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Yes and no, in my opinion. I believe that overactive nerves, or a hyperactive nervous system meaning the brain and the nerves, are a major contributing factor to the issues we face in fibromyalgia. Issues like muscle pain, stress chemicals circulating through the body, mental confusion, emotional sensitivity, and general 'being on edge and being unable to calm and feel good mentally and physically. The thing is, an overactive nervous system may have developed in a person with fibro first, but that doesn't mean they are a cause in the way we may think. I believe that whatever CAUSED the overactive nerves in the first place also causes everything that leads up to fibromyalgia. So what causes the overly active nervous system? Lots of things. I know that for me, I learned some ways of being that created this 'overactive mental state' in me. The brain is part of the nervous system and when my brain was overactive, for sure my nerves were too. I just had an experience last night where I had some pain from a previously undiscovered trigger point and I was experiencing some anxious thoughts and an anxious mental status from a money issue, and both of them were much worse than they have been for years for me. I was unable to fall asleep because of the pain and I was unable to stop the anxious thoughts and feelings. I have been cured of fibromyalgia for 2 years and this kind of thing doesn't happen to me too much anymore, so my thought is that they were feeding off each other. It was a coincidence that I had them both at the same time, but because I did each was more intense. So, back to the overactive nerves. I believe that overactive nerves can cause muscle pain and muscle pain can cause overactive nerves. I believe that an overactive mind can cause both of these and that many things can cause an overactive mind, including certain nutritional deficiencies, learned ways of being, and past trauma.

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==== ==== OVERCOME Fibromyalgia Safely and Naturally...Now! ==== ====

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