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You are one of those women who are worried about giving oral pleasure just because you think that you aren't going to be very good. You worry that you are going to give him the worst experience of his life and this is something that you don't want to do. You don't want to be the woman who ruined oral sex for him. You need to learn how to give fellatio and blow his mind tonight. For a man, nothing feels better than warm lips caressing his member. He wants you to give him this kind of pleasure and he wants it to happen now. He wants to feel pleasure from you and he is begging for it to happen. Since your man wants it so bad, you should want to give him that kind of pleasure and leave him totally satisfied. It is time that you made this happen now. To give fellatio, all you have to use is your mouth and a hand. Your mouth is the most important part because it is all about oral sex. Your mouth gives him that soft touch that he is looking for. Use your mouth by covering your lips with your teeth and then go down on him slowly. Make sure that your teeth are protected so you don't end up injuring him. Use your tongue on him too as you are going up and down with your mouth. This will add more stimulation and drive him even crazier. Use your hand to stroke his shaft up and down as you simultaneously work on the tip with your mouth. Your hand is important because this is how you are able to be rough with him. Use a tight grip and this will really drive him wild and blow his mind.

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Want to learn the BEST blowjob techniques? Go here NOW! ==== ====

How To Give Fellatio And Blow His Mind Tonight