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Gosha Karpowicz The White Series 2019

The White Series The White Series 2019 represents my inquiry into the nature of White. Their subject relies on the merging of the emotional memory of my homeland, Poland, with the life of the painting process itself. The final expression attempts to be a more universal, a more objective expression of our yearning for meaning and our desire to connect. The White Series 2019 is an odyssey that begins in darkness, weaves its way through shadows and arrives at White. Darkness is primary, layering colors until they are saturated, heavy and opulent. Oftentimes it is hard to take that darkness away; here’s where one can rest, where it’s peaceful and full of possibility. Transitioning from darkness to shadows and then unfolding to White becomes an alchemical process, much like being a parent. One gives birth to an essence that has the opportunity to grow and become fully realized. Both painter and parent guide that essence, assisting, then letting go to allow a unique creation to exist as a singular entity.        When I arrive at White, it’s always tinted, shaded and molded by what came before it.  Pure White does not exist in reality, just like pure light cannot be perceived by the naked eye. It needs some interaction, an interference to become visible and relatable. I imagine pure White would be blinding like a “milky fog on the ocean” without a point of reference, without direction, it’s indifference calmly veils memories and the past. White holds for me a sense of uncertainty for the future, it vacillates and won’t be pinned down, it leaves a trace of an intriguing mystery. Within White’s achromatic vibration, an observer is invited to layer a new vision.       I see my painting as non-objective, yet they seem to refer to some objective, human, emotional, and always multilayered experience. The reference to a horizon, evokes in me a sense of wonder, and the unknown, no beginning and no end, it slows me down, into observing attentively. In a world where stillness is rare, my paintings rely on the moments of quietude, where they take time to create time.

The White Series IV oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 1

The White Series V oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 2

The White Series VII oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 3

The White Series VI oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 4

The White Series XI oil on linen 48"x 34" 2019 5

The White Series X oil on linen 48"x34" 2019 6

The White Series II oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 7

The White Series III oil on linen 48"x36" 2019. 8

The White Series VIII oil on linen 48"x36" 2019 9

The White Series IX oil on linen 48'x36" 2019 10

The White Series I oil on canvas 48"x36" 2019 11

The White Series XII oil on linen 48"x34" 2019 12

The White Series XIV oil on canvas 24"x18" 2019 13

Photography by Robert Cadena 2017

Biography I was born and grew up in Milanowek, Poland, outside Warsaw. My father was a professor of agriculture and my mother was an art teacher. I spent my time outside of school roaming the deep forests and endless fields, studying bees and flowers and all the nature exploding around me. I was fascinated by growth and decay, life and death. I wanted to understand when things began, how they changed, why they ended. In high school, I studied philosophy and majored in biology and chemistry. I surrendered myself to books and microscopes until one day in the meadows I was so moved by the cool reds and the warm reds that I felt compelled to paint the scene. It was the only way I could understand what was in front of me. I began to paint the world. When I was nineteen, I chose formal training and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.   Even at a state-sponsored institution, I had almost no access to the Western art world. Very few Poles did. That’s because an article of faith in our country and the entire Communist bloc was that art served a purpose and had a political agenda.  Bursts of vivid colors and strange shapes that ignited the imagination and challenged the viewer to see the world in a different way, I realized much later, represented a threat to the very basis of Communism. Those images represented freedom.  The little Western art I did see made me suspect that there was a different world outside my country’s borders. I wanted to see it, to be part of it. It was only when I stood in London, looking at a Turner painting, and in Paris, nearly drowning in a Van Gogh exhibit, that I saw the inadequacy of the approximations of color I had seen before. In both cities, in different museums, I looked at those colors and I felt things I didn’t even understand, and I wept.    I arrived in 1981, a political refugee with a large portfolio of my work from Poland, and virtually no understanding of the English language.  A stranger in a strange land, I questioned my decision every day—until Parsons granted me a full scholarship to study art. It was there that I met my teachers, Sean Scully and Jackie Brookner,  loving and important mentors.    Today I’m a Pole living in New York City, an American and citizen of the world who was born and who still returns in her memory and her art to the deep forests and loamy soil of Eastern Europe. I’m a mother of two grown-ups, a former art teacher at a Waldorf High School. The practice of painting is my path to comprehension, it is a way of exploring the connections between You and I, between Me and the Universe. It’s exploration, both scientific and intuitive, is an on-going discovery.  I’m still obsessed with beginnings, change, and endings. I live in a high rise but I’m still the little girl staring at flowers and honeybees, gazing at the vast skies of the universe. I’m interested in matters of life and death, truth and beauty, how my experience is your experience and how we’re all different but we’re all the same.

Curriculum Vitae Museum Permanent Collections Elektrownia Museum of Contemporary Art, Radom, Poland 2017, 2018 Publications The Hook art and culture magazine of the Hudson Valley May/June2019 Private Collectors New York, NY, Denver CO, Italy, Poland Shows 2019 Village West Gallery, Jersey City, NJ Oct 4- Dec 6, Slow Art group show Museum of Contemporary Art "Elektrownia", Radom, Poland, March 26-May 5 2019, international group show “Beauty in Geometry” 2018 Shows Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center, Nyack, NY December 2018 artist of the month Korekta Gallery, Mazowiecka 11A 00-001 Warsaw, Poland, September 1 - Sept 30, 2018 Solo show First Street Gallery, 526 West 26th Street, Suite 209 NY NY June 21- July 14 2018 Juried Group show Hamptons Art Hub Juried - Online Exhibition "Pushing Boundaries" 2018 Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art "Elektrownia", Radom, Poland, March 2 - April 23, 2018 Group show Solo Shows Korekta Gallery, Mazowiecka 11A 00-001 Warsaw, Poland, September 1 - Sept 30, 2018 Inaugural Show, Gallery Sitka, Shirley, MA, May 2017 Klimat, NYC, NY October 2016 Gallery Sitka, Fitchburg, Mass. July - August 2016 Piermont Library, Piermont, NY May 2012. Valley Cottage Library, Valley Cottage, NY, April 2007. Piermont Library, Piermont, NY Oct 2005. Suffern Library, Suffern, NY April 2005. Kaaterskill Gallery, Columbia Greene Community College, Hudson, NY 1996. Finkelstein Gallery, Spring Valley, NY June 1995. Sunbridge Institute, Chestnut Ridge, NY May 1994. Anthroposophical Society, NY, NY 1992 International Artists Residency “Beauty in Geometric Abstraction” September 2018 Radziejowice,Poland “Light in Geometric Abstraction” September 2017 Radziejowice Poland

Group Shows

“Light in Geometric Abstraction,” International Symposium and Residency, with art historian, curator and art critic Bozena Kowalska, Radziejowice, Poland, Sept 5 - Sept 15, 2017 Gallery Delfiny, Warsaw, Poland, Sept 15, 2017 “All Art+,” Van Der Plas Gallery, 156 Orchard St, New York, NY, June 26 -July 2, 2017 “The Four Seasons", Village West Gallery, 331 Newark Ave, Jersey City, group show, May 20 - July 30, 2017 XVIII International Chopin & Friends Festival, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, NY, NY 10016 Nov 3, 20016. Parsons School of Design, alumni exhibit Oct 15 - Oct 30, 2016. West Windsor Arts, juried exhibition. “Home is Where,” Princeton NJ. July 11 - Sept 10, 2016. TCI Long Island city June 2016. Clio Art Fair, NYC, NY. March 2016 “Art is Everything,” Dorma Design Center, First Prize, NYC June 4, 2015. Piermont Library, Piermont, NY Dec 2011, Dec 2014, Dec 2015, Dec 2016. Experiential Institute, Saratoga Springs, NY Oct 2000. Ossining Art Center, Ossining NY May 1997. Benny Smith Gallery, Cold Springs, NY Jan. 1996

Education Maine College of Art, Portland, ME — MfA Studio Program, Summer, 2000. Sunbridge Institute, Spring Valley, NY - 1992-94. Parsons School of Design, New York, NY — BfA in Painting, 1985. Art Students League, New York, NY — 1982,1983. Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria — 1980. Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland 1979-80

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The White Series 2019  

Contemplations on the nature of White through painting and writing

The White Series 2019  

Contemplations on the nature of White through painting and writing