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February 2011

Special 75th Anniversary Edition

You Can Quote Me! (Quotes from the 75 years of Publication)

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Volume 76, Issue 2, Feb 2011 Gospel Tidings welcomes unsolicited articles, although most articles are assigned well in advance. All articles received will be considered for publication in terms of the appropriateness of the article, previous and planned coverage of the topic, available space, timeliness of the subject, and the themes of particular issues. Articles and advertising published represent in the main the position we hold, but we do not necessarily agree with every sentiment expressed or with the religious persuasion of every writer or advertiser. Manuscripts will be neither acknowledged nor returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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CrossTies "Happy 75th Birthday!" Associate Editor Allen Ketchersid came up with the idea of finding 75 great quotes from the articles that have encouraged and edified GT's readers for the past 75 years. The idea rolled along quickly with Allen Ketchersid and current Associate Editor (former Editor) Travis Allen doing the initial leg work of collecting 75 quotes, primarily from the 70s to the present. With their work in hand I decided to update the list of writers from our 60th Anniversary Edition and what I found was simply overwhelming as the immensity and impossibility of 75 quotes adequately reflecting the many articles and writers. I've included my list of those who have written for the old sheet from her inception (see page 12) containing the names of 648 men and women. My list does not include the names of the authors whose articles were reprints (articles that were not original with GT). Had all the names, even such as Benjamin Franklin, been included the list would easily have passed over 700 men and women whose writings were contained in the old sheet. The difficulty was not in collecting 75 great quotes, but which seventy five authors and which seventy five quotes? As our effort expanded the impossibility of including quotes from every writer, or even a majority of the writers, merely challenged us further. With the help of my friend J.R. Shackleford, we began carrying home arm loads of GT issues "mining" through the GT treasure troves, decade by decade. Like fortune seekers we found additional verbal "diamonds, rubies and gems." The collection of quotes presented in this 75th Anniversary Edition comes with a caveat that we are not claiming to have successfully mined the best quotes from each writer, and even more sadly, that space would not allow us to include all the quotes that were gathered. I am confident that we will not hear many complaints from writers, both quoted and unquoted, knowing the spirit of those who contributed to GT. Gospel Tidings from her inception has been a labor of love by all those who freely gave of their time to pen the articles and those who published and mailed each issue. We have all shared a common motive and goal. Generation by generation, the late nights, the many prayers, the struggles to find the right words or scriptural insights, the toil and sweat, all the effort and energy — it was all founded upon our mutual love for the Lord, for the Lord's Church and this publication. Hopefully none of us have sought our own personal glory or fame, but rather that each did his or her part in making known the "Gospel Tidings" of Jesus Christ through these 75 years of GT in print. Thanks for your faithful support and readership of GT! —Bill

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Quotes from 75 years of Gospel Tidings CROSSTIES: A Labor of Love by Bill Adcox ————————— THE 1930S ————————————————————————— The 1940s ————————————————————————— The 1950s ——————————————————————— The 1960s ————————————————————————— The 1970s —————————————————————————— The 1980s ————————————————————————— The 1990s ————————————————————————— Honor To Whom Honor Is Due (75 years of Servants)—————— The 2000 and Beyond ———————————————————— Cover: 75th Anniversary Artwork

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Gospel Tidings

Over a long period of years, one in this business gathers many memories...but all overshadowed with the thought that one is doing something that might help bring many to Christ and bring blessings to the lives of many people. G.B. Shelburne, Jr., February 1996, Gospel Tidings: One of My Favorite Projects.

All the wonders Greek civilization heaped together are less wonderful than is the simple book of Psalms. William E. Gladstone, March 1936, The History of the Human Soul.

"The 1930s"

many things the Lord has done for us. These services offer more opportunities to develop talents. Then, too, they help us to remain spiritually minded. J.L. Musgrave, December 1937, Voice From The Brethren.

Hope is one of the most important factors of the Christians life. It is the hope that we shall enjoy something better in the We brethren have been to careless about our mission life to come that causes us to forsake the pleasures of this life work, and I am so glad that this step has been taken. The for the better things that are taught church at Eton, known as Midway, in the word of God. Rex will promise $5 a month. (as Founding Editor, G.B. Shelburne, Jr., Kimbrough, June 1936, Hope. quoted from a letter to E.E. Stark together with business manager Hollis and his outreach ministry). Swafford and other helpers, launched Another thing that leads men into error is the act of placing Now we think it strange, Gospel Tidings in Abilene, Texas. The undue emphasis on parts of the indeed, that man should have first issue was a letter size sheet folded revelation to the neglect of others. lived all these millions of years once to make four pages. The original For example, a man finds that upon the earth and never to have mailing date: February 18th, 1936. baptisms is for the remission of found out where he came from By 1937 the magazine was making sins. Then he concludes that until these last few years. Alva infants, born in sin, must be Johnson, February 1938, Creation plans to increase its size to a two-sheet, baptized overlooking the fact that Story. eight page publication. Subscriptions the subject of baptism must be a were a bargain at 50 cents a year and a believer. N.L. Clark, July 1936, People do not usually obtain bundle of 100 for $1.50. Extremes In Religion. the results for which none are The early news centered around the striving and if good results Your faith should not stand in accidentally appear, the people passion of the day, protracted gospel the wisdom of men, but in the deserve no honor. P.C. Key, meetings with news about the various power of God. N.O. White, February 1938, Consecration. preachers and their particular works. August 1936, Class System. The December 1937 issue announced The duration of the life in hell GT would be changing to an every two In every life the individual will be forever and ever. Just as comes to the parting of the way. long as it will be day in heaven, weeks publication. The issues would A choice must be made. We it will be night in hell. If that day alternate between an edition with arcannot walk with God and also ever ends in heaven, that night ticles and news and the following edition walk with Satan. Leland Knight, will end in hell. J.F. Lily, would be a tract with a scriptural theme. October 1936, Choices of Moses. November 1938, Hell or Heaven. The church is an orderly institution built according to design; we must follow this design. Van Bonneau, March 1937, Living For The Master. Brother Alva Johnson states in a letter dated Oct 14 that his work in July and August resulted in one hundred or more responses, most of which were baptisms. November 1937, Echoes From The Field . Many congregations have but one service a week. We need more as a means of showing our appreciation for the February 2011

What we woefully need is Tituses to be able to set in order churches. I believe the churches are waking up to the awful situations they have been in. But where are the Tituses to set them in order. L.W. Hayhurst, November 1938, Echoes From The Field. For the life to come, only infants and idiots have unconditional assurance of success. For others, both reason and the Bible teach that man must depend upon the wisdom and mercy of God by living here as God directs. C.R. Worsham, March 1939. —Quotes from the 1930s

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"The 1940s" The only safe way to settle a question of our conduct before God, as to whether it pleases him or not, is to appeal to his word. Tick Ellis, February 1940, Actions of Christian Baptism.

The so called sacrifice which costs nothing is worth exactly what it costs. Rex Bernard, February 1944, Sacrifice. We seldom hear a man pray while preaching, but very often we hear one preach while he is praying. N.L. Clark, March 1944, How to Pray.

Although we may succeed in hiding from the eyes of the Church, or our friends, or our loved ones the sins that we commit, yet we can not hide them from our The Forties saw our nation involved in Creator. C.R. Worsham, July 1940. World War II. Several discussions and The Judgment. debates were noted in the pages of GT. Nothing is gained by smoothing off the edges of truth and toning down its color. Henry C Vedder, December 1940. There is no other power that can be named that can offer such blessings as the kingdom of God’s dear son. Tommy Williams, January 1941, Blessings of the Kingdom. We can no more enact a law for the Church than we can create a new law for gravity. P.C.Key, March 1941, God's Works Vs Man's Works. The Church is the divine chariot in which we are offered a ride to Heaven. Why not take a ride? J.T. Corder, May 1941, How Can One Find the True Church.

Evangelism and a rapidly growing church were part of these turbulent times. Gospel meetings were the major evangelistic tool; Fifteen day gospel meetings were not uncommon. Many new congregations were started. Bible Readings were also a part of the day with one such reading occurring in 1944. On that occasion Brother N.L. Clark taught the Pentateuch and Brother G.B. Shelburne taught Matthew and Acts. Nine ministerial students attended that Ft Worth reading. The forties saw an increased number of congregations who were able to support full-time gospel teachers and preachers. The Kerrville Bible Training began in the fall of 1946. Numerous radio programs existed.

Some one has said “Hell is for two classes of people: those who will do anything and those who won’t do anything." Leroy C. Nelson, October 1941, How Shall We Escape (Heb.2:3)? There are 10,000 ways to hell but only one to heaven. Quote, March 1942, Selected. Nothing that man can do gives us the right to disobey God. Leo S. Miller, August 1943, Laying Hold on Hope. Page 4 ( 20 )

Of all people Christians should have the very best friends. Ira Odell Purdy, April 1945, Opportunities. When any nation reaches the point where it's political, social and economic affairs are controlled by the liquor interest, the hand writing is already on the wall. Joe Grant, April 1945, The Ungodly Cry. Churches go on talking as though most folks paid serious attention to them. Bernard Bell, May 1945, Let’s Revitalize Religion. Any idea of God must contain the thought that to him there is neither past nor future, but that all things are an everlasting now. Kline Nall, August 1945, The Eternity of God. Whatever is worthwhile costs something. Alneer McFadden, Feb 1946, The Price Paid for the Church.

A greater work is performed when some family is led to Christ than if a blind eye were opened or a withered hand restored. J.A. McCormick, June 1946, The Preacher and Family Life. I suppose that of all the products of God's creation man is the only being that has ever denied that we are of God. Rex Kimbrough, February 1947, The Incorruptible God. Gospel Tidings

Did you ever sit in Church and wonder what goes on in the mind of the complacent soul in the next pew? Dorothy Crossfield, May 1947, Of a Sunday Morning.

Congratulations to Gospel Tidings on their 75th Anniversary

Contend earnestly for what you believe and be sure you allow others the same privilege. N.L. Clark, June 1947, Editorial. I am afraid that many of us excuse ourselves when God does not. James F Thomas, October 1947, Can a Man Fool God? We should believe without reservation in our hearts in the power of God to accomplish what he wills. J.T.Corder, March 1948, Faith. No man is a hypocrite, a liar, a thief because of the Church and its doctrine but is such in spite of it. F.L. Lemley, September 1948, Importance of the Church. The need today is that man be moved by the word of God, not that man should move the word. W.T. Smith, November 1948, The Word of God.

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—Quotes from the 1940s

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"The 1950s" Among all the promises of God, the promise to forgive sins ranks first in importance. W.F. Lee, January 1950, Forgiveness. But where love is most necessary and where its absence is the most noticeable and ruinous is in the Lord's Church. Ira O. Purdy, February 1950, Love: the Greatest Principle. It is fairly easy to do the will of God as long as there’s nothing to draw one away from it. Solon Bailey, January 1951, Determination to Do God’s Will. Why should God bless a nation which has more faith in atomic bombs and in man’s inventive genius than in the living God? G.B. Shelburne Jr., March 1952. Why Should God Bless America? The Bible in the home—a book that is loved, respected and obeyed is our only hope. Orrin Hamblin, June 1952, Bible in the Home. If a person is “once saved always saved” why does the Bible present a plan to restore the fallen? Lynn Fisher, August 1952, Fall from Grace.

The biggest letter in the word sin is the middle one, “I.” W.J. Leach , August 1954, Liking to Attend Church. An unforgiving soul is simply drowned in it’s own waste poisons. Ben Holland, December 1954, Oil of Forgiveness.

The 50s saw the continued growth of the church with many baptisms. Odell Purdy reported 103 responses in over a year at Turkey, TX. Fifty five were baptized in Mexico in the first three years of that decade. The Kerrville Bible Training work moved in the 50s to Amarillo, TX to be directed by the West Amarillo Elders. One hundred students registered for the first sessions. 1956 saw Gospel Tidings moving to Ballinger, TX where W.J. "Billy Joe" Leach became her new Editor with Tommy Williams as the Associate Editor. In the late 50s, Garnett Limani of Nyasyland, Africa, contacted Gospel Tidings and initial contacts were made for much of our brotherhood's work in Malawi that would later begin in the 60s.

Peace doesn’t come to us, we have to look for it. Leon Kessler, January 1953, S e e k Peace. The lack of self denial and the love of material things will probably be in the way of more at the day of judgment than any other one thing. R.O. Daniel, April 1953, What Lack I Yet? He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home. Earl Cantwell, March 1954, Tribute to the Christian Home. Page 6 (22)

If we are too busy to serve God we are “too busy.” Jack Hutton, May 1954, Too Busy.

We cannot escape the record of our memories. Tommy Williams, June 1955, For the Record. Many a speaker has deceived himself by believing that his efforts were well received when in fact the audience was merely being polite. Travis Allen, March 1956, Ready to Preach. The true Christian is the most incurable optimist on earth. N.E. Rhodes Jr., November 1956, Rejoice. Most people agree that there is plenty to do in God’s vineyard, but they are willing for someone else to do it. Homer Youngblood, January 1957, Be Not Idle. One of our greatest difficulties is that we make giants out of small things. George Gray, December 1957, Goliaths.

The biggest mistake in the eyes God is to do nothing. C.W. Doyle, March 1958, Playing Safe. Even if it should be God’s will that we fail in a particular task, it is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried. Ed Sanders, October 1959, Slothfulness. Remember a big wheel rolls around in circles. Marshall Baldwin, December 1959, A Square Vs. a Big Wheel. —Quotes from the 1950s Gospel Tidings

"The 1960s" No miracles is required for the gospel to be preached; it can be done by a study of the Bible. No miracles is required to hear. None is required for us to believe. Claud Woods, January 1960, A Good Moral Man Accepts Christ.

thousands every day, so we know then that Jesus is still on the throne in heaven (1 Corinthians 15:25-26). Otis Daniel, April 1960, Christ, Our King.

There are only two rulers in the world, Christ and Satan. Usually it is only after long years have passed that we There are only two principles in religion, God’s word and can look back and recognize a single day or event as doctrines of men. There are only two roads from time to marking the birth of a new epoch eternity, the broad and the in the world. Those contemporary narrow. Howard Peacock, May with such an event rarely 1960, The Purpose of Man’s Life. The 60s saw a renewed interest in appreciate its full meaning. G.B. Shelburne III, January 1960, Destiny is defined as being a evangelism abroad. The B and Ruth Three Thousand Converted. premeditated lot and inevitable Shelburne family and the Roland and necessity. Claude Lawrence, Wanda Hayes family were sent as misEven as infant mortality is a May 1960, The Destiny of Man. sionaries to Zomba, Nyasaland which major problem in physical life, would eventually become the site for the so getting the spiritual life The living of the new, successfully past the birthtime of transformed life by the Christian very successful Namikango Mission. baptism is a major problem. Kline is not an option, but an Later the Lendal Wilks family would join Nall, January 1960, A New Life obligation. Jack Hutton, January the Shelburnes and replace the Hayes Follows Conversion. 1961, The Christian and The family on the mission field. New Life. Since conversion is a 'turning J. Miller Forcade was involved with from one state to another,' it Those flying high above the mission work in Japan. In 1966 Baxter becomes obvious that one may clouds meet temptation the Loe became Editor of Gospel Tidings. be converted from error to truth, same as those who may live for N.E. Rhodes contributed to GT his often or from truth to error, one or the weeks in a metal capsule deep other. R.T. Williamson, January in the ocean. If man ever lives requested series on Simon Peter. Leg1960, The Meaning and Necessity on the moon, he will have to endary gospel preacher, Alva Johnson of Conversion. overcome "worldliness," " the died on July 5, 1967. West Amarillo lust of the flesh and eyes and the reported that same year that 204 preachWe may get discouraged pride of life." Odell Purdy, ers had been trained to preach the gospel. because we are not progressing January 1961, The Christian and very fast. We look at the world His Community. Three other training works began in 1969: and the churches who have added Farmers Branch, TX; Fresno, CA; and false doctrine; and it looks like A lack of dedication and a San Angelo, TX. they are really progressing. We life of indecision fills a heart can only measure our progress by with wretchedness. Carroll H. faithful obedience to the word of Christmas, January 1962, The God. H.R. Lawless, February 1960, Additions Are False House on the Rock. Doctrines. Christianity is not a cafeteria. Lewis Hunter, August If we look to the word of God for his will toward us, we 1967, Cafeteria Religion. will find it. If we look to his word for an endorsement of our own will, we will be deceived. Jim Watson, February 1960, If we look upon God as a stranger, we cannot pray. The Authority for True Doctrine. Norman Miller, November 1967, Reflections On Prayer. Death is still taking men, women and children by the February 2011

—Quotes from the 1960s Page 7 (23)

"The 1970s" Jesus was interested in the self-discipline that springs from an inner compulsion of spirit. ‘Let him deny himself’...Only through the habit of humble, daily, toiling attention are worthwhile accomplishments ever achieved. There can be no self-development apart from self-denial; it is the law of growth. W.T. Smith, January 1970, Following Jesus. Ideally, we should have the same view of the church that Christ does. We ought to include everyone that he includes and we should not refuse anyone whom Christ receives. We ought to reject everyone whom Christ excludes...But this cannot be unless we learn to see as Christ sees.... G.B. Shelburne III, February 1970, The Invisible Church. …it would be a mistake for the church to revise her message or reshape her character to enhance her position and appeal to the vast majority. Admittedly, we may find ourselves with correct answers to questions which people are no longer asking, but it is unlikely that the church will be of great service to a world which never questions, ‘What shall I do to inherit eternal life?’ Delos Johnson, April 1970, Our Goal Eternal Life.

We know temptation is the devil’s hook, but we enjoy nibbling at the bait. Homer Youngblood, May 1973, Gems.

The seventies saw the continuation of the youth reclamation project called Ranch Haven in Grants Pass, Oregon. Ranch Haven reported having helped as many as 50 young people and baptizing 17 of them. Ranch Haven would burn in 1971 and then be rebuilt. Forest Hill church announced their Bibles for the World project and eventually sent bibles to every continent in the world. Baxter Loe made his first trip to India which would become the beginning of several programs: first, the Lockney Bible College in Hyderabad; the John Abraham Fund (later named the Christian Relief Fund) which has cared for thousands of children in India and now around the world; All God's Children which brought more than 70 children to America for adoption; the Malvani School in Bombay (later renamed to the New Testament Church of Christ School).

Our Lord did not say that we should love all our brethren who are perfect in understanding the Bible interpretation. He did not say that our love should encompass only the brother who never violates our concept of New Testament church organization, worship, or work. Nor did Christ limit his commandment of love to those brothers who are morally faultless. Gene Shelburne, May 1970, Brotherly Love. The real non-conformist is concerned with principles, not Page 8 (24)

appearances. Harry Moore, May 1971, Conformity and NonConformity.

If God seems far away, the problem is not one of distance, but of communication. Calvin White, June 1973, Your Prayer Life. When our finite minds begin to explore the infinite, then we can appreciate the apostle’s statement: ‘Great is the mystery of godliness…’ Wiley Davis, June 1973, Temples of Clay. For years I have made the statement that success (in this world’s values) ruins more people than it helps. Arch L. Ferguson, August 1973, What Success Means To Me. Man was not created for his own will, but for the will of God. He did not ask to be created, but was created because God willed that he should be formed. If, therefore, man is a product of God’s will, then praise belongs to God for man’s existence. W.J. Leach, September 1973, Praise To God From a Saved Church.

I believe in the church because I believe in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. The church, having originated in the mind of God, having been purchased by the blood of Christ, and being guided by the Holy Spirit, can hardly be separated from them. To believe in any one is to believe in all. George Gray, December 1975, We Believe in the Lord’s Church. Who wants to worship or work with one who appears bored, dull, worried and unhappy? If the Christian portrays a

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"The 1980s" What was it that made Sarah (Abraham’s wife) so beautiful? It was her meek and quiet spirit. Wanda Hayes, May 1980, In Search of a Meek and Quiet Spirit. Our singing praises to God and Christ may not demand perfection in performance….but it does require our best in intention, purpose and concentration. Virgil Scott, September 1980, Developing the Talent of The eighties Singing. God never pardons as a matter of debt but on the principle of mercy. Lowell Head, O c t o b e r 1980, Justification by Faith. No matter how deep or how meaningful (my) relationship is or becomes, God initiated it and always contributes the most to its success. Claude Detherow, April 1981, Love for Christ: A Mark of Sonship. We all know people who say they are Christians but do not live in accordance to God’s will…By the same token, Godliness in our lives identifies us as Sons of God. George McCall, Jr, April 1981, Godliness: A Mark of Sonship.

saw the continued expansion of the Berean Children's Home in Albany, LA. The home started in 1979. B and Ruth Shelburne returned home after 19 years in Malawi, Africa with B becoming the director of the Houston Bible Training work. Shawn and Linda Tyler and Rolland and Jessie McLean were sent to Kenya, Africa to begin a new mission work there. Gaylon Wright replaced Larry Branum as GT Editor. Later Jim Bullock would replace Gaylon Wright. Tommy and Lucy Williams were sent by the Fairview Congregation in Austin, TX., to begin a new mission work in Korea. Mission work continued in Africa, Mexico, India and elsewhere. There was a renewed interest in singing with a number of quartets and gospel groups singing at various concerts.

When we hold our heavenly Father in highest regard, reverencing and honoring him, we are acting as sons should. Roland Hayes, April 1981, Sonship Seen In Respect.

Positive thinking doesn't take my sin away. No matther how hard I try to accentuate the positive or eliminate the negative, I cannot eliminate sin that has set its teeth in my heart...the blood of Jesus takes away my sin. Terry Vaughn, August 1981, What Can Take Away My Sin? Sin is an ugly subject, and what it does to us is uglier still. Rick Lewis, August 1981, What Sin Does to Us. February 2011

…men are brought to God through the Prince of Peace…We must not make color, race, sex or degrees of maturity in Christian practice and understanding a basis of acceptance into the community of believers. Walter Jones, September 1981, Jesus and Melchizedek. When the spirit of love, unity and submission are in us, then the spirit of Christ can fill our lives so that we are no longer cripples in the race of life. Odell Farr, October 1981, Christ and the Church. What do you have on your list of “things God cannot do?” To that extent, your God is smaller than the God of Jesus. Gene Shelburne, June 1982, Peace on the Inside. The mind must be stayed on facts about God if it is to endure the storm of circumstances that will eventually threaten its composure. J Miller Forcade, June 1982, Peace From God. The key, then, is not having exactly the same thoughts and beliefs, but the same Christ. Curtis Shelburne, July 1982, The Same Mind.

All of us are “Davids.” We look outside and see giants …What can we fight them with? Five small stones and a sling? How, Lord? And the Lord reminds us that he will be with us out there. Jim Shelburne, August 1982, Only I am Important. Satan leaps with joy when he succeeds in getting us into a routine of procrastinating. He doesn’t want us to be in a hurry about anything except sinning. John Rainey, August 1982, Why Hurry? I have Plenty of Time.

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"The 1990s" When the believer gives himself away in love to others, he is joyfully acknowledging that God’s grace has lifted an unpayable debt from him. Allen Ketchersid, October 1990, The Debt of Love That I Owe.

When Christ becomes the pattern for living, hearts become less bothered, less troubled — and less a source of trouble. Instead, the guarded heart, born in service, is focused intently on the developing attitudes of service. This in turn protects it against the next assault of temptation to give up peace. Then the peaceful heart is left to contemplate matters which are healthy both for the individual and for the church. Jeff Childers, September 1992, And the Peace of God.

Church work is great! Worship is delightful, wonderful and spiritually invaluable. Fruits and fellowship, sacrifice and service, love, loyalty, leadership, liberality—all define the many and various Growth among churches of Christ aspects of discipleship. And all are full of the rich rewards peaked in 1980. By 1987 the Center for in serving Christ. But Jesus Church Growth was reporting that 23 would say the one great joy is percent of churches were growing, 41 in knowing that our names are percent had reached a plateau and 36 written in heaven. Max Pratt, percent were declining. The average May 1991, The Book of Life. The New Testament calls Christians collectively the Body of Christ because we are called to replace Jesus as God’s body on earth. His sacrifice made it possible for us to get back on God’s team and win out over death. The star player scored the winning points but had to be carried from the field. Now we are called from the bench to be his substitute. Thomas Williams, August 1991, Communion: A Repetitive Ritual.

baptism rate among the churches of Christ was at 5 percent per year. The news in the early 90s that new congregations had recently started in Uniontown, OH and Las Vegas, NV was especially encouraging. Ashlan Avenue in Fresno, CA reported baptizing 69 people in a period of 4 years. Gospel Tidings published a new brotherhood directory in the 90s (out of print), along with the autobiography of G.B. Shelburne, JR., entitled A Providential Journey: 58 years of Preaching (This book is still available).

Our greatest danger is not the wolfishness of the devil’s wolves but the sheepishness of the Lord’s sheep. N.E. Rhodes, Jr., May 1992, Yesterday’s Manna Won’t Keep.

All men have some sort of hope; but while so many deceive themselves with the dead hopes of their own making, those whom God himself begot have a living hope that rests on His promises and power. When the hopes of others go to pieces in the last flood, the hope of the redeemed will sail triumphantly into the harbor of eternal fulfillment. Bill Gipson, August 1992, Hope for the Hopeless. Page 10 (26)

What will cause us to leave the brethren? Tribulation, persecution, poverty, insults, shame, guilt, pride, anger? Perhaps we have all been mistreated, abused, discounted, and marked by brethren. But so were Paul and Peter. It means calamity to our souls if we should lose the desire to assemble with brethren. We are determined that nothing should separate us from Christ and our brethren. James Murphy, February 1993, Life in the Church. Let’s stop seeing what we can’t do. No more talk about “others’ responsibility” to the widows, orphans, poor and sick in our own backyards. As part of the body of Jesus, isn’t it about time every one of us starts doing what anybody could do, but only you can do for Jesus? Bill Adcox, April 1993, Serving Others.

Every one of us as a member of the body of Christ is facing a great challenge: to find his or her place and to seek by God’s help to stand in that place and fill it. G.B. Shelburne Jr., April 1993, Being a Functioning Member of the Body. My sins and yours were just as worthy of condemnation as the sins of Saul of Tarsus. Since we have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus and God will ‘remember our sins no more,’ we now have the same ministry as Paul. We have been reconciled to God and have been given the ministry of helping others to be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians

Gospel Tidings

Happy Anniversary to GT As It Celebrates 75 years of Publication

Author and Artist Tom Williams contributed many illustrations, graphics and some of his writings to GT through the years. One of his illustrations (above) was selected by our staff reflecting both the inspiration and humor that are a part of Brother Williams much appreciated gifts.

India Mission Fund Fayetteville, Arkansas / Bethany, OK The Bread of Life

5:16-21). John Ketchersid, June 1993, I Am a Debtor. The gospel is not Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection plus myriads of church doctrines...If the most distinctive thing about our churches is not the gospel’s focus on Jesus Christ in his death, burial and resurrection, then we have no legitimate justification for our existence. Robert Teague, June 1993, I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel. David would give God what God wanted most: a human heart, won by his love and melted by his mercies, presented in thanksgiving to him as a willing gift by the one creation made in his own image. Calvin White, August 1993, A Consecrated Life. I wince when I hear the name of Jesus used as a curse word. I shudder when I think of how carelessly so many people use that “name which is above every name.” And I recall again that the time is coming when his name will be spoken with absolute awe and reverence by everyone! Larry Branum, October 1993, Christ Exalted Forevermore. We are procrastinators by choice, not by nature. Van Pendergrass, December 1993, Omission Can Be Sinful.

Congratulations from the Mexico Mission Work for Gospel Tidings' work in spreading the Gospel for 75 years!

The Mexico Mission Board

Continued on page 18 February 2011

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Honor to Whom Honor Is Due Almost 650! This list contains approximately 648 names of writers, including those who authored articles, obituaries, news items and features prepared for Gospel Tidings. We attempted to include the names of all the writers and we do apologize to any that were mistakenly missed as we read through 75 years of publications. Gospel Tidings owes a debt of gratitude to all those who have written for the old sheet. Adcox, Bill Albright, Kathy Allen, Delbert Allen, Frank G. Allen, J.E. (Earl) Allen, Travis Allen, Woodrow W Anderson, Edwin R. Anderson, Melba Anderson, Wayne Andrews, Pat Archer, Kevin Armstrong, Hattie Ash, Duane Ashlock, Judy Atchinson, Tim Atchison, Iris Atchison, Tim Atteberry, Chriss Bahlman, J.W. Bailey, Solon Baldwin, Arnold Baldwin, Jerold Baldwin, Marshall Banda, Aaron Barker, Phillip Baugh, Fred Beasley, Dwayne Benfer, Kent Bennett, Billy Bennett, Tom Bernard, Rex Berry, Alva Beshears, Elmer Bickham, Gordan Binkley, Anemone Blackerby, Frank Blackmon, Luther Blanck, Dean Blankenship, Asa Blankenship, Asa Jr. Bledsoe, Darrell

Page 12 (28)

Blessen, Cindy Blevins, Sharon Blevins, Verdon Bloomer, Scott Bond, Steve Bonneau, C.H. Bonneau, Nona T. Bonneau, Van Bouchelle, Dan Bouchelle, Debra Bouchelle, Terry Brandell, Eric Brannon, Richard Branum, Larry Branum, Lori Branum, Martin Branum, Pam Brewer, Charles R. Brewer, Lawrence Bright, David Bright, William R Briley, Bryan Briley, Ron Briley, Ruth Briley, Tina Brooke, C.S. Brooks, Mac Brown, Don Brown, Kalith Brown, Vaughn Brumley, F.R. Bryan, Grady Buckelew, James B. Bullock, Jim Bullock, Susie Burgess, Bob Burgess, George C. Bynum, Marlin Calvert, George Campbell, Dennis Campbell, I.L. Campbell, Inez

Cantley, Frank Cantwell, Earl Cantwell, Elton Cantwell, Lanita Cantwell, Norma Cantwell, Ollie Carlisle, Jenny Carr, Wilma Carroll, Chris Carthel, John T. Cash, Larry Cash, Phyllis Castello, Kenneth Castiglione, Kathy Castiglione, Paul Catlett, Eston Cattlet, Dean Cecil, Morris Champion, H.F. Childers, Jeff Childers, Linda Childers, Wayne Christesson, Andrew Christmas, Bryan Christmas, Carroll H Christmas, Jeff Christy, Janis Clark, N.L. Clay, Don Coats, H.V. Coats, Jay Cobb, Harry Coffman, James Burton Colley, Gary Collins, Mary Collins, Ron Comer, Frances Comer, John Condra, David Conner, Elgin Cooper, Mrs. William Copeland, Bob Jr. Copeland, J. Frank Copeland, Leo Corder, Doyle Corder, Doyle Jr. Corder, J.T. Corder, Joel Covington, G.M. Crawford, Dennis

Crocker, Allen Crooks, Justin Crooks, Rick Crum, Elvin Crum, Lawrence Cruse, Leon Crutchfield, V.M. Cummins, Glenn Cunningham, M.J. Curry, Kathy Curtis, Barry Daniel, R. Otis Davis, Don Davis, J.V. Davis, Marshall S. Davis, Wendell Davis, Wiley Dawson, Donia Dennis. J.A. Dethrerow, Claude Dickinson, Curtis Dickson, Roger E Donnell, Lewis E. Dorin, Paul Douglas, Steve Doyle, Lisa Duckworth, Frank Dunn, Charles T. Eagle, Glenna Egner, Dave Ellett, Cletis Ellett, Kent English, Gloria Eoff, J. Dexter Erskine, Linda S. Eskridge, Stephanie Etheridge, Pat Evans, Bill Evans, Bobbie Farr, Odell Farr, Virgil Fenter, Jerry Fenter, Les Fenter, Sandy Ferguson, Arch L. Fisher, Alvis Fisher, Elvis Fisher, Lynn Flacy, Frank Flanagin, David

Gospel Tidings

Flanagin, J.D. Fleming, Darrelll Fleming, Louis Forcade, J. Miller Ford, Sherry Frakes, Kendra LaDow Francis, Maebelle Freeman, John R. Gage, Dennis Gage, Quinton D. Gage, Ralph D. Gage, Scott Gambill, Luther R. Garrett, Ernest Garrett, Leroy Gibson, H. Norman Gibson, Mike Gilbert, Roy Gipson, Herbert L. Gipson, J.W. (Bill) Gipson, John Gist, Nora Glover, Boyd C. Glover, Kerri Gomez, Mark Gomez, Shari Graff, Stephanie Grantham, Ira T. Gray, George Green, Kenneth C. Gregg, Alvin Griffin, Dan Griffin, Wanda Laird Gulley, John Hahn, Albert Hale, Jimmy Hamblin, Orrin H. Hamilton, Horace E. Hamm, H.D. Harber, Lavern Harris, Vernon Hart, Larry Hathaway, Lester Hawley, Kenneth Hayes, Odilla Hayes, Roland Hayes, Ron Hayes, Truman Hayes, Wanda Hayhurst, L.W. Hazelton, Roy E. Head, C.B. Head, Charles Head, Lowell M. Heard, Nelda

February 2011

Hendrick, Mildred Hernandez, Arnaldo Hill, David Hinton, Loomis O. Holland, Olen Hollis, Clara Hood, Randy Horrell, Sharon Houdyshell, Faye Houssney, Andre Howell, Rod Huddleston, J.M. Huffine, Charles Hukel, Buster Hull, Susie Hunter, Lewis Hutton, David Hutton, Evelyn Hutton, Jack D. Hutton, Tim Isbell, J.J. Jackson, James James, Elzadie Jennings, Mark John, K.A. Johnson, A. Ellmore Johnson, Alfred Johnson, Alva Johnson, Clark Johnson, Clay Johnson, Danny Johnson, Darla Johnson, Delos Johnson, James Johnson, Marie Johnson, Scott Johnson, Talmadge Johnson, Tim Jones, Carey D. Jones, Ernest J. Jones, Jay Jones, Johnny Jones, Marian Jones, Walter Joyce, Taylor Keele, Paul Keen, Rod Kelley, David Kellogg, Dennis Kellogg, Mrs Dennis Kemp, Mary Kessler, Angus C. Kessler, Brian Kessler, Dennis Kessler, E.W.

Kessler, Erwin Kessler, Everette Kessler, Janeria Kessler, Leon Ketchersid, Allen Ketchersid, Eddy Ketchersid, John Ketchersid, Tim Ketchersid, Verlen Key, Percy C. Kimble, Ralph Kimbrough, Rex King, Merle Kirk, O.W. Knight, Harold Knight, Leland H. Knox, B.J. Lacy, Don Langford, David Langford, Lisa Langford, Curtis Langford, H.T. Langford, Jill Langford, Nellie Langford, Thomas Langham, Wendell Latham, Judy Latham, Lawana Latham, Lyndon Laver, Gary T. Lawless, Howard R. Lawless, John Lawrence, Claude E. Layton, Mac Leach, J.T. Leach, W.J. (Bill) Leamons, Walter W. Leavelle, Harold Leavelle, Wallace Lee, Erica Lee, Jana Lee, Robert Lee, W.F. (Finis) Lemley, Alphia Lemley, Donna Lemley, F.L. Lemley, Wayne Lewis, Nathan Lewis, Rick Lewis, Schalee Lindley, Buell Lipe, John H. Loe, Baxter Long, Harvey Lovell, Tony

Lovell, Lugene Luedecke, James Lusk, W.T. Lynch, W.J. Mabry, Buck MacArthur, John Jr. Madison, Prem Madison, Samar Madison, Vandaman Marr, Susie B. Marsden, Tom Marshall, W.A. Martin, Michael Matthews, James Mauch, Kim Mayfield, Duane McCall, George McCall, Mark McClain, David McClish, Gary McClish, Pat McCorkle, Jerry McCormic, Marcus McCormic, Mary McCormick, David McCormick, Jack A. McCormick, Jackie McCormick, Mike McCormick, Sam McCormick, Tolley McCormick, Van McCrain, Jonni McDaniel, W.H. (Bill) McElyea, Wanda McFadden, Alneer Jr. McFadden, Alneer Sr. McFadden, Jeff McLean, Chuck McLean, Jessie McLean, Rolland McLean, Steve McMeekin, Jessie F. McMinn, Leonard McMullen, Billie M. McWhorter, Deral Merrit, Bill Miller, Doyle G. Miller, Glenna Miller, Jule Miller, Leo S. Miller, Mrs. Arlon Miller, Norman Minson, Mike Mitchell, Foy Mitchell, Loy

Page 13 (29)

Mize, Bob Moore, Alvis L. Jr. Moore, Harry Moore, Jason Moore, Stanley Moore, Stephen Morris, T.E. Mosley, Jared Mosley, Lisa Mullen, Bob Mullen, Terri Mullin, Buster Mullins, Patsy Murphy, James H. Musgrave, J.L. Nall, J. Harding Nall, Kline A. Nall, Leona Nance, J.D. Nance, Lois Nealis, Dottye Nelson, Jon Nelson, Leroy C. Norwood, Vode Nutt, Floyde E. Oliver, A.C. Owen, Orville Pannell, Mike Paregien, Stanley Parish, Tom Parker, Charles L. Patterson, Brent Pauls, Dale Peacock, Howard Pearson, Ben Pendergrass, Van Pendleton, Philip Y. Philips, K. John Phillips, J.D. Phillips, Mrs. Grady Phillips, Murphy D. Pitts, Tom Polk, A.C. Polk, Steve Polk, Ted Pope, Smith Pratt, Juanita Pratt, Max Price, Paul Price, Pauline L. Price, Randy Pritchard, J.L. Pritchette, O.W. Prosise, Glen Prosise, Jeff D.

Page 14 (30)

Purdy, Dell Purdy, Ira Purdy, Linda Purdy, Odell Rainey, John Rampy, W.H. Ramsey, Bob Ramsey, James Ramsey, Sandy Ramsey, Toby Ratnam, B. Redd, Brenda Reece, Myra Booth Reeves, Jerry Regan, Garry Reinoehl, Brook Reinoehl, Holly Reinoehl, Roger Rhoades, Harold Rhodes, Byno R. Rhodes, N.E. Jr. Ribble, Portis Rice, Everette Richard, Marguerite Richard, Richard R. Richardson, Mel Roberts, Keith Robertson, Kenneth Rogers, Gloria Rogers, Jerry Rogers, Kevin Rojas, Chief Rossow, Bob Rouse, Edward Roux, Purves N. Rushing, Marlene Russell, Bob Russell, Herbert Sams, Marvin W. Sandefur, Becky Sandefur, Joel Savell, Jana Sawyer, Mrs. Damon F. Scarbrough, Archie Schaub, Neta Schaub, Reid Scott, Virgil Seeger, Scott Setliff, Bobby Seymour, Ira Seymour, Richard Seymour, Sue Shafer, Jim Shaw, Dewey E. Shelburn, Jim

Shelburne, Curtis Shelburne, Danetta Shelburne, David Shelburne, G.B. III (B.) Shelburne, G.B. Jr. Shelburne, Gene Shelburne, Ian Shelburne, Jim Shelburne, Ruth Shelburne, Wilma Jean Shelton, D.L. Simmons, Roy Sims, Randy Skidmore, Jack Smith, Bill Smith, Carol Smith, Delbert Smith, Diane Smith, Don Smith, G.W. Smith, J. Morris Smith, Robin Smith, Sam Smith, Stuart Smith, W.C. Smith, W.T. Snow, Ron Sokoff, Mike Spradlin, Dwayne Sprott, Bobby Srikijkarn, Gloria Srikijkarn, Rick Stark, E.E. Stark, Frank Steach, Pam Stevens, John C. Stewart, Buford Stewart, David Stewart, Gene Stewart, Jean Stewart, Tim Stewart, Tim Stone, Larry Straight, Craig Sudduth, Jewell Sudhaker, C. Swafford, Jewell D. Swafford, T.O. Tackett, Harry Talbert, Ronnie Talley, Hollis Talley, Kay Talley, Walter M. Jr. Tate, Diane Tate, Mary Corder

Our 75th Anniversary Special

Tate, Wade Tatus, Azalee Taylor, Greg Teague, Grady Teague, Monroe Teague, Philip Teague, Robert Thacker, Hal Thiesen, Mark Thomas, Charles B. Thomas, Ellen Thomas, James F. Thomas, Linda Thomas, Rick Thompson, Darrel Thompson, George Thompson, Jay L. Thompson, Larry Tilghman, Fletcher L. Tisdel, Maurice Tomlinson, Kendall Tomlinson, Kenneth Townsend, Ray Trull, Rhonda Tyler, Shawn Vaughn, Jerry Vaughn, Kenneth Vaughn, Sidney Vaughn, Terry Vosburg, Buddy Wall, Raymond L. Wallace, Ruthie Wallace, W.E. (Bill) Wallace, Wayne Waters, J. Ervin Watkins, Charlie Watkins, Devon Watkins, Arthur B. Watson, Jim Watson, Kent Watts. G.H. Webb, Rick Webber, Dennis Wells, Bert Wells, Charles B. West, Larry Westmoreland, Darrell White, Calvin White, Mickey White, N.O. White, Odell White, Ray White, Tom Whitmire, Joel Whitten, D.J.

Gospel Tidings

Wilkinson, John Wilks, Douglas Wilks, Lendal Williams, L.B. Williams, Margaret Williams, Ronnie Williams, Roy C. Williams, Tammy Williams, Thomas Williams, Tommy Williamson, R.T.

Wimbish, Cled Wishard, Larry Woods, Claud L. Woods, Laura Woody, Byron W. Worsham, C.R. Wright, Gaylon Wright, John J. Yates, Gladys Youngblood, Homer Zavala, Roberto Lara

And the list of writers continues to grow... Thank you!

Circulation Manager Hollis Swafford May '36-Nov '38 Jan '49-Mar '51 Tommy Williams Mar '48-Dec '48 Sidney Vaughn Apr '63-Apr '67 Rolland Hayes May '67-Jul '75 Calvin White Aug '75-Dec '80 News Correspondent Terry Bouchelle Jan '72-Jun '75

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"2000 And Beyond" If Paul, who knew by revelation that his message was correct and could show compassion to those who opposed him, where does that leave the imperfect rest of us? Tim Atchison, February 2000, Some Contrary Winds Facing Us.

one form of worldliness that kills outreach is an anxious pride that forms highly structured, recluse-like communities that either are irrelevant to the wider culture or earn its reproach. Kent Ellett, January 2002.

I have never stood in a courtroom and listened as a judge pronounced the death sentence for me or anyone. But Adam did. Hollis Talley, June 2000, Consequences of Eden.

Thank God, the gospel has created a new society where we can all be one in Christ. Elgin Conner, March 2004, A New Society.

We may not all be able to discuss adequately some deep, theological idea, but we should all, like the apostles, be able to stand up and defend our hope. Grady Bryan, August 2000, Ready to Give an Answer. It has nothing to do with mystical experiences, visions or the paranormal. It has everything to do with understanding that we are sinners in need of a Savior. Scott Gage, February 2001, From Saul to Paul: God's Upward call. If salvation depended solely upon God, everyone would be saved. Norman Gipson, March 2001, What About Ephesians 2:8? Not only is faithfulness a key ingredient in success, it is godly. God is faithful. Kay Talley, August 2001, God’s Faithfulness. If we are his children, this should not be a time to dread. It should be a glorious event, and it should be a time when we are in the process of getting ourselves ready. Elvis Fisher, October 2001, Jesus is Coming Again.

The year 2000 marked a historical moment: The birth of a new millennium. The era brought with it the promise of new and exciting things for the church. The dreaded Y2K bug never became a reality, but the promises of God being shared in the digital age provided hope and optimism. Despite the blessings of the new millennium the church in America finds itself facing some of her greatest challenges to renew the church's evangelistic vision at home while at the same time maintaining the restoration move-ment's dream of restoring NT Christianity. In 2002 after 15 years as GT Editor, Travis Allen turned GT over to Bill Adcox.

Holiness is a natural response to God's grace. David Kelley, September 2004, Does Salvation Exclude.

Gospel Tidings began Web Hosting in April of 2004. Digital copies were offered via email in 2010. Entire issues were posted online that same year. The "old sheet," while 75 years mature, is still working hard to find new and fresh ways of presenting Christ's message.

God had two plans for man. One was a plan in case man did not sin in the Garden of Eden…the other plan in case of the fall of man. That plan we know because it was worked out in the scriptures. Portis Ribble, March 2006, Shadows of Calvary.

In spite of all the problems which have plagued the people of God through the ages, we are assured ‘victory in Jesus.’ Buford Stewart, November 2001, Faith Is the Victory. The church must always guard against worldliness, but Page 16 (32)

In faith I look forward to graduating from the physical. Brian Kessler, September 2004, Are All Men Condemned? One must only wonder how long it will be before our nation realizes we are still held accountable for our actions. Tom Bennett, June 2005, Put Self To Death. Water in the bible consistently and tenuously divides life and death. Don Clay, March 2006, Shadows of Noah’s Ark.

God does not build a stone castle around us to ward off our enemies, instead He makes us strong inside. Richard Brannon, June 2006, Lest You Dash your Foot. Love, forgiveness and the rod of correction are a legacy from our heavenly Father. Bob Russell, September 2006, Father Abraham Had Many Sons. Gospel Tidings

One of our greatest problems is to be truly delivered from ourselves and to function as we should in the Body of Christ. Larry Cash, March 2007, Function and Harmony. Patience is much more than merely waiting; it is how we act while we are waiting. Edward Rouse, June 2007, Endurance. Do you think if we prayed more when the waters were smooth that it would be easier to pray when the waves are roaring around us? Alvis Fisher, November 2007, Faith Tested on a Stormy Sea. He is the ultimate Gift-Giver…the giver of Life, of Truth, of Love. Garry Reagan, December 2007, Christ Within Us.

The 50th Street membership extends our prayers and best wishes to Gospel Tidings in the celebration of its 75th Anniversary!

Because of the seriousness of the issue, the options are black and white. You either choose life or death, truth or lies. Carey D Jones, January 2008. This We Know: Truth. As painful and embarrassing as this was, it was necessary to his (Apostle Peter's) transformation. If you have not been wounded in battle and knocked down by Satan's craftiness, then your transformation is not complete. Pat Andrews, August 2008, Peter, From Fishing Net to Mountain Top. The honor bestowed upon us to be committed to an awesome God, to be committed to wonderful Savior, to be committed to a cause greater than ourselves should stir within us a great sense of humility.... Bryan Christmas, September 2008, God’s Heritage.

50th Street Church of Christ 6035 NW 50th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73122 Come visit us! More information:

It was and is and forever will be Christ’s Church! Rick Lewis, September 2008, Whose Church is it Anyway? When we love him as he loves us, we will serve faithfully all the days of our life, and our service will be filled with great joy. Dennis Gage, June 2004, What the Prophets Say. God created the tides to ebb and flow. Do you remember the last time you “ebbed” a little? Lisa Langford, December 2008, Can I Really be Too Thin? We must have great purposes if we are going to have great congregations! Dwayne Spradlin, March 2009, Great Purpose. Unity orchestrates the body into a beautiful melody. Mickey White, April 2009, Great Congregations #2. It matters not to God if one’s DNA makes their skin pink, red, brown, black, or yellow...if the gospel is for all people (and it is), then the church is to be the place where all can come and be loved and accepted. Bob Mullen, September 2009, Giving Up Our Prejudices.

February 2011

—Quotes from the 2000s

GOSPEL TIDINGS BOOKSTORE has been a part of the service provided by GOSPEL TIDINGS for 75 years! We continue to offer GT's readers the best in Christian books, videos and church supplies of all kinds. We'd love to host your website and in return you would be helping GT continue her work.

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Continued from page 11 - The Nineties The evil of self-satisfaction and indifference is more insidious than other evil. It is so easy to slip into a smug mode – to become happy with who we are or what we have done. Leo Miller, June 1994, Laodicean Church. Nothing seems to bring out the fiery brilliance of faith like adversity. Like sparkling fireworks against a blackened sky, the sight of strong conviction against overwhelming oppressions amazes us. Danny Johnson, November 1994, Faith, Sure and Certain. Though by definition our walk by faith is not by sight, we are not entirely blind regarding the trials that come upon us. Sam McCormick, November 1994, True Tests of Faith. ...the most refreshing times I have spent in prayer have been conversations instead of soliloquies. When I take time not just to speak from the jumbled voices in my head, but to listen with my heart and with the Word of God, something happens. Prayer becomes a walk with the Lord, a meeting that is not by chance but by faith and God’s grace. Steve Mclean, November 1995, Dialogue with Deity. Just as we can be close enough to see the light of a campfire and still be too far away to enjoy its warmth, we can be near enough to see evidence of God’s existence without experiencing the blessings of his presence. Robert Lee, January 1996, Experiencing God’s Presence. When every member of the body of Christ will again feel the responsibility to persuade men, by living and taking the gospel, preaching will be as effective as it was in past years. When the disciples were scattered, they went everywhere preaching the Word. Brethren, let us do likewise. Ralph Gage, June 1997, Almost Persuaded to be a Christian. We try to understand and define God, but we can no more do this than a fish can define the sea. We can simply live in God and are adapted to do so as the fish is adapted to the sea. Our journey to heavenly realms then is not accomplished by our superior intelligence or personal heroism. It is more like the journey of an iron filing to a great magnet than it is the journey of a discoverer into uncharted regions. N.E. Rhodes, Jr., August 1998, Sitting Together with Him. Poor Thomas has the unfortunate reputation in history of always seeming to be one step behind in understanding Jesus...Had Thomas not asked them for us... we might still be plagued by those same nagging questions that Thomas had the audacity just to ask. Jim Bullock, August 1999, I am the Way.

If you are moving to or traveling through Northeast Oklahoma come visit us! 38th Street Church of Christ 12 W 38th Street Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063 Congratulations "GT" on 75 years of Excellence in spreading the message of God.



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—Quotes from the 90s Page 18 (34)

Gospel Tidings

Continued from page 9 - The Eighties

Congratulations to Gospel Tidings as you reach your 75th Anniversary! Ray and Myrna White Sand Springs, Oklahoma Continued from page 8 - The Seventies humdrum image, what appeal can that have to a lost sinner who is already suspicious concerning the church? Eddy Ketchersid, July 1978, Enthusiasm Instead of Apathy. I must discipline myself and train myself or else I am doomed to the fate of never experiencing real freedom. David Langford, July 1977, Freedom is Not Just For The Birds. The almost continuous cry of Israel throughout the Old Testament is ‘Restoration!’ David says, ‘Restore us, O Lord God of hosts! Let thy face shine that we may be saved! Restore us again, O God of our salvation, and put away thy indignation toward us!’ (Psalm 85:4) Thus the roots of the restoration principle penetrate deep into antiquity and the principle remains valid so long as God’s kingdom is among imperfect men. Thomas Langford, August 1978, Restoration Roots. ‘And he will be called Wonderful Counselor…’ It is interesting to note that the term ‘wonderful’ is a word few translators have tried to update...It is so fitting that this term should be used to describe the Master. He is one with no equal.... Ron Collins, December 1978, Wonderful. Suffering opens our eyes to the fact that all is not right with the world, and that we are in need of a Savior. Without such awareness, we would undoubtedly continue on the road to destruction. In that sense, suffering turns out to be a gift of God’s kindness after all. Lyndon Latham, January 1979, How To Handle Grief. …God works in baptism, for the scriptures teach that we are buried in baptism and raised through ‘the faith of the operation of God’ (Colossians 2:12). The word ‘operation’ means 'effectual working' in this place. So we see that faith and baptism are used in the ‘effectual working’ of God to save man from sin. Van Bonneau, February 1979, God’s Work in Salvation.

Having given oneself to cherishing noble thoughts, one cannot help becoming noble. If one cherishes generous thoughts, he will become generous. If one cherishes tender, loving thoughts, that person will become tender and loving. For what gets our minds, gets us. Baxter Loe, July 1983, Whatsoever Things are True While God expects us to be productive, he is yet a merciful God...God gives us time. He is patient with us. Ellmore Johnson, April 1987, Parable of The Fig Tree. Worship does not consist of things we do...Worship is something inside us. It is an attitude, a disposition of mind. It is an attitude of love—devotion strong enough within us to cause us to want to please the one who is worshipped. Quinton Gage, August 1987, Reconciliation Before Worship. One kernel (of corn) can reproduce itself a thousand times. That grain, however, does not sing the praise of God, nor was it created in God’s image. Don Lacy, April 1988, Stewardship of Our Abilities. Wouldn’t it be easier to convince a lost and dying world to meet Jesus if we were sure in our own hearts that he has enough blood to save us? Bryan Briley, May 1988, My Name is in the Book of Life. No religious thrust – personal, congregational or worldwide – endures and flourishes for long when it turns its light inward. Sam McCormick, September 1988. Have you remembered your Lord in your will? Herbert Gibson, Dec 1988, Moments Of Inspiration. Not just living to exist, but living to be productive—by this the Father will be glorified. Max Pratt, December 1988, I Am The Vine. I firmly believe that any congregation of the church which refuses to be evangelistic forfeits the reason for its existence! Tommy Williams, January 1989. Don’t be ashamed of what you have or don’t have! God gave it to you. Use it—no matter how humble—to the glory of God. Janeria Kessler, October 1989, Christian Hospitality. Look around your congregation and discover small but valuable contributions of service and time that others are giving, and be thankful to the Lord for them…Small things can add up to greatness. Glen Prosise, November 1989, Small Things Can Add up to Greatness.

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Visit These Churches of Christ When Traveling Worship services at 10:30 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. each Sunday and 7:30 p.m. each Wednesday unless otherwise indicated. ARIZONA PHOENIX: 7145 N. Black Canyon Hwy (Sun 4 pm). 602-995-3233. Richard Lewis 623-939-0748 Rick Lewis 602-864-2205. ARKANSAS BENTON: 415 River St. (Sun 5:30 pm; Wed 7 pm). Dennis Gage 501- 778-4042; BLYTHEVILLE: Dogwood Rd. I-55 Exit 63, US 61 north,left on 262. EL DORADO: 930 E. Faulkner (Sun 10 am; Wed 7 pm) 870-8638256; Scott Johnson 318-7780216. FAYETTEVILLE: 1136 S. Hill Ave. (Sun 5:30 pm, Wed 7 pm) 479521-6809. Ralph Franklin 479750-0777; Scott Gage 479-5750383. FT SMITH: 1923 N. 50th St, (Wed 7 pm) 479-782-0858. Todd Gage GREENWOOD: 406 E. Center, (Sun 10:00 am; Wed 7 pm) 479996-6635 PARON: 3½ mi. s. on State Hwy 9 (no Sun PM or Wed services). James Carlisle 501-315-0002, Danny McDonald 501-594-8373 ROGERS: Use Exit 85 going North on I 540, to 4201 W. Walnut Street. (Sun. 5:30 p.m.) Phones: (479) 273-2998; (479) 795-1626; (479) 631-0205. SPRINGDALE: 1020 S. Pleasant St. (Sun 10 am, pm Small Groups). 479-751-6579. Jerry Baker 479-751-2746; Larry Branum 479-717-5290. URBANA: 12 mi. east of El Dorado on Hwy 82 (Sun 11 am). Bob Risinger 870-863-7126; David Waller 870-962-3282. CALIFORNIA BAKERSFIELD: 241 E. Roberts Ln. (Sun 4 pm) Recorder 661-3931973; Jerry Campbell 661-3933423; Gary Hinds 661-399-4529 FRESNO: 3820 Ashlan Ave. (Sun 5:30; Wed 7 pm) Richard Brannon 559-434-8339; OLIVEHURST: 1839 Beverly St. (no Sun pm or Wed service) James Jory 530-743-4370. SEPULVEDA-LOS ANGELES: 8500 Haskell Ave (Sun 2:15 pm) 818-893-1144, Ron Collins 818892-3592; Howard Cole 562-8668720. UPLAND:196 S. 3rd Ave. (no Wed service). Ed Vanderpool 909982-2740. COLORADO DENVER: 1035 S. Fulton St. (Sun 10 am, 1:30 pm during MST; Wed 7 pm) 303-364-1650. Robert Lee. GRAND JUNCTION, 1005 N. 12th Street (Sun 10:30 am 3 PM) 970245-0914 IDAHO PINEHURST: Idaho & Division St. (No Sun PM) 208-682-2834; Wendell Swigart 208-682-4376.

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INDIANA BRAZIL: McKinley Hill, 10700 N CR 300 E (Wed 7). Steve Reinoehl 812-442-0945; Rick Thomas 812-443-6410 INDIANAPOLIS: 4956 W. 10th St. (Sun 10 am; Wed 7 pm). Kent Ellett 317-243-2205; Dan Thomas 317-892-4289. UNIONVILLE: 8056 E. State Rd. 45 (Sun 10 am) Cletis Ellett 812332-0956; Allen Ketchersid 812334-3668. LOUISIANA BATON ROGUE: 11932 Greenwell Springs Rd. (Sun 5 PM, Wed 6:30 PM) Glen Redd 225-262-0889; Valmond Wallace 225-654-2732. SHREVEPORT: 4101 Smith Ave. (Sun 10:45 am). James Perser 318-631-4432. SPEARSVILLE: Antioch, Hwy 3121 (Sun 10:45 AM, Wed 7 PM), Billy Bennett 318-778-3896; Tom Bennett 318-778-3285 WEST MONROE: 1301 N. 5th St. (Sun 10:00 am; Wed 7 pm) 318322-8873. Danny Johnson 318396-5902; Doc Hearn 396-3987. NEW MEXICO CLOVIS: 11th & Sheldon (Sun 5:00 pm - Home Studies). Van McCormick 505-799-2031 ROSWELL: 2807 W. Alameda St. (Sun 5 pm, Wed 7 pm, Second Sunday 1:30 pm). Forest Metcalf 575-623-8542; Harry Tackett 575623-6425. OKLAHOMA ALEX: Main Street, PO Box 427, 73002. (Sun 5 PM, Wed 7 PM) Rodney Carr 405-222-1862, 405550-4743. DUNCAN: 2113 Elk Ave. 580-2523043; Ken Gray 580-252-0787; Robert Teague 580-252-3185. JAY: Eastside, 3rd & Cherokee (Sun 6:30 pm) 918-253-8810. Kenneth Robertson 918-253-8819. LAWTON: 4906 SE Avalon Ave. 580-357-2915. (Sun 3 pm; 1st Sun 1 pm) OKLAHOMA CITY:Carter Park, 3230 S.E. 16th (Sun 10 am, 5 pm; Wed 6 pm) 405-677-9730; 405619-9177 OKLAHOMA CITY: 6035 NW 50th (Sun 10 am and 5 pm; Wed 7 pm) 405-789-8843. Bill Adcox 405491-0991; Arnold Ayres 720-7474; Jim Matthews 405-745-6978 SAND SPRINGS: 38th St, 12 W. 38th St. (Prattville) 918-245-5063, 918-245-2455; 918-241-8335. SAND SPRINGS: Lakeside, 619 Woodland Dr. 918-245-3516; 918446-4815; 918-605-3735.

TEXAS ABILENE: Northwest, 12th & North Willis (Sun 5 pm) 325-677-7982. Pat Andrews 325-518-2238; Jack Wallace 325-672-1468.

AMARILLO: 2310 Anna St. 806352-8769. Richard Eddleman 806-352-3690; Lyndon Latham 806-681-0178; Gene Shelburne 806-355-0201. ARLINGTON: 1906 California Ln. (Sun 10 am) David Kelley 817275-6748. AUSTIN: Fairview, 301 Ramble Ln. (Sun PM 1:30) 512-447-8288. Don Petrosky 512-282-2036; Don Thomas 512-259-2816 BALLINGER: 1100 9th St. (Sun 10 am) 325-365-2330. Max Pratt. BRECKENRIDGE: 1300 W. Jeanette St. (Wed 7 pm) 254-5595001. BROWNFIELD: 3rd & W. Tate (Sun 5 pm, Wed 7pm) Ernest Smith 806-637-3572; Burke Slaughter 806-637-6624 CANYON: 18850 S. Hwy 87, 2 mi N. of Canyon; 806-655-4375; Ron Loe 655-4358; Leland Hutson 655-3811; Buford Wheeler bglenn02@ CLEBURNE: 608 E. Kilpatrick (Sun 4 pm, Wed 7 pm). J.D. Wright 817-645-2281; W.B. Doty 817-645-9314; John Womack 641-7696. CLEVELAND: Montague, 15151 FM 1725. (Sun AM Only) Steve Enloe 281-592-8379. DALLAS: Farmers Branch, Valley View & Webb Chapel (Sun 9:00 & 10:45 am, no Sun or Wed pm) Chris Seidman 972-247-2109, DUBLIN: Southside, 501 S. Liberty. Randy Simmons 254445-2850; Kenneth Beavers 254965-6103. EVERGREEN in San Jacinto County: Corner FM 945 So. and Dabney Bottom Rd. (Sun am only). Joel Whitmire 936-7674533; Roye Gibson 936-767-4004. FORT WORTH: 7139 Baker Blvd. (Sun 10 am and 5 pm, Wed Small Groups) 817-590-0444. George Edmonson 817-788-1447; Zane Cruse 831-8520. FORT WORTH: Westworth, 5728 White Settlement Rd. (Sun 10 am; pm - Small Groups) 817-7387536. Bob Mullen 817-223-0610 GATESVILLE: Cedar Ridge, Hwy 36 Loop & Osage Rd. (Sun 10 am) 254-865-2134. Deral McWhorter; Charles Herring 254-865-6708. GATESVILLE: 202 W. Main (No Sun pm) 254-865-5333. Keith Bell 254-865-5155. HOUSTON: 8335 W. Little York Rd. (Sun 1:30 pm) Asa Blankenship 713-778-5838, Glenn Ropiequet 281-655-1092. HOUSTON/PASADENA: 4038 S. Burke, 281-487-5852 (Sun 10 am, Wed 7) Joe Hart 281- 487-0767 David Seymour 713-941-5456


KERRVILLE: Fredericksburg Rd; 1115 Sidney Baker St. (Sun 5 pm, Wed 7 pm) 830-896-3991. P.O. Box 291082. LEVELLAND: 13th & Ave. K (Sun 1:30 pm) 806-894-5480. D.C. Caswell 806-894-6574; Eddie L. Wilson 806-894-1837; Lester Driver 894-5974. LITTLEFIELD: Duggan Ave & E 9th (Sun 10 am) 806-385-3663. Bill Rodgers 385-4379; Odell Farr 3850212; Delbert Smith 385-5555; Nelson Carlisle 385-0057. LORAINE: Crockett & Smiley. (Wed 7 pm). Stanley Moore 325737-2301; Gene Smith 325-7372350. LUBBOCK: 1701 Quaker Ave. (Sun 10 am, 5:30 pm) 806-792-0716. David Langford 806-796-1864; Carey Jones 806-797-5563. MEXIA: 405 S. McKinney (Sun 5:30 pm; Wed 6:30 pm) Luther Hendrick 254-562-2037. MIDLAND: 101 W. Parker (No Sun PM; Wed 7 pm) 432-550-1212. Bryan Briley 432-262-3498. MILLSAP: Mesquite St. Bill Boone 940-325-6215. MULESHOE: 16th & Ave. D (no Sun pm service). Curtis Shelburne 806-272-4619; 806-272-4664. ODESSA: N. Washington & 11th (Sun 1 pm, no Wed service). 432337-1804. ROBERT LEE: Northside, Chadbourne & 9th (Sun 10 am, Sun PM 1:30). Royce Wallace 325-453-2685, Francis Jefferies 325-453-2163. ROBSTOWN: Hwy 44 & Ortiz Blvd. (Sun 10 am) 361-387-1841. Gordon Bickham 361-241-4605; Doug Wilks 361-241-2804; Larry Cash 361-241-0032. SAN ANGELO: Northside, 19 E. 29th (Wed 7 pm) 325-653-4034. James G. Murphy 325-653-4645. SAN ANGELO: W. Angelo, 3200 San Antonio St. (Sun 5 pm; Wed 7 pm) 325-949-7579. SEAGRAVES: 13th & Ave D (Sun 3 pm, Wed 7 pm). Andrew Purcella 806-387-2238; W.O. Flemmons 806-387-2163. SILVERTON: Rock Creek (7 mi. w., mi. s.). Barry Francis 806-8472580, Danny Francis 806-8472581. STANTON: 210 N. St. Mary (Sun 5 pm, Wed 7 pm) 432-756-3629. Kendall Tomlinson WACO: 4800 S. Loop 340, (Sun 5 pm) Al Butler 254-662-0136. John Rainy 254-848-9172. WEATHERFORD: Hillcrest, 236 I-20 W. (Sun 10 am) 817-5944330.

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2011 - 75th Anniversary - Feb Gospel Tidings  
2011 - 75th Anniversary - Feb Gospel Tidings  

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