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WAKE UP! Understanding the unconscious side of racism

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What will you say to your son?



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But while men slept His enemy came in…

Volume I No. 6 May 2012




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May 2012

Robin Parham Pastor Duncan Founder of Ministries The ministry of Pastor Duncan addresses the communications segment of the parachurch efforts, ministering to a broader spectrum of souls via the worldwide web. The purpose of Ministries is to bring the good news to a life across the world centered in Christ. We reach, teach and preach the gospel to win souls to Christ,where the souls have gravitated socially, and that place is the Internet. The negative thoughts associated to the world wide web from a Christian perspective, create a new platform for ministry. Our commission Is to go and make disciples in all nations. This means everywhere a word can be vocalized, heard and written is where the Gospel should be accessible.

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A poetic soul, lover and articulator of words Robin is a member of the editing team of Magazine. She carries A heart for young people and currently serves as a volunteer Christian counselor an a team of ministers of CCF. The CCF’s Christian Counseling team assists “at risk” youth at the Covenant House a juvenile transitional housing facility in Detroit, MI. Read her articles on p. 11 & 17

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Editor’s Letter

SOUND THE ALARM ! Christene Duncan, The Servant


When we look into the public pages of the world’s thoughts opinions and responses we have a better view of where and tears shed by those involved in the Civil Rights Movement, the we are as a nation. We can find brave acts in Denver’s Five Point ministry there and a place to write and share a word from God at any and many other racial triumphs accomplished throughout history. given time. What can you tell your children or recently facilitated a grandchildren about the plight of workshop titled “Old & the African-American fighting for Online Religion,” it equality for minorities? was originally titled opposing one against another. The key to es, I have alluded to the progression is to view old or ethnicity of Africantraditional religion and couple it American’s specifically in many instances throughout the with online accessibility and magazine, but we recognize today where these tools can take The alarm is placed on mute Christian ministries. that the fight for minorities by the stereotypical applications reaches and blesses many throughout history. The ears of The Great Commission in nationalities in our country. Our the world remain deaf to the injustice of the African-American society has placed an impression Matthew 28:19-20 encourages us men in this country. The word of on our culture today and Professor to spread the “Good News for a Life Centered in Christ.” where it God addresses the importance of john a. powell continues in his regards the comprehension and extensive study to research the the men of God as the seed importance of saving the seed unconscious mind behind our holders and the key to the holders, Men and thereby inheritance and proper order of a racist mannerisms expressed by empowering the generations to non-minorities and minorities. rich generation. The history of come. our people carries this nation from The largest social media tool the beginning to this very You are loved, moment. The creative genius trait in the world is Facebook. Read which flows through the bloodline the Real Talk surfing around the blessed & anointed, world about all of our subjects. of African American’s must be now walk in it. We did not want to bring you a revitalized. reprocessed word from recorded This month’s issue sparks the facts or front page partially Your Servant described stories and jargon. conversation and provokes your Christene Duncan thought toward how we grew to EDITOR-IN-CHIEF this place from the blood, sweat

he ringing in the ears of the people is heard around the world about Trayvon Martin. We have experienced controversial discussions about the “Stand your ground law,” stated as the legal premise by which Mr. Zimmerman killed Trayvon. This issue is not new it is old and dusty in nature. The injustice of African-American seed holders is not new. Our men are on the verge of making the list as a species which risks extinction.

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RBP is the tool we need in this fast paced world. Regularly visiting your loved ones always sheds light on the history of your family and their lives. The participation of community allows the sharing of valuable information to take place from generation to generation. In the unique household’s and family structures of today it is advantageous to have access to an informative website like RBP. RBP is an outstanding resource for blended families who desire to educate children accurately about their heritage . The value of knowing the origins of your people add a depth of self-esteem to a group. The strength of a people is only as strong as the knowledge of who they are to any one member. The unique heritage of any group is identified through the triumphs executed over sufferings. God insisted this style of communication remain a





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basis of interaction for the Israelites, by instructing them to pass their history on from generation to generation. If we are not careful in handling our identity we will create an unfamiliar distance which can easily turn to abandonment of recognition all together. Neglecting to have a regular dialogue of how one once lived is an inadvertent contribution to the death of any rich heritage. Take a tour of this resource tool and share your thoughts and the website with someone else. Click Here To Preview

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Wake Up! Stand Your Ground Written by Pastor Christene Duncan BBA, MBA, *MD iv

he common question of “why we cannot get justice?” is no longer a relevant question. Instead we are accurate in rephrasing the question to Why we no longer proactively fight for justice for our causes? This is the relevant question? Remembering the historicity of our people is excellent in concept, but the failure to proactively pick up the baton and move forward from where we have left off is a calamity to our heritage. The purpose of the justice system is overcast with negative experiences from the minority experience and perspective.

Again, the baton needs to be picked up because it is consistently falling between the cracks that divide those who believe they have arrived by the number of zeros listed behind their net worth. The intention of this statement is not to despise the success of African-Americans but to turn our focus to the use of accomplished success, or the lack thereof, to move our heritage further. The disgraceful manner in which we dismiss our heritage to reach for another’s to embrace and replace our own is simply a hideous sight. The beginning of a defeated person or people is the acceptance of a devalued identity.

Let’s first dismiss the pretentious disposition that there are not differences in systems of justice when it comes to variation in income levels, race, gender etc. The fact of the matter is until we dismiss using the differences and instead raise the awareness of unfairness according to our legal rights due as Americans we will continue to spin our wheels in the proverbial mud. The Treyvon Martin case caused a major uproar in the African-American population first, and then other minority races around the world, but in all honesty they were not the only ones offended about this episode.

The characteristics of what makes a person or people unique in every ethnicity is what they hold on to with honor and pride offering them a solid source of unique identity. When considering the topic of identity I am always reminded of the question Jesus asked all the disciples. Jesus asked how people were identifying him in Matthew 16:13-19 or Mark 8:27. The question was asked after they all had conjugated in the communities of Caesarea Philippi.


Likewise, the tenacious fighting during the Civil Rights development era included more than AfricanAmericans who realized and despised the unfair treatment and limited rights extended to AfricanAmericans. The point is, until we stand and remain on the wall of legal fairness as an organized, educated and dedicated people who will not tolerate misappropriations of justice; we will continue to fall short, stay behind, and unrefined as a people.


he question spread and sparked discussions among all, similar to the way media seeks information through polls and surveys. The topic went through the masses but only one individual came up with the correct answer by way of the Holy Spirit, and that was Peter. The opinions of others were the main focus and guided the answers of the other disciples but only one, out of only God knows how many, surfaced the appropriate answer.

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“What Would You Tell Your Son About the Death of Trayvon Martin?”

Reported by Sister Robin P. Parham

When the story of Trayvon Martin became a daily part of the news, I agonized watching his parents cry Armando Trimpletti, 40: It is a shame that we still and plead for justice. I was especially taken aback by Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. At first I thought have this kind of bigotry going on in America. I was over-analyzing the story because I thought Trayvon Martin lost his life because he encountered back to slavery time and how it must have been the a racist person that wanted him dead. There is no hardest thing that a man had to endure, to watch his family be evidence that is will ever be released that will change my mind ripped apart by the hands of another man and there not be anything about that. We (white people) have been given privileges that we that he could do about it. are no more deserving of than any other race. Any man who takes another person’s life should at the very least be arrested until the I admired Mr. Martin’s calm and was very pleased to see him facts are clear. The fact in this particular case and many others operate with such dignity and integrity. His reserve spoke volumes that I know about is that a black man was unarmed and killed by to the kind of example that he must have set for his son, and a white man and the white man received a slap on the wrist. Son, anyone paying attention should have picked up on that. I must this is injustice and I am raising you to believe that all people are admit, I still said to myself over and over again how long must equal in God’s eyes, that being the case who are we to claim to we continue to simply take it? Part of a man’s God appointed role have better sight than He does? is to be provider and protector of his family. As I watched Mr. Martin, I could not help but wonder what was going through his Albert Lester, 65: I would say, “Son as you know I was a card carrying racist for most of my life. But there mind as he maintained his composure in such an admirable way. is something about an encounter with Jesus that will To gain just a little more insight into what he might be feeling I change a heart that was once wax cold. When I got thought that I would ask five fathers what they would tell their sons about Trayvon Martin’s death. Here are five different saved something came over me and I was most remorseful for perspectives that are very interesting because I think that we can carrying a malice and contempt in my heart for people that had never done anything to me. I had been conditioned by others that agree with them all. were lost to believe that I was better than my brothers and sisters Shawn Rawls, 28: I would tell my son that we live that are darker skinned than me. God is a miracle worker and I in a society that sees our black faces and am a changed man. I believe that this was a hate crime, which automatically assume that we are criminals. Trayvon means that Christ was not where in it. I pray that God provide Martin was a kid that was going to the store for some Trayvon Martin’s family with the comfort of His abiding love and snacks. It was raining outside and he had a hood on that George Zimmerman find Christ and salvation so that he can his head. He was killed because of that and as stupid be forgiven.” as that sounds this is the reality for black men in this racist country. I would also tell my son that it is not up to us to change because most black men are not criminals, we Wendell Thomas, 43: I would tell my son that it is up to him and his generation to make people think want the same things that men of other races want, to be differently about them, who they are and what they upstanding citizens, take care of our families and live a decent represent. It is sad to say but some of us are life. No, we don’t have to change, what needs to change is people’s perception of us. At this point, I believe that this is responsible for the perception that has been placed on all of us as black men. It is not entirely their fault because they are not the something that only God can fix. majority, but they are who the media intentionally seeks out to Cassell Matthews, 50: When President Obama represent us. In knowing that, it is their responsibility to represent was elected, I tried to trick myself into believing in the best way possible all young black men. That means pulling that we had really evolved as a country and that your jeans up from around your ankles, conducting yourself as a perhaps racism was finally going to become a respectable young man, taking care of business educationally, as thing of the past. As time passed it became well as when you become a family man, and not being a part of apparent to me that President Obama angered the images that news makers want to everyone to believe that we people and actually increased racial tension in this are. Trayvon Martin was a victim of this misconception country. Still as black men we have a job to do. unfortunately. But if we begin to change the way we represent That is to stand tall in the midst of adversity, be the true kings of ourselves, even if they never change the way that they feel about our castle by loving our families and being the best example of us, their feelings would have no merit because they would have what a man should be, regardless of the ugly portraits that others nothing to base it on. You demand change by first demanding it paint of us. Cling to the hope of a brighter tomorrow; after all I of yourself. never thought I would live to see a black man elected President. The bible tells us that the last SHALL be first. Faith in God is Thank you to all the men that participated in this segment. greater than any opposition that we face. Page 11 / May 2012

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Gospel Artist Eunice Wright Makes a Petition for Peace Get Free Downloads: Ÿ Hello God Ÿ Worth it All Ÿ Wait On Me

Story reported by Joyful Noyze Entertainment

Spreading the Good News Outside of the Gospel Music Industry (Dover, Delaware) – April 18, 2012 – Eunice Wright participated in a community-wide event in Seaford, Delaware, the largest town in Sussex County with a population of approximately 7,000, to petition for peace. Wright, along with concerned citizens of the community, rallied together to address the recent spur in crime and illegal activity and create resolutions to return peace back to the streets of this small community.

decade. The opportunity to work with this demographic has opened the door for her to be an advocate for change and progression in the lives of those she encounters and be a knowledgeable and experienced conduit of the inspiration, encouragement, and hope she ministers about in song.

Eunice recently released her sophomore project “Worth In All (April 10, 2012),” featuring the hit single “Hello God” that is still making its way to radio waves around the country. Though it is parallel to her debut release “Wait On Me,” in its hard-hitting Gospel message, phenomenal background vocals, and musical composition, “Worth It All” demonstrates an impressive and creative delivery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of free-flowing, yet sincere Christian contemporary selections. “Hello “Seaford is a rather small town where, years ago, everybody knew God” is available for download free on the official Eunice Wright everybody,” says Wright. “As times have changed and people have website “Worth It All” and her debut relocated to Delaware, we find that everyone doesn’t have the project, “Wait On Me,” are also available for purchase on the home-town mentality that the natives usually have. We once knew official website, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. For the people next door, the children that played in our yards, even more information or to bring the worship experience of Eunice the cashiers that worked in our corner stores. So much has Wright to your church, conference, or special event, contact Joyful changed over the course of time and it’s our responsibility to Noyze Entertainment, visit protect our communities and preserve that simplicity signature to life in Sussex County.” In addition to an active musical career, Eunice has worked with low-income, subsidized and emergency housing for more than a Page 13 / May 2012


Wake Up! Stand Your Ground Written by Rev. Christene Duncan BBA, MB*MDiv

Continued from p. 15

skills and unable to transform from a follower to a leader, from a consumer to a producer. The world is getting larger we are getting smaller; we become slaves to the patterns placed in our vision and ideologies. We do not own but support the owners. Searching for the remedy to become equal, you become equal by developing yourself and educating yourself and being in charge of your development think and transfer it to ark Zimmerman made a determination from the own your own. list of opinions, surveys, polls, statistics and rayvon Martin has served as a catalyst to stereotypes saturated in our society, which “WAKE UP & STAND OUR GROUND!” ultimately led to the death of an innocent young man. This The volunteer George Zimmerman, was type of interaction is dangerous for anyone. The reflection of unacceptable behavior manifests itself loud and clear, when it seemingly misguided by internal ideological prejudices. The fact that the volunteer held in his possession a 9 takes a death or tragedy to recognize the declining state of millimeter gun is outrageous, and unheard of as a justice toward African-Americans. neighborhood watch volunteer. I am likely behind in the times, when I think of a neighborhood watch I We always want to ignore the race issue, but in all imagine an old lady in the community peeping through honesty, each time we look in the mirror it is an issue for us her window and reporting suspicious activity. and whoever looks at us. The color of our skin does not disappear and the statistical percentages of African-American The young man followed against the instruction of men in prison, High School dropouts, under or unemployed, the 911 attendant, is now dead at the hands of a or those dead by age 20 is real and treated as a condition to volunteer. The volunteer’s attitude is free of charge but be healed by extracting ones self outside of the association of not free of risks. The volunteers’ who assist the the culture. professionals in diagnosing your child in schools use labels like disruptive, unable to learn or recommend the The approach of running from ones problem is not the possibility of an attention disorder, are also exposed to answer, but standing in the gap, educating, employing and encouraging our generations that unless we reach our brother your children in the public education systems each day. The volunteers who assist the professionals are labeling and sister ourselves no one else is actually able to do so your child as a threat to our society, an individual who successfully. cannot succeed past the point of their reference, the Stedman-Identity is the passport to your success. Develop yourself and information and make it relevant to your life and volunteer who cuts the opportunities short because they are inundated with the information of the surveys, polls, your skills. The socially constructed boxes lock you in, can you navigate the tools to support you as a success or pursuing statistics and stereotypes is the threat of the extermination of our culture. a successful path. If we consider this example of opinions, surveys, polls, statistics and stereotypes saturated in our society today how many of them do you believe actually offer a factual answer? Well, I would say one, and that is the same one as it was when Peter spoke the correct answer, a response uttered from the Holy Spirit. Who men say that we are as a race is not the perspective God wants us to receive or live by.


The question is not how other people define you but do you have the tools to define you in the proper way. Stuck in the box doing the same. Self actualize your talents and your

Page 15 May 2012


Continued on p, 20

AC Covering Kid’s on Race 360°is The Hidden Picture Anderson Cooper


s it hidden or are our eyes wide shut? Children are not born racist they are bred to be racist. The interesting segment I was able to see in watching Anderson's show on this subject was statistically African-American 1st graders were more positive than their Caucasian counterparts. This statistic supports the statement of racism being bred. The hope and outlook the African-American 1st graders held was bipolar opposite of the Caucasian 1st graders regarding racism. The research and surveys conducted with the children places a succinct finger on the pulse of where the parental minds are as a country on the subject. It is a known psychological fact that if you want to know what is really going on in a home or the ideologies taught in a family look to the children. The fruit of the tree test, I like to call it. The blood, sweat and tears shed down through the years and laws are now in place but what is often hidden or handled with an eyes’ wide shut approach is the prejudice exercised despite the assumed progress and civil laws constructed. The prejudices executed on an individual scale daily offers enough inconsistency in occurrences to hide, but on a broader scale reaches the highest percentages overall if surveyed. For instance, experiences with bus drivers, wait staff, business owners, U.S. postal workers, property owners, teachers, social workers, police officers, grocery checkers, retail store managers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges and the list goes on. I have listed the titles of Page 16 May 2012

individuals the community comes in contact with on a regular basis and suffer expressed racial disdain and preference in the system where the individual holds a position of authority no matter how slight. The fact that minorities must succumb to the rules, regulation and potential manipulation of the authority is where the hidden factors AC360 is picking around in the discussion and analogies regarding race lie.

When entering a specific zip code and everyone knows for sure you are lost; whether you are a Caucasian person in an all African-American community or an African-American person in an all Caucasian community. The description label of an “all white” or “all black” community represents the distinct presence of division to this day. I will not deny the fact that society has Continued on p. 21


his is not the first presentation by CNN on the subject and if minorities continue to pretend it doesn’t exist they ultimately sell their children out by exercising denial and sending them out to be blind sided with reality. I hear many stating they are tired of individuals playing the race card. It is imperative to recognize the race card is and always will be an issue until all parties addresses the subject without cringing, resistance and denial.

The ability to have the discussion with honesty is where we need to begin, but as long as it is possible to still hear this statement, when an AfricanAmerican face enters in a circle of all Caucasian counterparts on the job, and as an attempt to show themselves friendly one says, “I have an AfricanAmerican friend.” Instead of the referring to the African-American friend as simply “one of my friends,” without the association to race or culture the identifying description was iterated and there it becomes obvious that there remains a problem.

Keep your name in their faces Place your Ad on A Church Fan Customize your Design Find us Online at Or Call 720-301-3345

Written by Sister Robin P. Parham

of violence and endangered in the “burbs” because the police ur children are dying! Are you paying attention to the (and self-appointed neighborhood watch patrol) assume that they reports that saturate our airways daily about the senseless just don’t belong there. loss of life of our young people, especially young black men? I don’t think that we are paying attention because the t is very difficult not to become angry when we see this determination to take a stand that should be ignited in each of us continue to happen and none of the right questions are being is so minimal. asked, therefore no correct answers are being given either. What do we need to do prevent this from continuing to happen? Trayvon Martin became the face of this dying generation. He How did we drop the ball and not address a law such as Stand got the attention of the attention seekers (who shall remain Your Ground before now? Why did we not realize that a law nameless at this time) and ignited a fire that should have been such as this is an open door for someone to kill an African an inferno long before now. Still, it was encouraging to see a American and then claim that they did it because they felt country come together for a common cause, to demand that “intimidated?” Why would we assume that this type of defense something be done about the killing of an unarmed, innocent would not stand when African American’s (especially young young black man. males) are automatically stereotyped as dangerous, violent and always up to no good? George Zimmerman, after 45 days and several marches was finally arrested, only to be let out of jail on bond. Is this a The most important question is where are our leaders? Very victory? Of course not, but in our conditioning to take what is visible for high-profile cases such as Martin, Jena 6, and Sean served to us on a garbage can lid, and labeled a delicacy, we Bell, but where are they when we need to know about laws such accepted this blatant form of disrespect for the life of yet another as Stand Your Ground? Why has there not been protests/marches, one of our children. new legislation to have this legalized endangerment of black people abolished? GospelCntro has always been committed to bringing you the unadulterated truth and in keeping with this commitment, I am I was thinking about our Civil Rights Leaders of yester-year and writing this article to declare that it truly is time to wake up, stand wishing that there was on who resembled Martin, Medgar, Rosa, up, and stop accepting what others have determined as enough or Malcolm. I wish that our leaders today would model to satisfy our need for equality. themselves after a page in their history books. They were bold and their passion for equality and justice appeared to make them How many more of our children must die before we figure out fearless. Nothing got past them because they did their that something is terribly wrong? How many more times do we homework, and as a result changed the course of history. They have to watch an unjust justice system do just enough to quiet were not concerned with notoriety, popularity, or going along to us and make us go away? When Zimmerman was released from get along. They fought and in some cases were jailed and even jail the courthouse that granted him bail should have been met died for what they believed in. with the same number of protestors that marched and cried out for justice when Trayvon Martin was killed. adly the baton has been passed to a lackadaisical bunch. Our so-called leaders resemble those aforementioned that A greater question is why should there have to be protests and only do enough to keep us quiet. What’s more is that they marches in order for what is simply right to be done? We do not are not willing to pass the baton to those of us who are fed up hear about young Caucasian men being gunned downed for with watching our future go down the drain, nor do they support walking through affluent neighborhoods. It just does not happen. those of us who are willing to take the baton and run with it as Yet our children are endangered species in the “hood” because though our life depends on it, because it does. No, instead they




Continued on p. 26

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“Understanding the Unconscious Side of Racism” a lecture by john a. powell Reported by Rev. Christene Duncan, BBA, MBA, *MDiv


any who have traveled the road to discover the origin of the deep seeds embedded in the core of the struggle of racism in America, will likely recognize the name of john a. powell. The name holds a distinct characteristic first in all lowercase lettering, this is not a Professor john a. powell typo. The distinction is purposely expressed to distinguish Professor john a. powell and to pose a nod of expression to the renowned e.e. cummings.

Professor john a. powell is as of January 1, 2012 the Director of the Haas Diversity Research Center (HDRC) and Robert D. Haas Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor powell’s study of race has spun a wealth of literature on significant topics exploring race including structural racism, social justice, corporate power, implicit bias, regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, opportunity-based housing, integration, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa, and Brazil, racial identity, and the needs of citizens in a democratic society. The lecture held in The Cable Center of Denver Colorado targeted another perspective of personal recognition in how we process thoughts about race unconsciously even when it is not our intention to respond in a racist manner. In researching some of the teachings and lectures of professor powell on I discovered the consistent effort he is making to puncture the myths and stereotypes surrounding race.

The enlightening exercises to reveal the audiences unconscious responses to situations were performed during the lecture. There were some that you can even take yourself if you go to g6qcgoay4 . This is an awareness exercise. It is interesting how our minds work and yet one more exercise to see where you stand with the control of your conscious mind verses your unconscious mind received a unanimous response of inaccuracy simultaneously as an audience . This one is titled “say the color of the color not the word’ KPMCL7o4. The lecture was fun in theory, and sad in actuality. The point of the lecture was to reveal how despite your actual race we all are responsive to our unconscious reflection of a race, gender, etc. The stereotypical structural & social constructs of education despite how we feel about our own race, are absorbed in our unconsciousness and we react accordingly without actually thinking. It is only when a conscious thought is applied where race is concerned that the responses are targeted toward a universal inclusive prospective. The structural and social constructs set in our unconsciousness aid in creating a false reality for any ethnicity.


rofessor powell examines the former paradigms of universal, targeted and opportunity programs where he states they don’t usual effectively fulfill the intended goal. The development of programs which he professor begins the lecture by identifying the are universal in strategy are created believing they will offer key factor which represents an equality and quality universal outcomes whereas they do not, but instead they of life simultaneously. The factors are hunger & render results of disparity and are highly unsuccessful in most health care they saturated the media in the lines uttered by cases. The best example of this type of problem in action was politicians aspiring to hold or obtain positions. Yet, they also illustrated by powell in the example of healthcare insurance. rest at the heart of what every American desires and were The suggestion of solving the lack of healthcare to so many in promised in the land of the free, the chance to be who we are. the country was to create a universal healthcare plan for The subject of unconscious racism is an opportunity to everyone, and thereby create better health outcomes, because catapult the idea of inclusiveness as the Denver Foundation everyone would then have health insurance. recognizes and strives to do consistently. John a. powell thrives on introducing new and old concepts of post-racialism. The assumption was that it would be great but instead it Post-racialism is surpassing race as a standard of judgment of widens the disparity. It is not simply what people lack, but the human beings. This idea supports the structuring of fact that they lack the access to the healthcare. institutional policies intended to overt race as a determining The corporations understand this concept in the business factor. realm, more than it is explored in the social construct. The


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Wake Up! Stand Your Ground! Written by rev. Christene Duncan BBA, MBA, *MDiv

Continued from p. 15

I slightly reconstruct the question to you based on the concept of the question asked of Jesus’ disciples who do men say that you are? Is this the person you are living to become, does another’s opinion of you guide your goals, actions, reactions and dreams? The point of the analogy used is to realize the only one who could offer the correct response to this question to Jesus or us as a people is one who has walked, identifies, and understands the purpose and history of struggle that generate our cause and perspectives. There appears to be is a missing link:


he fact is, it is highly unusual that someone who stands as a volunteer watchman should be allowed to do so with a nine millimeter assault weapon. The neighborhood watch officials should not be armed, the security at the mall does not carry weapons, how did the neighborhood watch gain the right to? The neighborhood watch organization is not an armed weapon position; I was under the impression that it is the opposite. The roles called for watching the neighborhood and if something suspicious should arise contact the police. They are protecting the neighborhood by watching not carrying arms, and shooting to protect. The pursuit of a suspicious individual in the neighborhood is not according to my understanding, a part of the position description. On the Florida stand your ground law, if it is true that Trayvon was protecting himself and fought Zimmerman. Is it possible that Zimmerman . He is on the phone with the young lady 7:11 Zimmerman made the phone call to the police the timeline does not support this. The boy was found yards away from his destination of his girlfriends backyard. Would Trayvon Martin have been given all of this consideration if he had been the trigger man.

Page 20 / May 2012

Where do we go from here, what law do we demand be changed behind this travesty? The neighborhood watch system and leaders. The Stand your Ground Law surely should be scrutinized thoroughly.

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AC 360 Covering Kids on Race Continued from p. 16

Written by Rev. Christene Duncan

moved to accepting mixed marriages and children to a degree. Yet, the acceptance represents the token or minimum acceptance throughout the various ethnic circles of life. I don’t like having to hold a posture of division with my Caucasian, yellow skinned or lighter skin toned counterparts and what is more disgusting to me is when members of your own race treat you worse than these who are of another ethnicity. I commend this attitude of race on race prejudice to the identity crisis suffered in the African-American society. The cultural identity crisis experienced results in African-Americans reaching and thriving to be better associated with Caucasians and accepting the negative stereotypes of their own race. The attitude developed from this ideology among AfricanAmericans is demonstrated by comparing their success to how they disassociate themselves from their own ethnicity, to reach for a delusional status of greatness among the presumed elite Caucasian community. The slang term for this characteristic is commonly referred to as “white-washed” in the African-American community. My family was a victim to individuals conditioned in this manner upon our move to the state of Colorado. It saddened us to find the faces we expected to be friendly as like minorities, as we were accustomed from our former hometown environment, that were blatantly rude and unfriendly to the 100th power. The crisis of identity runs deep and intricate through the waves of life for all ethnicities. There is no one better than the other; the opposition is posed simply because of the insecurity of one to another. The grass always looks greener, easier, better, cleaner, shinier, younger, newer, prettier, richer, thicker, skinnier, lighter, wiser, smarter and on and on and always on the other side. I want let you in on a big secret, IT’s NOT!

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Church Wake Up! Sound the Alarm! Written by Rev. Christene Duncan, Pastor of GospelCNTRO Ministries


John 15:26; John 16:7

away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send he understanding of Jesus also where we are as a community of him unto you.” people is the focus of this issue of informs us of the role the Holy Spirit is to play in our lives going Magazine. forward and stresses its Yet, the community of people importance, in John 15:26 KJV heralded is no one ethnicity or race, but the Body of Christ. The “ But when the Comforter slumbered state of mind in the (Holy Spirit) is come, whom I Body of Christ does not address will send unto you from the the natural sense of the word Father, (even) the Spirit of truth, slumber as we know it. which proceeds from the Father he shall testify of me.” You do Let’s be clear and succinct not immediately recognize the about it, we are spiritually powered beings who are naturally importance here, but look at this portion again, “whom I (Jesus) distracted; therefore asleep will send unto you from the spiritually. The spiritual Father, the Spirit of truth which references made throughout the proceeds from the Father and bible as it relates to the term testifies of Jesus.”” ‘sleeping,’ represent the unprepared, unconsciousness, unawareness and ignorance of proper perspectives of our lives. he Holy Spirit, who is The body of Christ shies away also known as the Truth, is being from their inherent capabilities sent to you from the Father to left for us by and through Jesus instruct you from that point on, Christ. doesn’t it sound familiar? Jesus The quality of preparedness is was found in the temple about His Father’s business when Mary and a direct attribute intended for us to have and walk in as Christians. Joseph were scrambling around looking for him. In John 16:7 we witness Jesus’ explained urgency stated, The manner in which Jesus “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; addresses their panic in it is expedient for you that I go


wondering where he was, was met with shock and a tone of confusion as to why they did not know He would be right where he was in the temple preparing to do God’s (the Father’s) will. The instruction Jesus details reads like Him passing the same momentum, attitude and spiritual awareness for all who accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior. Jesus is expressing to His brothers and sisters that I am leaving and you are now responsible for making sure you carry out what Our Father told us to do, and as soon as I get to the Father, I will send the Holy Spirit and you can proceed with this ability to do so. The slumbering state of spiritual mind is the defeated posture the Body of Christ has succumb to around the world. The diagnosis for this ill prepared, unaware, unconscious and ignorant state is the equivalent of ‘sleep walking.’ Sunday worship services, programs, anniversaries, concerts, appreciation services, are ongoing throughout the body of Christ. What is the purpose?

Continued on p. 31 Page 23 / May 2012

Church Wake up! Sound Alarm John 15:26; John 16:7

Written by Rev. Christene Duncan, Pastor of GospelCNTRO Ministries Continued from p. 29

Are we planning these events to inspire, strengthen, edify or add to the number of believers in the body of Christ? We attend many of this type of programming seeking to know more and gain more knowledge about God. The good intention of coming together easily slips into a ritualistic tradition, with a designated color, specific style of dress, an expected donation amount and a place to receive

a hyped entertainment fix with the Christian label instead of a worldly label. Is this considered Our Father’s business, really? The unfortunate mishap with this style of Christianity is the erroneous example it offers generation after generation of how to seek God or find him, and it could not be further from the truth. If you notice, not one time did I list bible study, Sunday school, prayer

Love you,

But while men slept, the enemy came in…

Page 24 / May 2012

meetings or educational workshops, simply because these types of events receive the least amount of participation in the body of Christ in churches around the country? You have witnessed the state of the churches, “Sleep Walking,” Christianity. Wake UP!

Rev. Christene Duncan The Servant

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Excerpt from Murder in the Sanctuary by Madeline Bynes

Excerpt from It’ll All Make Sense By Common

Now therefore why do you put God to the test by placing upon The neck of the disciples a yoke Which neither our fathers Nor we have been able to bear?

“ Love is… Hey, Ma: I woke up this morning thinking about how much you mean to my life. I thank God so much for you. Ma, I know I would not be able to pursue my dreams–or even see them–I would not have been able to love so freely and purely if you had not been there for me. Ma, you showed me ….

Coming to

July 2012

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Money Manners A realistic guide to a healthy emotional relationship with money by Rev. Christene Duncan BBA, MBA* MDiv

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It is now the 21st century and we Have embarked upon a place and Time where we need the Lord God and one another more than Ever. Yet we find ourselves facing an alarming decrease in disciples within the church. There in the confines of our churches are the hidden pains, secrets, abuse, and murders between its members. theses private holocausts have diminished the character and spirit of many, causing Hundreds of thousands to flee the assembly of organized religion, searching for direction, validation and refuge. To read more click here or Go to

We are still interrupting Your normally scheduled programming……. Continued from p.. 17

hold on to it, running in place and playing pretend, assuming that no one realizes that this is what is happening, in the meantime, our children are displaced and belong nowhere.


hat a sad state of affairs because there are thousands of Trayvon Martin’s in this country. It just so happens that this young man had parents that said this will not happen to my child without someone having to answer for taking his life and another precious piece of our future away from US. Every time we lose one of our children, we lose a piece of our future. It does not matter if the child has come to the realization that they are our future or not. What is painfully true is that if they die before we can teach them who they are and why they are important they become just another statistic, that people don’t care about and we lose another potential soldier in the battle for change in this country. Our children are dying, and every time one of them does we do to. This has got to stop.

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The First Lady greets the kids of Children's Palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


obert Champion only 22 years young when he died due to a tradition of what college students identify as hazing, but actually is college legalized bullying. The fact that the activity is a tradition associated with colleges allows others the perspective to categorize this as an accident. When will we accept the responsibility for our brutal, self-esteem shattering social interactions with all people. I remember my kindergarten teacher telling me that the reason the little boy is hitting you is because he likes you. REALLY!

him is now dead. The funds saved and sacrificed by his parents to assure a great education serves as their son’s death sentence paid in full. I know I am a bit harsh in my description, but the jarring connotations are the ones which gain the greatest attention. On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 thirteen people are charged in the death of Robert Champion.


e must pray the outcome is one which serves to fill a small space of the loss suffered by the parents and family. This instance is identified as an “American Tragedy” and that it is, but the potential it has to save the American future of college life as it regards fraternities and sororities is at hand here. We should not need to present Only meant to hurt him really bad not kill him I presume, as anymore hopeful parents with the news of their child suffering was the case in many of the hazing’s around the country which death while away in school. That is something that is expected turn out bad. The fact remains we are not all the same, in when a young person goes off to war, but when did going to stamina and tolerance for specific situations in life. There is no college present the same level of death risk as military battle? logical reason a terrorizing activity is labeled as harmless. If We will continue to follow the outcome of this horrible turn of there is no release form signed prior to hazing how is it that events. there are no libel parties, a young man with the world ahead of Page 26 / May 2012

“Understanding the Unconscious Side of Racism� Continued from p. 18

Lecture by john a. powell increase of product and service availability will thereby increase demand. Therefore, powell supports the universal goal but the universal paradigm will not necessarily solve the problem. If we instead set up a strategy which targets universalism along with an opportunity to access the focus. The combination of the two paradigms which were implemented separately in times past instead presented as a cohesive comprehensive strategy the expected outcomes are more apt to be accomplished. The structured program must reflect the goals in all aspects to produce a successful outcome. Overall the lecture was thought provoking in the area of perspectives in developing programs of inclusiveness. The example of healthcare actually sums it up as we consider the

varied situations which will cause the disparity. Once the situations are discovered they too must be addressed in the paradigm while attempting to gain the universal outcome desired. You can listen to the ideas of john a. powell on it is worth a listen. The only way we will be able to truthfully experience a post-racialism era in our lifetime is to agree to continue to have the discussions on how to interrupt the unconscious side of racism we express and pass on inadvertently to our children.

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! A Friend shared….

New born alive after being declared dead Go to:

A newborn in Argentina was found very much alive in a morgue by her mother 12 hours after hospital staff had declared the baby dead…. Read this story in its entirety online by clicking or going to the listed link. Eric Pfeiffer, Reporter April 11, 2012

A Friend shared….

In the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin. The company Koch which manufactures paper products is paying for Zimmerman's legal fees because they feel, he had legal right to bear arms and shoot Trayvon. We are asking that people everywhere band together with us and pass this information on and not purchase any of the following items because your money will be paying for Zimmerman’s lawyer fees! Please do not purchase any of the following items: Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie, Mardi Gras, Quilted Northern, Soft n gentle, Sparkle napkins, Vanity fair, Zero napkins bowls, cups, paper towels, toilet papers etc. PASS IT ON! A Friend shared….

A Friend shared….

Hello Friends, Family and past UpLift Advanced Leadership Alumni, In one week, 63 staff and students are meeting up with students from Portland and Phoenix for a service trip. We will be painting, building, cleaning in low income urban areas for the days we are there. Currently we are $19,000 short of our fundraising goal. In short, we need your help. If you are an UpLift student or staff please "like" this, or write your own encouragement for why people should help us out. If you are a past Alumni, please remember when you raised out the students of today! Please check out our web site at and you can donate online (even if it is a dollar!). Just put in the notes section "Kevin's Kids". here are many reasons why this is a valuable thing to support. This experience for most of our students is a huge moment in their lives and many times has set them on the path of lives dedicated to service. All of our students have been out fundraising for the past two months, yet most of our students do not have families or friends that are in a position to be able to give. Please consider giving. This trip has been a life changing experience for almost 15 years straight, for over 500 urban youth.

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Pastor Ryan J. Fontenot, Sr. Pastor Lady Kalina L. Fontenot, Leading Lady

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JUNE 9, 2012

Event hosted By The Absolute Word Church 2575 Vine St. Denver, CO 80205

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& Do


! A Friend shared….

violence and was active during the month of August 2010.

Marissa Alexander Stood Her Ground – No One Was Injured or Murdered – She Faces 25 Years In Prison

In an unprovoked jealous rage, my husband violently confronted me while using the restroom. He assaulted me, shoving, strangling and holding me against my will, preventing me from fleeing all while I begged for him to leave. After a minute or two of trying to escape, I was able to make it to the garage where my In The State Of Florida – Marissa Alexander truck was parked, but in my haste to leave Had A Gun Permit, Stood Her Ground, Did Not I realized my keys were missing. I tried to Shoot Or Kill Anyone and Faces 25 Years In open the garage but there was a Prison,Lincoln B. Alexander Jr on behalf of mechanical failure. I was unable to leave, Marissa Alexander trapped in the dark with no way out. Case No: 2010-CF-8579

Division: CR-G April 3, 2012 Dear Supporters:


n August 1 2010, my premature baby girl, born nine days earlier, was in the Baptist South N.I.C.U. fighting for her life and I would too be fighting for my life in my own home against an attack from my husband. My name is Marissa Alexander, I am a mother of three children, but at the present time, I am not able to be with them due to the following circumstances. I am currently sitting in the Pretrial Detention Facility in Jacksonville FL, Duval County awaiting a sentence for three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with no intent to harm. Before my life changed drastically on that August afternoon, I was in the perilous position of leaving an abusive relationship with my husband who has history of violence and documented domestic abuse towards women. Our history included one which required me to place an injunction for protection against

Page 31 / May 2012

For protection against further assault I retrieved my weapon; which is registered and I have a concealed weapon permit. Trapped, no phone, I entered back into my home to either leave through another exit or obtain my cell phone. He and my two stepsons were supposed to be exiting the house thru the front door, but he didn’t leave. Instead he came into the kitchen that leads to the garage and realized I was unable to leave. Instead of leaving thru the front door where his vehicle was parked outside of the garage, he came into the kitchen by himself. I was terrified from the first encounter and feared he came to do as he had threatened. The weapon was in my right hand down by my side and he yelled, “Bitch I will kill you!”, and charged toward me. In fear and desperate attempt, I lifted my weapon up, turned away and discharged a single shot in the wall up in the ceiling. As I stood my ground it prevented him from doing what he threatened and he ran out of the home. Outside of the home, he contacted the police and falsely reported that I shot at him and his sons. The police arrived and I was taken into custody. I was devastated and would continue to be for months following the incident. I had to appear in court all the way up until trial as

I plead not guilty and know that I acted in self-defense. I believe my actions saved my life or prevented further harm, but preserved that of my husband who was completely irrational, extremely violent, and unpredictable that day. Florida has a self-defense law and it includes the right to stand your ground. Below are the facts of my concern with the incorrect way the law was applied and ultimately the injustice in my case. · The alleged victim, my husband, under sworn statement in November 2010, admitted he was the aggressor, threatened my life and was so enraged he didn’t know what he would do. · The alleged victim, my husband, was arrested for domestic violence two times, once for abuse against me. The attack against me was so violent; I ended up in the hospital. Prior to my arrest, I told the officer I was in fear for my life due to the prior violence against me. I also told the officer there was a domestic injunction in place to protect me against abuse from the alleged victim. This information was written in detail by the officer in my arrest report, but ignored for some unknown reason.


n July of 2011, a hearing was held, where I along with the alleged victims testified as it relates to the stand your ground law and its immunity from prosecution. After the hearing, Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt denied my motion, citing that I could have exited the house thru the master bedroom window, front door, and/or sliding glass back door. The law specifically states: No duty to retreat. · My attorney entered a standing objection on the record to the ruling and we proceeded to trial. · During that time, Angela Corey, our State Attorney met with the alleged victims. I also along with my attorney met

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ROLLER SKIN Picture from Google

Page 32 / May 2012

Logo picture compliments of jmf organization

Written by Rev. Christene Duncan


egacy reflects a wealth of history, discovery, communication and transportation from one generation to another. The angles represented by history, discovery communication and transportation connect to display the truest reflection of a nation. Where there is no history the consequential characteristics are found incomplete or omitted altogether. The failure to access historical accounts of one’s lineage will create severe gaps in communication and void of understanding by the future generations. The individual who fails to study or know their history is destined to repeat it, you know the old adage. Denver’s “Five Point’s” is an area which has been victimized of the aforementioned process but the bleeding is postured to stop with us now in 2012. JuneTeenth 2012 is a celebration that is highlighted across the nation. The origin and purpose of this celebration is fostered from the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by then President Abraham Lincoln signed on January 1, 1863. The celebration of this turn of events did not begin until June 19, 1865 approximately two and half years later. Check out next months issue for the compelte details on how this transpired.

Norman Harris, III takes seriously the richness he has been afforded and is passionate about assuring that we do not allow the value of legacy to fall to the ground without doing everything in his power to express it to the generations he is able to reach. The area of “Five Point’s” is the place where the celebration was most vibrant in the later years and has over the past decade declined drastically. The unfortunate result is there are too many of our children who actually do not know or understand what the JuneTeenth Celebration is all about.


he decline of entrepreneurial real estate and motivational drive among those in the community of minorities has grown faster than the repair of the breach can be addressed. There are many who remember what some refer to as the “hay-days,” but until they can come together on one accord to begin to re-connect, regenerate, rejuvenate to result in a restored era of renaissance.


Norman Harris, III. is a significant member of a legacy embracing the angles we discussed, a) history, b) discovery, c) communication and d) transportation of it all from one generation to another. I had the opportunity last week to see the richness of his legacy. We were able to worship with Norman Harris, Sr., his grandfather; Norman Harris, Jr., his father, himself and his son. The impact of men of honor worshipping, sharing and empowering one another also holds the potential to empower a world.

Join Norman and the Juneteenth Music Festival supporters in restoring the Five Point’s area and the knowledge of history and entrepreneurial thrust in the community. Go to of Call Norman Harris directly at 720-318-0712 to show your support by donating your increment of Five, $5, $50, $500 or $5,000 and the increment surely does not have to stop there. Magazine will have a special magazine celebrating Juneteenth next month. Watch for the issue and be a part of the celebration.

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Ministry Continued from

with Angela Corey, John Guy, and then prosecutor Christen Luikart. I justified my actions to them and the truth as I have told it has remained the same.

Worship & Witness

17th Calling All Churches to come together & take the City! Meet at your churches to give your offering & let’s come together in Worship & Witness 720-318-0872

· Knowing our prior domestic abuse history, Angela Corey was hard pressed for the minimum mandatory, which provisions allow for prosecution to wave those stipulations. I was not guilty, nor did I believe that was fair and just under the circumstances. She also allowed for those same provisions in the State vs. Vonda Parker, same charges different circumstances which did not include self-defense. Florida uses a law commonly known as 10-20-life as a sentencing guideline when a felony takes place with the use of a weapon. Under this statute, my felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to harm carries a twenty year mandatory sentence. · Stand your ground law has been applied in multiple recent incidents, the following is just a couple of incidents. Carl Kroppman Jr was allowed to use this law to avoid being arrested/charged during a road rage incident on the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville, FL in August of 2011. Marqualle Woolbright of Ocala, FL avoided murder charges due to the stand your ground law when he shoot and killed someone. I am a law abiding citizen and I take great pride in my liberty, rights, and privileges as one. I have vehemently proclaimed my innocence and my actions that day. The enigma I face since that fateful day I was charged through trial, does the law cover and apply to me too? A step further and more importantly is in light of recent news, is justice for all include everyone, regardless of gender, race or aristocratic dichotomies. I simply want my story heard, reviewed and the egregious way in which my case was handled from start to finish serve as an eye opener for all and especially those responsible for upholding judicial affairs. The threat that day was very real, imminent, and the battery on me occurred minutes before the decision I made to protect myself. That decision was a last resort, necessary and a reaction to the continued threat on my life. I am a believer that grace allowed for my response to be carried out in a non-lethal manner. This prevented the imminent threat and harm a non-fatal tactic, but not against an unknown attacker, rather my very own husband. That was by far the most difficult position to be in nine days after giving birth to a six week premature infant. My heart goes out for my two stepsons and always has had a hurt and sincere empathy for them being subjected innocently to that trauma. The law states that I was justified in standing my ground and meeting force with force up to including deadly force, but political views and concerns states otherwise in the 4th circuit court. So my last questions and valid concerns are what was I supposed to do that day and the stand your ground law who is it for? Sincerely, Lincoln B. Alexander Jr on behalf of Marissa Alexander Marissa Alexander A Battered Woman

Page 34 / May 2012


re-c onnec t + reeng a g e + rejuvena te = rena issa nc e





Saturday, JUNE 16 and Sunday, June 17 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM Juneteenth is back! And loaded with an amazing line up for past festival-goers and newcomers to enjoy. This Father’s Day weekend, Denver’s community will get a chance to celebrate the true date that all Americans were freed from the hardships of slavery. The celebration was recognized in 1980 by the state of Texas and since then Denver has been known to host one of the nation’s largest Juneteenth celebrations. This year the festival organizers plan on resurrecting old enthusiasm and implementing new energy by adding more emphasis on music to the celebration and offering more community engagement through partnerships with nonprofit groups and city organizations. This year’s celebration includes live painting and street performances from an array of artist, and a distinct atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve been submerged into the African American arts and culture. There will also be a live performance by the legendary funk band, The Ohio Players, on Saturday, open and free to the public. Learn more about the history of Juneteenth and the history of the Juneteenth celebration here in Denver and across the nation on Highlights and Features: Performance by The Ohio Players, open to the More emphasis on music over 20 Music artist and public for free bands Juke Joint Stage Featuring 10 different Food vendors (Over25) // Merchandise eccentric musical and vocal artist Vendors (Over 50) Church in The points & city wide gospel concert Live Art Painting (Sunday) Hazel Miller, Hot Lunch, The Rob Tz Experience,The Mighty Nice Band, Sammy Dee the bluesman and more Sponsors and Corporate partners include: Denver Weekly News KS 1075 5 Points News Cervantes Masterpiece Ball Room Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center The Roxy Civil Technologies Youth Engagement Zone (Y.E.Z.) Creative Maintenance Inc. Deep Rock Water Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientist. Urban Spectrum The Denver Foundation Juneteenth Music Festival is looking for vendors, volunteers and sponsors to help make this year’s celebration amazing! Contact: Miguel Taylor Juneteenth Music Festival –

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P.O. Box 390422 Denver, Co /80239 888-853-6887

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Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 4:00 p.m. Departing From Miami, FL to CocoCay, Bahamas; Nassau, Bahamas

Return Date:

Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 7:00 a.m. Special Keynote Speakers:

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Wake up & Stand your Ground. See the comments of men who contemplate what they will tell their sons happen to Trayvon Martin. AC 360 Kids...

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