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CARE/DO/READ LOVE, HALLIE’s Cyber-Kindness Program To combat Bullying, Apathy, and Illiteracy •


Here is a true story. New Yorker Hallie Kassandra Geier lived a joyous 11 ¾ years. She sang, danced, acted, ran track, and voraciously read and write. What made her happiest was helping – people, animals, the Earth. She wrote more than a thousand essays, poems, and stories that included: •

her desire to “do something special,” which she defined as anything from helping endangered species to curing cancer,

that if she could have one superpower, it would be to “see things from another’s perspective,”

that “war is something that should only be played in cards,”

and, at age five, “People, be nice to each other. Love, Hallie.”

On May 15, 2004, Hallie Kassandra Geier – an 11 ¾ year-old New Yorker – was hit by an SUV. She died three hours later. That is the tragic part, but not the end, of the story. This is because, in all that writing, Hallie had described what she wanted to accomplish, and had already set examples through her volunteer work, her kindness to friends, strangers, even animals, and through the $398 she had saved in her drawer to help children affected by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. In the six years following the accident, millions of people around the world have been positively affected by Hallie’s life, vision, and writing, by her family, and by the foundation – LOVE, HALLIE – that she inspired.

LOVE, HALLIE’s directors believe that much more can be accomplished in the following years. In the following pages, you will read about Hallie, LOVE, HALLIE’s accomplishments, and a plan to use Hallie’s story, her fervent passion to make a difference her accomplishments, her poems and essays – and her sense of humor – to create an ongoing multi-media program that inspires kindness, positive action, literacy, and creativity in millions of people – particularly young people. ABOUT LOVE, HALLIE: * Mission LOVE, HALLIE’s mission is to inspire and help young people to improve their communities and the world, spreading Hallie Geier’s passion for kindness and positive action. LOVE, HALLIE accomplishes this through, media outreach and it’s Hallie’s Angels youth action program. * Philosophy LOVE, HALLIE believes young people are natural philanthropists. They are filled with energy, optimism, compassion, and skills to improve their neighborhoods and to help people on the other side of the world. LOVE, HALLIE gives them guidance, ideas, and encouragement to make their unique contributions. * Accomplishments In its first six years, LOVE, HALLIE: •

Helped young people raise funds to rebuild the burned-down Agape Orphanage in South Africa.

Reached millions of elementary through college students with it’s Veto the Squito anti-malaria program, helping those students raise enough money to provide antimalarial bed-nets to 20,000 families.

Appeared twice on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and provided funds with Oprah’s Angel Network to renovate Kids Haven, a shelter for abused and abandoned children in South Africa.

Helped young people work on causes they selected to help their communities and the world.

Produced major youth action festivals, including two Halliestocks and three Cool to be Kind events.

Published and distributed two booklets of Hallie’s writing.

THE CAUSE The LOVE, HALLIE cause is fighting bullying, apathy, and illiteracy by encouraging young people to act with respect and kindness, to take action on the causes they care about, to read and write, and to create– in effect, to fulfill their most positive potential. For young people, this means surmounting many formidable obstacles, including pressure from peers (and in many cases, family members), and negative messages from media, sometimes, even negative pressure from their educators, various combinations of: you can’t make a difference, you don’t have time, you don’t want to be a bleeding heart/goody two-shoes/do-gooder/bookworm/nerd. OBJECTIVES •

General Objective On an ongoing basis, inspire millions of young people each year to: a) take action to improve their communities and the world; b) treat others kindly; and c) engage in reading, writing, and the arts by: a) creating a combination of media assets by and about Hallie Geier, and b) conducting an ongoing promotion campaign to disseminate the materials.

2011-2012 Objectives o Phase I: Program Development 

Celebrity recruitment Recruit 40 musicians, actors, and other wellknown accomplished professionals to record spoken-word and musical versions of Hallie’s poems, essays, and stories and/or create works inspired by Hallie.

Website Upgrade to include: •

One hundred of Hallie’s writings and artworks

Hallie’s story

Interactive section to record accomplishments of young people working with or inspired by LOVE, HALLIE

Songs and videos (see details below)

Book: Create a full-color 200-page book including: •

A collection of Hallie’s writings and art

A biography of Hallie by her father including the memories of family and friends

• 

The LOVE, HALLIE story

Videos Create YouTube-friendly short videos that use Hallie’s life and the LOVE, HALLIE story to convey the “Care/Do/Write” message. 


CD’s •

Songs with lyrics by Hallie and/or inspired by Hallie performed by Hallie’s Comets, a band featuring Hallie’s sister and father, and by .a variety of well-known, talented musicians.

Performances of Hallie’s poems, essays, and stories by prominent actors.

o Phase II: Outreach 

Reach 300,000 people with LOVE, HALLIE’s “Care/Do/Write” message.

Generate responses from 5,000, and inspire specific, measurable, positive action from 500 people

Media campaign

Special events


Age: Eight to sixteen years-old

Scope: United States and Canada


Age: All Ages



o Website: An upgrade of to include: 

Hundreds of Hallie’s writings and artworks

Hallie’s story

The accomplishments of young people working with LOVE, HALLIE

Songs and videos (see details below)

Publications •


Mini-books o Hallie Loves Animals o Hallie Loves The Earth o Hallie Loves People o Hallie Loves Life

o Live events o Media outreach •




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testing how this thing works. Love Hallie

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