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W orld Tour Part 2 e xhi b i t i o n

GORRY GALLERY in conjunction with

Requests the pleasure of your company at the Private View of an Exhibition of Paintings

World Tou r Pa rt 2 on Sunday 1st November 2015 Wine Reception at 3.00pm This Exhibition can be viewed prior to the opening by appointment. Also on the Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October from 11.30am to 5.30pm. Exhibition continues until 14 November 2015.

Gorry Gallery 20 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2 Tel/Fax: +353 (0) 1 679 5319 www.gorrygallery.ie

Michael Flanagan T: 028 4481 2921 M: 07741 261107 E: info@mfart.co

Introduction to Part One of the Tour Neil Shawcross RHA. RUA Neil Shawcross is and has been an avid collector of all sorts of design and advertising material for the past twenty to thirty years, including packaging, tins, wine bottles, Americana, kitchenalia, museum and exhibition posters, etc. He has often painted series of works depicting some of his interests, i.e. Penguin Book Covers or Wine and other Bottles. Some twenty years ago he decided, as a bit of fun, to over-paint some of his posters rather than paint images of them. Encouraged by many friends he has continued to produce these unique over painted works (approx 100) and it is with great pride that I present part one of Shawcross’s World Tour. This is the first time that the series has been made available to the public. Posters included images by Hockney, Picasso, Rembrandt and many others - all superimposed by Neil’s art work with written details of an exhibition or museum’s promotional material left visible to the viewer. These are full blown paintings in (mostly) acrylic with a deliberate bold Shawcross signature to each one which makes them unique to this series. There are a few exceptional Linotypes included.

Very much considered an Irish artist, Neil was born in Lancashire in 1940. He studied art at Bolton College of Art from 1955 to 1958 and Lancaster College of Art from 1958 to 1960 before moving to Belfast in 1962 to take up a post to Lecture at Belfast College of Art where he continued to teach until his retirement in 2004. At 75 he still creates works in his studio on a daily basis. His work can be found in all major public and private collections in Ireland and in numerous other collections around the world. Michael Flanagan June 2015

A High Profile, Low Budget World Tour Whether it is the urge to paint a moustache on the face of the Mona Lisa or to overwrite an image or text on a wall with a social or political comment, it would seem that the desire to transform runs deep within the human psyche. In 1919 Marcel Duchamp did just that to Leonardo’s beauty and added LHOOQ (a pun in French on her sexual desire) to a postcard version. And of course Ciaran Carson has reminded us of the obsessive nature of wall writing ‘At times it seems that every inch of Belfast has been written on, erased and written on again…’. Appropriation and transformation has a long, purposeful and indeed fertile history in the visual arts. There is the deployment of newspaper cuttings in the early work of Picasso and the development of collage. In more recent times Andy Warhol and others appropriated imagery from the world of commerce and consumerism. Warhol’s ‘One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate)’ sold at Sotheby’s this year for £20 million. Actual dollar bills are over painted and transformed by Pakistani artist Murad Khan Mumtaz. To appropriate or adopt and indeed transform something that is readily available has then an established tradition which may be iconoclastic and challenging as well humorous and parodic. Neil Shawcross, in this collection of works, appropriates and transforms museum/art gallery posters but is a benign rather than a sinister iconoclast. He acquires posters (often from friends) which are multiple reproductions advertising/promoting an exhibition and

over-paints them to become an original work of art by him, while retaining the name of the host gallery of the original exhibition. The dates of his paintings do not always coincide with the dates on the posters. Consequently the art gallery poster which is a product of the world of merchandising is transformed into a unique art enterprise. This compelling aspect of his art practice started over twenty years ago with his over-painting of a poster of a Howard Hodgkin exhibition in Edinburgh and is still in periodic development (some 100 to date). As such this selection of paintings forms a mini retrospective of his stylistic development as an artist - the shift to a looser use of paint and thinner washes; the effective registration of ‘off key’ line against colour; from a delight in the decorative and figurative to the subtle powers of the semiabstract and the cross fertilization of pictorial and painterly concerns. Indeed when exhibited ensemble these image and text works become much more than the sum of their individual parts - their visual impact is turbo-charged. The artist’s main subjects are covered with the exception of his portrait series where increased scale is important to retain - some nude paintings, the Jazz works but mostly still lives. There is the hedonistic and playful ‘Dancing Nude’ (Cat No. 27). His interest in multiple image presentation may be detected in ‘6 Goblets’ (Cat No. 22) while the European tradition which offered such rich early artistic nourishment to him may be enjoyed in ‘Fruit and Flowers’ (Cat No. 46) and ‘Vase’ (Cat No. 7).

He has always experimented with the fertile interactions of the layering of paint - ratio of translucency to opaqueness; the affective surfacing of under-painting, resisting occlusion. This is perhaps at its most subtle and occular in ‘Red Jazz’ (Cat No 44). Indeed in some works the original poster image is allowed to break through in places, activating/energising the over-painting and the texts naming the museums and galleries vary in scale producing different dynamic hybrids of text and image. Shawcross loves travelling particularly in North America and this world tour, both fictitious and authentic embraces local and global outreach, without leaving the studio. Perhaps a ‘certificate of authenticity’ should be offered to the sceptical buyer - but please no fake dollars accepted! Liam Kelly October 2015 ©

Liam Kelly is Emeritus Professor of Irish Visual Culture at the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast, N.Ireland. His publications include ‘Thinking Long – Contemporary Art in the North of Ireland’; ‘The City as Art’ (ed.), ‘Art and The Disembodied Eye’ and ‘The School of Art and Design, Belfast 1960-2009’.From 1986 -1992 he was Director of the Orpheus Gallery, Belfast and from 1996 -1999 Director of the Orchard Gallery, Derry. Currently he is Chair of the International Association of Art Critic’s Commission on Censorship and Freedom of Expression.

G allery

2. Ref 26

Wine Bottle & Fruit

71 x 48cm

76 x 51cm

O ne

1. Ref 71

Jug & Basin VI

3. Ref 35

4. Ref 69

Pair of Cups and Saucers

Decanter II

69 x 87cm

76 x 50cm

5. Ref 74

6. Ref 29

Red Jug of Flowers

Yellow Ladder Back Chair

67 x 50cm

91 x 61cm

7. Ref 6

8. Ref 92

Vase of Flowers

Cup & Saucer V

95 x 64cm

91 x 60cm

9. Ref 88

10. Ref 89

Kitchen Armchair


105 x 76cm

102 x 61cm

11. Ref 61

12. Ref 64


Nina Tomatoes

74 x 77cm

76 x 51cm

13. Ref 59

14. Ref 27

Chablis & Fruit

Setting the Table

76 x 97cm

66 x 48cm

Illustrated front cover of catalogue & printed invitation

G a llery Tw o 15. Ref 106

16. Ref 102

Pink & Silver Jazz

Black Nude

71 x 64cm

63 x 85cm

17. Ref 4

18. Ref 7

Vase of Poppies II

Jug & Basin IV

99 x 61cm

81 x 94cm

19. Ref 101

20. Ref 85

Self Portrait

Yellow Ladder Back Chair II

76 x 51cm

91 x 61cm

21. Ref 57

22. Ref 60

4 Goblets

6 Goblets

98 x 68cm

104 x 76cm

23. Ref 84

24. Ref 87

Musical Chair X

Tall Red Kettle

94 x 61cm

92 x 67cm

25. Ref 70

26. Ref 91

Musical Chair VIII

Dick Tracy

76 x 50cm

91 x 61cm

G allery

28. Ref 86

Musical Chair XI

76 x 51cm

63 x 40cm


27. Ref 58

Dancing Nude

29. Ref 66

30. Ref 62

Violin & Bow


66 x 46cm

46 x 61cm

31. Ref 93

32. Ref 75

Reclining Nude

Bowl of Fruit III

76 x 86cm

42 x 30cm

33. Ref 82

34. Ref 95

Dining Chair

Jug & Basin X

59 x 42cm

58 x 70cm

35. Ref 97

36. Ref 96


Wine, Fruit & Goblet

66 x 69cm

60 x 80cm

37. Ref 68

38. Ref 43

Poppies in Vase III

Musical Chair VII

60 x 42cm

42 x 30cm

39. Ref 67

40. Ref 81

Acqua Panna

Jug & Basin IX

46 x 61cm

59 x 42cm

41. Ref 79

42. Ref 63

Silver Jazz II

Bowl of Fruit II

60 x 43cm

71 x 51cm

43. Ref 73

44. Ref 76

Jug & Basin VII

Red Jazz

66 x 48cm

51 x 42cm

45. Ref 104

46. Ref 28

The Trial

Fruit and Flowers

73 x 48cm

60 x 64cm

47. Ref 105

48. Ref 103

The Castle

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty Four

76 x 56cm

76 x 56cm

49. Ref 65

50. Ref 98

Teacup & Saucer IV

Crouching Nude II

68 x 48cm

64 x 69cm

51. Ref 72

52. Ref 83

Green Teaspoon II

Purple Jazz II

66 x 48cm

59 x 42cm

53. Ref 77

54. Ref 40

Jug & Basin VIII

Red House II

66 x 74cm

59 x 42cm

55. Ref 100

56. Ref 80

Black & Red Jazz

Red Kettle II

71 x 50cm

57 x 42cm

57. Ref 94

58. Ref 99

Six Kozo Chairs

Jug & Basin XI

66 x 61cm

59 x 42cm

59. Ref 38

60. Ref 78

Jug & Basin V

Musical Chair IX

61 x 46cm

76 x 51cm

61. Ref 90

Vase of Poppies IV 94 x 61cm

Profile for James Gorry

Shawcross exhibition brochure  

Neil Shawcross World Tour Part 2.

Shawcross exhibition brochure  

Neil Shawcross World Tour Part 2.


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