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The leaders were caring, organized and professional. They received our individuals in a warm and caring fashion.


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sprout leaders To offer safe and enjoyable vacations to those who could not otherwise travel alone, Sprout relies on the talents, creativity and hard work of its leaders.

Program Coordinator

The leadership team is the most important element in the success of any Sprout trip. Leaders are trained in safety, group dynamics, trip logistics and the philosophy of the organization. Leaders are selected for their ability to achieve the goals of the organization. Due to the energetic, caring Sprout leaders, our consumers return home with memories of happy times, acceptance and new friends made. service coordinator

Sprout involves many people from different origins, who work together respectfully and beneficially to provide unique perspectives and excitement to each trip. What our leaders have in common is a deep concern for and desire to work with and help people with special needs.

I love Sprout, and love the job and most of all I love the participants! I feel so lucky to have been a part of it again this summer! sprout leader

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Sprout Brochure 2017  

Sprout Brochure 2017

Sprout Brochure 2017  

Sprout Brochure 2017