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WORKSHOPS Facing The Monster Under The Bed: Continuing The Conversation About Sex and Depression (#SFSMonster) Presented by: Stephen Biggs, MA, RP, JoEllen Notte

Location: Magnolia C

Saturday 2:45pm – 4:15pm

Sex and depression is a challenging topic for anyone, but for partners it comes with extra baggage. When left unchecked that can result in unhealthy relationship dynamics, partners on both sides of the equation who aren’t supported, and ableist stereotypes like “don’t stick it in the crazy”. This session will offer concrete strategies and resources to help partners navigate sex and depression together.

From Stonewall to Nursing Homes: What’s it like to be back in the closet after so many years? (#SFSStonewall) Presented by: Christoph White

Location: Magnolia A

Thursday 2:45pm – 4:15pm

The older LGBTQ population is the most silenced by the systems around them, which can and often leads to a negative outcome. This session will cover how the older LGBTQ population struggles with identity in different areas of the aging system. And often, how these individuals will have to hide their identity and go back in the closet that they fought so hard to break down.

Fucking with Power like a Social Justice Warrior (#SFSSJW) Presented by: Ashley Robin Netanel, Tahnee Jackson, Aida Manduley, MSW, Nayland Blake,Damon Stango, MS Location: Magnolia AB Saturday 4:30pm – 6pm Dom/sub, Top,/bottom, Master,/slave – much of kinky sexuality involves making power and inequality into something sexy. Getting off on being in or out of control can be liberating, yet it often involves aspects of our “real world” social identities and the marginalizations that we and others face. This panel will present the experiences of kinky activists, and guide participants on how they, or the populations they serve, can navigate eroticizing power while fighting oppression.

How to L.O.V.E: Me, Myself, and Microagressions (#SFSLove) Presented by: Wesley K. Thomas MPH, Louis Ortiz-Fonseca MHS

Location: Walnut A

Friday 10:45am – 12:15pm

This workshop will explore and dissect language used by same-gender loving men of color that can be experienced as microaggressions that exist within the SGL culture of social media dating and hook-ups.

Intution + Technology: A Client Screening Workshop for Sex Workers (#SFSScreen) Presented by: Joy Saucy

Location: Chestnut

Saturday 4:30pm – 6pm

How would it feel to meet safer, kinder, more compatible clients? Harnessing the power of the net, pre-qualifying potential clients (a.k.a. “screening”) can greatly reduce the risk of encountering predators disguised as clients. Learn why knowing your client’s name can save your life (as well as how to ask for and use the information), the signs of a time waster, ninja internet search tips & the ways bad guys try to circumvent screening efforts.


Woohull's Sexual Freedom Summit 2016 Program  

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