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Liber Populus The Session Issue

Kuopio 2018

Table of Contents 2 Editorial

3 Suomi from Ranska

5 Why is democracy important?

7 Officials’ Map of Europe

9 Uniquez


Editorial Hello! Kuopio 2018 was something truly special for us and hopefully for every participant as well. It was our first time editing a session and we found ourselves in a totally new adventure. The session is over but we hope that everyone has learned something new and has unforgettable memories from the session. Our vision for the media team was to have a diversity in our team and in our media output. This issue is also a part of that kind of diversity. We tried to produce every medium of media and we believe we managed it. Furthermore, we not only created online memories for you, but also solid memories such as postcards. We hope you had an amazing unforgettable experience and they will stay with forever. We would like to thank you all for participating in our projects and engaging with the media throughout the session. We hope the media team helped you having an amazing experience and we wish every participant will continue this amazing journey. As we said, what makes it beautiful is not the destination, but rather the journey. With love, Gรถrkem & Stelios


Suomi fro

“Koti” is more than just the name of a “home”, and it’s the first word that I le eks ago. Thanks to the famou


om Ranska by Sarah Michel

famous finnish pizzeria. “Koti� means earned when I arrived here a few weus pizza restaurant of course. I showed up in this new country with my backpack full of stereotypes -more or less accurate- but still curious to discover a culture unknown from many people, including me. After some experiences and meetings, I can finally clarify my vision of Finland and its inhabitants. Truth be told, I did not get there on purpose, or it was not my first choice (yes, I was aiming at Norway but my small budget did not allow me such a luxury). However, I understood really quickly that this country is not only about naked and anti-social people spending their time in hot-wooden-small houses while eating Cinnamon Rolls and talking about Santa Claus. I discovered a welcoming country, with people ready to open their home and saunas to you. With Finns crazy enough to jump in frozen lakes and going wild after some beers. Most of all, I discovered an EYP vibe that I forgot about, my last session being around 2 years ago. I discovered a new city, new Finns and made international friends, once again. Well, now I can say without a doubt, Suomi (ya EYP) on Koti. Kiitos


Why is democra Democracy means people power or rule by the people. The idea came from the ancient Greeks who combined the words demos (people) and krates (rule) to create the term. The term appeared during a period in Greek history when the city of Athens experimented with a form of government in which all citizens made the laws of their state and not one king. Practically, democracy gives the weak the same chances as the strong.

The power is in numbers, and this is no exception for democracy. Here people matter as a group. The term is typically used in the context of a form of government in which all the citizens have a vote. In a democratic government, the people’s views influence the laws and decisions made by the government. The citizens matter as a group and all of them play an important role. The development of democracy can be traced back to ancient times, particularly to ancient Greece in the city of Athens. Throughout history, democracies were not very usual. In the present day world, about 60 per cent of the world’s nations is democracies. Other nations have rulers assigned by heredity or have used the military to take leadership by force or rule by wealth or charisma. There are, however, fundamental benefits of a democracy. The main benefit of democracy is that every adult person regardless of race, religious belief or gender has the same political rights as each other. The leaders of the country have to obey the same rules, so none is above the law.


acy important? by Denisa Crecea


People living in a democratic society are protected from oppression by law. Democratic governments put laws into place to protect their citizens and to ensure a safe and fair society. The people who lead a democratic country must obey the same laws as everyone else, creating a nation that is a step closer to perfection... ’’Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.’’ (Harry Emerson Fosdick)


Officials’ Map of Europe

by Anniina Wilkman





Italy 7







Greece 8

Uniquez by Henriikka Toivola

As cliché as it sounds, we all are unique in our own ways. Can you connect the special feature of the person to the official of the session? a. Sélin Demir, FR, Organiser b. Gustaf Westin, SE, Vice President c. Stelios Christoforou, GR, Editor d. Ville Valli, FI, Organizer e. Sarah Michel, FR, Media Team Member f. Görkem Cudal, TR, Editor g. Aline Senn, CH Chairperson h. Patricija Zorne, LV, Chairperson


1. I named my bike Shelby 2. There are two teardrop shaped freckles below my right eye 3. I love to dance to Rasputin, the German hit song from the 1970s 4. I have like one hundred different kind of laughters 5. I’m always honest 6. I have collection of Buddha statues 7. There’s a picture of me where I look like the Barack Obama meme 8. I own a pet tiger

The correct row: A.4. B.7. C.5. D.3., E.2. F. 8 G.1. H.6 10

Kuopio 2018 - The Session Issue  

The session issue of EYP Finland's second regional session of 2018: Kuopio.

Kuopio 2018 - The Session Issue  

The session issue of EYP Finland's second regional session of 2018: Kuopio.