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Celebrates 72 Years On April 9


The Vision of the Gospel Center Rescue Mission

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Sam says, ―Thank you, because without your donations and prayer, GCRM wouldn’t be able to help so many people. I am amazed at how many people give of their time and resources to help total strangers... What was your childhood like? My parents both worked. I was raised by both and they are still married (50+ years!). My father was an alcoholic. Who introduced you to drugs? A friend from school introduced me to marijuana when I was 13 years old. What happened after you began using drugs? I smoked pot throughout high school and college. I began using cocaine during college and thereafter. Those drugs really weren’t a big problem. Alcohol is my drug of choice. I had begun to drink occasionally in high school, but it became an addiction when I was 25 years-old. I was fine for a while, maybe 10 years, but then my addiction got worse and it was all I wanted to do when I wasn’t at work. Where were you staying before you came to the Mission? I was living with a friend, but he used drugs and drank and it was too easy for me to do the same. I wasn’t going anywhere and left because I didn’t want to be around him anymore. I had stayed at the Mission before in 2003, and did not drink or use the whole time I was here, so I went back and joined the New Life Addiction Treatment Program. What are you thankful for at the Mission? I am thankful for: 1) A place where people care about me, 2) A safe and drug-free/alcohol-free environment, 3) Counselors who helped me with my problems and worked with me, 4) The encouragement I get from others, 5) The classes that helped me learn about myself and why I was addicted. What have you been able to accomplish during your stay here? I am currently attending Delta College and hope to get a degree in English or Art. I hope to also go back to work being a Graphic Artist someday. Thank you for giving to help other homeless men (and women) like me this year!

January 2012 Inside this issue: Meet Sam Page 1 New Life Program Grad A Note From CEO Page 2 Daily Program Statistics Chapel Schedule Page 3 2012 Pledge Form On-Going Food Needs GCRMS S.H.A.R.E.S. Card Tributes Page 4 GOSPEL FEST 2012 E-Waste & Cell Phones Thank You And Please Remember...

Our Programs:

 New Hope Family Shelter (Women’s Emergency Lodge, Life Skills, & New Life Program)  New Life Program For Men

Hope Learning Center  Men’s Emergency Lodging  Clothing Room  Hope Housing

Our Mission:

To minister to the needs of the homeless of Stockton and San Joaquin County including individuals suffering from addictions, without regard to race, gender, nationality or origin.

 Representative Payee Program

For more information on our programs, events, ways to volunteer and give, please visit

Donate now online at

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Thank You For Your Help In 2011 And ―Being A Good Neighbor To Our Invisible Neighbors in 2012‖ o you know you have invisible neighbors? No, I’m not talking about the furry, four-footed kind or the feathered ones either. I am referring to someone who doesn’t just quite fit the description of your visible neighbors. Someone you see walking or standing on the fringes of your neighborhood - maybe walking on a main street, or drinking coffee at the local McDonald’s.


Bill Brown, CEO

You wonder, “Who are they? What are they doing here?” Maybe, like me, you see a tell-tale blue tarp, almost out of sight, where you enter the interstate and you think, “Boy that looks like a tent or some kind of shelter.” Then, on another day you see someone with a bag in hand or with a back-pack walking across the grass in the direction of the blue tarp. Signs of a growing homeless population are all around us if we look. Just a few months ago they were working as a laborer in the growing subdivisions near us, but now there is no more housing construction. Your first reaction may be like mine: to be saddened at the prospects of the shabbily dressed person’s future. Is he alone, or is there a wife too and maybe children? As I drive along on my way to the Rescue Mission I think, “I/We must do something”. People shouldn’t have to live like that! There should be a way everyone can earn a living. Our theme for 2012, the Mission’s 72nd year is, “Being a good neighbor to our invisible neighbors.” Look for them, pray for them and ask God what he would have you to do to befriend one. They won’t go away unless we help them change, and that is just what we intend to do at the Rescue Mission this year - help them change. There were 125 decisions for Christ in the chapel services, that we know of during 2011. There were numerous occasions last year when people stopped me to tell me how grateful they were for how their lives were changed at the Rescue Mission. So, THANK YOU for all you made possible last year through your prayers, financial support and volunteering! Please remember to stay connected to us online at, which will connect you to our electronic giving options, social media, upcoming blog and video features, so that you can keep up-to-date on how your gifts are helping the homeless everyday. Thank you again for all that you do to help the homeless men, women and children at the Mission! I hope to see you at our upcoming 2012 events listed on page 4! - Bill Brown, CEO

January 2012 Daily Program Statistics Emergency Lodge Program (Daily dinner & breakfast, shelter, chapel, showers, clothing, hygiene items for the homeless) 70 men / 6 women / 1 child

Life Skills Program (6 month to 18 month program to teach women with children or single women basic life skills while providing the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter) 13 women / 12 children

New Life Program, New Life Program Plus, and Hope Housing (Phase I, II, III Addiction Treatment Program) (6 month to three year program to teach men, women with children, or single women to be free of their addictions and to teach life skills while providing the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter)

Approximately 495 men and women

29 men / 12 women / 6 children

1 man

Representative Payee Program (Assists the disabled)

Respite Program (Post-hospitalization assistance)

Volunteer Opportunities online at

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February 2012 Volunteer Chapel Schedule Sun








1 Amazing Grace Ministries

2 Zion Untd Rfrmd Ch/Ripon

3 Freewill Baptist

4 Lighthouse of the Valley

7 Bethany Temple

8 Stockton Covenant

9 Promised Land Ministries

10 House of Hope

11 Polish Christian Society

5 West Coast World Outreach


12 REACH Worship Center

13 Stockton Baptist Church

14 Michigan Heights Baptist

15 Amazing Grace Ministries

16 Good News Christian Ctr

17 Bansuk Korean Pres

18 Harvest Bible

19 It’s In The House Ministries

20 Bethany Christian Center

21 Faith Assembly of God


23 Calvary Church Ripon

24 Word of Life Church

25 Polish Christian Society

26 His Raft Ministries

27 Great Valley Bapt

28 Faith Assembly of God

29 Hilliard Chapel

First Baptist Church

Thank you for your faithful service! If you are interested in leading a Chapel Service, please e-mail or call (209) 320-2311.

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GCRMS 2012 Pledge Form

On - Going Food Service Needs

Gospel Center Rescue Mission Celebrates 72 Years on April 9, 2012

Please help us fill the stomachs of the homeless:

Bill, I would like to give homeless men, women and children safe housing, food, clothing, showers, hygiene items, counseling and education today!

 Beef / Pork / Wild Game

Here is my gift of: $25



Other $_____

 Chicken / Turkey If you have questions please call Uyen Do, Development Officer at (209) 320-2311


 #10 cans fruit or vegetables  Fresh fruits or vegetables  Coffee / Milk  Napkins / Plastic Utensils  Styrofoam cups

I’d like to pledge $____ per month by mail (Thanks, we will send you pledge forms) I’d like to pledge automatic monthly deductions

Introducing GCRMS S.H.A.R.E.S. Cards Name:_______________________________________

"You can raise funds for us with every purchase at any Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Food Maxx & Lucky with every swipe of your speciallybranded Save Mart/Gospel Center Rescue Mission S.H.A.R.E.S. Card.

Address: _____________________________________ City:_________________ State:_______ Zip:________ E-mail address_________________________________ Phone:________________________________________

Please make checks to and mail to: Gospel Center Rescue Mission 445 S. San Joaquin Street, Stockton, CA 95203 320-2311

A percentage of your grocery purchase will be donated by Save Mart to us. To have one (or more) cards mailed to you at absolutely no charge, please call (209) 320-2329 and provide your name, mailing address and the number of cards that you would like.”

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Up-to-date information is always available online at

Memorial Gifts In Memory Of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Gift From Jessie Moreno Henry Moreno Bobbie Ding James & Estelle Emerine Maria Rosario Pedro Rosario Mildred Mason Anthony & Judith Richichi Rob Ehorey Arden & Lila Hunt The Ellisons Ronald & Barbara Richards Helen Prunchak (Wife) John Prunchak Otho Rock Virginia Rock Marvin & Dorothy Van De Pol Janet Garcia Patricia Jenkins Jack Jenkins Jim Begg Robert Gray Jack Nayer M Jayne Fraser Christopher Ochoa (Grandson) Donald & Carolee Zeller Robert M Yabu Elissa T Jones Ann Marie John Quigley Liz Yates Les Yates Greg Winchell (Son), Mack Winchell And Terri Lynn Winchell (Daughter) My Mother Nellie Hanney Johnnie, Mary C., Carol Silva And Rosie Silva Mark Timmerman And John & Cynthia Ward Sam & Angelina Van Dyken Cord Holz Michael & Patricia Mancebo Anh Pham Katie James Antonio Gomez Mario & Martha Magana Elizabeth O’Neel Patrick O’Neel Betty & Morgan Logan, John & Shelby White And Mae Rosebrock Esther Douma Rodney & Hollie Douma Oliver Soohoo Christan Parker Rita Haaker Carol Sharpe Grandma Pearl Smith Carl & MaryAnn Henderson Maxine Steinkamp Irene Armstrong Elise Manning Kathleen Depner

Honorarium Gifts In Honor Of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Gift From Jesus Christ Our Lord Steven Butler Pedro Rosario 100th Birthday of Joseph & Evelyn Jaeger Laura Stille our Great-Aunt Michael Sims (Our Son) Lue Sims Wade & Versie Loveday Marla Loveday

Remember a loved one or honor their birthday, anniversary, etc. by donating a gift in their name to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. Please call (209) 320-2311 if you have questions.

Come visit our table at:

GOSPEL FEST 2012 Concert & Supply Drive! Saturday, February 4 @ 7pm Warren Atherton Auditorium (Delta College, 5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton)

$10/$15 at the door

For tickets visit:

Used Cell Phones / eWaste / Recyclables

We accept used cellphones, computers, electronics and all recyclable items that you collect for us which we can safely and responsibly exchange for cash donations. Please call 209.320.2329 or e-mail w/questions.


On-Going Mission Needs

 Clients’ continued

Please ask your offices or small groups to collect the following items. Thank you!

success in their recovery  Our financial needs  Safety, wisdom, & strength for


Disposable Razors & Diapers (sizes 3-6)


Toilet Tissue & Feminine Hygiene

staff, volunteers & Board Members

Donate Online Now Go to and click the “Donate Now” Button at the top of the homepage to donate using



Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

Questions? Call 209.320.2311 Cars, Trucks, Livestock, Property or Stock Donations Are Also Tax-Deductible!

Save These Dates

February 4 @ 7pm GOSPEL FEST 2012

February - March GCRM and Whirlows Presents: ―Gospel on the Mile‖ featuring local artists!

April GCRM 72nd Anniversary Celebrations Please go to, call 209.320.2329 or e-mail for more events info!

January 2012 Gospel Center Rescue Mission Print Newsletter  

Meet Sam...

January 2012 Gospel Center Rescue Mission Print Newsletter  

Meet Sam...