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If you are sweating excessively at night, it can rob you of a good nights sleep and deplete you of energy. Find out what you can do to stop excessive night sweat. Causes Medical professionals refer to this condition as sleep hyperhidrosis, and there are a variety of possible causes that should be looked into. For women, menopause and pregnancy can be common causes, because during these periods many hormonal changes are taking place that can interfere with your body's natural mechanisms to regulate its own temperature. Another common cause of night sweat is of course simply sleeping in a room that is too warm, or having too thick blankets. If this can be ruled out it might just be an idiopathic hyperhidrosis, which means that your body is producing too much sweat for no apparent reason at all. Different kind of bacterial infections, low blood glucose and cancer can lead to night sweat. In the case of cancer though, there are usually other symptoms such as unexplainable weight loss and fever. Different kind of medications (specially antidepressants) can also be a causing agent, and if you take any kind of medication you should check whether one of the possible side effects might be sleep hyperhidrosis. Viagra for example is also a known trigger of night sweating. Treatments So finally, the most important question: what can you do to stop sweating at night? Well, it really depends upon what the cause of your sweat problem is. By far the most common case is that people simply go through a period in their life where the night sweating occurs without any underlying condition. In these cases, one thing you can do to better cope with it is to wear special sweat absorbing pyjamas and bed sheets and always have a glass of water next to your bed.

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==== ==== Stop Excessive Sweating For Good! Go Here Now! ==== ====

Night Sweat - How To Stop Sweating At Night