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Celebrated 74 Years On April 9


The Vision of the Gospel Center Rescue Mission

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Robert’s Amazing Recovery Through The Medical Respite Program

T he National Healthcare For The Homeless website

sites an article that states that “Homelessness exacerbates health problems, complicates treatment, and disrupts continuity of care. Medical respite care is an alternative to discharging patients to the streets while Bill Brown, CEO continuing hospital-recommended care, and has been shown to reduce inpatient length of stay, emergency department visits, and outpatient clinic visits…” In 2010, in collaboration with Randy Pinnelli, PA and Program Director of the adjacent Gleason House Medical Clinic (operated by Community Medical Centers, Inc) the Mission began operating a medical respite program. In 2013, Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) and Kaiser Permanente (KP) funded the program, which combined with your donations, helped us to hire Rebecca Goldsmith as Respite Coordinator and Bernadette Aramburo and Melissa Andazola as Respite Aides (see pic. on pg.3). The program provides respite clients with a warm bed, food, clothing, wound-care, follow-up medical care at the adjacent Gleason House Medical Clinic and resource referral to address the underlying core issues that may have caused their illness(es) and/or homelessness. Robert, a former Medical Respite Program Client states, “My life was perfect up until I lost my job back in 2010. I had nice cars, motorcycles, all the things anyone could ask for. Then I began to drink after 13 years of sobriety and I lost everything, including my wife and my children. My drinking also led to a brain aneurism that cause me to be in acoma. With the pressures of medical bills and hours of rehabilitation ahead of me, I became overwhelmed and began drinking again. I could not stop drinking. I was referred to the Mission for help by healthcare provider Randy Pinnelli, PA of Gleason House Medical Clinic (mentioned above). I was hesitant, but joined the Mission’s Respite Program because I needed to recover from my many surgeries. Since I loved my time in the program and was fully healed from the surgeries, I decided to join Robert, the Mission’s New Life Addiction Treatment Program. Former Medical I have since graduated and am now living in the MisRespite Guest sion’s Hope Houses. (Robert’s story continued on pg 3)... Our Mission:

To minister to the needs of the homeless of Stockton and San Joaquin County including individuals suffering from addictions, without regard to race, gender, nationality or origin.

April 2014 Inside this issue:  Robert’s Amazing Page 1 Story Of Recovery  Summer Events Page 2 (Sponsorship Opportunities)  Chapel Schedule Page 3  Join Our E-Blast List  Robert’s Story Continued  GCRM Turned 74!  GCRM S.H.A.R.E.S. Card  Tax-Return Donations  Tributes Page 4  Vehicle Donations  Homeless Needs List  Save - The - Dates  Thank You And Please Remember...

EXTRA MONTHLY NEEDS: Through your donations, the will Mission provide at least 103,000 meals and over 59,000 pieces of clothing to homeless men, women and children this year! We are currently in need of MEAT (beef, chicken, etc) & GENTLY USED SUMMER CLOTHING & SHOES (in all sizes). Please call (209) 466-2138 to schedule a pick-up or feel free to deliver these items to the Mission! Thank you for your continued generosity!

For more information on our programs, events, ways to volunteer and give, please visit

Donate now online at

Bill Brown, CEO

“I invite you, your family, friends and co-workers to attend the Gospel Center Rescue Mission’s “Summer Events Series” to benefit the Stockton and San Joaquin County Communities through provision of “safe and family-friendly events” that will also benefit the homeless men, women & children at the Mission.” - William R. “Bill” Brown, CEO

“Gimme Shelter Movie Presentation” “Gimme Shelter” highlights the true story of a woman who opened up her home to pregnant and homeless teenage mothers – to help them break out of the cycle of poverty, homelessness, abuse and addiction. GCRM intends to bring the movie to various locations in SJC throughout the summer, with each presentation including valuable shelter referral information.

“Arts to the RESCUE – Event Series” Event Activities: Live Visual & Performing Arts Presentations; On-line art auction of pieces created at events will benefit the Rescue Mission; City programs & non-profits that benefit youth will be promoted; Anti-drug/anti-violence materials available When & Where: Saturdays from 5pm – 9pm throughout the summer in Downtown Stockton Become a sponsor to help the homeless today! Call (209) 320-2311 with questions. Thank you!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE EVENT, YOUR SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS INCLUDE: BRONZE SPONSORSHIP ($150) *5 “Gimme Shelter” Movie Tickets Plus: Business Name & Address In Event Programs

SILVER SPONSORSHIP ($300) *10 “Gimme Shelter” Movie Tickets Plus: Business Name & Address In Event Programs Listed In Our Monthly Newsletter (1 mo) Listed On Event Poster/Flyer

GOLD SPONSOR SHIP ($600) *15 “Gimme Shelter” Movie Tickets Plus: Business Name & Address In Event Programs Listed In Our Monthly Newsletter (1 mo) Listed On Event Poster/Flyer

PLATINUM SPONSOR SHIP ($900) *20 “Gimme Shelter” Movie Tickets Plus: Business Name & Address In Event Programs Listed In Our Monthly Newsletter (1 mo) Listed On Event Poster/Flyer *Please fill out & mail-in the sponsorship form below by May 30, 2014, so that we can immediately add you as a sponsor in our event publicity. Please call (209) 320-2311 or e-mail if you have any questions. Thank you!

Gospel Center Rescue Mission “Summer Events Series” Sponsorship Form: “Gimme Shelter Movie Presentation” Sponsorship: I will be sponsoring the event at the _____ Bronze ($150) _____Silver ($300) _____ Gold ($600) ____Platinum ($900) Level

“Arts to the Rescue Event Series” Sponsorship I will be sponsoring the event at the _____ Bronze ($150) _____Silver ($300) _____ Gold ($600) ____Platinum ($900) Level Individual or Business Name:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City:________________________________ Zip:______________ Phone:______________________ E-Mail:_________________________ ___ I cannot attend, but am sending a gift of: $25_____ $50_____ $75_____ $100_____ Other $_____ . Thank you! ___ I cannot attend, but would like to sponsor the “Summer Event Series”. Please see benefits listed above. Thank you! ___ I cannot attend, but will give online at through PayPal or Network For Good. Please memo: Events Please make checks payable to: Gospel Center Rescue Mission (Memo: Events) 445 S. San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA 95203 / Phone:209.320.2311/ Fax:209.320.2322 / Website: / E-mail:

Volunteer Opportunities online at

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May 2014 Volunteer Chapel Schedule Sun




Thank you for your faithful service! If you are interested in leading a Chapel Service, e-mail 4 Westcoast World Outreach


11 REACH Worship Center





1 Zion Untd Rfrmd Ch/Ripon

2 Freewill Baptist

3 Lighthouse of the Valley

8 Promised Land Ministries

9 Fellowship of Jesus Christ

10 Polish Christian Society

6 Bethany Temple


12 Stockton Baptist Church

13 The Seekers


15 First Christ. Ref. Church

16 Bansuk Korean Pres.

17 Harvest Bible

18 Ambass. For Christ

19 Lighthouse Pentecost

20 Mich. Heights Baptist

21 Amazing Grace Ministries

22 Calvary Reformed Church


24 Polish Christian Society

25 Servants of Christ

26 Great Valley Bapt.

27 Faith Assembly of God

28 Hilliard Chapel

29 Home Church

30 Wings of Healing

31 Billy Kemp

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———–————— Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. at ———–————— Today, I feel much better about the possibility of having a somewhat normal life for whatever Respite Staff (Right to Left): years I have left. Before I came to the Mission, I wanted to call it Rebecca Goldsmith, Bernadette Aramburo, a day and did my very best to and Melissa Andazola drink myself to death. Dameron Hospital brought me back to life twice so I take each day as a gift now. Through the classes at the Mission I have learned how to control my anger, to start to really care about myself, to begin to care about those around me (I am more willing to help others), to set personal boundaries, and to wait for things that I don’t have right now. I am most thankful for the Mission’s staff who have been helpful in my recovery, the other men in the program who allow me to vent or at least work through my problems as they arise, and just having a place to lay my head and a full stomach! It wasn’t always the case in the past 3 years. Thank you for your continued gifts that will help other men and women like Robert in the Medical Respite Program to recovery and a life of health, joy and peace in their sobriety! Last year, the Mission was granted funds to purchase a building to expand the Medical Respite Program. If you would like to give towards renovation of the building, please call Bill Brown, CEO at (209) 320-2314. Thank you!

Newly purchased Medical Respite Building

Gospel Center Rescue Mission celebrated 74 years of service to the homeless and addicted on April 9, 2014! Thank you for your year-round gifts that allow us to continue to provide homeless men, women and children with life-changing services! We appreciate you!

Introducing GCRM S.H.A.R.E.S. Cards "You can raise funds for us with every purchase at any Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Food Maxx & Lucky with every swipe of your speciallybranded Save Mart/Gospel Center Rescue Mission S.H.A.R.E.S. Card. A percentage of your grocery purchase will be donated by Save Mart to us. To have one or more cards mailed to you at no charge, please e-mail and provide your name, mailing address and the number of cards that you would like.”

DONATE YOUR TAX RETURN: In light of the Mission’s need and desire to expand our program staff so that we can allow more homeless men, women and children into our long-term care programs, please consider donating a portion of your tax return as a tax-deductible charitable donation to the Mission. For Annual Giving Receipts, please call (209) 320-2313.

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Up-to-date information is always available online at

Memorial Gifts In Memory Of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Gift From Natasha Bethards Andrea & Larry Violett Tom & Terry Machado Deborah Franck Bette Outlaw Kevin Baker Shirley Booher Larry & JeanineJenovino Steve Franklin Joel & Marilyn Franklin Scott Smith Katherine Armstrong Dale J Schmid (Dad) Edith Jones Maurice Roos Leroy & Annabelle Cunningham Patsy B Monk (Wife) Robert Monk and Steve Mize Rosemarie “Rosie” Silva, Carol Silva Johnnie Jr, and Mary C Silva Sam & Angelina Van Dyken (Parents) Connie Hoag Ira & Patricia March George & Susan March Otho Rock Virginia Rock Martha Harrell Robert Harrell Jerry DeBoer Eleanor Nunes Jennie Dole Severn Dole Lydia (Sally) Robinson Kirby Robinson Joe, Alice, Ted Bylsma John & Ginny Bylsma Glynn Tarrant Lynn Tarrant Jennie Dole Severn Dole Charlie Van Gorkum Joann Veenstra Jesse Beard Heavenly Gate Baptist Church JC Hoag John & Cynthia Ward Connie Hoag Alejo & Anita Moreno Henry Moreno Shannon Agnason Ruth Davis Bert Van Dyken Doug Van Dyken Patsy B Monk and Robert & Mary Emilie Monk Steve Mize Dr. Joseph L. Lawrence Noby & Jacquie Oshidari Beverly Hedburg Lon & Sharon Estes

Honorarium Gifts In Honor Of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Gift From Pam Folmar Tom & Terry Machado Gino & Virginia Maiolini Floyd & Lace Nordwick James C. Morales, Sr Karen L McKee Vic & Jeannine Beltz, Kevin & Diane Beltz Tim & Koryn Hutchison, Ernie & Diane Henry Ken & Gayle Riley and Joann Setness their children Karina & Scott Elzira Saffold Wendy & Atsushi Agary, Kim Scheffer, and Sherry Jackson Robert O’Neel Danny O’Neel, Sr

Remember a loved one or honor their birthday, anniversary, etc. by donating a gift in their name to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. Please call (209) 320-2311 if you have questions.

VEHICLE DONATIONS NEEDED: Our vans that we use to drive clients to appointments, pick up medications, small donations and for administrative purposes are slowly wearing down. Also, once clients graduate the programs and begin working, many are searching for vehicles to purchase. Vehicles can be donated for a true market value tax-deduction. If you are interested in donating a vehicle, please contact Mike Viss at (209) 320-2309.


Monthly Mission Needs Please ask your family, office or small group to collect the following items for the homeless. Thank you!

 Clients’ continued

success in their recovery  Our financial needs  Safety, wisdom, & strength for


Foot Powder & Diapers


Feminine Hygiene Items & Shampoo

Donate Online Now


Toilet Tissue

Go to and click the “Donate Now” Button at the top of the homepage to donate using


Bath Towels

staff, volunteers & Board Members


Questions? Call 209.320.2311 Cars, Trucks, Livestock, Property or Stock Donations Are Also Tax-Deductible!

Save These Dates

May 17, 2014 @ 8:30am - 10:00am GCRM Program Graduation in Mission Chapel Summer Events: “Gimme Shelter” Movie Presentation & “Arts to the Rescue Event Series” Please see page 2 for sponsorship benefits for you or your business! For more information on these events please e-mail, or call (209) 320-2329. Thank you!

April 2014 GCRM Newsletter  

Meet Robert. A Respite Program Success Story!

April 2014 GCRM Newsletter  

Meet Robert. A Respite Program Success Story!