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How To Overcome Insecurity and Attract Women If you’re a man who would love to be 'that confident cool guy' and you want to be able to attract women, then one thing is for sure, you’re not alone! Many men out there don't realise that the single most important thing in attracting a woman is not looks, but confidence. In fact, contrary to popular belief, you’ll do much better than a good looking guy provided you re-discover your good points and minimise your subconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts. It’s often sabotaging thoughts that create a negative self-image. This leaves many guys feeling low and unable to get out there and meet the multitude of women just waiting to be approached! So how exactly can you overcome insecurity and become attractive to the ladies? Two major factors need to be taken into account, these are: 1. What Women Find Attractive 2. Realising Your Potential To be more specific, before you can overcome insecurity in relation to the opposite sex, it’s useful to diminish common misconceptions of what women want in a man and to realise that YOU have what they want! Take a look at the first factor!

What Women Find Attractive- 3 Myths & Facts Myth 1.- Women Want Guys Who Look Perfect (muscles, ripped body, chiselled face) Fact- Although women may notice the 'hot guy' first, without a personality, no matter how hot the guy, they WILL NOT BE INTERESTED! This means that even if you’re not the spitting image of Clooney or Brad Pitt, women can and will find you attractive. In fact, women don’t like men who spend more time looking in the mirror than them. And they will often think of hot shots as conceited and self-absorbed. In women's books this is a DEFINITE

NO NO! Myth 2.- Women Don't Like 'Nice Guys' Fact- This is one of the great myths that keeps guys like YOU at the side of the bar, when you should be out there talking to the lovely ladies. Women LOVE nice guys! The key here is to know where 'nice guy' ends and 'push over' begins. Forget about playing 'hard to get', ignoring her and generally acting like some Casanova. Instead, BE YOURSELF! Be nice, interested, polite, calm and friendly. Avoid becoming a pushover by doing whatever she wants, buying expensive gifts and generally letting women walk all over you! Myth 3.- If a Woman Likes You, She Will Make It Clear and Come To You Fact- Although for some lucky guys this can happen, women love being approached by men because this shows confidence and makes them feel attractive. So, approaching women does work in your favour! FORGET THE FEAR OF REJECTION! And start approaching women, what's the worst that can happen? You’ll never know how many women will find you attractive, interesting and entertaining if you don't try! And most importantly, the more you speak to women, the easier the task becomes. Don't go up to them with a date in mind, simply strike up a will be surprised!

How To Realise Your Potential The biggest mistake that men JUST LIKE YOU make is failing to take advantage of their best qualities. Whoever you are and regardless of what you may think about yourself, you do possess qualities that CAN and WILL attract women! And realising your potential is the second factor! So what if you don't have perfect looks a fat wallet or the latest sports car? Here are the... 7 Qualities That Women Go Weak At the Knees For...

1. Humour- Being able to make her laugh is the one of the most understated qualities. If you are funny she will love being in your company and find you irresistible! 2. Intelligence- The truth is that before you can turn her on in bed, you need to turn her on in her mind. Women are talkative and analytical creatures; use your brain to get her going! 3. Listening Skills- Not much of a talker? No problem! Being a good listener will win you plenty of admiration as well as make her feel like she is the centre of the universe! Ask questions, listen, be interested in what she has to say and you are onto a winner! 4. Being Attentive- This can mean a lot of things, but as a general rule being attentive means that you pay attention. For example, remembering things she has said she likes and doing them, noticing when her glass is empty and getting her a drink, solving minor problems for her that she happens to mention and so on. She will be impressed and notice that you are not 'like other guys'. 5. Confidence- Women love a man who is comfortable in his own skin, stays true to his beliefs and is not afraid to be himself. Stop wanting to be someone else and start revelling in who you are- she will love it! 6. Caring- Being caring about the state of the world, nature, things that trouble her and anything else that shows you have a heart will have her melting inside. Do this sparingly, but genuinely and watch her barriers begin to drop... 7. Spontaneity- The more spontaneous you are the more intriguing she will find you. Being spontaneous will keep her guessing and she will love being surprised. Keep it fresh and exciting and she is sure to want more! Better still, she will be dying to know if your spontaneous qualities spill into the bedroom! Whatever your personal strengths, make them work for you! It doesn't matter if you have one or all seven of the qualities; the key is to magnify your strengths! Don't feel like you have to perform all of the above, just think about which of these is you and remind yourself that women go GA GA over them!

So there you have it! Now that you’ve cut through the 3 most common myths that keep men from attracting women and are armed with the 7 qualities that women go crazy for. You are ready to get out there and start meeting some sexy ladies. Remember that there are countless of women just waiting to be approached by you and before you know it, you will not only attract women, but have plenty to choose from! To start getting the girls you want, visit:

How To Overcome Insecurity and Attract Women