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If you want to give your boyfriend the best oral sex - then you absolutely have to forget everything you ever knew about giving oral. Just delete it all from your head, turn the page and listen up. Most girls, and by "most" I mean over 80% give BAD oral sex - so there's a big chance that you're bad as well. So what are you going to do about it? You can pretend you don't care, and keep on giving him bad, or average oral sex - and prey that he - your boyfriend, husband or lover - never, ever comes across another girl that's way out of your league when it comes to oral. (Witch is, by the way, the basis of a good relationship - the reason why most relationships fail is because their sex life is miserable). In case you want to make a change, and really be the best he ever got read on. First of all - change the way you think about oral sex. It is not "icky", it's not grouse, it's not "smelly" etc. All these attitudes can be seen on your face while you give your guy oral - and they're not attractive. Stop making nasty, bored faces while giving him oral, and start enjoying it. The reason you're not enjoying it, is because you are not good at it. Believe it or not, but look, I can bet that if you suddenly started giving him the best oral sex of his life - you would immediately see a change in his attitude and the way he talks to you, the way he talks about your relationships - everything. You'd see him smiling, moaning, and shaking from powerful orgasms you've never thought were possible. At that moment - you'll start to love giving him oral and then, as a result you'll give him even better oral. It is simple - if you hate it, he'll hate it (or at least, he won't enjoy it nearly as much as he could) on the other hand, if you absolutely love giving him oral sex, if you kiss, suck and stroke him with love and passion - he'll have the most powerful orgasms of his life - and he'll love you for it more than you can imagine. Any guy can tell you that this is the truth. All around the internet you'll find special "oral sex technique xyz" or whatever. The people telling you that stuff are full of (you know what), they've probably never ever even received oral sex. So how do you think you can give him the best oral if you didn't fix your attitude? Yes, you can't. Focus on getting that fixed, start loving it, start enjoying it - and you'll see some major improvements instantly. Then, and only then - start learning techniques, fix the details and you'll be on your way to becoming the champion when it comes to oral sex - and you'll be amazed with the affects it will have on your relationship. Learn how to give good oral today, so you'll have a 10 times better day, tomorrow. These are "life skills":) Good luck and remember - suck with passion, Jack

Jack is insane. He dedicated his free time to teach women all around the world how to give better oral because he wants to make the world a more balanced, less frustrated place with lots of people smiling and enjoying their relationships. He also wants to help all the beautiful women of this world pass over their fears, doubts and problems - and therefore become free sexually. You can also learn more from Jack's step by step, brutally honest guide known as Jacks Blowjob Lessons.

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==== ==== Want to learn the BEST blowjob techniques? Go here NOW! ==== ====

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