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#iheartgoshen goshencollege

Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the GC love! #iheartgoshen


Beautiful #rainbow after a hard rain #storm. #iheartgoshen sara_sarsparilla


Wearing their Goshen gear. #iheartgoshen dwyerkatie

@RachelSmucker14 Sometimes I am so incredibly overwhelmed by how amazing this community is. #iheartgoshen


Fall sunshine is the best sunshine. #iheartgoshen

Finally Fall Break! #iheartgoshen maryn_em

Join the loving! The hashtag #iheartgoshen is being used across social media for posting photos or thoughts that demonstrate why people love GC. In addition to these recent posts, see more ways that people are engaging with GC on social media at, and don’t forget to add #iheartgoshen the next time you post about us!

Is this your bike? #iheartgoshen #snowpocalypse2014

@GCRecord A GC snow day todo list: 1. Sleep 2. Dig snow tunnels (Schrock) 3. Drink hot cocoa (Java) 4. Make giant snowman (KMY Lawn) #iheartgoshen

@amunley2 was trying to remember GC’s Core Values. Dad thought it was the grocery list...#iheartgoshen

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