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OST Magazine 19 February 2009 ISSUE ONE

OPEN SPACE • Liberal Daily is out: OST magazine is in • Here we come again! • Vera’s birthday • Working group

Podcast group • “We are a secret society” • Pod cast has become a ‘must’ join group. Their group member is getting larger and larger • Their topic are also becoming “hush-hush”. Too top secret, it’s so hard to find out what they were up to. So! PREPARE to be surprised.

Drawing group • “We do ‘handmade’ only” • Technology is not really their cup of tea. However, they’ve got a great sense of humour and creativity.

VDO group • We bring you back to the 20’s • The group has shown us that a message can be conveyed in various ways. A silence VDO can sometimes speak louder!

Blog group • We are wild bloggers, said Dr. Adam • They really show that blog is for BLOKES. This was the only male group

Photo group • We write thousands of thousands words • They worked hard fixing and taking our photos

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