty, poised for greatness. Greatness he deserves.

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Fall music flight album previews

She & Him Volume Two

Zooey Deschanel, the actress famed for her deadpan expression, released a follow-up collaborative album with M Ward after the positive reception to Volume One. The pop-infused folksy sound continues, but the duo also ventures into more complex arrangements, never straying far from a groovy ‘60s girl group sound. The single “Thieves” stands out for its intimacy and Linda Ronstadt-style crooning, while “Home” samples from Tori Amos and Carole King’s brand of piano pop. Some bloggers backlashed at Deschanel’s studied cuteness in the songwriting and performance, while others championed her continued exploration of all that is twee. PLAYLIST Arcade Fire The Suburbs

Critics and fans are buzzing about Arcade Fire’s third recording. The world of strip malls and culde-sacs inspired this Canadian indie band’s songs about boredom, backyards and teenage angst, captured succinctly in the title track’s lyric: “When all of the walls that they built in the ‘70s finally fall, and all of the houses they built in the ‘70s finally fall, meant nothing at all.” Jérémie Regnier, lead singer and pianist of Lebanese alternative music band New Government

Best Coast Crazy For You

and of new French band Haussmann Tree, shares

Bethany Cosentino’s stellar vocals drive the beach party sound of this California band. This album skips through various hip genres, with surf rock-style reverbs, indie rock hooks and even a slice of urban cowgirl twang. Crazy For You shares more than just the title of Patsy Cline’s great hit – much of the recording features the heartbroken lyrics and starry-eyed sweetness of Cline’s trademark work.

1. “Pretty

Dark Dark Dark Wild Go

This Minneapolis-based band earned notoriety for touring Venice canals adrift on Swoon’s floating art installation constructed of found art and garbage. Chamber folk arrangements create a spare backdrop for Nona Marie Invie’s haunting voice on the group’s sophomore album. A gypsy sound permeates the recording, which touches upon Eastern European folk music and New Orleans jazz.

Donso Donso

Paris-based producer and electronic instrumentalist Pierre-Antoine Grison, who goes by Krazy Baldhead, joined forces with Malian singer Gedeon Papa Diarra to create a sound with pulsing beats for Donso’s recording debut. The album combines African instruments, such as the Donso N’Goni, or hunters’ harp, with drumming, keyboards and electric guitar, resulting in dynamic, Afro-beat tunes.

Wolf Parade Expo ‘86

Montreal band Wolf Parade specializes in what lead singer Dan Boeckner describes as maximalist music, dense, energetic sounds with creative arrangements. Band-mate Spencer Krug adds that the primary goal of Expo ‘86 was to get people dancing, whether to anthemic “California Dreamer” or the funkier “In the Direction of the Moon.”

his favorite tunes.

Ballerina” by The Left Banke Skies” by Love 3. “Love Is” by Blossom Toes 4. “Brief Candles” by The Zombies 5. “It’s a Faded Picture” by The Seeds 6. “On the Bombsite” by Duncan Browne 7. “Tiny Goddess” by Nirvana 8. “I’m a Living Sickness” by The Callico Wall 9. “Two Sisters” by The Kinks 10.“Tinsel and Ivy” by Montage 11. “Tes Clichés Déclenchés” by Pas Chic Chic 12. “Life in the Metropolis” by Robbie Curtice 13. “Cucumber Castle” by The Bee Gees 14. “My World Fell Down” by Sagittarius 15. “Travel Sounds” by Heroes and Villains 16. “The Old Man’s Back Again” by Scott Walker 17. ”Friday on My Mind” by The Easybeats 18. ”Tattoo” by The Who 19. ”Sad Soul” by Ronnie Bird 2. “Orange




Different strokes for different folks. One man’s meat is another man’s poison: these flimsy truisms are manifested in the gargantuan gumbo of culture that is YouTube. A single search phrase can yield dramatic news footage, humorous home movies, music videos and animated shorts; from paramount happenings (Political Protests) to the insultingly banal (Dramatic Hamster) none is denied its 15 minutes of fame. After countless hours watching every Tom, Dick and Harry make their mark on the modern world, it’s no wonder you want a piece of the action. But camera, computer and chutzpah can only get you so far. These observations of popular categories should get your creative juices flowing: 1. The heartfelt option; including (but not limited to) baby animals, directionally challenged robots, marriage proposals, unique voyages down the aisle (JK Wedding Entrance Dance). Does your incredibly fluffy, squishy-faced cat have a knack for backflips? Do you have a sassy, teething sibling on hand? No? In that case, some organization might be in order. It took 200 volunteers and two full-scale rehearsals to choreograph and stage the seemingly spontaneous flashdance to “Do Re Mi” in Antwerp’s Central Station, but oh it was worth it (18,000,000 views)! 2. Dark/disturbing cartoons: there’s nothing like quirky animation to push pitch black comedy into the mainstream. If you have a talent for stick figures, anime, distinctively anthropomorphized animals/geographical elements/kitchen utensils – get busy using your powers for the good of viral. Recent subjects include organ theft (Charlie goes to Candy Mountain) and urban malaise (Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected Cartoons).


No one should be denied their 15 minutes of fame 3. Satire/parody: pick your pet peeve – shoe shoppers (Shoes), movie trailers (Academy-Award Winning Movie Trailer), the opposite sex – and get sarcastic! For those with steady hands for nipping and tucking, consider editing and rehashing existing clips (The Downfall Parodies), but keep alert of copyright infringement laws. Once you have your idea, stick to the three Ps of selfbroadcast: a. People: if comedy is the name of your game, a group of mates is essential to help you filter the laughs from the cringes. Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher of BriTANick Comedy (9 Ways to Treat a Woman) keep it fresh by writing sketches that they will laugh at. Start by brainstorming ideas together, and hold one another accountable to deadlines. b. Production: don’t wait, do it now! Or, I guarantee you, someone else will! c. Practice: feeling stuck trying to make the perfect video? Don’t! How about one a week, like sketch group Ironic T-Shirt? Or one a day, like video diarist Shaytards? Practice makes perfect, after all.

Still not struck by inspiration? Here’s a cheat you wouldn’t have learned in school: Dutch courage is behind much of the world’s most beloved schtick; Drunken Histories for example. Next night out, volunteer yourself as secretary and busy your thumbs getting down every phrase or incident that might prove fruitful. And remember, all great art is rooted in truth. Chances are that dumb thing you do just might turn out to be the next YouTube explosion.

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TECHBYTES Dikes on bikes

Go with the flow

spin yo’ ipad

Look ma, no hands!

When you combine a Testastretta 140hp engine and Brembo’s Monobloc brakes with racy design and under-seat silencers, you get the Ducati 848 EVO – one helluva motorcycle! EVO means more horsepower and torque, just like driving a rocket.

Forget skateboarding. This Flowboard will give you much more extreme angles without resistance and with lots of easy moves, thanks to 14 wheels mounted on two curved axels. It feels much closer to snowboarding than skateboarding, as you can tilt at 45 degrees.

So you thought you couldn’t play DJ with your iPad? Think again. The iPad DJ station has a dual deck layout and is compatible with a great many apps. It comes with USB connectivity and will probably recharge. It’s only a concept so far, but it’s very promising!

No moving hands on the Obligatory Designer Clock! Instead, the permanent hour bands or marks change color and “fill up” as time ticks away. It works the same as a normal clock on the inside. Just don’t try to read the exact time from a distance or you’ll be missing your

Scoot along

Beam me up!

Spin in style

I am robot

Half as big as a motorcycle and much more eco-friendly, the Ryno Scooter can hit 25mph and travel some 40 kilometers. Its sensors monitor balance and seize control if you ignore the warnings. There’s even a model conceived for urban police.

You may not be familiar with the Atari video games of the ‘80s, but the Space Invader Couch looks exactly like, well, Atari’s space invaders! The mixture of comfy leather with memory foam results in an otherworldly experience.

Its handlebars may look like horns, but the Ciclotte exercise bike has such a trendy design, you’ll want to keep it as a showpiece even after your exercise routine wears out. The bike is made from carbon, steel and glass fibers.

This Qbo Robot prototype can interact and avoids objects, thanks to its ultrasonic sensors. It runs around on three wheels and sports a high-def cam as well as microphones for speech recognition. Unlike a cat or dog, it won’t leave any unwanted presents on your Persian rug.


Start making noise

best of the cams

Living in a vacuum

Toshiba has just release a new 3D TV that doesn’t require viewers to wear those annoying cardboard glasses. The technology involves transmitting various images at different angles to create depth and dimension, resulting in a real 3D experience.

The new noisemaker option in Toyota’s Prius hybrid cars has an electronic humming device with speakers under the hood to counteract the quietness of electric cars and warn pedestrians of any car coming their way.

Sony’s SLT A55 is the best interchangeable lens cam yet. It’s a 16.2-megapixel cam with an ISO of 12,800, dual-purpose memory stick, face detection, a built-in GPS to record elevation and many more fun options.

All you lazy types can now rejoice. The Neanto XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner has a laser top to scan the room, plot the layout and do its job perfectly. It even recognizes stairways and never falls down.



Party destination: From the swinging ‘60s through the electric ‘80s, spanning Brit-pop, punk rock, glam rock, trance and house, London is ever at the cutting edge of the international party scene – and never more so than today, a time when destinations such as Movida, the Cuckoo Club and Maddox lure nightlife’s elite from all four corners of the globe. Whether you’ve come to step out with the infamous ginger Prince at Caribbean beach-themed Mahiki, live it up with the luvvies at Luxx or sip surreptitiously from breathtaking alchemies at Milk and Honey, you cannot escape that wonderful truth: he who is bored of London is bored of life.


Movida Movida Milk and Honey Milk and Honey

For the discrete, epicurean drinker, Milk and Honey is a mythic Eldorado of flavor and style. Fortune may favor the bold, but this exclusive speakeasy keeps its clientele in check with wrist-slapping missives in bathroom stalls: “No star-f***ing, no name dropping.” Fortunately, it’s easy to be on your best behavior here; slide into the velvet darkness of the intimate booths, and sit back as world-class mixologists concoct divine ambrosias of the gilded age. In line with the ‘20s Prohibition theme, this intimate hideout is the perfect place to play Bonnie and Clyde on a night off from partying hard. 1 Poland St., W1, T 44.70.0065.5469, W


Enter Movida, survey the sumptuous, ultra-modern decor emblazoned with all the luminescence of the northern lights, and you will know you have arrived. Head to the Dom Perignon Room for kid-gloved table service, and you are living a legend. This meridian of clubs plays host to luminaries such as Kate Moss and Paris Hilton, and welcomes only the very best of VIPs to step onto the tables and shake their tail feathers. Sleek music and smooth service lend sophistication, as does the strict 25-plus door policy. 8-9 Argyll St., Soho, W1, T 44.20.7734.5776, W

The Cuckoo Club The Cuckoo Club

Don your Vivienne Westwood for a swinging night straight out of Austin Powers. Ornate vintage elegance is spun into glam-rock chic at this velvet wonderland, dreamt up by deities of British style, Alexander McQueen and Julien Macdonald. The sound-scape, wrought by resident DJs Dom T, DJ Bas and Bijan, purrs pure London tradition, fusing classic rock (think Stones) with house, electric and disco. Sidle up to the fine and fancy bar for a smashing gin cocktail, or nab a perch in the ripely enticing golden snug and survey sashaying Lords and Ladies of the Realm. Swallow St., W1, T 44.20.7287.4300, W


Green-eyed exclusivity reigns supreme in this close-quartered cavern of opulence. Favorite haunt of A-List celebs Leonardo DiCaprio and Mariah Carey, Jalouse is notoriously tough to infiltrate. The butter smooth R&B sets and decadent champagne cocktails are a just reward for the lucky few. 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, W1, T 44.87.1961.9414, W Shoreditch House

Beautiful people abound at this happening hangout in Shoreditch, London’s edgy district of work and play. Five floors cater to all levels of leisure from sunrise to sunset. If the weather is nice, grab a bikini and head on up to the roof for a soiree swim and spectacular views. Ebor St., Shoreditch, E1, T 44.87.1971.6262, W Luxx

Mahiki Mahiki

If London fog has got you down, grab a lei and set sail for tropical haven Mahiki in Mayfair. Priding itself on its Tiki Bar cocktails, this colorful club boasts enticing libations such as the Beach Wacker (Angostura rum, spiced maple syrup, pineapple and grapefruit juice) and a Piña Colada sipped fresh from a hewed pineapple. Hula the night away to bouncy live music, or lounge in lush Hawaiian chairs and look out for the real nighttime sights: pop stars like Rihanna and royalty such as England’s very own Prince Harry. 1 Dover St., Mayfair, W1, T 44.20.7493.9529, W

Maddox Maddox

Bedecked in their Chanel and Gucci finery, a veritable who’s who of European elite pay nightly homage to Maddox, the ultimate experience in cosmopolitan chic. Arrive early to sample the exquisite Italian menu, strike a pose in the night air on the elegant patio, then wind your way up the crystalline staircase into this futuristic pleasure dome. Ultramodern décor, geometric furnishings and hot, warm lights blast this spaceship of a club into stratospheric partying heights. For an unforgettable evening, request a “theme-blast” from the DJ for a 15-second shout-out of your posse’s particular musical motif. 2 Mill St., W1, T 44.20.7499.8113, W

Luxx is the clubber’s club, a place where top DJs Peter Tong and Calvin Harris mold their craft to a crowd that values substance as well as style. Vintage is the name of the game: a minimalist blackbox interior provides the backdrop for a playful ‘80s-themed light show, and champagne cocktails are the drink of choice among hand-selected patrons. 3 New Burlington St., Mayfair, W1, T 44.20.7297.2893, W

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what to do

DATEBOOK Through October 23

October 7-28

October 13-28

October 13-November 30

Under the Radar The Running Horse, Beirut

Annie Kurkdjian exhibit Art Circle, Beirut

BFI Film Festival London

lady gaga’s Monster Ball Tour Europe

Contemporary artworks by six Iranian artists show that the human experience transcends borders and nationality.

Water is the theme of the latest collection of paintings by Lebanese artist Annie Kurkdjian in “La Mer à Boire.”

The festival opens with the London premiere of Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan.

Superstar Lady Gaga takes the first leg of her European tour to 16 cities, starting in Helsinki and ending in Rotterdam.

October 16

October 16-17

October 19-23

October 22-25

Markus Schulz Biel, Beirut

Treasure Island Music Festival San Francisco

CMJ Music & Film Festival New York

Hollywood Film Festival Los Angeles

DJ sensation Markus Schulz rocks the house with his brand of trance music at a concert organized by Mix FM.

The lineup at this year’s festival includes dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem and indie-pop group Belle & Sebastian.

The eclectic bunch of artists performing at this festival includes indie bands Surfer Blood and The Drums.

The 14th edition of this annual film festival spotlights independent filmmakers at the state-of-the-art ArcLight Cinemas.

October 23

October 30

October 30-31

November 12-21

Monster Massive Los Angeles Sports Arena

Release the Bats Kentish Town, London

Hard Haunted Mansion Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Chéries-Chéris Gay Film Festival Forum des Images, Paris

America’s largest Halloween concert showcases big names in dance music, like Carl Cox, Moby and Samantha Ronson.

This Halloween concert is back with a bang with a strong lineup of acts headlined by New York rock band Battles.

Spanning two days on two massive stages, the concert boasts an epic lineup, including Calvin Harris and Fake Blood.

Documentaries, full-length and short films by gay and lesbian artists are screened at this exciting event.

November 13

November 18

November 19-21

November 21-25

Wasteland Amsterdam

Mumna Ciné -Mix Cinéma Metropolis, Beirut

20 Years of City Slang Admiralspalast, Berlin

High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam

Risqué entertainment abounds at the fetish fantasy event. Highlights include short films starring Dita Von Teese.

Jawad Nawfal performs his latest Mumna soundtrack simultaneously with the ‘20s film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.

Record label City Slang marks its 20th anniversary with concerts headlined by bands like Menomena and The Notwist.

International judges sample and vote for their favorite marijuana strains, while visitors enjoy coffee-shop crawls.


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