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Celebrated 72 Years On April 9


The Vision of the Gospel Center Rescue Mission

Newsletter 445 S. San Joaquin Street ° Stockton, CA 95203 ° 209.466.2138 ° 209.320-2322 fax °

Keith says, “I found happiness with myself thanks to God, the Mission and everyone involved with the Mission.” What was your family like? My dad was an alcoholic. My mother was addicted to prescription valiums. I have four siblings. All of us except for my eldest sister had a problem with drugs and alcohol. Who introduced you to drugs? My older brother introduced me to drugs when I was 14 years old. First marijuana, then booze, then speed. I fell in love with speed and it ran my life until the age of 47. I have been to prison 11 times in the state of California. Where were you staying before you came to the Mission? I was living in Manteca and became homeless while there. Since I could not handle being homeless, I tried to get re-incarcerated by committing crimes; That didn’t work out as I had planned it. A couple of different people recommended I call a counselor at the Mission. I felt relieved there was a place where I could get things that I needed. What are you thankful for at the Mission? I am thankful for: 1) the food, 2) a place to sleep out of the elements of nature, 3) work therapy; it helps to develop good work ethics, 4) all the classes that are a part of the program (because that is what I need to change my life and be a better person), 5) the Mission being Christian-based. What are you learning while at the Mission? I am learning: 1) to control my anger, 2) that I no longer need to use drugs, 3) how to deal with life on life’s terms, 4) how to heal my damaged emotions, 5) relapse prevention… and so many other things that I could write a novel! Thank you for giving to help others like Keith! Our Mission:

To minister to the needs of the homeless of Stockton and San Joaquin County including individuals suffering from addictions, without regard to race, gender, nationality or origin.

August 2012 Inside this issue: Meet Keith Recovering From Drug Addiction

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A Note From CEO Page 2 Could You Help Us During Our “Summer Slump”? Chapel Schedule Page 3 FREE “Cloverton” Fundraising Concert Tributes Page 4 Truck Donation Needed Year-End Giving GCRMS S.H.A.R.E.S. Card Thank You And Please Remember...

June Daily Program Stats: New Life Programs & Hope Housing 31 Men, 22 Women, 15 Kids Life Skills Program 8 Women, 2 Kids Emergency Lodging 78 Men, 7 Women, 2 Kids Community Meals 172 Meals Clothing Room 171 Pieces Representative Payee Program 495 Clients Respite Care 2 Men Gleason House 10-13 Patients

For more information on our programs, events, ways to volunteer and give, please visit

Donate now online at

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Dear Friends of the Mission,


I hope your summer is going wonderfully and that you have been able to enjoy the nice weather!


As you may have read in last month’s Appeal Letter, I unfortunately have to write you in urgency because summertime for the Mission also means a significant slowing of funds to operate homeless programs - what we call a “Summer Slump”.


$560,000 Total Income


Total Expense


$480,000 Jan - Jun 12 Income

Jan- Jun 12 Expenses

As you can see from the chart above, our income for the first half of the year has totaled $515,780 while our expenditures for the same period has totaled $583,916. This leaves us with an accumulating debt of $68,136. We need your help now more than ever to provide uninterrupted services to help the countless homeless men, women and children whom depend on us daily for their meals, shelter, clothing, showers, hygiene items, Life Skills Classes, counseling and computer education! Without your help, we will have to do one or more of the following: 

Decrease Staff salaries (last year one staff “volunteered” her whole summer, 2 staff members reduced their salaries by 50% and some remaining staff wages were decreased by $1 or more/hour for these three summer months)

Decrease Staff (as we did after the economic recession of 2007)

Decrease program services (less men/women in the addiction treatment programs)

Decrease the quality of our meals to the homeless (less hearty meals) Please consider helping us in one or more of the following ways this summer:

Pledge to increase your giving by $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100 or more per month for the next three months to help us through this “Summer Slump” in funds!

Encourage your family, friends, co-workers to begin giving to the Mission to help the homeless this summer

Share with your church congregation about our programs and needs or invite us to come share with your church congregation about our programs and needs

We thank you for your continued gifts towards the work of “rescue” here at the Mission! Please call me at (209) 320-2314 if you have any questions or would like a tour of our campus. ~ William R. “Bill” Brown, CEO Help Us Raise $90,000 In 90 Days To Feed, Clothe, Shelter, Counsel & Educate The Homeless During Our Summer Slump Months! Here is my regular monthly gift of:







I’d like to pledge my additional support in the next 3 months (July-September) to help homeless men, women & children this summer. Here is my additional gift of: Crystal is reunited w/her family & has part-time work!

$10 to help feed 5 people

$20 to help feed 10 people

$30 to help feed 15 people

$40 to help feed 20 people

$50 to help feed 25 people

$100 to help feed 50 people Other:____________

Name:________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________


City:__________________________ State:_________ Zip:_____________

My gift is  in Memory of  in Honor of:

Phone:_________________ E-mail address:________________________


Address: 445 S. San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA 95203 / Phone: (209) 320-2311 / E-Mail: / Website:

Volunteer Opportunities online at

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August 2012 Volunteer Chapel Schedule Sun



W.C. World Outreach






1 Amazing Grace Ministries

2 Zion Untd Reformed Ch/Ripon

3 Freewill Baptist

4 Lighthouse of the Valley

7 Bethany Temple

8 Stockton Covenant Church

9 Promise Land Ministries

10 Horton Ministries, Inc

11 Polish Christian Society

Thank you for your faithful service! If you are interested in leading a Chapel Service, please e-mail 5


12 REACH Worship Center

13 Stockton Baptist Church

14 The Seekers

15 Amazing Grace Ministries

16 Good News Christian Ctr

17 Bansuk Korean Pres

18 Harvest Bible

19 Ambassadors For Christ

20 Bethany Christian Center

21 Mich Heights Baptist

22 First Baptist Church

23 Calvary Church Ripon

24 Word of Life Church

25 Polish Christian Society

26 His Raft

27 Great Valley Bapt

28 Faith Assembly of God

29 Hilliard Chapel

30 Home Church


Join Our eNewsletter List E-mail:

At, you can connect with us by "liking" us on Facebook, "following" us on Twitter, learn about clients stories and our programs on You Tube or entering your e-mail address to receive our regular eNewsletters!

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Gospel Center Rescue Mission And Quail Lakes Baptist Church Presents:

CLOVERTON FUNDRAISING CONCERT SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS: BRONZE SPONSORSHIP ($100) Name Listed In Event Program Name Listed On Event Signage SILVER SPONSORSHIP ($150) Name Listed In Event Program Name Listed On Event Signage


Sunday, August 19, 2012 @ 6pm Quail Lakes Baptist Church (1904 Quail Lakes Drive, Stockton)


GOLD SPONSORSHIP ($200) Name Listed In Event Program Name Listed On Event Signage Name Listed In Our Monthly Newsletter (1 month) PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP ($250) Name Listed In Event Program Name Listed On Event Signage Name Listed In Our Monthly Newsletter (1 month) Sponsorships preferred by Monday, Aug. 5, 2012. For up-to-date information visit Please make checks payable to: Gospel Center Rescue Mission; Memo: “Cloverton” 445 S. San Joaquin St., Stockton, CA 95203 Questions? Call (209) 320-2311.

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Up-to-date information is always available online at

Memorial Gifts In Memory Of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Gift From Destanee Little Susanna Lal Robert M Yabu (Father’s Day) Elissa T Jones My Late Lovely Grandparents David Dinh, DDS My Husband Elizabeth Hao Otho Rock Virginia Rock Robby Flory RW & PL Crozier Jodi Yamaguchi Tom & Janet Beck Joan Hunter Carol Sharpe Lorraine Ridenour Joseph & Evelyn Jaeger And Agnes Jaeger Patsy B Monk (Wife) Robert Monk And Steve Mize Ramona Flores Herman Flores Bob Moreno Henry Moreno David Armstrong Irene Armstrong And Carrie Batey Jennie Dole Severn Dole Paul Van Dyken, Sr Clarice Van Dyken Dr Vernen Strombom Mr & Mrs Marvin Den Dulk Faye Woodard (My Mother) Shannon Woodard Otho Rock Virginia Rock Mary C Silva Carol Louise Silva And Rosie Silva Frederick Henry Yost Joseph & Carolyn Lawrence Jim Ganzer Jan & Lynne Swanson Sylvia Kothe Victor C Wykoff, Jr Warren & Bobbie Coburn Thomas & Janet Beck Joe, Alice & Ted Bylsma John & Ginny Bylsma William Booher Shirley Booher Maria G Rosario Pedro Rosario

URGENT NEED: Our truck that we use to pick up donations is getting old. New(er) Truck Specifications: Diesel truck, with a 14 - 16ft van with lift gate.

Remember a loved one or honor their birthday, anniversary, etc. by donating a gift in their name to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. Please call (209) 320-2311 if you have questions.

Please call Mike at 320-2309 if you or someone you know can donate towards a new(er) one. Thank you!

Please keep the Mission in mind for your


Introducing GCRMS S.H.A.R.E.S. Cards With this card, a percentage of your grocery purchase will be donated by Save Mart to us. To have one (or more) cards mailed to you at absolutely no charge, please call (209) 320-2329 and provide your name, mailing address and the number of cards that you would like. Thank you!


On-Going Mission Needs

 Clients’ continued

Please ask your offices or small groups to collect the following items for the homeless. Thank you!

success in their recovery  Our financial needs  Safety, wisdom, & strength for staff, volunteers & Board Members

Donate Online Now Go to and click the “Donate Now” Button at the top of the homepage to donate using



Bar Soap & Detergent


Deodorant & Razors


Holiday Food Items


Holiday Gift Items

Questions? Call 209.320.2311 Cars, Trucks, Livestock, Property or Stock Donations Are Also Tax-Deductible!

Save These Dates

Every Tuesday @ 7pm - 9pm “Sing For THEIR Supper” Karaoke Fundraising Series Sat, July 28, 2012 @ 8:30am Join us for a Program Graduation in the Mission’s Chapel! Sun, August 19, 2012 @ 6pm FREE Cloverton Fundraising Concert at Quail Lakes Baptist Church (See page 3 for more information) For more info, please go to, call 209.320.2329 or e-mail

GCRM August 2012 Print Newsletter  

Meet Keith - Recovering From Drug Addiction

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