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“Almost Black evokes a moving picture that is about to go dark and opaque but still contains some light. Think of it as a lowering of the eyelids; as something that can only be half seen.�

The images in this work do not embody a concept or illustrate an idea; nor are they moments from a narration. Rather, they appeal to the emotional side of events. In other words they seek to give substance to an event which is, first and foremost, a state of mind. Each one seeks to provoke in the spectator an echo of the emo- tion that originally inspired it. This common denominator turns them into a consistent series all of which vibrate on the same frequency. In an extraordinarily intuitive fashion, Gorospe has set in motion the mechanism that the poet and literary critic T.S. Eliot judged essential in art. In 1928 Eliot wrote: “The only way of expressing emotion in the form of art is by finding an “objective correlative”; in other words, a set of objects, a situation, a chain of events which shall be the formula of that particular emotion; such that when the external facts [...] are given, the emotion is immediately evoked”. The relationship that Almost Black establishes with the language of photography is poetic in nature. It uses information about the world as a vehicle for an impression, as connotative content does with words. But “vehicle” may be an unfortunate metaphor to use, because the images are not some sort of moving container but rather highly flammable material destined to burn in a gesture of giving itself and evoking sensation. From the words of Eliot is also possible to deduce that the way in which the subject matter adapts to emotion always founds a style. Style is sensitivity made into an image.

Rubén Á. Arias

TECHNICAL INFORMATION one 625x440cm mural four 120x80cm pictures six 90x60cm pictures six 70x46,7cm pictures six 45x30cm pictures All the photographies are printed by Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer method, with a matt finish and framed in 7cm black wood. Produced by “Sala Amárica” and “Provincial Goverment of Álava”

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