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ISSUE 1 23rd February 2012

Inside this ISSUE: School history Horse riding & hot dogs Penny’s problems page Stickman comic How to make shortbread Internet safety Wonderfully weird School council Page of fame Interview page Puss in boots Word search Origami

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Welcome to our first issue! Years Five and Six have worked hard together to produce a news paper and radio station, which are called Gorseland Times and GSRS. They have written and recorded news and gossip all by themselves. The news is from around the school and will feature comics, interviews from teachers, TAs and pupils. It has been harder than we anticipated, but it has been fun, we have learnt a lot about working together and editing each others work. The club is run by Mr Weatherby. Introduction by Laura & Alisha

School History By Laura Have you ever wondered what was here before our school? Well, my great grandad used to live opposite this school in Dobbs lane when it was an air field used by the British and American planes, he also remembers the Germans trying to bomb the air field, but they missed. rd

The school was opened on the 3 of September 1970. The first head teacher was Mr Benton. Back then the children came to school by bus. There were 149 children when the school was opened and now there are 517. The most children that there ever was on the school register was 149. On the first day there was one small disaster, the potato peeling machine broke down! The school was built on the old Martlesham airfield near the control tower where the Douglas Bader flew from. The rocket on the adventure playground was an old fuel tank from his plane. When the school was first built the uniform was bright yellow but now it is navy blue. The new nursery opened in September 2006 and has places for 52 children. The nursery is part of the new building, which was built for key stage 1 and was finished in May 2006.

The school originally had a swimming pool but we had to have it taken down because of the operating and energy costs, and now when you are in year five you have to go to Deben swimming pool in Woodbridge. Is it better that we have the turf as our main playing field? Jessica in year 2 says “because you don’t get muddy and don’t fall over and get rabbit droppings in your mouth! Claire in year 6 says “that is better because it doesn’t hurt and you can dive and jump down on it. The school has more plans for the future here is some of them: they want to improve the outdoor area, the tyre park, M.U.G.A and the seating.

Gym-Khana By Holly W Gym-Khana is a riding school in Ufford it is run by Helen also known as Phoebe they have two Shetlands one pony and two horses dinky ,Lorenzo, Barney, Saddler and Scorpio. The Helpers at Gym-Khana are very kind Amy and Jess are Helpers there who look after the horses and lead people who need help, Helen works as yard staff and sometimes helps with riding. Barney is the newest pony there; Scorpio and saddler have been there ever since she started. Blossom unfortunately died but had a lovely home.

HOT DOGS Hot dogs are a delightful summer treat. You can cook them in the oven, microwave or BBQ them, each way there still delicious. Go on there brilliant. There lots of toppings for hot dogs like tomato ketchup, mustard and plain. Before I end this article I would like to reassure you that hot do dogs are not made of actual dogs.

Dinky is a fast lovely horse and she has had one foal when she was younger she is loaned at the stable. Some people love riding and some people haven’t tried it and is a cool experience to have a go at.

Top tips for Riding: Tip 1: Hold on to the reins tightly and make sure your back is straight. Tip 2: Do things you’re comfortable with and stay in your comfort zone. Tip 3: Listen to instructions and give positive feedback.

Behind the KS1 classrooms you might have seen some building construction. We will a full story in the next issue

Penny’s problem page This is a page for your problems. If you have anything wrong at school then this is the page for you.

Today we will be talking about bulling and why it is bad.

Oh, by the way that’s Penny, she helps to make everyone calm.

As we all know bullying is bad, but people might find it fun. If you do bully people, then don’t worry, here are some ways to help. One of the reasons to bully is if you are having some trouble at home, like if your parents spilt up you shouldn’t take it out on other people by bulling, even when you get upset about it. Or if you have trouble in class. Like if you fail at a test you have been practising for ages. Never try to hurt to people by harmful words or by physical contact.

Now here are some ways to help if you’re being bullied, the best thing to do at the start of being bullied is to tell someone like a teacher of a parent or guardian right away, or it will get worst. Bye!!!

Next time we will be talk about friend problems.

Shortbread Remember to get an adult to help you with anything sharp and wash your hands.

Ingredients: 350g unsalted butter 175g golden caster sugar 275g plain flour

200g ground almonds (If you are allergic to nuts don’t put them in!) Finely grated zest of 1 orange ½ teaspoon sea salt Method 1. Place all the ingredients in a large food processor and reduce to crumbs, stop the motor as the mixture begins to cling together. 2. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and use your hands to bring the mixture to dough. 3. Press the dough into a non-stick baking tin and put a sheet of cling film on the top and chill for 1 hour. 4. Preheat the oven to 160*c, gas mark 3. Remove the cling film and prick the shortbread all over with a fork. Bake for 45 minutes until lightly coloured. 5. Run a knife around the edge and leave to cool.

Internet Safety Hi I’m Zoe and I am going to tell you how to be safe on the internet. The internet can be fantastic for research and homework. But the internet can also be very dangerous. I am going to help you stay away for danger. •

Immediately shut down any website we don’t like.

Never give personal information. Never arrange to meet someone we don’t know. Always tell an adult if you’re unhappy with •

• •

something we have seen.

I hope this will keep you safe. Next time we are talking about chat rooms.

Jokes Knock Knock Who’s there? Dr Dr who You just said it Why did the boy where a nappy to the party because he was a party pooper. How do you make an apple puff chase it round the garden. Riddles A cowboy goes into town on Friday he stays for 2 days and comes back on Friday how does he do it? To find out the answer ask Alisha and Claire from year 6.

Gross and Freaky In the Guinness 2012 world record book there is a lady with so long finger nails she can stand on one side of a room and her nails will touch the other side of the wall. A Giraffes tongue is so long it can lick its ears. Did you know that sometime in your life you will have eaten a spider in your sleep? Did you know that a vampire bat paralyses its victim then drinks some of it blood.

School council at Gorseland By Natasha Hi my name is Natasha and I’m here to tell you about me being a school councillor and what it’s all about. Firstly I’m going to talk to you about what it’s like being a school councillor. School council is a big responsibility because you have to make sure everything is organized and you have to be prepared for a meeting. I became a school councillor because I took a lot of time working on a speech to read out to the class. Luckily my speech worked and I got into the final, and of course I won. Now I go to meetings every other Friday in the staffroom and meet up with the other school councillors and talk about things like how to make the school better and how to make sure everybody is happy here. Thank you for reading about what it’s like being a school councillor and I hope you might be a school councillor one day if you put the effort in just like I did

THE PAGE OF FAME! Will it be you next? Alisha Harris Roller-skating: By Beth Walker & Hannah Grubb So Alisha you have done a roller-skating test? ‘Yes I have.’ What did you have to do? ‘Well I had to do a back outside edge step to forwards outside edge in both directions.’ Wow! That sounds like hard work! Did you have To wear a special uniform? ‘Yes you have to wear a leotard and your hair scraped back, and you just wear normal quad skates and boot covers.’ What advice would you give to “Wanna-be” skaters? ‘My advice is work hard and never give up.’

Interviews Mrs Aldous…. …tells us lots about music in the school. She plays the flute and saxophone herself and enjoys both for different reasonsflute, because it is quiet and gentle, and the saxophone because it is loud and jazzy. Mrs Aldous runs a flute club on Tuesdays can join by invitation and you must have played recorder before and be fluent in it. Thank you, Mrs Aldous!!!!!!


Mrs Ling…. …tells us about the school council work they’ve done this term. They have looked at lots of things, including lunchtime and after-school clubs, Y6 privileges and use of the top field. Also they tell us they have raised £40 at the only Christmas Fair. In addition they’re going to look at injuries, behaviour issues, M.U.G.A use, assemblies and H.o.M (habits of mind, for Mrs Cracknell in Y3). Also they are looking to improve playtimes and lunchtimes with PALS, Tyre Park, zoning, etc. If you would like to find out more info then talk to your class council representative. Thanks, Mrs Ling!!!!

Puss in Boots By Alice Kaplan

Company of four is an acting group who do shows at the Riverside theatre. They are a friendly bunch of people and are good at teaching us dances. The person who played puss is a young teenager called grace. The company of four did 13 shows and they were very tired at the end of it. David was the Director and has directed lots of shows. Lena is the choreographer and has th

just had her 5 child and everyone adores her. Linda is the costume lady and has been in a couple of the shows. th

On the 15 January we had professional make up artists come in to do the make up and face paint for the cats, the ogre, rats and the kittens. The dances which I did were zipadydoo-da, night on Disco

Mountain, war of the worlds, happiness, doray-me and hit the road jack. The shows were on the 10th of February and finished on the 23rd of February sometimes we had to do two shows in one day that is called a matinee sometimes we met up at restaurants and had a meal. We had to wait for our dances to come up in a porter cabin that’s were we had all our clothes and makeup. We had to rehearse on Sundays and Fridays. The next show we are doing is a toast to the queen it is for the diamond jubilee in June we will be performing at the spa in Felixstowe and riverside theatre in Woodbridge.

Can you solve Chrissie Cow’s dairy word search? There are 10 dairy products hidden in the word search. K L I M F Y K G D L S A Y Z H U Q D A T R W S C V B B U I E I B U T T E R M R C M C Q Y L E M O Y R N H E L O U U O M E C L J C Y G M J X A H J K P R L H Y B M E N L A A E P U U A E B V D T B A A R I S S O R B E T M W T E M I O P H O H E R X F S G G E B X R U P K A S R Y Z H K K M I L K S H A K E Y Eggs Milk Butter Yoghurt Cheese Cream Milkshake Ice cream Dairy Sorbet

Things to make and do Origami The helmet first you have to valley fold diagonally. Then valley fold the left corner to the top then the right to the top.

Then take the top two corners down to the bottom.

Then fold the two bottom corners out.

Then fold the top corner to the bottom but not all the way.

Then you fold the rim over and turn the paper so it is face down, and the only piece of paper at the bottom. Fold the side corners slightly into the middle and lift up the bottom to make a triangle. Then open the bottom and there is your helmet.

GT - Issue 1 Feb 12  

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