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Hayling Beach Infested with Dead Rats Due To Sewage Problems February 10, 2014 ( – The Hayling Beach was infested by dead rats as caused by the stormwater screens at Fort Cumberland. The Southern Water immediately issued an apology for this matter. After the heavy downpour of rain, the waste materials at the Fort Cumberland began to discharge from the outfall pipe at Eastney in Portsmouth. As a result, the dead rats where washed up on the beach prompting the Southern Water to take initiatives in cleaning the mess up. As stated by the Southern Water, they are to spend £30m to fix the problem and expect to complete the repair by next year. The wastewater runs through the Eastney Pumping Station from the Fort Cumberland. The wastewater was blocked after the severe storm. "We've seen a variety of things - cotton bud sticks, female sanitary products and also hypodermic syringes,” said Louise Mac Callum, the environmental officer at Langstone Harbour Board. "Lots of very unsightly waste." Andy Lenagham, councilor of Havant Borough Council said, “We've got a Blue Flag beach with lots of windsurfers and of course they have a text system for notifying all the other windsurfers.”The last thing we want is for them to stay away." The director of Southern Water issued a statement saying, “"We have screens at Fort Cumberland that remove this debris from the wastewater - but they were initially damaged in a storm a couple of years ago. A complete rebuilding process at that plant was overtaken by the weather before it could be completed." The company also issued an apology stating, “"We are currently working on a £10m scheme to change the way storm-water enters the site, which will ease the pressure on the screens, making them more robust. We are also part-way through a £20m scheme to radically change the Victorian sewer system in Portsmouth. The scheme will divert rainwater from Portsmouth's sewers to ease the pressure on the system during storms." This issue only shows the extent of damages when sewage and drains are not maintained properly. The huge amount of money for repair should have been saved by constant maintenance and repair. Such huge establishment needs heavy-duty drain cleaning equipment to keep an unclogged drain. The same thing can happen to anyone. The weather and natural catastrophes usually are the culprits of drain and sewage damages. To prevent this from happening, be sure to work with reliable professionals and only use high-quality drain cleaning equipment. Visit for more information.

Hayling beach infested  

February 10, 2014 ( – The Hayling Beach was infested by dead rats as caused by the storm-water screens at Fort Cumberland. The Sou...

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