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October / November 2011

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770-960-6200 7. Played / Millennium Disciple / 865-690-5944 8. I Can't Go Back / The Palmers & Rev. Norah Banks, Jr. / 318-994-2318 9. Fired Up / Rhyze / 732-235-0380 10. Lord You Done Too Much / Arnetta Yancey & New Beginning / 252-257-6719 11. Wow / Shirlene Jackson / 870-352-7877 12. Praise The Lord / Wa'Dell Jones / 3

951-310-9412 13. Look At Me Now / Debra Wilson / 254-379-8665 14. Don’t Judge My Praise / Cynthia Smith-Sneed / 713-530-0691 15. The Wheat And The Tares / Howcee Productions Gospel / 251-362-1935 16. Shadow Of The Almighty / Carolyn Moore / 615-390-8430 17. Double Minded / Vernon Little / 347-276-4925 October / November 2011

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October / November 2011 / Issue 71

On the cover...

Gospel artist Peyton Bailey releases her new album and video, "I Give You Praise," and plans a promotional tour ... Page 9



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October / November 2011

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Your Subconscious Mind: T h e A l l - Powe r f u l S e r va n t O f Yo u r S o u l By Cecil L. Brown, Gospel USA Magazine Publisher



- then your subconscious mind will likewise unfailingly bring those beliefs to pass. And know this: The degree of manifestation of the belief into reality is determined by the level of faith you have that the belief is truth. How does your subconscious mind do it? Your subconscious mind uses all of the immutable spiritual, physical and Biblical laws in the universe to convert the beliefs of your soul into physical or spiritual reality. The fact is this: You are a spirit being who has been sent to Earth by God - to co-rule and dominate the Earth for God. (Genesis 1: 26-28). And to insure that you are able to accomplish your job – God gave you, among other gifts, two great tools: (1) a unique and awesome ability called FAITH; and (2) an unfailing powerhouse called – your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. When you use your faith (not your senses or sight), all things are possible. You simply have to believe and not doubt. But keep in mind, faith cannot be blind. It must be based on something (i.e., the Word of God). The bottom line is this: The greatest power we humans possess is our ability to believe. Once we have decided what we believe, then the physical or spiritual manifestation of that belief whether good or evil – will be unfailingly brought to pass in our body, in our community or in our world - by our subconscious mind. And the degree of manifestation - whether 10%, 100% or 1000% -- is limited only by the level of faith we have that the belief (thought) is truth. Jesus said: “ thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” (Matthew 8:13). God bless.

ow would you like to have your own, personal, 24-hour-a-day servant to accompany you everywhere you go and unfailingly bring to pass every thought you believe is truth? Well, like it or not, as a member of the human race, you already have such a servant - and has had it since your birth. Who is it? Your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can be likened to a great and mighty “genie” who lives in you and whose purpose is to faithfully serve and please you. Your subconscious mind does not question or judge your thoughts or beliefs. Rather, its primary role is to simply and automatically bring to pass each thought you believe is truth -regardless of who gave you the thought or whether the thought is good or evil. Sometimes, in its efforts to please you, your subconscious mind will itself give you thoughts it believes will please you. It may use scenes from movies, TV shows, personal experiences, books, videos or a thousand other experiences you may or may not have personally had. But as always, you (your soul) must decide whether or not to accept those thoughts from your subconscious mind - or anyone else -- and believe they are truth. For example, if a doctor tells you you have a disease which cannot be cured, or if you believe you cannot quit smoking, drinking, lose weight, etc. - then guess what -- your subconscious mind is going to automatically bring each of those beliefs to pass - and/or maintain them - for as long as you believe they are truth. But in contrast, if you believe Jesus Christ has healed you - or that you can do all things through Christ


October / November 2011

New Creation Records, Inc. presents...

Kenny Andrews On his debut album,

New Creature Featuring the hot singles: "Real Special Love," "So Amazing," "He Reigns" and "New Creature"

Full Album Coming Fall 2011


enny Andrews is an inspiration. Kenny's debut album, on New Creation Records, is entitled, "New Creature." Advance songs from New Creature have already received positive airplay and are appearing on national charts. All of Kenny's music is available for purchase at popular online web sites including Amazon, Amie Street, eMusic, IMVU, iTunes (worldwide), MediaNet, MySpace Music, Napster, Nokia – and coming soon to major retailers. Kenny is currently accepting bookings nationally and internationally for his 2011 / 2012 concert season! To download his electronic press kit, visit To view his current and previous itinerary, visit his web site. For more information about the music and ministry of Kenny Andrews, contact New Creation Records, Inc. in Spokane, Washington b y v i s i t i n g

Watch Kenny's new music video, "So Amazing" at or – and coming soon to popular video shows nationwide on the set of "So Amazing", or calling Judy Smith, Business Manager, at 509For product reservicing, 869-6559. interviews or booking, contact Vernice Watson or Paula Thorpe at The Artist Company International, 410-654-6083 or send e-mail correspondence to There is a new creature coming and you're invited!

About The Artist Company International: Gospel music industry veteran, Vernice Watson, created The Artist Company International. The company is making its mark on the international Christian music market by working closely with international distributors in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Latin America and Japan. Maranatha Record Company (South Africa), Maranatha Christian Publishers (South Africa), 3:16 Media (Latin America, Asia, Mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand) have designated The Artist Company International as their exclusive USA agent for Gospel music and ministry product. The company works very closely with its distributors to mount major retail merchandising campaigns. The Artist Company's clients includes Kirk Franklin's "Live in Brazil" DVD, Juanita Bynum, the "Gospel Goes Classical" brand and many others.


Peyton Bailey

I Give You Praise

Her new Album and Video now available Nationwide; Promotional Tour Planned


ulti-award-winning / Newsome Awards Hall of Fame-inducted psalmist Peyton Bailey of Morrow, Georgia is back with her brand new album and video entitled, "I Give You Praise." The album is produced by Jimmy Brown of EJ Productions and it features 11 smooth, Southern Gospel-flavored tracks. The album is a collection of songs God inspired Peyton to write – and a few tribute songs of her late god mother, Margaret Allison of The Angelic Gospel Singers – who was a blessing in Peyton's life. The video is also hot and coming soon to and other sites.

Jones Gospel show. Her future travel plans include a performance in February 2012 on the Global Southern Gospel Radio Western Caribbean Cruise; a spot in March 2012 on Radio One's One Love Gospel Cruise; a return performance in June 2012 in the Bahamas at Gospel USA Magazine's Gospel Fellowship Retreat 2012; and an October 2012 featured artist spot on the Rose Of Sharon Travel Gospel Cruise. Peyton Is a active member of Charismatic Christian Center (where multiple miracles happen every service), located in Monroe, Georgia – under the leadership of Dr. Keith and First Lady Cheryl Ellis. For more details and directions to the church, visit

Peyton will be celebrating the national release of her album and CD on December 2nd & 3rd, 2011 at the Life in the Spirit Awards Ceremony to be held at the Holiday Inn Overland Park West, 8787 Reeder, Overland Park, Kansas. Peyton will be performing at this event and she will also receive the Margaret "Babe" Allison Life Time Achievement Award for her work in advancing the kingdom of God. For more information about this exciting event, visit

For radio service, booking and more information about the music and healing ministry of Peyton Bailey and her husband, John Bailey, write to her at Peyton Bailey Ministries, P.O. Box 2783, Stockbridge, GA 30281. Telephone: 770-960-6200 or send e-mail correspondence to Visit her web site at or search for her on God is truly blessing Peyton Bailey and to HIM she gives all of the honor, glory and praise! Listen to I Give You Praise on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD volume 11, track #6. Below are some photos taken during her travels:

Peyton is blessed to have traveled and ministered in many states across the USA (including Hawaii) – and abroad in Italy, Israel, Greece, Egypt, the Bahamas and Japan. She has appeared on many TV programs, including the popular Bobby

Peyton being baptized in the Jordan River

Husband John being baptized in the Jordan River

Peyton overlooking the Promised Land of Canaan from Mount Nebo

Husband John rides a camel in Jerusalem

John and Peyton in Cairo, Egypt

Peyton in Crete, Greece

Peyton at the museum in Naples, Italy

Peyton onboard ship in the Bahamas with other Gospel USA Magazine artists


October / November 2011

johnnyon the spot

October / November 2011

Industry NFO ... by Johnny Sanders


spotlightmale gospel vocalist Entertainment and distributed by Universal Music Christian Group. Crouch, whose legendary status has been solidified since his debut in 1960, has 18 solo albums under his belt, yet feels a special connection with the music on THE JOURNEY. "The making of this CD along with my producer and arranger Luther "Mano" Hanes, "my son," was an incredible experience," said Crouch. "I cried, I danced, I laughed, I prayed, and I worshiped ... and you're going to do the same. My prayer is that this CD will bring you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ." The album boasts notable special guests including Kim Burrell, Take 6, Rance Allen, long time Crouch vocalist, Tata Vega, fellow legendary artists Chaka Khan and Sheila E, and Pastor Marvin Winans who appears on the new single, "Let The Church Say Amen." Crouch is a key figure in the Christian Music movement. His songs have been performed by church choirs, musical groups and artists around the world. He has won eight Grammy Awards, six GMA Dove Awards and received an Oscar nomination – among many other accolades. He was inducted into the GMA's Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1998. He currently serves as senior pastor at the New Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ in San Fernando, California – the church founded by his parents.

Andre Crouch


rammy Award winner and music legend Andrae Crouch has released THE JOURNEY – his first CD project in five years. The trend-setting album features 15 new songs and is available through Riverphlo

spotlightfemale gospel group


ith powerhouse vocals and energy that electrifies and empowers listeners, The Nevels Sisters aren't your typical gospel girl group. Offering a new style of gospel music dubbed "new traditional thump," the ladies are the latest gospel artists helping to redefine what the genre looks and sounds like in the contemporary era. Natives of Youngstown, Ohio, the group is made up of four biological sisters: Debra, Veneice, Gail and April. Their singing ministry dates back to their father's church, Nevels Temple Church of God in Christ, where as young girls they warmed the souls of his congregation, delivering their special brand of praise and worship. Now, The Nevels Sisters have landed their first major label deal and released It's My Time (MoLife Entertainment / Vicki Mack Lataillade / Lataillade Entertainment). The unique and energetic album features a sparkling showcase of the groups' mesmerizing talents. While comparisons to other gospel sister acts, like the famed Clark Sisters, are inevitable, The Nevels Sisters are excited to share what they uniquely bring to the gospel music landscape. "To be compared to the legendary Clark Sisters is an incredible honor," says April. "We certainly hope to do them proud as we walk down the road which they paved."

The Nevels Sisters


October / November 2011

The official nominees of the 2011 South Florida Gospel Music Awards The 2011 South Florida Gospel Music Awards will be held on November 4th - 5th, 2011 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The event honors some of the best independent Gospel groups, artists and others in the nation. Below are the official 2011 categories and nominees. The winners will be announced during the night of the event. For more information about this event, visit Hip Hop * Prodigal Son * ATIC (All That In Christ) * Redeem * Focus * William Wallace * CREAM * K. Robinson * Chosen Prince * Tawana * Evidence 322 * Christ Like Soldiers * Karim * Q Fyre * Konviction * TIO * J. Chase * Manifest * Tekulve Female Contemporary * Kebra * Tanya Dallas-Lewis * Batayah * Sherl Burke * Janelle Coleman * Kalila Foy * Ruth Goolsby * Gayla James * Rose Belk * Terri Bea * Dana Mackey * Jaynelle Traditional Female * Eunice Wright * Helen Miller * Elain Thomas * Monica Lisa Stevenson * Kim Boggerty * Pat Jackson * Sylvia Frederick * LaShawna Moore * Aquannette Chinnery * Zoretta Hopkins * Chiquita E. Green * Sunae Russell Male * Micah * BJ Williams * Nigel Lewis * Todd Dulaney * Chris Epps * Sir Princeton * Tony Polite * Mozel * Rahn Anthoni * Connail Johnson * Shannon Coleman * Joe Russell * Antrell Dirden * LaShawn Daniel * Kenny Andrews * V-Mac Contemporary Group

* Musical Affirmation of Christ * Donald Ashley & Millenium * LaNorris McFadden & PROOF * Nigel Lewis & Sound Mind * Daniel Mitchell & Hillel * James "Kelly" Fox & A Bunch of Friends * Brian Reeves & Heart of God * Valencia Brown & Royalty * Joyceland McCaster & Victorious Soul * Gary Hawkins & Joshua Generation * James Byrd & Testament of Praise * Brothers United

* Powerfied Youth, "Secret Prayer" Best Gospel Youth Performance * CJ Ballance * Kim Person, "Speak Life" * Pure N Heart Teen * Batayah, "Simply BATAYAH" * Eva Sabiniano * Daniel Mitchell & Hillel, "The * Daniel Mitchell & Hillel Experience" * Level 8 * Rev. Dr. Emory Andrews & The Oxon Pastor/Church of the Year Hill High School Choir * Pastors Nathaniel & Cassandra * Powerfied Youth * Thomas County Middle School Paterson (New Life Outreach) Gospel Choir * Rev. Dr. Teneramie Jiminez (Wactor * Glorify God (G Phi G) Temple AME Zion Church) * Christ Like Soldiers * Pastor Marc Cooper (Cooper Radio Announcer of the Year Temple/Upper Room Ministries) Traditional Group * DJ Church Boy (WSWN) * Pastor Connail Johnson (New Hope * The Earth Angels * Nikki V (WEXY) Missionary Baptist Church) * The Apostles * Lady Cynthia Poitier (WJFP) * Pastor R.B. Thomas (The Life * The Heavenly Express * Cora Miles Jefferson (WRMQ) * The Lunsford Sisters * Jo Riley (WMBM) Church) * Michelle & The Lewis Singers * James Cleveland Jones (WCRM) * Pastor Xavier Jones ( Judah * The Ft. Lauderdale Spirituals * G-Wade (Honor & Glory Radio) * Spirit 2 Spirit * Jarvis Smith ( ) Christian Center) * Dr. Pastor Willett Mitchell (Judah * The Gospel Flirtations * New Generation Gospel Radio Station of the Year Worship Word Ministries) * The Inspired Catholic Voices * WMBM, Miami * The Sounds of Joshua Community * WCGL, Jacksonville, FL. Best Gospel Media/Social of the * WEXY, Ft. Lauderdale Praise Choir * JOY Gospel Radio, Daytona Beach Year * Christ Messengers * Gospel USA Magazine * WSWN, Belle Glade * Faithwalkn Faithful Broadcast * Gospel Now Song of the Year * Whose Report (The Lunsford * The Gospel News Magazine Best Gospel New Artist * South Florida Gospel News SFGN Sisters) * Kenny Andrews * Holy, Holy (LaShawna Moore) * The Gospel Times * Chris Epps * Victory (Micah) * B.J. Williams * Just Good (Tawana) Best Gospel Praise Dance of the * You're So Amazing (James Fox & A * Sherl Burke * 2nd Chance Year Bunch of Friends) * The Apostles * Prophetic Praiz * More (Chris Epps) * Karim * Tevin Gibson & Spiritual * Pulling Me Through (Todd Dulaney) * Jenelle Coleman * Still My Child (Terri Bea) Worshippers * Daniel Mitchell & Hillel * Winner In You (The Apostles) * Shabach Choral * Brian Reeves & Heart of God * Beauty From Ashes (Level 8) * PROOF Illustrated * Brothers United * Reign (B.J. Williams) * Kim Person * Eddie Green * Broken (Gayla James) * Iris Campbell * Forever Praise * WOW (Pure N Heart) * LaShawn Daniel * Chosen * Beautiful (Kebra) * Awakening (Brian Reeves & Heart of Best Gospel Album * Divine Dance * Anointed Worshippers God) * LaShawna Moore, "In Your Will" * Secret Prayer (Powerfied Youth) * Glorify God (G Phi G) * Tawana, "Global Love" * Elevations (V-Mac) * Divinity Dance * Chris Epps, "Here I Am" * Sherl Burke, "Faithful God" Choir of the Year * The Apostles, "Winner In You" Best Gospel Praise & Worship * South Miami Community Choir * Level 8, "The One" * Brian Reeves & Heart of God * Dexter Walker & Zion Movement * C.J. Ballance, "If God Said It" * The Gospel Flirtations * The Russell Delegation * Gayla James, "Broken" * Gary Hawkins & Joshua Generation * Level 8 * The Lunsford Sisters, "Praise On * The Miami Mass Choir * Musical Affirmation of Christ The Inside" * Pure N Heart * Antrell L. Dirden * Eva Sabiniano, "Born to Praise" * James Andrews & New Seasons * Eva Sabiniano * Brian Reeves & Heart of God, * Craig Hayes & The United Voices * Ruth Goolsby "Awakening" * Meachum Clark & True Purpose * Thomas County Middle School * James "Kelly Fox & A Bunch of * Powerfied Youth Gospel Choir * The Sounds of Joshua Community Friends, "The Best Gift" * Spirit 2 Spirit, "You Better Get * Level 8 Praise Choir Ready" * Todd Dulaney 13

October / November 2011

spotlightgospel radio programmer

radiostation playlists WREJ-AM 1540

Randy Johnson, Program Director & afternoon host at WREJ-AM 1540 Richmond, VA Randy Johnson is the Program Director and afternoon host at WREJ Rejoice 1540 in Richmond, VA. He is heard weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm. WREJ is the proud winner of the 2011 Crystal Mic Media Award for Gospel Radio Station of the Year, presented in Tampa, FL on August 18th, 2011 by the national Gospel Announcers Guild - GMWA. Randy says the achievement was truly a team effort – all the way from radio host Ed Stephens, Jr. (President of the Virginia GAG) to all of the listeners that voted. During Randy's tenure, WREJ has been nominated for a Stellar Gospel Music Award four years in a row. Earlier this year, Randy himself was nominated for Radio Announcer of The Year at the 2011 Rhythm of Gospel Awards held July 24th, 2011. Listen live to WREJ and/or view their live web cam at

308 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 643-0990 ext 23 Randy Johnson, PD & 3 pm - 6 pm host

(305) 769-1100 Greg Cooper, PD / Operations Ass’t

October / November 2011

“24 hours / all gospel / 8,000 watts” Listen live: - October 2011 1. Dorinda Clark Cole / Back To You 2. Kirk Franklin / I Smile 3. Earnest Pugh / I Need Your Glory 4. Donald Lawrence / Your Righteous Mind 5. Ricky Dillard & New G / God Is Great 6. Norman Hutchins / You Don't Know 7. Maurette Brown Clark / I Hear The Sound 8. Eunice Wright / I Want God To Get The Glory 9. Le'Andria Johnson / Jesus 10. Rance Allen / Holy One 11. Isaac Carree / In The Middle 12. Luther Barnes / Yet Love 13. Tanya Dallas-Lewis / The Greatest 14. Dale Ciceron / Get Up 15. Theresa Pinkney / Great Jehovah 16. John P. Kee / Determined 17. Rob Mercer / Amazingly 18. Fred Hammond / Awesome God 19. Eddie Ruth Bradford / Jesus Is Coming Back 20. Shirlene Jackson / WOW

WTOY-AM 1480 504 23rd Street NW Roanoke, VA 24017 (540) 344-9869 Carter Garrett, PD/MD/a.m. host

“6 a.m. - 12 mid / 7 days / 5,000 watts”

“24 hours / 5,000 watts” Listen live: - October 2011 1. Earnest Pugh / I Need Your Glory 2. Kirk Franklin / I Smile 3. Trin-i-tee 5:7 f/ PJ Morton / Over & Over 4. Smokie Norful f/ Myron Butler & The 12th District AME Mass Choir / Sunday Morning Medley 5. Kim Burrell / Sweeter 6. Maurette Brown Clark / I Hear The Sound (Of Victory) 7. Richard Smallwood & Vision / Trust Me 8. Dorinda Clark-Cole / Back To You 9. J Moss / The Prayers 10. Ricky Dillard & New G / God Is Great 11. Yolanda Adams / Be Still 12. 21:03 / Still Here 13. Brockington Ensemble / Lord Let Your Will Be Done 14. Sounds Of Blackness f/ Jamecia Bennett / Fly Again 15. Le'Andria Johnson / Jesus 16. New Birth Cathedral Choir / New Birth 17. Mary Mary / Survive 18. Dr. Emory Andrews And Oxon Hill High School Choir / The Storm Is Passing Over 19. William McDowell / I Won't Go Back 20. Zacardi Cortez f/ John P. Kee / One More Time

1413 Evans Street, #D, Greenville, NC 27834 / (252) 931-9328 Reggie Richardson, PD

”24 hours / 10,000 watts” Listen live: - October 2011 1. Rance Allen Group / Holy One 2. Earnest Pugh / I Need Your Glory 3. Mary Mary / Survive 4. The Nevels Sisters / It's My Time 5. Israel Houghton / Love God, Love People 6. Elaine Norwood / I'll Say Yes 7. Angela Hearns / Declaration Of Praise 8. Kevin G - The Music Maker / Constantly 9. Sounds Of Blackness / Fly Again (Rap Version) 10. Myesha Chaney / I Came To Lift Him 11. Carlton Singers / Bless The Lord 12. Deitrick Haddon / Power 13. Ocie Jackson / Sing Your Name 14. Ebony Baskin / Try Him 15. Moses Tyson, Jr. / I Can See Clearly Now 16. Monica Lisa Stevenson / Hold On 17. Kendall King / Faithful 18. Alycia Levels / Joy 19.Tanya Dallas-Lewis / When He Calls Your Name 20. Kim Burrell / Sweeter

WMBM-AM 1490 13242 N.W. 7th Avenue North Miami, FL 33168

WECU-AM 1570

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

- October 2011 Kirk Franklin / I Smile The Rance Allen Group f/ Paul Porter / You That I Trust Deitrick Haddon / Well Done Mississippi Mass Choir / God Made Me Beverly Crawford / It's About Time For A Miracle VaShawn Mitchell / Nobody Greater Marvin Sapp / He Has His Hands On You Wes Morgan / I Choose To Worship Smokie Norful f/ Myron Butler & the 12th District AME Mass Choir / Sunday Morning Medley

10. The Soul Seekers f/ Marvin Winans, Jr. / It's All God 11. Ricky Dillard & New G / God Is Great 12. Norman Hutchins / God Is Able 13. Trin-i-tee 5:7 / Over & Over 14. Earnest Pugh / I Need Your Glory 15. Richard Smallwood / Trust Me 16. Mary Mary / Walking 17. Elaine Norwood / I'll Say Yes 18. Shirley Murdock / Dream 19. Troy Sneed / My Heart Says Yes 20. Forever Jones / He Wants It All 14

WBYE-AM 1370 P.O. Box 301, Montevallo, AL 35115 (205) 668-6430 or 205-665-2972 James Tolbert, Mgr. / Eugena King, host

“24 hours / all Gospel” - September 2011 Evelyn Turrentine-Agee / Work It Out The Amber Singers / I Got To Run Robert Lee, Jr. & Friends / For The Record The Marble City Singers / Can't Stop Now La Toya Liberty / I Got Jesus On My Mind Kedron Montgomery & Tiara Browner / Celebrate 7. Richard Smallwood & Vision / Trust Me 8. Charles & Gwen Sawyer / What A Wonderful Change 9. John P. Kee f/ Rance Allen / Blessings 10. Chicago Mass Choir / Mighty Good God 11. The Williams Brothers f/ Tim Rogers, Lisa Knowles & Stan Jones / Use Me 12. Jackson Southernaires / God Is On My Side 13. Mississippi Mass Choir / God Made Me 14. The Soul Seekers / It's All God 15. Beverly Crawford / It's About Time 16. Dorothy Lovecoat / Step Back 17. Dottie Peoples / Live In Memphis 18. Gospel USA Magazine's Compilation CD Vol 10 (entire) / Various Artists 19. Tye Tribbett / Keep Me 20. Tonya Baker / Miracles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

moreplaylists WFSK-FM 88.1 1000 17th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37208 (615) 329-8754 Xuam “The Xman” Lawson / PD & host of “Real Gospel with The Xman” “700 watts / located on the campus of Fisk University” Listen live: - October 2011 1. Trin-i-tee 5:7 / Over & Over 2. Montell Jordan / Shake Heaven 3. Myron Butler & Levi / Bless The Lord 4. Kebra / Beautiful 5. Kirk Franklin / I Smile 6. Darlene McCoy / I Shall Live And Not Die 7. Shirley Murdock / Dream 8. Deitrick Haddon / Well Done 9. Tracy Bell / Ain't Gon Cry 10. Lawrence Thomison & Wes Morgan / Yes God Is Real 11. DeWitt Johnson / Down Home Church 12. Shree Newman Isabell / Thirsty 13. Everlasting Souljas / He'll Make A Way 14. Joshua's Troop / Right Now I'm Saved 15. Todd Curry & Focus / Lord Save Me 16. Yolanda Adams / Be Still 17. Le'Andria Johnson / Jesus 18. Todd Dulaney / Pulling Me Through 19. Rance Allen / You That I Trust 20. Andrae Crouch / Let The Church Say Amen

RAYMANNINGSINGERS.COM P.O. Box 24556, Kansas City, MO 64131 / (816) 255-2473 or 816-352-6601

Ray & Raymond Manning, hosts “24 Hour Internet Gospel Music & Ministry” Listen live: - October 2011 1. Isaac Carree / Uncommon Me 2. Minister L-Ma King / Now Is The time 3. Norman Hutchins / Praise Break 4. Dorinda Clark Cole / He Brought Me 5. Ray Manning Singers / Lord We Praise you 6. Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir / He Done Well 7. Steflnia Stone Frierson / I won't Turn Back 8. Cathy Hernandez Brown / Thank You Lord 9. Lonnie Hunter / The Holy Ghost Is Coming 10. Lisa Page Brooks / Strong 11. Virtuous Angela Thomas / You Are 12. Kim Burrell / Pray For Love 13. Valerie Rankins / I Want To Testify 14. Gospel USA Magazine's Compilation CD Vol 10 (entire) / Various Artists 15. Chicago Mass Choir / He That Believeth 16. Cynthia M. Eubanks / Your season 17. Deitrick Haddon / Voices Of Unity 18. Lowell Pye / He'll Make A Way 19. Chris & Kyle / Higher Power 20. Sir Princeton / Signs Of The times

GLORYLANDGOSPEL.COM P.O. Box 25567 Columbia, SC 29224 (803) 730-6295 “Online Gospel Quartet Website” Web: - October 2011 1. The Sensational Nightingales / You Will Never Find A Friend Like Jesus 2. The Eternal Light Singers / Power Lord 3. Rance Allen Group / What He's Done For Me 4. The Legendary Singing Stars / Feeling Good 5. The Blind Boys of Alabama / Stand By Me 6. The Jackson Sisters / Take It To Jesus 7. Paul Beasley & The Gospel Keynotes / Oh, The Blood 8. Dr. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds / One More Day 9. The Mighty Clouds of Joy / I Made A Step 10. The Brooklyn AllStars / I Found A Friend 11. Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson & The Spiritual Voices / Don't You Wait 12. Glorious / I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray 13. Anointed Brown Sisters / Hallelujah 14. The Anointed Brothers of Flint, Michigan / It Could Have Been Me 15. The Starlights / Nobody But Jesus 16. Quartet Blockbuster, Volume 1 / Hallelujah 17. Evelyn Turrentine-Agee / Work It Out 18. The Williams Singers / Be Right There 19. Simply Alexis (Jones) / If You Pray 20. The Reel Brothers / Tell Jesus

WRSU-FM 88.7 P.O. Box 1633, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 (732) 762-0317 “The Audio Light Club” program Roland K. Syria, host “Saturdays, 2 am - 6 am and Mondays 6 pm - 8 pm”

Listen live:

- October 2011 1. Minister Steve / Lift Up Hands / Blue Rain 2. Marc Danyell / Keep On Praising 3. The Nevels Sisters / It's My Time 4. Darren "Deac" Edwards / Wave Your Hands 5. Allexis / My Name Is Allexis 6. Remix / Talk About Him 7. Kiwi / My Resting Place 8. Twinkie Clark / God's Got A Blessing 9. Marjane / Give God His Praises 10. Ambassador / Up Down 11. 21:03 / Winner 12. Martha Munizzi / Excellent 13. Rhyze / Fired Up 14. Angela Hearns / Declaration Of Praise 15. Sonny Rivera / At The Foot Of The Cross 16. Rev. Timothy Wright Memorial Choir / He Is Lord 17. Lynntesha Roberts / Jesus Is The Best Thing 18. Andrae Crouch / Let The Church Say Amen 19. Patrick Dopson / Keep Me 20. Dr. E. Andrews & Tohhsc / Gerald Albright / The Storm Is Passing Over

WQVE-FM 101.7

WVOT-AM 1420

1104 W Broad Avenue

Geri Kidd-Brown, PD / Pastor P & T Ellison, hosts

Listen live:

Albany, GA 31707 (229) 888-5000 ext. 0 New address: 2860 Ward Blvd., #B Paulette "Ms. P" Thornton (Da Queen), host Wilson, NC 27893 (252) 243-1420 “4 am - 6 am M-F & 6 am - 10 am Sun / 6,000 watts”

“24 hours / 1,000 watts” - September 2011 1. Dorinda Clark-Cole / Back To You 2. Isaac Carree / Fill This Place 3. Smokie Norful / Sunday Medley 4. Donald Lawrence / Spiritual 5. Wes Morgan / You Gave Me Hope 6. John P. Kee / The Legacy project 7. The Detroit Quartets On Parade / Volume 1 8. Bishop Herbert Williams & The Joyful Uplifters / What A Mighty God 9. Calvin Suggs / Do Nothing 10. Yolanda Adams / Be Still 11. Israel Houghton / Love God, Love People 12. Mary Mary / Walking 13. Deitrick Haddon / Well Done 14. Troy Sneed / My Heart Says Yes 15. Kirk Franklin / I Smile 16. Trin-i-tee 5:7 / Over And Over 17. Earnest Pugh / I Need Your Glory 18. Ricky Dillard & New G / God Is Great 19. Marvin Sapp / Hands On You 20. James Fortune & Fiya / I believe 15

- October 2011 1. Karen Washington f/ Ms. P. / I've Been Changed 2. Karen Washingston & The New Singing Stars / Soldiers Of The Cross 3. Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas / Change 4. Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas / Happy 5. The Concert Supemes / I Want To Thank You 6. Doc Mckenzie & The Hi-lites / My Time My Turn 7. The Brooklyn Allstars / I Found A Friend 8. The Echoaires / I'm Looking 9. The Eternal Light Singers / It Took Jesus 10. The Christian Angels / Praise Your Name 11. Win Thompkins & The Stompers / What's In Your Hand 12. Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires / Yet Love 13. Lil Blair & The Fantastic Heirs / Yes 14. Castro Coleman / Looking For A Love 15. The Sensational Nightingales / Not Until He Calls Me Home 16. Blest By Four / Blessed 17. The Swanee Quintet / Stumble & Fall 18. The Gospel Legends / When I Get In Glory 19. Reginald Funderburke & The Anointed Temples / He Brought Me 20. The Sharper Singers / Eternal Life October / November 2011

The Palmers & Rev. Norah Banks, Jr. are Back To Bless You Again with their latest CD entitled...

"I Can't Go Back" Featured cuts: * I Can't Go Back * I'm Moving On * Only You * Oh What A Friend Available at and

Listen to "I Can't Go Back" on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, Track #8

The Palmers are Freeman and Alice Palmer with Rev. Norah Banks, Jr.. Their hot, new CD is now available. For radio copies, booking and more information, contact F and A Production, P.O. Box 1154, Springhill, LA 71075. Telephone: 318-994-2318, 318-707-3544 or 318-707-4069, or send e-mail to

Listen to "It's Christmas Time" on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track #3

October / November 2011


Gospel USA Magazine’s National

Top30 Independent Gospel Songs Chart

ATTENTION RADIO PROGRAMMERS: This chart is Gospel USA Magazine’s choice for the top 30 new Gospel songs from independent labels and artists from across the USA. We recommend you give these products some play. Only products which were critiqued by us and passed our high standards for quality are listed. (See the footnote below). Kenny Andrews

October / November 2011

1. "So Amazing" by Kenny Andrews (of Spokane, Washington) (New Creation Records, Inc.) 509-869-6559 2. "Beautiful" by Kebra (of Menifee, California) (Mokeb Entertainment) 951-490-5003 3. "Be Encouraged" by The Sounds Of Joshua Community Praise Choir (of Annapolis, MD) (independent) 443-603-3737 Debut )4.


16. "Lord We Need You" by The Southern Sons of Memphis (of Memphis, Tennessee) (SOME Records) 901-795-1945 Debut )17.

"Double Minded" by Vernon Little (of Bronx, New York) (independent) 347-276-4925

18. "More Than A Conqueror" by Great Wind Sounds of Trumpets (of New Britain, CT) (Tate Music Group) 203-768-3349

"Wait On The Lord" by The Singing Pastors of Piscataway (of Piscataway, NJ) (Game Entertainment) 732-235-0380

19. "Blessed By The Best" by God's Chosen Ones (of Birmingham, Alabama) (independent) 205-531-8445

5. "I Sing" by Brothers United (of Atlanta, Georgia) (Righteous Vibe Records, LLC) 404-308-8400

20. "Real Woman" by Israel Davis (of Fayetteville, North Carolina) (independent) 910-229-5159

Debut )6.

"I Give You Praise" by Peyton Bailey (of Morrow, Georgia) (Lamp Music) 770-960-6200

Debut )7.

21. "Winner In You" by The Apostles (of Miami, Florida) (One Soul Entertainment) 305-338-6160

"I Can't Go Back" by The Palmers & Rev. Norah Banks, Jr. (of Springhill, Louisiana) (F and A Production) 318-994-2318

22. "Jesus Is Alive" by Karen Washington & The New Singing Stars (of Bainbridge, GA) (Dream Reality Records) 229-246-6731

8. "God Is Love" by The Inspired Catholic Voices (of Pittsburg, California) (Five Point One Records) 925-698-2670

23. "Genuine" by Henry "Da' Gatherer" Beach (of Defuniak Springs, Florida) (PBX Music Group, Inc.) 850-307-7769

9. "Yochi" (Afro-Asian Praise) by The Bible Faith Remnant (of Oakland, Calif.) (Family Faith Music) 510-379-0647

24. "Way Of Escape" by Terri Cann (of Queens, New York) (independent) 347-433-5530

Debut )10.

"It's Christmas Time" by Martha & The Heavenly Sounds (of Long Island, New York) (independent) 516-425-6939

25. "Heaven Sent" by Radical (of Miami, Florida) (independent) 786-752-1051

11. "He Loves Me" by Karan (of West Palm Beach, Florida) (K-Tel Productions) 561-900-8797

26. "Secret Place" by Jai Reed f/ Bishop Lester Love (of New Orleans, Louisiana) (TLR Entertainment) 313-207-5786

Debut )12.

"Don't Judge My Praise" by Cynthia Smith-Sneed (of Houston, Texas) (Lavacyka Records) 713-530-0691

27. "Nobody But Jesus" by The Starlights (of Los Angeles, California) (HB Records) 562-572-4408

13. "Now I Understand" by Hope Rogers f/ Rainbow Israel (of Baltimore, Maryland) (Life Or Death Records) 443-986-1559

28. "Back 2 The Streets (I Don't Think So)" by H. Metcalf (of Dallas, Texas) (New Voice Distribution) 217-766-5175

14. "Fired Up" by Rhyze (of Jersey City, New Jersey) (Game Entertainment) 732-235-0380

29. "Don't Faint" by Dr. Ruth Singletary f/ Elder Marlon Stokes & Victorious Praise (WEDC Records) 347-346-8365

Debut )15.

"Havin' Church" by Minister C.L. Johnson / The Flint Cavaliers (of Flint, Michigan) (independent) 763-647-4212

K-Tel Productions presents "The New Voice of the South"

karan Check out her new single, "He Loves Me" Karan's multiple-award-nominated CD, Love Lifted Me, is still available at select retail locations nationwide or worldwide online at Also, both versions of her Love Lifted Me video will begin airing in October 2011. For more information, booking, radio & TV show copies – call Isaiah Clark at 561.900.8797 or visit

30. "Victorious" by Lonzo (of Raleigh, North Carolina) (Jozaz Entertainment) 919-323-5820

Procedure for critiquing products: A score of 1 to 10 points are awarded in each of ten ratings categories (sound quality, vocal ability, musicianship, CD cover design, packaging, etc.). The points are totaled and the 30 songs which receive the most points are listed numerically on the chart. There is a one-time fee of only $125 to have a song critiqued by us ($75 with purchase of any size ad), but paying the fee does not guarantee the song will make the chart. Making the chart is achieved solely on the merits of the song itself. Each song which makes the chart is also listed on our web site along with a link to its web site, if available, so that our readers can sample the song. To obtain a critique of YOUR song, just send us the song with payment. 17

October / November 2011

"14th Annual Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards"

The 14th Annual Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards invites all gospel groups and artists from across the country to participate in this prestigious event. Groups * Choirs * Soloists Praise Dancers * Gospel Rappers * Special Guest Artists – TBA (Three Days of Total Praise)

February 16th - 18th, 2012 in Houston, TX For details, sponsorship and vendor opportunities, call (281) 935-3573 (After Five Attire on Saturday Night Only) co-sponsored in part by


Meet the 2011 GMWA Quartet Quest Contest winners

Tallie Rogers


On August 16th - 17th, 2011, the Gospel Music Workshop of America's Quartet Division held its annual Quartet Quest Contest during the GMWA's 44th Annual National Convention in Tampa, Florida. The event featured upcoming gospel quartets in competition. Here is a brief introduction to two of the winners of that contest.

erek Smith of Tampa, Florida was the 3rd place winner. Derek is known for being an electrifying powerhouse, full of the anointing, with stage presence that is just captivating. Currently, he has two albums, "Just As I Am" and "Let's Have Church." The first album featured many favorites, including "Change" and the second album features his new hit, "Call Him."

Derek has produced several projects for other artists, commercials for radio stations, and written scores for stage plays. He was crowned the grand champion of Disney's American Idol and Exclessisa Gospel Showcase. PBS was happy to have him host a Doo Wop Special, and just recently he and his family appeared on "The Family Feud" with celebrity host Steve Harvey. This young man is on fire and is on his way to the top.


allie Rogers of Blytheville, Arkansas was the 2nd place winner. Music has been a part of Tallie's life since she was a child. She is the daughter of the late Bishop T.J. Rogers and Prophetess Tallie Ann Rogers. On July 10th, 2010, She released her first CD entitled, "I'm Healed," at Prince of Peace Church in Blytheville, where she is currently serving as one of the Worship Leaders. She has been a member there all of her life.

If you would like to book "The Derek Smith Experience" or secure some of his music, contact SKD Entertainment, 1002 North Oregon Avenue, Ta m p a , F L 3 3 6 0 7 . Telephone: 813-900-5522 or e-mail: skdentertainment@ You can also visit and become his friend at w w w. F a c e b o o k . c o m / dereksmithtampa.

Tallie has had the opportunity to sing background vocals for God's Property, Barbara Mitchell, Dorinda Clark Cole and Tye Tribbett – just to name a few. She has had the opportunity to grace many stages and travel to many cities. Her goal is to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ – Who can save and deliver us all. For booking or copies, call 870-623-7024 or visit October / November 2011


Derek Smith

gospelcalendar of events Oct. 28th - 29th, 2011: D o n n i e McClurkin's Perfecting Music Conference will be held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, 400 North Olive Street, D a l l a s , Te x a s Donnie McClurkin (daytime events) and at Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, 1233 State Highway 66, Garland, Texas (evening events). For more details, visit or call 615-824-0935.

October 28th, 2011: J Michael (PD) invites everyone to attend WXOK Radio's 58th Year Anniversary to be held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The event will feature Maurette Brown-Clark, Lisa Page-Brooks, Myron Butler & Levi, Isaiah D. Thomas and many more. The event will be streamed live on the Internet from start to finish (web address TBA after all tickets are gone). For details, visit or send email to November 4th - 5th, 2011: The 2011 South Florida Gospel Music Awards will be held at Covenant Centre International, 9153 Roan Lane, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403. See more details and opportunities at or call Peppi Hendrix at 561-853-8300. November 11th, 2011: The University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida presents a night of celebration with Bishop Paul Morton and Bishop Hezekiah Walker. To be held at The Faith Center, 5555 NW 95th Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33351. Details at November 24th - 26th, 2011: The Texas Gospel Announcers Guild - GMWA presents their 22nd Anniversary Celebration at the Crowne Plaza A.N.C. Hotel, 6121 North I-35, Austin, TX 78752. Performing artists include The Nevels Sisters, Norman Hutchins, Moses Tyson, Jr., Chester Baldwin, Blair and many others. For more information, visit December 2nd, 2011: The Life in the Spirit Awards will be held at the Holiday Inn Overland Park West, 8787 Reeder, Overland Park, Kansas. 7 pm. The event is an awards recognition celebration to honor individuals who have honored God through their lives, ministries and tireless efforts to advance the Kingdom of God. The night will feature live performances by artist Peyton Bailey and others. For more information, visit January 14th, 2012: The 27th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards will be held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Tickets for the general public (when available) will be

Bishop Paul Morton


The Nevels Sisters

exclusively from TicketMaster (1-800-733-6779 or For a list of the 2012 nominees, presenters and more information, visit January 17th - 21st, 2012: The 20th Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention will be held in historic Birmingham, Alabama. For registration and more information, call Rev. George W. Stewart at 205-798-4093. February 16th - 18th, 2012: The 11th Annual Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards will be held in Houston, Texas. For details, see our ad on page 18 of this issue or call Pastor Larry Davies at 281-935-3573.

March 20th - 23rd, 2012: The 2012 Board Meeting of the Gospel Music Workshop of America will be held at Town & Country Resorts, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108. For details, visit April 1st, 2012: Gospel USA Magazine will release its popular, semi-annual Gospel music compilation CD series entitled, Artist Favorites, Volume 12. For info on how to have your original Gospel song included on this nationally-distributed CD, call 305-234-8689.

April 2012: The National Association of Gospel Promoters, Managers, Radio & TV Personalities 14th Annual Conference and Black-Tie Gala will be held in Atlanta, GA. For details, call Minister Barbara McLaughlin (NAGPM President & Founder) at 267-980-2079. May 2012: The North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild GMWA presents their 2012 Convention. For registration, hotel, showcase and vendor information as it becomes available, visit

July 7th - 13th, 2012: The 2012 National Convention of the Gospel Music Workshop of America will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. For registration information, visit

For more events, visit 19

PRODUCT SERVICE REQUESTED K-Tel Productions invites all Gospel labels and independent Gospel artists to submit your latest musical release for free airplay consideration on their upcoming new radio show, Karan's House Of Music. Postal mail submissions are accepted or you can send an mp3 or EPK file or link. For show details, contact Isaiah Clark at 561-900-8797 or send your file or link to PRODUCT SERVICE REQUESTED Veteran radio host and local gospel promoter Vincent Morton is seeking independent and major gospel groups and artists to interview and play their music on his radio show, The Vincent Morton Gospel Hour. The show airs weekdays 5 am - 8 am on WAIF 88.3 FM. Send inquiries and music product to Vincent Morton, WAIF 88.3 FM, 3574 Rock Acres Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45211 or call him at 513-961-8900 (work) or 513 662-6210 (home). The station streams live 24/7 and can be heard worldwide on the Internet at PRODUCT SERVICE REQUESTED Goldsboro, NC's only black-owned and operated radio station, AM 1300 WSSG is requesting quality product from all Gospel sources. Send to: WSSG, attn: Reggie Swinson, 116 West Mulberry Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530. Telephone 919-734-1300. WANT TO PERFORM IN HOUSTON, TX? If your quartet gospel group (male or female) is passing through or just want to minister in Houston, Texas in the near future – you are invited to contact Mike Robertson, a member of the Stellar-Award nominated group, Endurance – and also a part of the Texas-based gospel promotion company called Unity Love Tour. Reach Mike at 832-8811586 or send e-mail to NEED A DIGITAL OR ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT? Every serious gospel group or artist should have a digital press kit (DPK) or Electronic Press Kit (EPK) so you can get your products or information into the hands of your clients fast. Get yours FREE! Visit

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ADVERTISING DEADLINE The advertising deadline for our Dec 2011 / Jan 2012 issue is Nov 25th, 2011 - if ad space is still available. The issue will be distributed nationally to Gospel movers, shakers, fans and more. Don't miss out. To place your ad, call 305-234-8689. October / November 2011



Here’s where to reach your favorite Gospel music industry sources via the Internet. To advertise your web site here (only $15 per issue, 2 issue minimum), call 305-234-8689. TEXAS GAG - GMWA VIRGINIA GAG - GMWA WISCONSIN GAG - GMWA



96.1 KRTG / GOSPELVIBEZRADIO.COM (Carson) Connecticut WJRG GOSPEL INSPIRATIONS (West Haven) Illinois SYNERGY 1 RADIO (Chicago) adio?site=pro Louisiana FAITH CITY RADIO (Patterson) KGRR RADIO (New Orleans) Missouri RAY MANNING SINGERS Broadcasting Network (KC) North Carolina REJOICE AMERICA RADIO (Greenville) Oklahoma KCLR GOSPEL GLOBAL RADIO (Oklahoma City)


Tune in to

GAME Entertainment



The Singing Pastors of Piscataway



on their sophomore CD,


24 Hour Gospel Music & Praise

Listen to the cut, "Wait On The Lord," on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track #5

They have done it again!! The Singing Pastors of Piscataway (NJ) are back with a new album which packs a spiritual punch. All About Jesus contains 13 anointed tracks which reminds us of the awesome relationship we can have with Him when we choose salvation. The Singing Pastors are: Pastor Linwood Rouse (Macedonia OFW Baptist Church), Pastor Kenneth L. Saunders, Sr. (North Stelton AME Church), Pastor Alfred Dingle (Memorial Baptist Church) and Deacon Calvin Williams (First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens). Their musicians are Jerry Johnson, H.R. Terrell, John Webb and Mike Westbrooks.

Ray Manning Singers Broadcasting Network is reaching souls across the world. Hosted by The Manning Brothers, Ray & Raymond Manning - the popular Internet station plays the best in Gospel music & ministry 24 hours / 7 days. Their studio telephone line is open 7 days from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET for “live” call-in for prayer, announcements, artist interviews, song requests and more -- all free of charge! Call 816-255-2473 or 816-352-6601. New music is welcome! Send music for consideration to P.O. Box 24556, Kansas City, MO 64131. E-mail: To listen to the station, log on at any time to Ad spots are available.

For radio or retail copies of All About Jesus and more details, contact GAME, c/o Paul Kyser at 732-235-0380, 732-247-9733 or send e-mail to October / November 2011


"Power For Living" by T.D. Jakes. How often have you cried out to God, why? Why do I struggle? Why do I have problems? Why don't people understand me? The answer: Because you are anointed! Author T.D. Jakes writes, "I used to have the wrong notion that when you are really anointed, you no longer have problems or rough times. But you show me anybody who's really Holy Ghost anointed, and I'll show you somebody who cried in the middle of the night and suffered all night long, wondering where is God." This book will help you discover how to be victorious in those times – and in life. ISBN: 9780768428384. Price: $29.99. To order, visit "Overcoming Crisis" by Myles Munroe. You can thrive in crisis! The current prolonged season of war and worldwide economic crisis has created countless personal crisis. Unemployment, foreclosures, threats and fears loom – and Christians are not exempt. Myles Munroe teaches how to overcome any crisis by applying the sure wisdom and the time-tested principles of the Kingdom of God – with special attention to God's original command to be fruitful and take dominion over the earth's resources. ISBN: 978-0768430523. $15.99.

bookreleases Literature available from major and independent authors

Attention authors: To have your recently released or soon-tobe released book listed here, call us at 305-234-8689 for rates. "Women Moving In The Right Direction - Navigating Your Way To Success" by Dr. Diane Clark. In this age of technology, there are many options to find travel directions – GPS, cell phone, Google, MapQuest, etc.. But, at some point, you may find that technology is imperfect. It is impossible to navigate your way to the destination that God has planned for you without the right directions! This book illustrates how women can navigate their way to success using simple, yet effective techniques. Dr. Clark's practical insight walks you through God's Word. ISBN: 978-0-9715548-5-6. Order at "You Are An Overcomer" by Dr. Carl Bentley, pastor of 26 years. This Charismatic guide to Christian spiritual disciplines (274 pages) covers topics such as healing, how shouting causes Satan to loose your circumstances, musical ministry to the Lord, warfare by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, engrafting God's Word into your heart, winning the war of the flesh by fasting, and tongues as an indicator of Holy Spirit infilling. A model prayer and a bibliography for worship and spiritual warfare is provided. A good resource for growing Christians and also for pastors. ISBN: 978 0 88144 258 8. "In Bed With A Snake" by Linda Bridgewater Johnson. A brave woman's journey by faith! Have you been in a toxic relationship or marriage while hiding behind a church persona? Are you wrestling with sexual immorality as a believer? Have you been married or in a relationship with someone on the down-low? If so, this candid book can help you. As you turn each page, the Holy Spirit will reveal how God allowed Author Linda B. Johnson to wander in the wilderness for over 30 years before purging and delivering her from sexual immorality. This book comes complete with an Advice Guide and points of power for every member of the family. Winner: 2010 Black Essence Inc. "Excellent Book" Award. ISBN: 978-0982022146. Price $13.99. To order:

"Understanding the Prophetic 101: Rudimentary Truths & Principles For Understanding the Prophetic Officer" by Bobbie Clark-Alexander, M.Ed., MA-HSC, BS. Through this Workbook & DVD, Bobbie carefully explores the scripture to bring understanding of fundamental teachings of the prophet for the local church and globe today. Much clarity is brought to the most misunderstood of the Ephesians 4:11 office gifts. Bobbie shares her 18+ years of prophetic training. $40 incl s/h. Order today at "Treasures" by Shantrice Hadley-Burns. A poetic sojourn that gives readers a moment to think of their self-worth. In this Xlibris release, Hadley-Burns shares a collection of poetry inspired by God the Almighty. This collection features poems on love, intimacy, transition, inspiration, and empowerment. With each verse comes a new realization and sense of self that will lead the reader to a new path. Treasures can easily become one's daily spiritual nourishment. Hadley-Burns invites everyone to read this astonishingly inspirational book of poetry to find their own personal treasure. For more information and to order, log on to or

Available for: concerts, conferences, weddings, special events For artist information and orders, visit or For radio copies and booking, call 254-379-8665. Listen to the title cut, "Look At Me Now" on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track #13.


October / November 2011

Cynthia Smith-Sneed


Don't Judge My Praise

Listen to "Don't Judge My Praise" on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, Track #14

...the hot cut from her CD, "S.U.G.A. 2 MY SOUL"

Houston, TX-based Gospel songstress Cynthia Smith-Sneed has a message for all judgmental people around the world – don't judge my praise! This is also the title of her latest single. Hear it on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD in this issue. For radio copies of all of Cynthia's music and booking, call 713-530-0691 or send e-mail to Become her friend at / Cynthia Smith Sneed.




Arnetta Yancey & New Beginning Check out Arnetta Yancey & New Beginning of Warrenton, NC on their inspirational new CD entitled, God Will Not Fail. Their anointed sounds will take you back to church. For online orders, visit bookstore/music.php. For radio copies, booking or mail orders, contact McDonald Yancey at 252-257-6719 or visit Hear their cut, Lord You Done Too Much, on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD, track #10.

The Internationally-known, multiple-awards-nominated Sounds of Joshua Community Praise Choir of Annapolis, Maryland will present their 17th Annual Christmas Celebration, "Pure Praise," on Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, 2 Hicks Avenue, Annapolis, MD. Time: 4 p.m.. Free will offering. Contact TSOJ at 443-603-3737 or visit



Carolyn Moore


With a powerful, prophetic new sound, Carolyn Moore of Nashville, TN reaches out to her generation as well as the younger generation in her Contemporary Urban Gospel album, Shadow of the Almighty. The album features eight exciting cuts. For radio service and retail orders, visit or call 888-361-9473. For artist information and booking, call 615-390-8430 or send e-mail to Listen to Shadow of the Almighty on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD, track #16.

"Voice of Heaven"

on her album,


Experience the anointed, soulful sounds of veteran Gospel singer / songwriter Shirlene Jackson. Shirlene is a resident of New Edinburg, Arkansas and has been singing for many years. For copies of Wow or booking, call 870-3527877 or log on to www.shirlene Hear the cut, Wow, on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track #11.

October / November 2011


Vernon Little is set to release new CD, "A New Beginning"

Check out... Hip Hop Gospel Artists - Brittney and Darius Rittenberry on their debut Gospel CD entitled, "We Made It"

Christian rap artist Vernon Little's "A New Beginning" is a telling, encouraging and fun compilation of songs that takes the listener on a journey through life's struggles. It includes the popular singles, "Double Minded" and "Proverbs."

P.O. Box 72157 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407 205.887.3042 or 205.499.2067 Manager: Sonjilyn Benn

Vernon is a resident of Bronx, NY and has been rapping, writing and recording off and on since 1985. He began with a group in 1985 called Def Duo and was with them until 1989 when he decided to go solo. Today, he is on the fast track to becoming a successful, nationally-known Christian Hip Hop artist. To view his current videos, search at

Brittney and Darius Rittenberry grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL. They believe that God has a specific plan and purpose for their lives. The brother and sister duo are members of Living Word Church in Livingston, AL and their primary focus is to magnify the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are on a mission to provide youth and teens everywhere with innovative messages of faith through their music. "Youth and teens today are thirsty and hungry for the Word of God. My brother and I are providing a creative way for them to use their gifts and talents to magnify the Lord," says Brittney. Contact Brittney and Darius and order a copy of their new CD or book them at your next event. Partner with them as they empower youth everywhere to put on the whole armor of God, quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and live a Godly life style.

A New Beginning will be released on 11/08/11. To order radio and retail copies at that time, call Tate Music Group at 1-888-3619473 or visit their web site at For more artist information and booking, call Vernon Little at 347-276-4925 o r v i s i t w w w. s o n i c b i d s . c o m / vernonlittle. Listen to Double Minded on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track 17. Rock of Ages Records presents

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Wa'Dell Jones

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Veteran singer / songwriter Wa'Dell Jones' new album, The Gospel Truth, is packed with soulful sounds and uplifting lyrics. The album will be released on 11/22/11 but is available now at re/book.php?w=847726002051,, and For artist info, visit or For radio service, contact Alex Russell @ Tate Music Group, 888-361-9473. Listen to "Praise The Lord" on Gospel USA Magazine's compilation CD Volume 11, track #12.

My sister died recently and I received several cash gifts. I was wondering if I need to tithe on the funds I received although they were gifts? Also, when I get paid, should I tithe on the net or on the gross? In my opinion, you should always tithe on the gross and not the net. Then when you receive your income tax refund, tithe on that, too. This is how you cause your blessings to compound. ... When you receive gifts, it comes to you as income, although you didn’t work for it. I think that we are blessed all the more when we are generous in our giving to the Lord. ... Although we can never pay God all that we owe, we want Him to return our investment pressed-down and running over. Continue to be blessed. – Dr. Carl [To read the entire answer, visit]

Revelation S.E.E.D.

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