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Useful guidelines specifying quantity surveyor’s task Quantity surveying is a profession, working for construction businesses. It requires advanced talents and skills in order to provide better services for the construction company. The location of work depend on your convenience, you can work either from office or on site to carry out specific operations. They work on preparing tax schedules and various other documentations for approval of buildings. Skills like common sense and presence of mind are required to solve problem which usually occurs during construction. Quantity surveyors are likely to be called as chartered surveyors once they get approved as a member of RICS (Royal institution for chartered surveyors). The surveyor’s main duty is to estimate proper plan and cost needed for constructing a building. Scheduler is responsible for all the expenses that has to takes place below the estimated cost. An efficient surveyor is said to manage all the planning process and to carry out services in a perfect manner under the estimated level. Only this kind of efficient surveyors gets certified by the RICS society. It’s an honorable membership given to surveyors who succeed in this field. This job came into existence during 19th century. A specialist named tradesman discovered this profession. He used to prepare standardized schedules for construction projects. His skills and achievements on surveying made him a popular quantity surveyor among all other fellow surveyors. A surveyor must produce cash flow data to enable a client to fix his resources in order to meet the contract specifications. Likewise there are many duties and responsibilities that every scheduler has to manage. But the major duty for the scheduler is to satisfy the basic needs and requirements of the customers. Similarly the tasks for the schedulers are huge. They possess varieties of tasks everyday in order to perform more efficiently. They need to meet many people who are in charge of various fields. The surveyor has to arrange client meetings to gather the preliminary level requirements to start the operations. Apart from client discussion, there are several other meetings which take place with designers, advocates, building managers and other in charge persons. After all those meetings and discussions, the surveyor will proceed for further processes that needs to takes place. Several major projects like power plant station, multiple floor buildings possess even more critical tasks that have to be worked out by the surveyor. Surveying task requires more time of working to face the end dates of the project. But it’s quite a strange thing for some experts who require only limited time to finish all the process needed to construct a building. But it all depends on the individual capacity to carry out those operations within the specified time. Some may or may not work on the weekends which is also depend on the deadline of the project. These tasks can be done sometimes by staying in office and also needs to be done on site by managing specific process. Hope the above said facts will provide you guidelines and information based on quantity surveyors. Looking for tax deduction? SJB quantity surveyors are considered to be one of the leading specialists in preparing tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial investment properties. They also offer documentations based on tax depreciation at To know more about the services they offer kindly visit their official site at

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It's a huge responsibilty for the quantity surveyor to carry out specific tasks in constructions. The taks includes preparing costs estimati...

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