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The Gathering PASTORS’ PEN

June 2012

1 Corinthians 7:29 “What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short.” Just yesterday, I held my firstborn son in my arms for the first time…or as I think about it…it seems just like yesterday! It seemed only a few days after his birth, a second, and then a third, brother would join him in filling our home with laughter, love, and lessons to be learned (both by the boys and also for Brenda and myself to learn). And in what seems like mere minutes…they are grown men living out what Brenda and I together planted into their rich soils of life. “What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short!” I believe that one of the most challenging and noblest of endeavors of this generation is the need to rediscover and then be blessed by the commitment of men to live out the responsibilities of “Godly Fathers”…“Godly Fatherhood.” The newest of the generations are crying out from their cribs, their playgrounds, their school homework, their leisure time, their sporting and academic efforts, and most of all in their knowledge of God and His Son, Jesus Christ…they are crying out for their Fathers to be present with them and to lead them…they are crying out to be fed the spiritual nourishment that will strengthen them and sustain them in all of life’s pursuits. They are crying out for the men, their fathers, to be “Men of Integrity and Spiritual Fervor”—fathers who know God’s Word and most of all, know the Living God proclaimed in the scriptures…personally deep in their souls, and then live their faith openly and purely every day before their children. Here’s the need (whether we are talking Fathers or Grandfathers…for fathering never stops!)…THE TIME IS SHORT! Fathers, seize the moment…today…to be a Godly Father. Stop waiting until you or your children are older, because by then the time and opportunities will have passed and it will be too late—they will be grown and gone. Fathers: -When was the last time you told your children you loved them? And showed them? -When was the last time you prayed with your children? Read God’s Scriptures together? -When was the last time you sat in worship together? Had a conversation about spiritual matters? In America today, fathers have way too many times been absent from home…and absent from the eternal and spiritual lives of their children. Many times those reasons that have pulled us away from our children at the moment may have seemed important and necessary (and our rationalization justified our absence), but in hind sight, we missed the mark and our children lost out on “Us.” On this “Father’s Day,” I, Ed Fritz, make a renewed commitment to first be the child of God I ought to be, with all of my fervor and in all the decisions of time placed upon my life. And secondly, I commit to do a better job at committing myself to feed the most important sheep God has place in my pasture…My Children. If you are a man with children (regardless of their age) and of Christian integrity, will you get down and prayerfully with me make this same commitment? If you are willing…let me know of your decision and together we will hold each other up in prayer…God bless you “Men of Faith.” -Pastor Ed

COMING EVENTS PRIMETIMERS On Tuesday, June 26, the Primetimers will visit the 911 Center and Pedal Power Museum. In the morning we will go to the Elkhart County 911 Center to learn about their operations for emergency calls for help. Lunch will be at Dandino’s Restaurant in Goshen, ordering from the menu. Lunch specials start around $6.00.

PIZZA WITH THE PASTORS We will be having a “Pizza with the Pastors” lunch on Sunday, June 24, at 12:00 noon at the Life Center, after the morning worship service. This free meal is for those who are new to our church and is a way for them to meet the pastors and staff and get acquainted with other new families of the church.

After lunch we will go to the Pedal Power Museum north of Goshen to see the restored little antique pedal cars. The bus will pick up at Greencroft at 9:30 a.m., and we will leave the church at 10:00 a.m. We will return about 4:00 p.m. If you have questions, please call Bob Morris at 534-2791.

BASHOR CHILDREN’S HOME On Monday, June 11, you are invited to the Bashor Children’s Home annual meeting at 10:00 a.m. with installation of new officers. After the meeting, you are invited to the Bashor Picnic. Bring desserts for the youth and staff.


Our church’s pink mission offering envelopes for the month of June go toward Bashor Home.

We will show a free movie entitled, “Tangled,” on Sunday, June 10, at 4:00 p.m. at the Life Center. Everyone is welcome!

MINISTRY MENU FOR VOLUNTEERS You will find a copy of the new Ministry Menu enclosed in this issue of the Gathering for the service year of September 2012August 2013. We hope that you will take time to prayerfully look over the many opportunities available for you to serve in the ministry of Christ through our local church. The booklet gives an explanation of each of the ministries and the single sheet form is to fill out and return. Once you have reviewed the options, choose the areas where you would like to serve by circling the number on the response form. Then drop it in the offering plate or return it to the church office. If you receive your Gathering via e-mail, you may open the form attached and print one off to fill out. Menu forms will also be available at worship services during the month of June. It is our belief that Christ our Lord calls all who follow Him to be involved in the ministry of the church using their spiritual gifts for the furtherance of the kingdom and the glory of God. God bless you as you volunteer and serve!

WELCOME, KIM SHEETS! Kim Sheets will be assisting Aimee Brinson in the children’s ministry department at both church campuses. She writes the following: “Hello, my name is Kim Sheets. I have been married to my husband, Jeromy, for 10 years and have two sons, Kaden-9 and Braxten-6. I am employed part-time by Thomas Rykovitch in the orthodontic field. I also am involved in the West Goshen PTO and being a Little League Team Mom. My hobbies include spending time with my two boys, interior decorating, and entertaining friends and family in our home. We have attended the Life Center for eight years. My family and I look forward to serving at both campuses and getting to know many of you.”

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! We are wanting to share different types of art in an upcoming sermon series entitled, “The Art of Living for Christ.” If you have pieces of folk art, visual arts, crafts, pottery, painting, photography, etc., that you would let us display, we need to hear from you. These will be used at both campuses. If you have something to share, please contact Steve Campagna by e-mail at: Please bring these articles to the downtown campus on August 1-12. Thank you!

VISITATION MINISTRY Let’s remember to visit and pray for our members who are in health care. The following are at Greencroft Healthcare in Goshen: Marjorie Cox-Room 108, Gladys Bickel-Room 103, Charlie Sloan-Room 105, Jane Toth-Room 134, Carol Gilchrist-Room 103, Florence Guengerich-Room 240, Dorothy Timmons-Room 502, Lois Miller-Room 244, Lena Kent-Room 512, Ruth Bullis-Room 531, Elbert Groves-Room 550. The following are at The Maples at Waterford: Ermadean Seltenright-Room 318. The following are at The Courtyard of Goshen: Margaret Perrin-Room 212, Laura Miller-Room 209. The following are at Evergreen Place in Goshen: Fran Jessup-Apt. 137, Irene Renner-Apt. 114. The following are at Waterford Crossing in Goshen: Walter Aschliman-Apt. 402, Phyllis Flora-Apt. 410, Leo Seltenright-Apt. 303, Jack Stump-Apt. 205. The following are at other health care facilities: Vivian Smith, Miller’s Senior Living Community, Warsaw, Indiana; Wayne Smith, Warsaw Meadows Health Center, Warsaw, Indiana.

First United Methodist Church 214 S. Fifth Street Goshen, IN 46528 Phone: 533-9518

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No.136 Goshen, IN

Address Service Requested

“Thank you so much for the beautiful holiday cards, visits, and my birthday flower!”

-Phyllis Flora

“I would like to thank the many members who helped me celebrate my 95th birthday. A big thank you to those who made and signed the big red birthday card. The many names were pleasant to read. Thank you to the S.S. class that signed and sent good wishes, and those who came to my house on a Saturday afternoon for a little bit of cake and punch. Also, I thank Janet Miller and her mother for bringing me a pretty flower, and spending a pleasant time talking about our old neighborhood. Many thanks to all who cared.” -Nell Hoogenboom “Thank you for your prayers, and know that there are lots of people out here that are sad, lonely, and looking for a smile, a good word, and your prayers. Thank you again.” -Thirston Perrin “Thank you for the beautiful red carnation for my birthday. Thank you for being a great church family, and for all your prayers.” -Pat McKinney “I really enjoyed seeing everyone during my visit to Indiana and loved hearing the Cantata on April 29th. The choir did an amazing job and the slide show was very powerful. Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation and for the generous offering. Mateo and I are very blessed to have such a loving and supporting church family.” -Rachel Parsons Tenorio “Thanks for the beautiful carnation for my birthday, and also thanks to John and Lois Fidler for the delivery.” -Betty Huffman

HAPPY JUNE BIRTHDAYS! June 1 Dave Ogle Bailey Null Jarrett Griffee June 2 Phyllis Blough Connie Brinkruff Dave Parsons Ermadean Seltenright June 4 Linda Shorthouse Janet Taylor Tom Conrad Jamie Lehman June 5 Chad Weddle Glenda Brechtel June 6 Marty Myers Stacey Yoder Madeline Li Snow Rory Hart June 7 Jeff Caton June 8 Kathy Meier Sydney Stutsman Kaylee Shepherd June 9 Jo Snyder April Blankenbaker Stan Leedy June 10 Eric Colglazer Alison Colglazier Nick Ragsdale June 11 Milton Grant Pam Peffley

June 12 Andrew Null Julia Giddens June 13 Sophie Wenz June 14 Connie Hansen Julia Springer June 15 Jodi Salisbury Kris Sorg June 16 Elbert Groves Dan Miller June 17 Matthew Cork Claris Cloud Che’ Hines Sarah Miller June 18 Brenda Wilkinson Steven Yoder June 19 Bennett Brown Clair Motts Kent Gunden June 20 Jackie Lung Bonnie Elder June 21 Diane Miller Brent Lewallen Doug Snow Chance Hanshew June 22 Beth Pettit Roger Meier

June 23 Michelle Eckelbarger Elaine Anderson June 24 Gene Weaver Ellie Groves Robert Andrews Faith Gailey June 25 Doug Bender June 26 Lewie Weaver Kaitlin Skelton Kim Duca June 27 John Fidler Kelly Cork Tiny Cork John Platz June 28 Laura Haney Ned Starnes Drake Crowder Linda Stevens June 29 Kaden Sheets Phil Hutchings June 30 Colfax Cannaday

Main Dishes

Missions—Local Outreach N 221 Christmas Gift Ministry D 223 Food Pantry N 224 Handyman Ministry N 225 Interfaith Hospitality D 226 Rummage Sales D 227 Thanksgiving Dinner Missions—Outreach N 220 Missions Committee N 228 Foreign Missions N 229 Work Camp Outreach Events N 230 Fall Kick Off L 232 Big Bash (July 4th) L 233 Super Bowl Party Church Committees N 240 Council on Ministries N 241 Trustees N 242 Finance N 243 Staff Parish Relations N 244 Nominations

Primetimers N 295 Outing Leader N 296 Dinner Set Up/Clean Up N 297 Historian

Children’s Ministry D 250 Jr Church Leader D 251 Preschool Leader D 252 Elementary Leader L 253 Preschool Leader L 254 Elementary Leader D 256 TGIW Leader D 257 TGIW Preschool Ldr. N 260 Easter Egg Hunt N 262 Summer VBS Upward Football/Cheer N 235 Football Coach N 236 Cheerleader Coach N 237 Referee Youth Ministry N 270 Small Group Leader L 271 Wed Night Leader N 272 Special Events D 280 Jr. High Teacher D 281 Sr. High Teacher L 282 Jr. High Teacher L 283 Sr. High Teacher

Ministry Menu

Adult Ministries D L 290 Sunday School Leader D L 291 Small Group Leader

Name: _________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Email: ________________________________________________ I attend ___ DC ___ LC

Taste Test - Maybe you would like to try a ministry, but you’re not completely sure about it. Then feel free to take a taste test (a temporary spot until you decide) or maybe you just need more info. If so list the ministry name and number below. Taste Test Ministry Area: ____________________________________________________ Ministry Number: ____________

September 2012 - August 2013 Ministry Opportunities

Here I am, Lord, Send me! We are all gifted by God with spiritual gifts, skills, and talents. Please pray for God’s guidance as you select all the ministries where you feel God is leading you to be involved and circle the appropriate letter for the service site. This includes ministries where you are currently involved. Please return this menu to the church office or drop in the offering plate.

N – Not Site Specific

D - Downtown

L - Life Center

Appetizers Music/Arts N 002 Drama Team DL 005 Pianist N 009 Music Office Support

Prayer N 190 Email Prayer Chain N 191 Telephone Prayer Chain D L 192 Prayer During Services

Worship Support DL 101 Communion Preparation D 102 Lay Readers N 104 Homebound Communion D L 105 Van/Bus Ministry

TGIW Food Service D 215 Set Up D 218 Greeter

Hospitality DL 111 Ushers DL 112 Greeters Tech/Visual Arts DL 135 Decorating N 137 Graphic Arts/Design Administrative Support D 143 Pews/Sanctuary Care Maintenance DL 157 Snow Removal D 158 Mowing

Children’s Ministry Special Events L 260 Easter Egg Hunt Local Outreach D 226 Rummage Sales Upward Football L 238 Sign-Ups Youth Ministry N 273 Chaperone Trips N 274 Food for Small Groups/ Trips Adult Ministries N 292 Small Group Leadership Training

Main Dishes Music/Arts D 001 D 003 DL 004 L 006 N 007 N 008

Choir Special Music Groups Instrumentalists Worship Team The Living Word Other Musicals

Hospitality D 110 DL 113 DL 114 DL 115 DL 116 DL 117 L 118 L 120

Elevator Host Newcomer Ministry Lay Visitors Visitor ID Team Welcome Center Host Donut Pick up Cookies Gathering Time Host

Tech/Visual Arts DL 130 Computer Operator L 131 Lighting DL 132 Sound Technician DL 133 Videographer L 134 Video Editing L 136 Stage Set Up DL 138 Set Design Administrative D 140 Library DL 141 Receptionist Maintenance DL 150 Carpentry DL 151 Electrical DL 152 General Maintenance DL 153 Grounds Maintenance DL 154 Painting/Wallpaper DL 155 Plumbing DL 156 Worship/Event Set-Up

Creative Arts N 160 Calligraphy N 161 Sewing N 162 Photography DL 163 Bulletin Boards Community Care D 170 Blood Pressure Clinic N 171 90+ Birthday Cards N 172 Card Ministry N 173 Casserole Ministry N 174 College/Military Care N 175 Flower Ministry N 176 Funeral Dinners N 179 Nursing Home Ministry N 180 Shawl Knitting Ministry N 181 Shepherd Ministry N 182 Stephen Ministry N 183 Transportation Ministry Women’s Ministry N 200 Monthly Circle Meetings N 202 Yes Kits N 203 Women’s Retreat N 204 Bible Study Leader TGIW Food Service D 210 Cashier D 211 Cleanup D 212 Cook Assistants D 213 Dessert Maker D 214 Ice Cream Set/Clean D 216 Server D 217 Pizza Pick-up

The Gathering June 2012  

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