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More Successful Brands – by Gorenje ALEKSANDER URANC, Gorenje Marketing Director


ot so long ago, the Gorenje group had only one really

name, are becoming the driving force of the Gorenje group's

significant brand - Gorenje. It’s a brand we had built

future development. Some of these brands target premium

within Europe over decades and has become established

classes, where we have not, for most intents and purposes,

as an important one in most European markets. Today, the

been present. The leading role in this process will go to the

brand continues to expand its development beyond Eu-

brand ATAG, a superior brand focused primarily on kitchen studios, and ASKO, whose particularly sustainable product

rope’s borders to Asia and Latin America.

solutions are embodied in the slogan “Built to last longer”. Design, unique ideas and acute awareness of emerging trends have always played a vital role in the development of

Another contribution to the company’s map of brand names

the Gorenje brand, ever since the innovative Simple&Logical

this year is the Gorenje+ concept, whose portfolio features

washing machine was introduced. Through co-operation

innovative products, such as the revolutionary iChef oven

with established designer names we’ve developed success-

control module than won the Red Dot Design Award this

ful collections of appliances: Gorenje Ora-Ïto, Gorenje Pin-

year, which we will come back to later. With a price that re-

infarina, Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid, to name but a

mains affordable for a wide circle of consumers, Gorenje+

few; as well as original niche products, such as the Gorenje

will focus above all on the integrated kitchen appliances seg-

refrigerator line Made with CRISTALLIZED

ment and will only be available in selected kitchen studios.


Swarovski Ele-

ments. All of this collaboration has had a very positive effect on the strengthening of the brand and its originality and at

Certainly a wide portfolio of brand names poses different

the same time, provided an opportunity to create something

challenges than managing a single pan-European brand.

new – the x-factor that turns ordinary objects into objects of

One of the key questions is – how to provide enough in-

desire, generating demand from consumers.

novative quality products across different price segments, and how to manage the increasing complexity of the brand

The latest highly successful product line, Gorenje Simplic-

portfolio. I am convinced, however, that Gorenje experts and

ity, signalled the future development of the brand as an af-

international support of the Gorenje group in all respects will

fordable brand with winning design and innovative technical

play their part well, and contribute to the success of both in-

solutions that make our daily routines easier and our lives at

dividual brands and the portfolio as a whole. More than ever,

home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Recently

successful brands with the Gorenje signature will continue to

the Gorenje group has added new, established brand names

draw interest and anticipation with their exciting innovations

for its portfolio. These, in addition to the Gorenje brand

and vision.

GORENJE LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE GORENJE MAGAZINE SPRING - SUMMER 2011, ISSUE 7 PUBLISHED BY Gorenje, d. d., Partizanska 12, SI–3503 Velenje, Slovenia, www. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Aleksander Uranc EXECUTIVE EDITOR Greta Kokot Rajkovič CO-EDITORS Jeff Bickert, Manca Krnel Hess CONTRIBUTORS Elizabeta Biluš, Mojca Čepič, Irena Hlede, Irena Knez, Tjaša Kobal, Hermina Kovačič, Alenka Kralj, Uršula Menih Dokl, Urška Ojsteršek, Vesna Petkovšek, Jerica Živa Puterle, Andrej Ramšak, Boštjan Tadel, Maja Veithauser PHOTO MATERIAL AV Studio, Gorenje Design Studio, Foto Bobo, Sebastjan Kurmanšek, Louise Campbell Archives, Peter Marinšek, Saša Hess for Cirkus, Studio Breg, Rune Boserup Jacobsen, Slovenian Olympic Committee,, Gorenje Archives TRANSLATION Lingua Service, d. o. o. DESIGN Sara Jassim, Jerica Živa Puterle PRINT Gorenje I.P.C., d. o. o., Velenje, Partizanska 12 SPRING 2011 ISSN 1855-8771






Inside Track


Now Featuring

Greener Pastures


Painting the Bigger Picture

Design That Lasts

Gorenje+ / It's All About the Plusses

The Heat is On

Good Design Sense

Gorenje brings advanced heat pump solutions to a fast developing market.

GDS – Total Design Thinking at Gorenje Design Studio.

Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection High-tech Gleaming Steel.

Gorenje Management Board Member Branko Apat.

Lavish choice and perfect harmony in the high-design kitchen.



07 MARKET WATCH, Red Dot for iChef Control Module

38 Here Comes the Sun, Saving with Gorenje Solar Power Plants

68 GDS Gorenje Design Studio, Total Design Thinking

22 Gorenje+, Lavish Choice and Perfect Harmony – It's All About the Plusses

40 putting heat to work, Making Sense of the Heat Pump



POWERFUL BRANDS, Innovative Products & New Markets

44 Living Good, Living Green

76 The New Gas, The Power of Flame Lights Up


Branko Apat, Painting the Bigger Picture

20 Design That Lasts, Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection 32

market watch, Gloucester Hong Kong

36 Masdar Institute, Harbinger of Zero Carbon Structures



48 How It's Done, On-line, with Refrigeration Technology 54 New Simplicity, Logical Man, Meticulous Woman

86 Travels, Lust for Life Copenhagen 90 Last Word, Boštjan Tadel, Everlasting New

60 The Art of Creative Culinary Versatility, with Gorenje kitchen appliances




Succulent Seasonal, Flavours at Na Gradu

82 Olympic medalist Petra Majdič – Gorenje's PLUS star

56 Objects of Desire, Spring Cook, Clean and Indulge




Material Girl, Copenhagen-based designer Louise Campbell




POWERFUL AND STYLISH This sleek and efficient downdraft cooker hood with TouchControl is specially adapted to longer cooktops with cooking zones laid out side by side. Installed alongside the cooktop, it will extract odours and steam directly and evenly from the cooking area. It can be ďŹ tted in kitchen islands or directly in the worktop against the wall. The perfect solution in tune with the architectural trends of modern kitchens.


Gorenje Joins Diners Gala Sparkling with celebs for a good cause On a snowy December evening in Ljubljana, Gorenje took part at a special celebrity event hosted by Diners Club Slovenia at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Jeff bickeRt



laying special guest host for the event was actor, di-

holders, succeeded in raising a total of €25,000, that will

rector, and two-time Academy Awards winner Kevin

be used by Diners Club Slovenia, in cooperation with the

Costner, together with his band Modern West. The event,

Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia, to fund summer

held by invitation for Diners Exclusive card members saw

vacations for more than 150 children from socio-econom-

more than 1,200 guests treated to an hour-long concert

ically disadvantaged Slovenian families.

pumping out the solid rock and country sounds of Costner's Modern West.

Costner and his band arrived in Slovenia on Saturday for the gala-gig, took Sunday to tour the coastal towns of

The prestigious event also included a charity auction in

Portorož and Piran, and take in an evening stroll through

which Gorenje played an active part by donating three

Ljubljana's historical centre.

luxurious black beauties – Gorenje refrigerators Made


with CRYSTALLIZED TM Swarovski Elements – that proved

Diners Club Slovenia has held similar events in the past,

particularly well-suited to the sparkling elegance of the

last year playing host to former President of the United

evening, along with a pair of special edition Elan skis and

States Bill Clinton, and to guests that include former

Kevin Costner's guitar with his signature, all of which were

American Vice President Al Gore, actor, screenwriter, and

also auctioned that evening. Proceeds from the auction,

director Ben Affleck, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and

together with donations by Diners Club Exclusive card-

actor Andie MacDowell.



Red Dot for iChef Control Module E

arlier this spring Gorenje's innovative iChef oven control

a colour display with moving images has been present in

module received an honourable mention at the eminent

Gorenje since the time the first touch screens were intro-

international Red Dot Design Awards in Essen, Germany. The

duced,” says Andrej Kaiser, development engineer and crea-

jury was impressed by the module’s particularly refined de-

tor of the award-winning module's software. “However, only

tail solutions. The acclaimed electronic control module with

a few years ago, it seemed quite impossible for technical

a large colour display introduces the most advanced elec-

reasons and costs. Today, we prove again that we spearhead

tronic touch control for ovens to date and represents a major

the industry in development of appliance control.”

step forward in home appliance development. It’s a complex innovation translated into simple use and appealing form.

The award-winning control module is entirely the result of Gorenje's in-house development and design, designed by

Gorenje's iChef oven control module, premièred this Janu-

Matevž Popič and Lidija Pritržnik of the Gorenje Design Stu-

ary at the IMM tradeshow in Cologne, evokes a user experi-

dio. “The iChef control module enables faster, easier deci-

ence now well known in consumer electronics, and relies on

sions. Control of the contents is clear, recipes are supported

a high-performance controller that operates as a standalone

by explanations of particular functions to replace the con-

computer. Carefully thought-out hardware is coordinated

ventional instruction manuals” offer the pair. “The focus is

by an operating system developed at Gorenje, which allows

on simple editing of the existing recipes and creation of

fast, responsive and user-friendly operation.

new, user-defined ones. And a wide choice of module colour schemes allows the users to personalise the appearance

“The idea of direct touch control in home appliances via

of the display.”





The Pink Knight in Budapest new york-based star designer Karim

Rashid’s invitation came from a group

Rashid dropped in to Budapest in

that included noteworthy professional

early February to deliver an almost

institutions like the Hungarian Intellec-

90-minute full public presentation of

tual Property Office, the Hungarian De-

his work to an audience of 600 at the

sign Council, Design Terminal and the

MOME University of Art and Design.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and De-

Here Rashid talked about how he came

sign. When asked in an interview about

to be a designer, and offered some in-

a possible Hungarian design project he

sight into his design manifesto and the

offered: “I’ve never worked with a Hun-

digital era.

garian company so far, but I would like to work in cooperation with a ceramic

During the visit he gave interviews to

or porcelain manufactur in the near fu-

well-known design magazines and


Internet portals, put on a DJ show at Ötkert and met various figures of the

An accompanying exhibition at MOME

Hungarian design scene. Following his

showing Rashid’s designs available in

presentation the star of design evalu-

Hungary was open to the public, and

ated three student projects and as a

a “Design News” window exhibition on

symbol of gratitude, received a pink

Rashid’s vast body of work is being or-

Rubik’s Cube offered up personally

ganised at Design Terminal in Erzsébet

from its designer, Ernő Rubik.



01 Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid. 02 An exhibition at MOME of Rashid’s designs. 03 Karim Rashid Alessi watches: the collection is symbolic of technology, the cosmos, and the cyclical nature of time – all packaged in a signature Alessi gift box. 04 Instantly recognizable: candy colours and digital op-art designs creating the so03




called digipop style.


Gorenje Shows its Best at LivingKitchen in Cologne Gorenje+ exclusive built-in appliances unveiled

January saw Gorenje take their newest and best to

brand. Partnerships with select kitchen specialists is based

Cologne, Germany, to the new international biannual trade

on the Gorenje Group's solid distribution network present in

fair event LivingKitchen, which runs parallel with the annual

70 countries on all continents.

IMM Cologne. The event focuses on all aspects of kitchens, offering both trade visitors and the general public an oppor-

In addition, part of the expansive exhibition area featured

tunity to experience the home interiors of the future. There

the Atag brand, a leading Western European design brand

was something for everyone here, from specialists and ex-

which has been a part of the international Gorenje Group

perts, amateur chefs, gourmets, and design and technology

since 2008.

buffs. 01 Chef Thomas Jaumann and moderator Britta Wiegand in action.

Gorenje's exhibition area extended over 350m 2 , and pre-

02 Gorenje's exhibition area also featured the Atag brand.

sented a selection of novelties and innovations, with the spotlight on the premiere of the Gorenje+ brand of exclusive built-in appliances which include the oven with the unique iChef+ module. Here Gorenje showcased its iChef+ oven module with large colour display, that allows selecting of functions with just the slide of the finger across the screen, and features the most powerful, patent-protected computer control system ever used in an oven. And it comes come to the European markets this spring. Gorenje president and CEO Franjo Bobinac pointed out that the Cologne fair is one of the three most important trade fair destinations in the industry, alongside Milan and Berlin, and was proud to be unveiling – for Gorenje’s business partners and the general public alike – the company’s new Gorenje+





Partnering up – for real Project Triglav Delivers First Model Kitchen Studio Late last year, Gorenje - real, sister

and running, upgrading a network of

business was not represented before.

company of Gorenje spol. s.r.o., in the

32 kitchen studios – remodelled and/

Here the design kitchens and top-

Czech Republic, took over full distri-

or new from the ground up in line with

quality home appliances are presented

bution of Gorenje kitchen furniture in

the model kitchen studio concept –

in timeless interior that underlines

the country. No longer supplied by

by end-2011.

their exceptionality.

are now supplied directly by Gorenje

The new model studio opened April

The ambitious short-term plan fea-

Notranja oprema, d.o.o.

15, 2011 in City Park Jihlava, which

tures six new kitchen studios to be

represented the premiere of the first

built by mid-2011. Next year they hope

Bigger news however comes in the

Kuchyně Gorenje-branded POS in the

to continue expanding point-of-sales

form of Triglav, an exciting and com-

entire Czech Republic, as well as the

centres across selected locations

plex new project that forms the basis

Vysočina region, where their kitchen

throughout the country.

an intermediary company there, they

of a new business model, creating what is in many ways a new company in the kitchen business. Both internal resources and external expert consultants have been mobilised to create and structure the project. In short, the company is looking to build a network of branded professional kitchen studios in order to boost sales of both kitchen furniture as well as (built-in) home appliances. The goal is to grow to become one of the top three names in the higher-end kitchen market there. Project plans see the first phase of the process up

After-sales in Bosnia and Herzegovina

February in Sarajevo saw Gorenje open its first after-

cember 2009, a call centre was launched with a single

service unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will

number for the entire country. The recent opening of its

cover Sarajevo and nearby municipalities. Gorenje cur-

own after-sales service unit is a another new step in the

rently operates a well organised network of authorised

ongoing development of after-sales services.


service centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back in De10



Rock ‘n’ Wash Gorenje Gorenje’s wash & dry hospitality tent proves a hit at the Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is one of Europe’s five biggest annual

music festivals, held on the Danish island of Zealand, and drawing more than 100,000 spectators and volunteers for four days in late June every year. Four days is long enough for any outdoor music festival, but for the staff the whole thing starts two weeks ahead of the festivities. So if there’s

Looking Good in the Near East Gorenje wins award for most attractive exhibition area

something they value besides a quality bath it’s a store of clean, nice smelling clothes. November saw Gorenje receive an honour in the form of

Enter Gorenje, with a custom-made event put together ex-

the award for best looking exhibition area at the 6th Inter-

clusively for the festival staff, helping them out with this

national Fair in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. As an international fair,

handy service. “The basic concept grew out of the classic

and one of the biggest in Iraq, some 300 exhibitors from

launderette service,” says Danish Marketing Manager Fred-

Iraq, Iran, Turkey, China, Japan and beyond came and par-

eric Viking, “only here the washing and drying comes free

ticipated at the Fair, presenting products from the fields of

of charge. The tent’s also a place to get some welcome

food, drink and dining, home interiors, building and others,

shade from the baking summer sun. Last summer we of-

to more than 9,000 visitors.

fered cold beverages from our iPod fridge, and of course the sounds of some good lounge music to enjoy while wait-

This marked the first time Gorenje was represented at

ing for the wash to be done.”

this young and exciting international fair, together with its Iraqi business partner Zozan Co. Together they presented

Here Gorenje’s SterilTub shared the spotlight with plenty of

SmarTable, the Monarch wine cooler, the Gorenje Simplicity

cold wash cycles, seeing as Roskilde is big on sustainabil-

and Gorenje Ora-Ïto collections other products.

ity and environmental awareness. The cold wash detergent was supplied free by one of the producers. In keeping with

Gorenje’s presence in Iraq stretches back to the late 1970s,

the festival spirit the event’s main sponsor Tuborg provided

when they began selling Gorenje products there. Since

some beer in a friendly swap for some welcome washing

2007 Zozan Co. has served as Gorenje's exclusive sales

work. And a couple of Gorenje’s main Danish customers –

partner in the country, handling the distribution of a wide

Euronics and Dixon’s – took part in the hospitality services

range of Gorenje products across the country.

offered in this special tent. “Gorenje sold some 11,000 large household appliances in “The plan for this year has us doing something similar with

Iraq in last year, most of them freezers and design lines. And

Roskilde this year,” says Viking. “They actually came to us –

sales are increasing every year,” explains Tatjana Močenik,

and not the other way around – because of its success, and

Gorenje’s Manager for regional sales in the Near East.

its popularity among their staff and volunteers. Over the course of the festival we did some 500 loads of wash plus

Zozan Co. Director Shinwar Bandi says he’s convinced

drying, using our six washers and six dryers, none of which

Gorenje’s sales in Iraq will continue to grow strongly, and

had any trouble keeping up.”

sees Gorenje as a quality company which is constantly developing and launching new ideas, designs, and technical

The Roskilde Festival operates as a non-profit organisation,

features across its entire range of products.

and has been running since 1971. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Powerful brands, innovative products, new markets




Last year Gorenje celebrated its 60 th anniversary. In this milestone year, it took some major steps to pave the way to success for another 60 or more.


best market in the Western Balkans.

raw material shock. But these are

European home appliance market

Sales also rose in the USA and in the

inevitable facts that we must face

Middle and Far East.

and find a solution to. Gorenje has




in growth by 2.8 percentage points,

defined its formula: powerful brands,

topping last year's sales figures by


16.5% – this despite the slow economy

Last year’s business results are seen

development of the right products,

in Europe, the source of the majority

as solid; however, as President and

business in the right markets, efficient

of Gorenje's revenues, which is still

CEO Franjo Bobinac notes: "There are

business processes, and flexibility."

in recovery and its major appliance

still many challenges in all markets of

industry has not yet bounced back to

our operations. The key threat to our

Pursuit of this formula also includes

2006 levels. In Western Europe, the

industry this year is increased prices

the acquisition of the Swedish high-

Netherlands and Germany were the

for raw and processed materials.

end appliance manufacturer Asko,

best-performing markets; in Eastern

Following the economic and financial

renowned particularly for their top-

Europe, it was Russia and Ukraine.

crisis from which the markets have not

class washing machines, dryers, and

Serbia, home to a part of Gorenje's

yet fully recovered, home appliance

dishwashers. This was Gorenje's third

manufacturing facilities, was Gorenje's

manufacturers were struck by the

acquisition in the past six years.



Gorenje is stepping up its deliveries of high-end appliances to the promising Asian markets. Franjo Bobinac , Gorenje president and CEO upon starting cooperation with Henderson Land Development, Hong Kong

Extended family of brands

company is also pursuing the strategy

Gorenje will address its customers

Only a few years ago, most Gorenje

of covering all price ranges and all

from all over globe with the latest R&D

home appliances shared a single brand:

distribution channels, including the

and design novelties at the IFA fair in

Gorenje. Expansion through takeovers

kitchen studios targeted by the most

Berlin. The fair is a great opportunity

brought diversity to the equation:

recently introduced brand Gorenje +.

for Gorenje to consolidate existing

Atag, Pelgrim, Etna, Asko, Upo, and

In 2010, Gorenje sold nearly 90% of

business partnerships and also forge

Mora were added to the existing brand

its total output under its own, in-

new ones.

portfolio. This year, it was further

house brands, which is the highest

extended by another brand: Gorenje+,

share to date. Such a share evidences

On the heels of growing sales in the

positioned in the upper-middle price

the power of the Group's brands, the

European markets in recent decades,

range, was developed particularly

quality of its products, and the wisdom

Gorenje is looking to enter South

for a breaking into the kitchen studio

of its sales strategy.

America, and is stepping up its deliveries of high-end appliances to


the promising Asian markets. These The brands and the products carrying

In-house development

include Hong Kong, one of top ten

them are the company's ID card.

and the road East

markets in the world by purchasing

The current Gorenje Group brand

Brand power will continue to be

power. Hence, Gorenje teamed up

portfolio reflects the continuous

founded on the company’s own R&D

this year with one of the leading real

process of the company's growth and

efforts. Development of Gorenje

estate investors in this seven-million-

transformation into an international

appliances is the responsibility of a

strong metropolis, Henderson Land

corporation present in 70 markets

group of international experts working

Development Co., in the development

from Scandinavia to the Middle and

in development competence centres


Far East, and the USA. In addition to

in Slovenia, Netherlands, Sweden,

commercial buildings.

geographical reach of its presence, the

and Czech Republic. And this year








The stories from your home. Stories created with HomeMADE – a unique innovation allowing wood-ďŹ red oven eff ects for perfect baking results. Stories endowed with elegant touch of the patented DirecTOUCH electronic programme module. These patented innovations are a fresh view of how we live: each in our own distinct way. The new generation of Gorenje built-in appliances is a perfect setting for your own private story. The story you experience: the inside story.


Painting the Bigger Picture BRANKO APAT, MEMBer of gorenje management board Making sense of global conditions, regional developments, and changing consumer demands in a fast-changing and fiercely competitive global marketplace. MANCA KRNEL HESS



orenje is facing a number of global challenges and


year, Gorenje acquired a new company in Sweden and went

changes in the production and sale of home appliances,

on to move part of its production to Serbia. On top of that,

all of which require timely and carefully thought out

the company has been assiduously engaged in developing

responses. Competition seems more and more relentless,

new products with which they are entering new distribution

prices of raw materials are skyrocketing and the markets are

channels. There’s plenty on the table – and plenty to talk

still suffering the effects of the economic crisis. In the past

about with Management Board Member Branko Apat.



In terms of sales volume the European white goods market

Today, remote control,

is divided roughly 70 / 30 % in favour of the old European ladies. Gorenje is the strongest in Eastern Europe, which accounts for about half the company’s sales. Eastern Europe was far harder hit by the crisis, and in turn your sales volumes dropped considerably. So which are the markets where Gorenje is strongest today?

interconnectable systems and intelligent homes are firmly grounded in reality.

The biggest and most profitable is the Dutch market, mostly owing to Atag. Second in size is Germany, and Russia in terms of profit. Some of our most important markets in view of size and profitability include Ukraine and Serbia. Generally

Gorenje's development follows these trends.

speaking, Eastern Europe is a highly profitable market and these are the markets we are most heavily relying on this year. Moderate growth is expected also in Germany and in the Netherlands. This year we recorded also a slight increase

Information technologies facilitate simpler control,

in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania.

processors increase energy efficiency by switching on and off as necessary and interconnect into so-called intelligent

The situation in Western Europe then leaves something to

systems. Today, remote control, interconnectable systems

be desired?

and intelligent homes are firmly grounded in reality. Gorenje's

Great Britain is currently facing serious political turbulence.

development follows these trends. We’re highly competent

In addition, our presence in this market has been limited to

when it comes to cooking appliances and are introducing

freestanding appliances, where the competition is extremely

increasingly automated cooking in terms of control over

strong. At the moment we are working on restructuring

what goes on on the stove, even in your absence. Boil over

our sales from freestanding appliances to a larger share of

prevention systems on induction cooktops make sure that

integrated appliances. The situation in France is very similar.

milk no longer boils over and that cooking is logarithmised.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford a move to higher price

Of course consumers won’t be aware of that, but they will

classes with the Gorenje brand name here, as a restructuring

know they no longer need to wipe milk off the cooktop, even

of this kind would be too costly. We are therefore focusing on

if they don’t constantly watch over it.

integrated appliances and kitchen studios, i.e. into the higher added value segment.

One such step towards intelligent control is the latest programme module developed by Gorenje – iChef.

What are consumers today looking for? What are the

iChef has proved that Gorenje is a truly innovative company.

trends Gorenje has been following and pursuing?

We were also the first to develop cooktop slider controls that

To answer that we should first take a look at the big picture,

are very popular with all young users.

the EU legislation and regulations. Some three years ago, when Russia shut off gas supplies to Europe, the EU decided

During the economic crisis you responded with a simple

to allocate enormous funds to all kinds of alternative energy

control, the Gorenje Simplicity line, which turned out to be

resources. Germany, for example, allocated some 80 billion

the right decision.

EUR for the promotion of new, eco-friendly products. These

We were deliberating on what to offer to the market. The

include home appliances, heat pumps and home solar power

logical and simplest answer was that it had to be a product

plants. New energy efficiency classes A+, A++, A-30, A-60 were

which is extremely simple for the merchant, producer and the

introduced and intervention money is earmarked also for

user. We tried to incorporate all three aspects.

support in the implementation of energy independence laws.

The Simplicity project, brought up the old Gorenje Simple & Logic system. The system dates back to 1988 when I did my

Eco-friendly therefore inevitably implies trendy – as in in-

own washing for the first time ever on a student campus in

line with emerging or prevailing trends?

the United States. This is so incredibly simple over there! Even

Trends are the result of three points. The first relates to the

though I had been working for some three years at Gorenje at

already mentioned reduction targets for the use of energy

the time and was, so to speak, an independent man, I could

imposed by the EU; the second are compulsory degradable

not do my own washing. There was always some confusion

materials, and the third advanced electronics that enable

with the temperature! In the States we only had one button

simple control. Appliances people were talking to in sci-fi

for whites and one for colours. In Gorenje, we therefore

films a decade back have become a reality. Tomorrow we’ll

introduced one button for whites and one for colours, but

probably say: “Wash this, cook that…” Technological advances

as we were born to complicate we added about five sub-

aim for total simplicity of control.





I see, and deciphering these other five has been left to

Why do we always go for the latest innovation?


That's a philosophical question (laughs). So might the answer

Yes, in Slovenia, of course. (laughs). The Americans wash

be. One might ask why is it that birds sing? I daresay it's not

everything at 60˚C.

because they enjoy singing, but because the song is in them. Now think about why you’re always so excited by spring of all

So who does the washing in your home – Simplicity or

seasons. When a company carries this spring, this youth inside,

your wife?

it means it is research-driven, it goes forward, looking for new

My wife; luckily I’m no longer on campus (laughs). But after all

challenges, and in doing so it cannot but do well. There’s a

these years at Gorenje I'm inclined to think I could probably

culture within a company, an awareness, I'd call it playfulness,

operate even the most complicated machine, if I had to

a geniality that drives us to go on. And what is a company? A

(laughs). In the Gorenje Simplicity line it was the easy control

company is its people and in turn our characteristic features,

system that brought us so close to users. The winning idea

our originality, our spirited spring – these constitute the vital

was the simplicity of one single button. Consumers go for

fluid of which the company is made.

Simplicity appliances because they are so easy to control. And how do these springs deal with established consumer The Gorenje Simplicity line turned out to be very popular in


the mid-price range, but Gorenje continues to try to establish

Every consumer will go for the better, higher, more beautiful,

itself in the higher segments, also through designer lines.

more attractive, more useful – anything that makes life easier. When given a choice between products of the same useful

Our strategy to bring in name designers was very effective.

value you will probably go for the better design; and last but

When you introduce an accomplished, aesthetically

not least, for the optimum ratio between the price, quality

functional product, you demonstrate competence and make

and the brand you trust, because it hasn't and will not let

it clear that the horse for the first-class designer race is ready.

you down.

Time is of utmost importance here, you must produce the right trend at the right time. And it doesn’t hurt if you pose a

For some time now, Gorenje has also been flirting with

challenge here and there.

China, South America and Africa. When can we expect Gorenje to enter these markets with a real presence?


So if it's well designed, it's probably also time resistant,

To successfully enter these continents you need a horse

more than just a passing trend?

equipped for their environment, you need the right product.

Our products are mainly subject to entirely different changes,

The prerequisites are knowing their electricity and water

such as energy consumption, ecological trends, limited

consumption standards and local regulations, which are often

water consumption and similar. A product whose design was

subject to administrative restrictions or protective measures

perceived as beautiful five years ago might retain its aesthetic

favouring their own production. In the 1980s and the 1990s our

appeal. Unfortunately, however, the answer is not one-fold. To

sales in South America did very well, although only in certain

really be part of the trend you must continue to improve the

niche segments. Exporting white goods to China has been

functionality of the line, it's the only way to stay on top. You

an interesting experience with China being the world's largest

must always offer something new, better, more efficient, with

producer of white goods. We therefore decided to compete

better performance…

in that market by introducing the most competent, highest-



quality designer products, signed with one of the prominent designer names with whom we collaborate (Pininfarina). We

Both short-term

have succeeded in achieving first encouraging sales results in Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia. We sell only top-value European products of the highest price range in all South American and Asian markets. Unlike most of our competitors we haven’t decided to build a factory in China and deliver

and long-term development will go this way – from energy dependent to fully energy

a typical Asian product. We believe there is plenty of work for us to do in Europe. We therefore persist with European,

independent homes.

higher-quality products. One of the key challenges this year are steeply rising prices for oil and raw materials. Will Gorenje respond – like the competition – by raising prices?

With its extended brand name portfolio, Gorenje is

Today, iron ore is controlled by three families, five families

entering higher price ranges without losing touch with the

control the world’s coke production, and the same applies

initial and middle segments.

to gold mining. During this crisis, most global players have

Our brands were defined with consideration of price

shut down a number of mines, ironworks and factories

positioning and sales channels policies. In terms of price,

producing plastic products. It was a way of creating artificial

Gorenje's volume is somewhere in the middle, but we'll try to

consumption. Everything we were able to get at a low price

push some brands higher. We'll also keep the designer lines,

in past years will be overpaid by a factor of two in the next.

as they represent a significant share of the profit.

Then there are natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, storms and similar. And on the other hand strikes at mines in

Which appliances do you personally find the most

Chile and political unrest in the Near East further contribute


to increased prices. However, our industry is saturated and

Being an advanced technology fan, it will have to be the

raising prices can backfire. You need to seize the right moment

new oven and the new cooktops. But of course you can't do

and continue to adapt to global trends at all times.

without a washing machine or a refrigerator. As head of the home appliances division I must see to it that my appreciation is shared equally between them all. What can we expect in the realm of home appliances in the future? We will continue to invest in intelligent appliances. As regards washing we can speculate about washing powder-free washing, i.e. the introduction of ionisation, ultrasound, air injection and similar, but I think that really revolutionary results in washing won't be possible until we stop polluting water. The refrigerator will always be, to quote the Americans, a cooling box, but developments are expected in the use of surplus energy produced during the cooling process. For example, a refrigerator and air conditioner also provide hot water we can use to shower. Then there are advanced interconnectable systems. A house or home must be seen as a self-sufficient unit isolated from nature, and unless the energy it requires is taken from the inside we'll burn out the world. Both shortterm and long-term development will go this way – from energy dependent to fully energy independent homes. There's no need for a heater in the washing machine, dryer or boiler, when you have a heat pump to heat water. It will take another five or ten years before we become informed and conscientious enough to build our homes as energy independent from the start. This by no means belongs the realm of futurism. It’s today, only because the existing technologies are not yet sophisticated enough to make these products sufficiently user-friendly. And this will surely be one of our many future tasks. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Design That Lasts



Ste e l

its innovative arched interior that

Collection is starting a new

yields, in combination with the

Pininfarina Steel

chapter in the two decade-long story

patented PerfectGrill two-level heater

of cooperation between renowned

placement, excellent results as it


home appliance manufacturer Gorenje

mimics traditional wood-fired ovens.

— high-tech

studio Pininfarina. The collection

Perhaps the most striking novelty

reflections of

is a perfect fusion of technological

among hobs is the gas hob on a

perfection and smart design.

glass ceramic plate with specially


ore nje’s

Pininf a rina

and the celebrated Italian design

designed cast iron support grid

gleaming steel



and the unique advanced electronic


innovative technological solutions:

TouchControl feature. An upgrade to

the HomeMADE oven excels with

the TouchControl feature on gas hobs





is the automatic timer – an original

MultiSlider innovative slider control

will recognise the Collection as

novelty in gas hob control – which

technology allows perfect control


allows accurate setting of cooking

of power, cooking time, and other

contemporary lifestyle needs.

time independently for each burner.

functions independently for each

If the flame goes out, electronic

cooking zone, as every field features

The collection was designed by Paolo

regulation takes care of automatic

a dedicated program timer and slide

Pininfarina, a globally renowned figure

restart, while clearly laid out control

control module.

in the world of design and President





of the entire Pininfarina Group, whose

modules allow monitoring the status And fans of superior design and

extensive portfolio includes the

authentic materials like superior glass

legendary Ferrari and the historic

In addition, the slide control function

and stainless steel that bring out the

torch for the 2006 Turin Winter

for induction hobs has been upgraded

timeless beauty of Gorenje's exclusive


thanks to

appliances and designer collections,

of each burner.

Gorenje's in-house R&D.




The Gorenje+ brand of exclusive appliances, which premiered at LivingKitchen 2011, is based on a comprehensive concept of exclusive novelties selected to meet the most demanding criteria regarding user experience and contemporary design. Gorenje+ appliances boast numerous technologically advanced features, even global innovations. 22



LAVISH CHOICE & perfect Harmony Gorenje exclusive built - in appliances JEFF BICKERT


Gorenje+ is the first to offer ovens with the unique award-winning iChef+ electronic programming module – a true revolution in simple presetting. Gorenje+ kitchen appliances are based on clear principles of enhancement. They excel with numerous innovative functions and features that bring additional plusses to the lives of modern users. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Each Gorenje+ appliance boasts advanced features, and the cutting-edge electronic oven module is a window onto numerous innovations. PLUS Technology: cutting-edge innovations

PLUS Design: different styles, lavish choices

Gorenje appliances employ state-of-the-art technology.

Matching appliances can be found for every kitchen. But the

Gorenje + ovens are the first in the world to feature the

harmonious appearance of any Gorenje+ appliance blends

award-winning iChef+ electronic programming module

seamlessly with virtually any choice. Whether people love

which allows simple choice of functions by sliding your

contemporary minimalism or are looking for retro forms,

finger across the screen. This global innovation, inspired

everyone will be equally thrilled about the same appliances.


by the world of consumer electronics, delivers impressive preset choices and photographs of dishes that can be

Gorenje + kitchen appliances comprise a wide range of

prepared with a single simple touch.

superior cooking, refrigeration and dishwashing appliances, as well as a range of compact appliances that includes a

Each Gorenje + appliance boasts advanced features, and

steam oven, a combined microwave oven, and a built-in

the cutting-edge electronic oven module is a window onto

coffee machine. Appliances feature an inox finish, with most

numerous innovations. These may be concealed at first

of them also available in black, which adds another plus in

sight, but their results will definitely not go unnoticed. An

the form of power and harmony. Choice is always individual,

adjustable heating surface may seem a merely decorative

yet in the kitchen it comes together as a harmonious whole.

pattern on the cooking hob – but that’s just a façade. It actually allows the cooking surface to adjust to virtually any shape of cookware. Power-efficient LED + lighting in fridge freezers goes beyond respect for the environment as it lights up tens of convenient features. 24



PLUS life: taking control, with quality and responsibility Gorenje+ kitchen appliances are designed with an in-depth awareness and understanding of the requirements of modern lifestyles. They’re built for ambitious people living a full life both at work and at home, demanding everything they deserve. With Gorenje+ you can always expect better cooking results and rich aesthetic experiences in the home, through cutting-edge innovation, design for today and tomorrow, for different kitchen furniture styles, simple use, reasonable prices, and streamlined installation. Gorenje + appliances rated in the highest energy classes meet and exceed the most stringent of environmental expectations and standards. They also boast a superstandard warranty; confident of their design and manufacture, they’re guaranteed for years of reliability. A

Choice is always individual, yet in the kitchen it comes together as a harmonious whole.

wide network of after-sales services is there to make sure all warranty promises are lived up to.




Revolutionary + iChef


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Computers are getting into cooking in a big way. People felt that the taste of the dishes grandma cooked could not be replicated even if the recipe was right, because the touch of her hand would be missing. But now with a mere touch of the hand you can achieve exceptional cooking results from iChef+ from Gorenje+. MANCA KRNEL HESS



he Gorenje + oven brings the

as Space + increased cavity volume

To start, simply touch the display and

touchscreen paradigm to all your

despite standard exterior dimensions,

the icon-driven touch-screen fires up.

baking needs. Kitchens of the future

the innovative shape of the cavity

From here, you can go simple by just

often come complete with touchscreen

Shape+, and Grill+, a new approach to

finding the food you’re about to cook,

panels and home automation settings,

heating surface layout for truly even

estimating its weight and pressing

but you aren't just keying in the time

cooking. And air circulation in Gorenje


“go”. Or you can get fancy with the

and temperature here. Much like the

ovens mimics the principles of ancient


automatic controls on a camera, it

wood-fired ovens and renders the

PROBake and STEPBake modes.

doesn’t actually do anything you

dishes both juicy and crisp at the same

Fingers crossed!

couldn’t do manually, but it sure makes


things a whole lot easier. It's got 65 preset dishes designed by chefs and nutritionists it can cook autonomously, nine simple ones letting you cook basics such as "roast potatoes", and 120 slots for you to program your own, plus an option that lets you bake in three separate stages for perfection (or bitter disappointment, depending on your choices) inside and out. It's all controlled through a colorful screen filled with pictures of lovinglyprepared food. The main menu serves as a gateway to all the features, so even a newbie can handle it without prior experience. A plus for cooking and gourmet pleasures is also delivered by many other Gorenje + oven features such 26


the Revolutionary iChef+ oven module with the large colour display.


Your favourite dishes simply and automatically SIMPLEbake and AUTObake programs make cooking truly simple. Select the dish on the photo, estimate the weight and touch the START command – and the cooking begins. The SIMPLEbake program offers 9 categories of the most commonly prepared dishes, while AUTObake offers a choice of 65 preset recipes including photos, checked with and approved by chefs and nutritionists. The AUTObake program asks about approximate amount,

The main menu display

desired level of doneness, and the time you wish your food ready. All other adjustments are made automatically and the program delivers reliable and tasty results at the time specified. Mastery in Steps PRObake choices leave chefs with all the creative freedom they want, while elevating the reliability and accuracy of cooking procedures to a new level. You may use the oven in the conventional way you are used to – but the innovative display allows even more. Now you can cook in several steps: the revolutionary new sub-program STEPbake,

The SIMPLEbake display

a unique and patented feature, allows you to set up to 3 stages with different, fully customized settings for heating system, temperature and duration. This is a true revolution in simple presetting. The settings used in combination with your own PRObake choices don’t have to be changed during the cooking procedure; rather, you may define them in advance. For example, you can start with a low temperature, then step up to high, and finish with medium; you may want all heating elements to work at the beginning, but only the upper one

The AUTObake display

from there on. Or you may want the settings to change in particular time intervals – it’s up to the user. The settings currently effective in the oven are always displayed. Successful Combos – and More The MYbake program allows selecting preset recipes and storing your own combinations to keep a cooking library of settings for up to 120 dishes. The memory program offers 10 categories of food (such as meat, fish and clam, vegetables, bread etc.) and 12 dishes and combinations used to cook them within each category. Hence, reliable automatic

The stepbake display

repetition of the procedure is always available with just a touch. EXTRA choices allow automatic adjustment of temperature for the task of your choice, such as rapid preheating with the Preheat+ feature, keeping the cooked food warm with Warming+, heating the plates before serving with Serving+, etc. There are also convenient temperature presets for defrosting frozen food with the Defrost+ feature. The EXTRA choices also include settings for the meat probe (Probe+) and simple cleaning with nothing but water (Cleaning+).

The mybake display SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Compact Appliances

as you choose between five different tastes of coffee. The

Plus: new comfort, upgraded features

Gorenje + steam oven with 8 preset programs, allows your

The Gorenje steam oven, microwave oven, multi-system

food to retain its full flavour, colour, and minerals. The Multi-

combined oven, and coffee maker top off the kitchen with

system oven, combining the advantages of microwaves,

new possibilities for the rapid cooking of favourite dishes

convection cooking, and grilling, is a particularly notable

and beverages – and all, with standardized height of 45

compact appliance. Microwaves speed up the cooking

cm, infused with an air of prestige.

process; convection heating browns and finishes your


dish, while simultaneous operation of grill and convection The built-in coffee maker is controlled via an LCD display

Dishwashers Plus: first to handle 17 place settings – at once The XL dishwasher with surprisingly spacious interior Settings+ and three baskets allows washing as many as 17 place settings at once. The machine featuring a revised interior layout and carefully placed spray arms stands 86 centimetres tall. The standard-dimension machine, too, features a special layout Settings+ that allows washing an incredible 16 place settings. Excellent washing effects are the result of nine spray levels as well as efficient operation of the Twist+ spray arm and the additional Orbital+ rinsing arm. Since the innovative UseLogic+ sensor technology allows the machine to automatically perceive how dirty the dishes are, individual programs do not require any settings. Its triple-A label indicates optimum energy efficiency, and washing and drying effects of the highest, A class. This class only includes appliances that fully comply with the stringent European guidelines on power savings and environmental preservation. And a special LED lamp installed on the lower part of the dishwasher door constantly indicates the current stage of the dishwashing program. 28


opens up new dimensions for meat preparation.


Cooking Hobs Plus: adjustable cooking zones

Not only induction, but gas burners,

The new option of an integrated

Multizone + is a special feature of

too, have seen notable improvements

stainless steel plate takes its inspiration

Gorenje+ induction hobs. Combined

in efficiency. Innovative Gorenje+ gas

from Japanese cuisine. The name of

into larger heating areas, these cooking

hob burners optimize the flame to

the Teppanyaki+ hotplate, which allows

zones allow the hob to adjust to

allow faster cooking and highly efficient

grilling in your kitchen, is derived from

cookware of unconventional shapes

use of gas (A+ class). Their original

the Japanese words teppan (steel plate)

or sizes. The pride of Gorenje+ hobs

monolithic design also makes them very

and yaki (grilled). It’s intended for grilling

rests on their innovative Slider+ control

easy to clean. Selected gas hobs feature

with minimum amounts of fat; thus, it

that allows perfectly accurate power

special high-performance Wok burners

makes the perfect choice for anyone

level settings for each cooking zone

for faster heating. Wok+ burners are

looking to prepare a wholesome meal

separately, which further optimizes

available on both glass ceramic and

– particularly meat and vegetables. Its

induction performance and makes use

stainless steel hobs with one, four, or

smooth surface allows simple cleaning –

of special functions like boil control,

five gas burners.

normally its enough to simply wipe the


Heating+, Melting+ and Lock+ even easier.

cooled plate with a cloth after use.

Fridge Freezers Plus: better power efficiency A++ Select models of Gorenje + fridge freezers are in the elite company of the most energy-efficient appliances to date. They are rated A++ which means their power efficiency is 40% higher than that of the A-class appliances. Such characteristics are made possible by improved insulation, door sealing, and cutting-edge refrigeration system components. Smart placement of power-saving LEDs allow optimum illumination of the interior. In addition, LEDs are admired for their long useful life and power efficiency. These Gorenje + models feature two LED + displays which allow you to control the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartment, as well as to control other special functions. Gorenje + refrigerators also feature the Snack+ container, appropriate for both storing and serving your snacks. Furthermore, they’re fitted with a special bottle holder for wine storage.




Kitchen Hoods Plus: extra powerful air extraction Employing modern ventilation technology, delivering high performance and silent operation, and offering many smart features, Gorenje + cooker hoods are like a new window in your kitchen. The Boost+ function allows the Gorenje+ cooker hood to deliver additional power without extra noise. The revolutionary new P.A.S.+ system no longer extracts the air only through the central part, but rather directs extraction power to the edges as well, to reduce power consumption and noise, and to improve extraction efficiency. There’s also the option of constant ventilation Refresh+: the cooker hood may be automatically switched on for a few minutes each hour – even when no one is home. Another special advantage of Gorenje+ cooker hoods is integrated LED lighting for optimum and power-saving cooking hob illumination.




It's All About the Plusses HERMINA KOVAČIČ



ranted, humankind has invented a plethora of home appliances to make the household everyday easier. But

the truth of it is that over these many long decades, little has changed: I still have to go to the grocery shop, store the food in the fridge, prepare the food and place it on the cooker or into an oven. I can deal with switching on the hood to eliminate the odours; but arranging dirty dishes in the dishwasher is more than I would hope to be bothered with. We may not yet have robots toiling around the house while I surf the internet or polish my nails (although I expect the robot to do that as well), but a refrigerator is not a mere cooling box, and a cooking hob is no longer merely a hotplate. The oven, however, has already become the Oven. This is what I discovered, amazed and excited, during my last spin around the Gorenje showroom and a subsequent browse through their website. Even with the most common and indispensable home appliances, the saying – what is essential is invisible to the eye – holds true. An appliance becomes the Appliance Gorenje's in-house and partner designers of global renown never fail to surprise with the shapes and colours that at times

Oven like a Camera

come close to works of art or installations that you would

And just when I thought I had seen it all, I was knocked off

be only too happy to have adorn your home. Just check out

my feet again. I have just come to master functions and

the Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection that allows

features like steam cooking, baking in HomeMADE in an oven

you to choose between seven hues with which to colour the

that recreates the effects of a wood-fired oven, the meat

vertical LED stripe! You can actually make the appliance adjust

probe, plate heater, AquaClean, and the innovative patented

and respond to your mood. Gloomy moods, however, were

DirecTOUCH electronic graphic control. Yet, Gorenje went

simply ruled out by the king of colour.

on to stun the global public with their unique, advanced and revolutionary touch-control electronic program module

But Gorenje products do not stop at colour. These appliances

iChef+. Like all good cars today, the oven is supported by

surprise with their interiors, features and functions that

a state-of-the-art computer control system which can turn

make the inevitable chores that much easier. Here are but a

every user into a master chef – and in their own kitchen no

few examples: in addition to the nearly perfect interior with


functionally designed shelves, bins, holders, grids, and drawers for every type of food (and make-up), the refrigerators delight

I know I’ve become one – finally. And I've had fun doing it.

the user with lighting that affords a pure view to every corner.

The oven reminds me of a camera on which I always twiddle

Air circulation, accurately defined temperature zones, and

with the modes and functions, from full automatic through

systems to prevent condensation and ice accumulation allow

semi-automatic, to – when I feel like experimenting – full

the food to keep longer. Cooking hobs boast rapid heating

manual. When I can't be bothered to think about the cooking

or simple engagement of additional cooking area while being

process, I simply find the right photo of the dish I intend to

operated by the most delicate of touch. Knobs and buttons are

make in the SIMPLEbake program. And when I am bursting

a relic of the past, even for the heavy-duty extractor hoods.

with culinary creativity, I tweak the settings in the MYbake

Dishwasher interiors reveal parts made of high-quality steel

program. If it works out well, I save the recipe for next time.

and enough capacity to deal with 17 place settings at once.

Simple as that! SPRING – SUMMER 2011



High Developer Design








arly this spring the Hong-Kong based Henderson

Lam, General Sales Manager at Henderson, “and pioneers

Land Development Company introduced its latest

new concepts in luxury and style.

waterfront residence, ‘The Gloucester’, characterised by a

Similarly Ora-Ïto offered – “I’m very honoured to partici-

contemporary design aesthetic and stylish elegance. The

pate in the designing of perfect kitchens for ‘The Glouces-

new development is furnished with innovative luxurious

ter’. Situated on the waterfront in the heart of Hong Kong,

kitchen appliances by Gorenje, with the developer work-

‘The Gloucester’ is a prestigious development and the

ing with renowned French designer Ora-Ïto to create a full

ideal platform for us to showcase our unique offerings.

suite of kitchen appliances that combine quality, style and

This truly marks a milestone in my design career.”

high contemporary functionality to create an exceptional lifestyle experience.

And Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac offered an overview of the larger picture, saying – "The Purchas-

The complete ‘Futuristic Kitchen’ collection of kitchen

ing power of Hong Kong's population is above average

appliances and utensils Gorenje Ora-Ïto was on show

and Gorenje is looking to make use of it. It’s a promising,

to give media in attendance an exclusive preview of the

but also very exacting market that opens the door to the

exciting kitchens. Gorenje will equip the apartments in

entire Far East. Working with the renowned real estate

the Gloucester high-rise building with appliances of the

investor Henderson Land Development who operates in

Gorenje Ora-Ïto Black and White Collection, and other

Hong Kong and other major Chinese cities is an important

high-end kitchen appliances. Designer Ora-Ïto flew to

step forward in the pursuit of our strategy in these mar-

Hong Kong as guest host where he unveiled the creative

kets where our operations are based solely on marketing

concept behind his ‘Futuristic Kitchen’ and introduced the

our premium appliances."

special features of selected appliances. “By equipping the kitchens of the residences with specially selected items by

01 Architectural rendering of 'The Gloucester'.

one of the world’s most acclaimed designers, Ora-Ïto, ‘The

02 Ora-Ïto and Thomas Lam unveil the 'Futuristic Kitchen' before

Gloucester’ truly redefines urban living”, offered Thomas

the audience in Hong Kong.




Magic light. Mysterious darkness. Futuristic, provocative, outstanding. Inspiration of daring cosmopolitan designer Ora-Ïto. Special Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection of household appliances in black and white colour offers both: sparkle of light and power of darkness, simplicity and complexity at the same time. Associated with colour, design attains new significance. The choice is yours. Select which side of light you prefer to live in.



Masdar Institute Harbinger Of Zero Carbon Structures IRENA HLEDE


espite sitting on rich oil reserves, the oil-rich countries

The campus master plan incorporates a 10 megawatt solar

around the Persian Gulf are not basking in the comfort

field that provides 60% more energy than is used by the

of their geographical and geological positions. Quite

campus, with the remaining energy being fed back to the

the contrary: they have been most actively involved in

Abu Dhabi grid. The campus consists of the main building, a

sustainable construction and everything that goes with it,

knowledge centre and students' quarters. All these buildings

and have taken the leading role in constructing structures

combined will use significantly less energy than buildings

distinguished by energy efficiency. Last November, the first

of similar size and specifications built according to existing

energy independent building in the world was opened in

standard baselines. The facilities will therefore use 54 % less

Masdar, the world's first zero-waste, car-free and carbon

potable water and 51 % less energy, and will be fully powered

neutral city. The building was the Masdar Institute campus,

by renewable energy resources. Some 30 % of electricity will

the first solar powered building in the city.

be generated solely by solar panels on the roof which will also be used to heat 75 % of the hot water needed.

The master plan, by Foster + Partners, incorporates centuriesold wisdom embodied in traditional Arabian architecture.

The Institute represents the sustainable principles

At the opening, Norman Foster, one of the pioneers of

underpinning the overall Masdar city’s master plan design.

sustainable architecture, said: “Many have dreamed of a

The buildings have self-shading facades and are oriented so

utopian project that would be solar powered. Today’s official

as to provide maximum shade to both adjacent buildings

opening of the initial stage of the Masdar Institute campus at

and pedestrian streets below. Over 5,000 m 2 of roof-

Masdar City is the first realisation of that quest.” The Masdar

mounted photovoltaic panels provide power and additional

Institute is the first building of its kind to be powered entirely

shading also to sand surfaces at street level. Windows in

by renewable solar energy and will be also used as a pilot

residential buildings are protected with a contemporary

for the sustainable solutions to be implemented in future

interpretation of mashrabiya, a latticed projecting oriel

Masdar City buildings. The first resident community of the

window, constructed with sustainably developed, glass-

campus will comprise its postgraduate students.

reinforced concrete, coloured with local sand to integrate with its desert context and minimise maintenance.




The perforations for light and shade are based on the patterns found in the traditional architecture of Islam. The ratio of open facades is varied between shaded lower areas and exposed upper areas. Openings in the facade vary according to their position – the upper floors are more solid, with approximately 25 % glass, while the shaded lower floors have a greater proportion of glazed area, around 45 %. The laboratories are unusually flexible with ‘plug and play’ services to encourage interdisciplinary research. Horizontal and vertical fins and brise soleil shade the laboratories. They incorporate ETFE, inflatable cushions with excellent thermal insulation, which remain cool to the touch even under the most intense desert sun. These have been specially designed for this project so as to filter and reflect light into the street,


without radiating heat. Cooling air currents are channelled through the public spaces using a contemporary interpretation of the region’s traditional wind towers. This system is conditioned primarily by buoyancy-driven natural ventilation and the effects of thermal mass. The ventilation strategy for the pedestrian streets and night time cooling is further enhanced by wind towers and courtyards. The public spaces are further cooled by green landscaping and water to provide evaporative cooling. Thermal camera tests on-site by Foster + Partners’ research team have already confirmed substantial drops in radiant temperatures on campus compared with current practice in central Abu Dhabi. This building is the first of four planned phases that will bring the eventual student population to 600-800. Four residential blocks surround the central laboratory and the Knowledge Centre, the first in a series of additional campus buildings, which will include a mosque, conference hall and sports complex. The second phase is due to start on site by the end of the year to include further laboratories and apartments. The Masdar Institute is accessed by 10 personal rapid transit (PRT) cars that are being run as a pilot project from the City perimeter to the undercroft below the building. 03

01 The architecture of Masdar Institute. 02 The Foster + Partners project was inspired by the architecture and urban planning of traditional Arab cities, Masdar City incorporates narrow streets; the shading of windows, exterior walls and walkways, thick-walled buildings, courtyards and wind towers; vegetation and a generally walkable city. 03 The exterior facade of the Masdar institute, inspired by traditional Arabic details, proudly stands side by side with the hightech construction of the Water Tower. 04 The electric vehicles at the institute are part of a planned public transport system of electric buses, electric cars and other clean - energy vehicles. In search of sustainable transportation solutions, the city is piloting a Personal Rapid Transit system of electric-powered, automated, single-cabin vehicles.




Here Comes the Sun Saving the earth and money, with Gorenje Solar power plants

greta kokot RAJKOVIČ


orenje's Solar program includes a comprehensive offer of

Return on investment

key-in-hand solar power plants, as well as photovoltaic

The most important information for any investor is how

modules and other solar components by renowned

much power (in kilowatts) will be generated and channeled

manufacturers. The Solar program was developed within the

into the power grid. Based on this information, a schedule of

Ecology, Energy, and Services Division which has seen notable

approximate income for a long-term period (some 15 years for

growth in recent years. The program is a logical upgrade to

guaranteed net metering and feed-in tariffs), given the feed-in

Gorenje's activities in energy management and ecology;

power rate, can be compiled. Every investor's key interest is to

at the same time, it represents the company's response to

see their investment paid off as soon as possible and to earn

the sweeping global trend of proactive orientation towards

a profit. Let us take the example of a roof with an area of 400

environmentally sound products and operations – indeed, such

m2, facing south. Such a roof allows the installation of a power

orientation is pursued by Gorenje in all aspects of the Group's

plant with a nominal peak power of 50 kWp. Such investment


would amount to approximately EUR 135,000, depending on the choice of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and other

Anyone with the appropriate property or roof can become

equipment. Banks are normally willing to finance up to 80

the owner of a solar power plant. After examining the natural

percent of investment; subject to a mortgage, the investment

properties of the location and technological characteristics of

could be fully bank-financed. In such case, the investment

the building, a Gorenje Solar expert team prepares a blueprint

would pay off in approximately 8 to 10 years, depending on the

including a simulation for the particular building. The blueprint

financing terms.

defines the mode of installation, peak power, and projected annual power output. Simulation is prepared based on average

When considering the justifiability of such investment, it should

annual meteorological data for the relevant location and

also be considered that this is also an investment into a cleaner

components of the solar plant being planned.

future, and an expression of the investor's environmental awareness. Investment in renewable energy, including energy

Solar Power Plant

generated from the sun, is all the more relevant at a time when

A solar power plant is a system of devices that transform solar

energy management issues are becoming an increasingly acute

energy into electric power. It consists of photovoltaic modules,

challenge globally. According to forecasts, energy prices will

support construction, and inverters. Photovoltaic modules can

rise and the need to rationalise will be more pronounced. Higher

be installed anywhere. It is, however, highly advisable that they

prices will promote rational (pragmatic) behaviour which is also

are installed in a spot with an optimum amount of sunlight

environmentally friendly.

throughout the year. Solar power plants can be installed on the ground, or on roofs either, flat or inclined.

Good to Know During 2010, the Photovoltaic market has shown unprecedented

When installing on the ground, a construction permit is

growth and widespread use of this environmentally friendly and

required. Roof installation, however, does not require a permit

distributed source of power generation. On a global basis, new

since rooftop solar plants up to an output rating of 1 MW are

PV installations of approximately 15,000 MW were added over

classified as simple electric power generation devices.

the course of last year, taking the entire PV capacity to almost 40,000 MW.








Consider your own solar power plant as a safe, reliable and profitable investment. For you and in cooperation with you, we offer a comprehensive service – from the initial idea and calculations, through planning and financing, to final execution and maintenance. Gorenje Group's Solar brand stands for quality provided in compliance with the most stringent European rules and regulations.


Putting Heat to Work Making sense of the principles behind the marvel of the heat pumP Mojca Čepič, ALENKA KRALJ



ow can we convert heat into work? How can we extract

an object that has energy can in certain conditions emit heat.

warmth from the cold; and use this warmth for our own

Heat Engine

specific purposes? The answers to these and other similar

Certain forms of energy can easily be changed from

compelling questions are to be found behind the term “heat

one form to another, e.g. when dropping a ball downhill

engines”. Today, we can no longer imagine life without heat


engines of all sorts. We take the car or bus to work or school

the other hand, the internal energy of bodies, which

in the morning, we turn to the fridge to prepare lunch; and

is related to temperature, can only be transformed

to make us feel more comfortable we have air conditioners

into kinetic energy with far more effort. This work is done by

cool our rooms, or instead use them for to heat our personal

heat engines. Unlike mechanical machines, such as windmills

environments. But how do these heat engines work?

which transform one form of mechanical energy into another,







heat engines employ a different mode of operation which We can come closer to understanding the process by taking a

requires a constant supply of heat.

look at the basics of physics. Without getting overly (painfully) technical, the law of energy says that the energy of one object

refrigerator as heat pump

can be changed only through input (or output) of work and/or

According to the basic laws of physics, heat always flows from

heat.Work is the process by which energy is transferred from

regions of high temperature to regions of low temperature.

one object to another through the application of forces. The

Even textbooks frequently explain the flow of heat from low

necessary condition for this process to take place is that the

to high temperatures in the following terms: energy in the

point of application of the force with which one object performs

form of work must be added to get heat to flow from a low

work on another moves at least to some extent in the direction

temperature region to a high temperature region.

of movement of the object whose energy is being changed. If we take a closer look at the way a refrigerator works, the Heat is a process too, and is equal in significance to work,

inside of a refrigerator or the things in there that we want to

but the difference is that heat is the energy transferred from

cool represent the source of heat flowing into the refrigerator.

one object to another because of the temperature difference

The temperature inside the refrigerator is lower than room

between them. Heat is always transferred from an object of

temperature in the kitchen. A refrigerator emits heat through the

higher temperature to an object of lower temperature.

back wall whose temperature is higher than the temperature in the kitchen. Just try touching the back wall of your refrigerator

Heat confused with temperature

every now and then. Basically, a refrigerator works on the

Work and heat are processes of energy transfer between

following principle: if you expand gas, it cools. Those who like

objects. Energy transferred by performing work is due to the

camping and have cooked with gas know this. When cooking

forces between objects, whereas heat is energy transferred as

on a gas stove, gas expanding from the gas cylinder escapes

a result of a temperature difference between objects.

through the nozzles. The gas cylinder remains cool during cooking and often condensation will build up on the outside,

As for energy, energy is a property of objects. Even though

even on a hot day.

it cannot be measured directly, it can be calculated based on


the various characteristics of an object (mass, speed, position,

Another example is the opening of a bottle of sparkling water.

temperature, charge etc.). We often come across explanations

The gas above the fizzy liquid is compressed and the plastic

claiming that energy is the capacity of an object to perform

bottle is usually very hard, but when you open it, it makes a

work. A number of professional journals, however, have

‘pop’ sound because in that instant the gas above the liquid

demonstrated that at best the following can be ascertained:

expands beyond the bottle. At the same time the gas cools



and very often condensation will build up inside the bottle,

to cool food, however, we had to add a special component –

which means that the gas has cooled. This is how a refrigerator

gas, which was expanded and compressed according to our

cools. But only when connected to electricity. Electricity drives

needs and functioned as the receiver and emitter of heat. In

the pump that expands special gas in the system on the back

order to work, both pumps had to be connected to electricity.

wall of a refrigerator. Gas cools on expansion, bringing the temperature in a refrigerator down to 0 °C and even –30 °C in

The Heat Pump Explained

freezers. This cooled gas circulates around the back refrigerator

Enter the heat pump. The functioning of a heat pump can be

wall, cooling it to a temperature that is lower than the foodstuffs

explained in similar terms. Only in the case of heat pumps we

being cooled in the fridge.

are in fact talking about the reverse process. By extracting heat from the ambient environment the pump, with the help of the

Meat and vegetables, whose temperature is higher than that

compressor, changes this heat into useful thermal energy which

of the back wall of a refrigerator, emit heat to the back wall.

can then be used for heating and even cooling.

The heat therefore still flows from a high temperature region to a low temperature region. The laws of nature leave no room

Once again there are no exceptions to the rule that heat

for exceptions. When the gas on the inside of the back wall

always flows from regions of high temperature to regions of

of the refrigerator warms up it flows into another pump which

low temperature. A heat pump therefore pumps the higher

compresses it.

outdoor temperature (of water, ground or air) into the vaporizer containing a refrigerant or the so-called working fluid, which

What happens when gas is compressed? We know that a

under these conditions naturally becomes gasified. The gasified

bicycle pump becomes hot pumping up a tire. What happens is

working fluid or refrigerant thus passes through the compressor

this: the gas, which was very cold when it was directed against

where its temperature rises (remember the bicycle pump –

the back wall on the inside of the refrigerator and received some

temperature increases when you compress gas). This vapour

heat from the foodstuffs inside the refrigerator, is compressed

condenses in the condenser, emitting condensing heat to the

in the pump. As a result its temperature increases to some 10 -

heating medium used to heat our rooms. To be able to absorb

20 degrees above room temperature. The gas now continues

heat from air, soil or underground water again, this working

to pass through the pipes on the outside of the back wall of

fluid passes through an expansion valve which makes the gas

the refrigerator and the heat previously absorbed from the

expand and thus cool (which brings us back to the gas cylinder

foodstuffs is emitted into the cooler room. The entire time the

or fizzy drinks in plastic bottles). The conditions necessary for

heat was flowing from high to low temperature regions. In order

the process have thus been restored.




Gorenje brings advanced heat pump solutions to a fast developing market


hile new for some, heat pumps are hardly a novelty for

established and widely used. While standard in Scandinavian

Gorenje. As a renowned home appliance manufacturer

and other European countries for decades, heat pumps are only

and one of the leading innovation - and development -

gradually making their way into homes in SE Europe.

minded companies in this part of Europe, Gorenje has been manufacturing sanitary heat pumps since the 1980s. Back

Six decades of experience in refrigeration

then the energy crisis was making itself felt, and we were first

Particular aspects of the development processes in refrigeration

becoming acutely aware of the scarcity of fossil fuels. Today,

and heat pump technology coincide. In this way, Gorenje, one of

this issue is addressed nearly every day – certainly by anyone

the market leaders in large appliances, was able to build upon

undertaking the construction of a new house or the restoration

60 years of tradition and experience in refrigeration technology

and refurbishment of an existing one.


Continually rising fuel prices alongside technological

"We drew on the knowledge and experience of our experts

advancements in heat pump technology (improved coefficient

who have been involved for years in the development of new

of performance) have made them a justifiable and rational

products for the Gorenje brand”, offers Darko Gorjup, head

choice. Increased environmental awareness has played a big

of Gorenje NES, Advanced Energy Systems. “We designed a

part as well. As a result, Gorenje launched the distribution,

cutting-edge measurement track that enables testing according

planning, and sale of heat pumps by reputed German

to European EN14511 standards for room heating heat pumps,

manufacturer Dimplex more than a decade back, which have

and EN 255/3 for sanitary heat pumps.

proven durable and reliable. This measuring track for heat pumps is intended for the testing Gorenje too, has been known for years as a provider and

and measuring of heat pump capacity and other characteristics.

manufacturer of sanitary heat pumps that contribute

An additional chamber is available for testing, providing

considerably to savings at home. Employing the knowledge

standard conditions for the testing of air/water heat pumps

and technology, various Gorenje departments and experts

with a capacity up to 30 kW, as well as for testing heat pumps

were actively engaged in promoting a general awareness of

for sanitary water. A cooling power unit with an output capacity

the advantages of the heat pump principle. Most presentations

of 100kW is used to simulate sources and loads, combined with

were in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, where a new

water from the building's heating system. The measurement lab

market opened up for us. In other advanced European countries,

is designed according to all effective regulations and standards.

particularly in Scandinavia, heat pumps have long been well

Gorenje offers all three heat pump system versions: air/water, brine/water, and water/water. 42



What is the Performance Coefficient?

Water/water heat pumps

Moving energy from a lower to a higher temperature level

Water/water heat pumps are among the most efficient heating

requires the input of work. Electricity therefore drives the

systems available. The heat from groundwater is a highly reliable

compressor which squeezes the vapour, raising it to a higher

and constant energy source with a temperature between +7°C


and +18°C.

The ratio between the work input (electrical energy) and subsequent thermal energy output is called the Performance Coefficient. Typical values range from 3 to 5, which means that one unit of energy input (electricity) yields as many as 3 - 5 units of thermal energy. The higher the Performance Coefficient, the higher the energy efficiency of the heat pump.

BRINE/water heat pumps Brine/water heat pumps make use of the energy accumulated in the ground. Energy is extracted from the ground through a ground collector installed over a suitably large area.

As you can see in this graph compared to other heating systems, heat pumps are highly economical as they use up to three times less of primary energy than, for example, gas or oil burners.

AIR/water heat pumps Air/water heat pumps make use of the energy stored in the air around us. They operate efficiently even at temperatures down to -20°C. Relative to other versions, less construction work is required and the equipment can be installed swiftly. The air/ water heat pump consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. Three variations are available: façade panel, metal sheet, and wood.




Living Good, Living Green



reen is becoming an increasingly universal trend.

Think about what you eat

Green is in. If you want to be positive, you need to

If you have a chance, start yourself a garden. Exchange seeds

think green. Go organic and be eco-friendly! These are

and save money. In addition to cutting costs, by exchanging

some ways to sum up the fashion(able) clichés that shape

seeds you’ll also be contributing to biological and cultural

our daily routines. We all have to be at least a little green,

diversity by diversifying your own garden with new plants.

even if it means spending a little more. Green is a new

Of course you mustn't forget to think about what you’ll use

lifestyle that’s well worth following and pursuing. But

to control and eliminate pests in your garden. Keep in mind

how do you separate the wheat from the commercial

that nature has already created all the ingredients necessary

chaff with which the market is flooded? We’ve looked into

to control pests in a people- and environmentally friendly

some ways that will help you turn your good intentions

way. Think twice before you go for expensive bottled water

into better actions.

when you have good tap water at home that’s of at least

Get a more fuel efficient car

free lunch a week. Buy local food. Fruits or vegetables that

Start by considering the pros and cons of replacing your

travelled several thousand kilometres in stuffy containers

old car with a new one. Find manufacturers of so-called

couldn't have survived the “strain” without the help of

hybrids and electric vehicles. Keep track of comparative

chemicals that are often found to be toxic for humans.

comparable quality to the bottled. Have at least one meat-

tests in specialised media which measure consumption and maintenance costs of different vehicles. In short


– use all the existing resources to get the information

Find out which materials are accepted by recycling centres.

and analyses that will help you decide on a vehicle with

You can get plenty of advice on how and what to recycle on

maximum energy efficiency while at the same time

numerous websites (Earth 911, How Can I Recycle This? and

meeting a number of additional criteria to be considered

similar). But above all, try to make less waste in the first place.

when replacing your old car with a more efficient one.

A fine example of this practice is Denmark where more than 80 % of waste is burned. Just imagine what this means in

Find yourself a green job

terms of all the piles of waste that you see in landfills not far

Sound like this idea hasn't yet come to life where you live?

from your home.

It's an exceptional opportunity for a business idea and a beginning of something completely new! In the United

Recycle electronic equipment

States, for example, a number of newspapers and websites

Electronic gadgets are becoming very affordable. So

already provide jobseekers with opportunities for “green”

affordable, in fact, that it is often cheaper to buy a new

employment. In addition to paid employment there are

gadget than to have the old one repaired. And the useless

also a number of opportunities for environment-conscious

old thing very rarely finds its way to the proper waste bin,

volunteer positions or missions. The latter may not be

especially a recycling one.

paid, but they offer exciting journeys into the remotest

Few people are aware that some of the metals used for

parts of the world.

these gadgets are running low and their reserves are about to be used up in the near future. Before throwing away your




gadget think about what you can do to help reuse these

sprays, and rubbing alcohol will clean steam- and dust-

precious metals.

stained shelves better and faster than the richly foaming cleaner and will use much less water as well.

Save energy in your home

Last, but not least, replace the seat washer on dripping taps,

To begin with, lower the temperature on the thermostat

consult an expert on how to cut those electricity and gas

of your sanitary water heater and adjust that on your air

bills and consider other saving opportunities in your home.

conditioner; wash your laundry at lower temperatures, which should be easy with today’s

washing machines.

Furnish your flat with nature in mind

Air dry your laundry outside when the weather allows,

Avoid furniture with formaldehyde glues and decide instead

turn off lights when you don't need them and switch off

for natural materials such as wood, metal or glass. Choose

your electronic equipment. These are some basic steps

natural fibre textiles and try to keep away from materials

towards reducing consumption. The more complex and in

made of petroleum derivatives. Even the varnish used by

turn more efficient include installing heating systems that

joiners to protect wooden furniture takes some life from this

employ renewable energy sources (heat pumps), fitting a

natural material. Flooring and furniture protected with wax

programmable thermostat, additional thermal insulation or

or oil stays warmer on the surface and is almost entirely dust

water-saving shower heads and mixers. Do you have your


heating systems regularly checked, do you open the curtains on south windows on sunny days to provide passive heating

The green lifestyle is a lot to think about and consider. But

for your home and close them at night and similar? Think

it’s also a challenge that gives so many little instances of

about the cleaning products you use and how much – just a

satisfaction that come with good new habits, not to mention

few drops will usually suffice. And you'll be surprised to find

the numerous positive effects on the environment.

that common vinegar works just as well as chemical laden

Think green, act greener! SPRING – SUMMER 2011




High technology harboured behind noble reections of genuine metal and alluring transparency of glass. A unique fusion of elegance and technological perfection opening up a new culture of living. Advanced technology and excellence of materials are the asset. Bold lines of the Collection Gorenje Pininfarina Steel are blended with the ambiance, providing its organic complement and elevating its true value. Gorenje Pininfarina Steel is more than just a collection. It is a story of symbiosis. Live the story. Time is on your side.



On-line —with Refrigeration Technology 48


How It’s Done

"Maximum capacity of the refrigerator freezer line is approximately 5,000 units per day. Actual daily output is between 2,200 and 2,700, depending on the type and composition. Basic products are refrigerators, freezers, and combined appliances with a refrigerator and freezer compartment. We manufacture both built-in and free-standing appliances with widths of 54, 55, 60,


and 75 cm; heights range from 88 to 220 cm. Tomaž Oset, Production and Technology Manager for refrigeration appliances

Manufacture of refrigeration appliances is one of the most complex and demanding procedures in home appliance production. In addition to metal sheet processing technology, powder coating, and assembly, it also involves thermo-forming and insulation using polyurethane foam technologies, and assembly of injection moulded semi-products. Intensive work on control procedures, staff education and training, and certain construction upgrades have allowed the quality of appliances to increase continuously, which in turn results in fewer repairs and less servicing costs. Greta Kokot Rajkovič

Peter Marinšek


ssuming average daily production output at Gorenje's

panels. The bottom of the compressor section and support

refrigerator freezer line, approximately 80 tons of sheet

structure are welded or pressed and clinched onto the hous-

metal, 20 tons of insulation foam, 18 tons of extruded poly-

ing, after which the housing is automatically hung on the

mer material, 20 tons of injection-moulded polymer mate-

hanging transporter. It’s then conveyed through the upper

rial, 5 tons of aluminium and copper, and 1,200 m2 of glass is

floor to the powder coating line, or directly to the pre-as-

installed in the appliances each day. Material is stored in the

sembly line for materials that are not powder-coated.

automated high-bay warehouse from which it is constantly

Powder coating takes place in a powder coating chamber

supplied to the work stations.

with electrostatic application which is less harmful to the environment. A nano-ceramic application is used for pre-

The basic semi-products for refrigerator freezers are the


housing and the door. An entire floor of suspended transporters hovers over the entire factory to move vital parts be-

Powder coating of housings and flat parts takes place in four

tween operations; they also work to provide buffer storage.

automatic and one manual chamber. In addition to black and white, 15 other colours are currently applied for various

The sheet processing department includes two lines for

types of refrigerators and for serviced parts. The conveyor

manufacturing housings, three lines for manufacturing

carrying products to be coated travels at a speed of 5.2 m/

doors, flexible bending cell, and several smaller machines


for performing specific operations and assembly. From the powder coating station, semi-products are transMetal material for doors and cabinets is delivered in rolls or

ported to assembly and insulation. SPRING – SUMMER 2011





01 Production of housings for fridge freezers. 02 Powder coating process in special powder coating chamber. 03 Transport of the semi-products from powder coating to assembly and insulation. 04 Intricate production process in department for the vacuum shaping.

In the PUR door department, various reinforcements, rims,

sealing materials and adhesive tape: at 2,700 appliances

and other elements are added. Just before the insulation

daily, some 75 km of adhesive tape is used.

fitting procedure, the inner door liner is added. These are extruded polymer panels vacuum-shaped according to the

In a computer-controlled housing insulation fitting proc-

mould. Insulation is added on four insulation machines.

ess, the cell is filled with polyurethane foam. The housing is placed in the insulation mask where it is closed by the mask

Although small, the department for vacuum shaping of inte-

side walls, remaining in the mask until the polyurethane foam

rior parts is very important. The intricate production process

is polymerised, with time depending on the components

for inner liners is similar to that of the inner door liners made

used and the thickness of housing walls.

of extruded polymer panels. The panels are first heated in


machines. Then, pressure is used to inflate them, after which

Initially the appliance travels in a horizontal position. During

they are vacuumed to the shaping tools required by various

this time the thermostat, electronic components, wire and

forms of refrigerator freezer interiors. Here evaporators are

dynamic evaporators, and doors are mounted on the appli-

assembled by gluing them to the inner liners for some types

ance. Then the appliance is manipulated into the upright po-

of appliances. This procedure is very important. Solid attach-

sition and is placed on a polystyrene base. The compressor

ment of the evaporator to the inner liner is one of the neces-

and condenser are mounted on the appliance; then, the cool-

sary conditions for efficient operation of the cooling system.

ing system pipes are connected by welding.

The housings and the inner liners are then assembled at the

After the welding process, the refrigeration system is cleaned

pre-assembly lines. Here, heaters and all cable sets are also

and emptied on the vacuum circuit. Appropriate vacuum and

fitted to be connected later at the assembly station. Final

integrity are basic preconditions for good performance of

assembly of refrigeration appliances takes place simultane-

the cooling system. When the appliances reach the appro-

ously at 14 pre-assembly lines which then merge into 5 as-

priate vacuum, they are filled with the cooling medium – the

sembly lines. These pre-assembly lines are heavy users of



How It’s Done







This is followed by a safety characteristics test and operation test in the 100% chamber. Special cameras are used here to measure temperature. A functionally completed appliance is then fitted with all required drawers and shelves to be conveyed to the packaging unit and then, by special transporter, to the Navis warehouse centre. The new L1 line operates similar to other lines. However, due to the complexity of the product here, capacity is ten times less than on other lines. Moreover, appliances are tested for a longer period of time. The refrigeration circuit emptying system is also particularly innovative here: conventional vacuum cycles are used alternately with nitrogen blowing cycles. All manufacturing here is controlled by a production information system. Full traceability is provided for each appliance through its serial number and technological code.

05 After compressor and condenser are mounted on the appliance, cooling system pipes are connected by welding. 06 Robotic manipulation of some operations is fast, exact and efficient. 07 Safety characteristics and operation tests in the 100% clean chamber. 08 Full traceability is provided for each appliance through its serial number and technological code. 09 Owing to its advanced technology, the new L1 line is destined for more complex production processes.




How It’s Done







Logical Man, Meticulous Woman Perfect laundry care, with 30% less power new LogiControl LCD display


t takes two for big things to happen. For him, simple control via

a large LCD display offering total control at any given moment; for her, a plethora of additional advanced options and features. Gorenje’s WA73149 washing machine boasts maximum washing efficiency and minimum environmental impact, together with 30 percent lower power consumption than specified for the A energy class. This winning combination spells efficiency and savings! Users can boost savings even further by selecting the 17-minute QuickWash program or the ColdWash program at a mere 15°C. Both are perfect for taking care of your less heavily-soiled laundry, and it takes but a single touch of a button to run them. This fast and thrifty machine also features a highly convenient SterilTub function – a self-cleaning program that guarantees perfect hygiene inside your washing machine. Because your laundry only gets truly proper care if the washing machine interior is also impeccably clean. The SterilTub self-cleaning program lasts a full 90 minutes, at high temperature and the drum empty. With twice the normal spin rate, large amounts of hot water reach even the most remote corners of the tub and effectively destroy any bacteria that may have accumulated there. This way laundry receives the best and most efficient care available, even when you’re working to observe the recommendations on low temperature washes using environmentally friendly detergents.




PERFECTION WITH LESS IRONING New SteamTech technology in laundry care employs steam to straighten every crease and wrinkle. Ironing your cotton and mixed fabric laundry will now be much easier – or even not required at all! Refreshment program will remove any unpleasant odours and make your clothes soft without washing. An independent remarkable steam drying program for shirts will particularly please those who strongly dislike ironing. Simply place up to ďŹ ve clean shirts into the dryer to dry them and remove all creases by steaming; they will be ready to be stored in the closet with virtually no ironing. An excellent solution!


spring / summer ACCESSORIZED The Roots of Flavour and Fragrance PURE COAL We do get a bit nostalgic when it comes to the smell of an open fire. It probably has something to do with father chopping wood for the makeshift grill at the country getaway. But nothing affords more pleasure than the perfectly burnt skin of a fresh trout. It doesn’t get simpler than that, but the secret is in the meticulously crafted pile of fiery logs and coal. With 100% natural bamboo charcoal, together with all of the necessities a perfect roast needs, there’s just no excuse to hold onto those nasty bags of briquets any longer.

Light My Fire Wooden Matches Block of 100 It may be a bit of a burden to carry in your pocket, but it will definitely come in handy at your next BBQ party. This solid block of 100 matches will probably prove itself a worthy centrepiece for your pot-luck table, but we’d actually encourage you to stick a few of these here and there. They’ll probably evoke some child-like curiosity from even your most accomplished guests. And you probably won’t have to ask twice for a match to relight the fire.

Starch Your Whites Great Exhibition Croquet Set You don’t have to be a flamingo keeper in order to play the Queen of Hearts’ favourite game.

This exquisitely crafted deluxe set

comes not only with its own eight competition mallets, so that all long-necked birds may be spared, but with everything required for a serious garden play-off, cast in a sturdy stained pine chest. All you need now is a glorious sunny summer day – that’s excuse enough to show this coveted baby off. 56


Objects of Desire

Ro ll over! Kissing animals picnic blankets It’s not very practical, stuffing your boring old wool blanket in a duffel bag, then bringing all kinds of twigs, leaves and whatever back home. These compact, lightweight picnic blankets are not only cute – thanks to the bright prints on the 100% cotton facing side – but cleverly lined with nylon on the back, making them washing machine-friendly. And thanks to the adjustable nylon straps and handles, you can easily grab hold of them and take it anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Conveyor of Tradition Teflon-Coated Linen Wood Carrier An object that may seem obsolete amidst today’s hectic lifestyle, but a messenger of simple indulgences like toasting marshmallows over an open fire. When so beautiful in it’s painstaking execution, how could it not be? It’s crafted by Belgian weaving artisans making linen since 1858 and officially granted the title of Belgian Royal Warrant Holders. The teflon coated linen is reinforced with side panels and the leather handles are double stitched and riveted. There’s definitely more to this pouch than meets the eye.

Rooftop Picnic Contact grill KR2400GB When you just can't get outside to grill, try this excellent indoor contact grill or even take it outside. This heavy duty die cast stainless steel with sophisticated brushed inox design works as a panini sandwich press, but also gives you the ability to grill anything from steaks to fish fillets. It features a premium non-stick scratch resistant cooking surface, adjustable grilling height control and variable temperature control. With a maximum 2400 W power it delivers real heat so you can grill up almost anything in very short order. The cooking surfaces are removable and dishwasher safe so you don't need to worry about scrubbing the cooking surfaces. It’s the perfect solution for a gourmet picnic out on the terrace, the rooftop – or just toasting the morning bread. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Clean Spring Clean

Karim in Green

MyMade 2in1 Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

As an alternative to the drink-and-throw bottled-water

This spring practical vacuuming has

scenario, Karim Rashid's new 'Bobble' water bottle

been captured in this stylishly designed

offers an eco-friendly and stylish way to satisfy your

battery powered vacuum cleaner by

thirst. Not only is it reusable and affordable, the Bobble

Gorenje. This cordless, quick pickup

is BPA-free, made from recycled plastic and available

model offers around 20 minutes of run

in an array of bright compelling colours. Replacement

'Bobble' water bottle by Karim Rashid

time. Keep the VCK144R plugged into

carbon filters are just €7.50, and remove chlorine and

its charger and you have an immediate

organic contaminants from 150 litres of tap water. Who

solution to unexpected spills and

knew Karim had a streak of green in him after all?

messes. MyMade boasts a fine design, an

aerodynamic shape and three attractive colours – red, black and silver. The MyMade does an excellent job of moving from hard floors to low pile carpet surfaces; and a powerful 100-

Fill It Up

watt motor and fast airflow makes for

Race Rocket MasterBlaster Bicycle Pump

some serious suction.

The Race Rocket is designed for

A TURBO brush tackle the little pieces

professional racers and serious

on the floor or furniture and a HEPA

enthusaists alike. This sleek and

filter enables multi-level air filtration. It

elegant mini pump features a full

can even be attached to a handle and

aluminium body, head and pump

vacuum head to convert it to a stick vac

handle. An extendable hose take

for use on floors.

stress off the valve stem (no breaks,

no leaks) and the dependable single-action stroke fills tires fast (thus the “rocket”). Its very compact size easily fits in a shirt or jacket pocket, and its low weight is highly welcome, whether training, touring or just tooling around.

Keep it Together Topeak Air BackPack This revolutionary cycling backpack weighing less than 650g uses pressurised



fine -tune

personal comfort and fit. Multichannel air chambers located in the hip belt and back contact area inflate with an integrated micro




continuous comforting airflow across the back. There’s a built-in, fold-out helmet holder and hidden pull-out rain cover, and a clip-in Gear Core keeps gear like mini pumps, tools and more in separate pockets and can also be removed. 58


Objects of Desire

Good Clean Indulgent Fun Acqua di Parma powdered soap Acqua di Parma has come out with a powdered soap as part of its well-known fragrance-line ‘Colonia’, which offers a refreshing burst of bergamot, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose and lavender. A light shake of the elegant yellow tin offers up a soft smooth soap powder which contains rice starch and softening talcum powder. Use it straight up on dry skin or mix with water to produce a luxurious creamy foam. Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and other shiny celebs were devoted Acqua di Parma fans – as are we.

Squeeze Those Vitamins Gorenje Juicer JC805E It's never been easier to create fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables juices at home. This Gorenje juicer features an XXL feed tube that easily handles whole fruits and vegetables. The adjustable flow spout eliminates drips and spills for clean countertops, and the speed control knob is easy to operate. All of its removable parts are 100% dishwashersafe. The specially designed filter basket reduces foam, and these units are so quiet you won't wake the family while you're making juices for breakfast. Fine contemporary design in stainless steel.

Judging a Lamp by its Cover LITE2GO These neat little parcels bear a colorful secret: when the insides of each of these mini-lamps is assembled, the packaging itself becomes their shades. While minimizing waste and showing us how smart design can incorporate the stuff we carelessly throw away, everything here is eco-conscious. The package includes a recycled polypropylene plastic shade, hemp twine for assembly, and the label and manual are printed on recycled paper – using environmentally friendly ink. ‘Nuff said. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



photos Saša Hess concept & styling G-Team — Sara Jassim, Jera Živa Puterle, Manca Krnel Hess, Jeff Bickert

Blend —

Th e art of creative culinary versatility, with Gorenje kitchen appliances




Spray of Spring

A delicious blend of festive colours carefully picked and sharply tailored.

Gorenje B600B BLENDER




More Fish Than Just a Fish

Less is more, only when you grind it right.

Gorenje MG2000TJW meat grinder




Ice and Spice and Everything Nice

Building fresh-frozen culinary experiences rich in vitamins and aesthetics.

Combined refrigerator freezer, Gorenje Retro Collection




Beta Vulgaris at its Best

The very best of wholesome, vibrant nutrition, ready to wear. (Love marks assured!)

Gorenje R805A SLICER




Kitchen Magic — For Kids

You just know your mum will be ever so happy if you experiment at home with some beetroot! Maybe play with some other veggies instead. Did you know the colour of tea changes if you mix it with a drop of lemon. The colour of red cabagge makes it a fantastic chameleon too. In water, cabbage slices are purple, but if you add a drop of something very sour – say vitamin

For the most beautiful colour experiment follow this procedure Take a solution of red cabagge (cut the cabbage or slice it in the slicer and pour luke warm water over it, then strain it and save the liquid in the glass). In the other glass prepare a colourless solution of citric acid, vinegar, or lemon juice. Now pour the colorless solution over the purple one, and it will immediately become red or green if you mix it with a solution of baking soda in water. How nice!

C, lemon, vinegar, citric acid – the colour of the solution turns red. And if you add baking powder or baking soda it will turn green or blue. Isn’t that just wonderful? SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Design Simplicity with a Twist Best smart kitchen accessories 2010 contest choice Back in September 2010, Gorenje announced its international Gorenje Smart Kitchen Accessories contest, and by end-October 78 authors from 10 countries had submitted 95 concept projects. A month later Gorenje’s Velenje Gallery saw the opening of a twin exhibition – 'Gorenje Smart Kitchen Accessories Designed in the Simplicity Trend' and 'Best of BIO 21' curated by Špela Šubic. Jeff Bickert

Gorenje Archives


n something of a surprise, all winning entries as selected

“Just as design belongs to industry, it is also a part of the realm

by the jury – led by jury Chairwoman and GDS Creative Di-

of culture,” Šubic offered at the exhibition opening. “Like archi-

rector Lidija Pritržnik – were from Slovenia. First prize went

tecture, design must meet certain basic human needs and both

to Darja Osojnik for her hand dishwashing detergent dispenser

are really good only when they also carry a cultural message.

dubbed Deterball. Second prize was awarded to two projects:

This link between business, design as profession, and culture, is

Uroš Bajt’s Eye Mixing mixer and the range of appliances Sim-

seen at the two exhibitions at the Velenje Gallery.”

plicity Hot & Simplicity Cold by Nina Hercog and Mateja Martini. Brina Fekonja’s Cool'n'drink cooling stick took third, together

Similarly, Gorenje Head of Marketing Slovenia Aleksander Uranc

with the Magnetic Spices container by Matej Colja.

talked about the special place that design has at Gorenje, pointing to the company as a design-minded manufacturer and its

Deterball was noted for its originality, the simplicity and purity

work with renowned figures from the world of design, together

of the solution, and being environmentally friendly in introduc-

with Gorenje’s own team of excellent designers.

ing control over the use of detergent. It’s also visually intriguing and appealing, and has a considerable market potential.

Through the competition Gorenje gained a great deal of compelling ideas, which as a rule worked toward simplifying users’

With Eye Mixing form follows function, motivates healthy food

lives, from problems connected with ecology and sustainability

preparation and eating habits, and the idea allows room for up-

to the promotion of healthy eating habits, increasing personal

grade. And Simplicity Hot & Cold combines refrigeration, heat-

free time and making household tasks easier.

ing and chopping functions. Though special in a number of ways, this was not Gorenje's first


Overall winner Darja Osojnik, a senior student of industrial de-

international design contest. The first was held in 2005, call-

sign at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, ap-

ing for proposals for Gorenje's visual corporate identity. And

proached her detergent dispenser as both designer and user:

nine design contests held in cooperation with the Academy of

“I find the detergent bottles quite awkward, both hands are

Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana have been held over the past

required for dispensing. I was looking for a clear, simple and

22 years, addressing small home appliances and concepts of

elegant solution to this.”

kitchen as technological hub in the home.

Second place winner Uroš Bajt, also a senior student of indus-

By opening up its competitions Gorenje has also opened its

trial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana,

doors to a wider range of input and ideas from outside, input

offered: “My biggest challenge adapting the mixing device to

not burdened by the restraints related to everyday technical,

allow use with all types and sizes of bowls or containers. I can

market and human resources issues. Similarly, new opportuni-

relate to the simplicity concept and to Gorenje's Simplicity line

ties as regards staff, partners and channels for enhanced coop-

with a single control dial that actually materialises it.”

eration come increasingly out of open competition situations.








01 Brina Fekonja – Cooling Stick Ice not only cools drinks but also melts and dilutes them. But these Cooling sticks remain the same size. They’re easy to use and have a long use-life. Elegant and useful. 02 Darja Osojnik – Deterball A ball for detergent is an aesthetic leap from the unsightly world of plastic bottles, their instability, and uncontrolled dosing of detergent while pouring into the washing sponge. All these troubles are clearly, easily and elegantly solved with a dishwashing liquid dispenser – the winner of the contest. 03 Uroš Bajt – Eye Mixing Mixer Eye Mixing Mixer enables the use on all types of bowls and dishes regardless of their depth and width. And we can forget all that long and tiresome hand-mixing. Fresh and interesting idea. 04 Nina Hercog, Mateja Martini – Simplicity Hot and Simplicity Cold This is a brilliant idea how to upgrade a simple slicer with heating or cooling, and offers the ability to make healthy meals outside the home. Encourages healthy and delicious lifestyles. 05 Matej Colja – Magnetic Spices Container Magnetic Spices containers reduce the mess and clutter after cooking. Magnets are also useful for attaching recipes, notes and postcards. And kitchen? Always tidy!




Good Design Sense GDS – Gorenje Design Studio Jeff Bickert


saša hess

hile an accomplished operation in its own right GDS

at all levels of their work, GDS promotes design thinking

– Gorenje Design Studio – was only established back

and applies a specific design approach and method

in early 2008. The competences of the studio, however, are

into innovative business models and strategies that are

based on the more than four decades of design tradition in

translated into successful, award-winning projects.

the Gorenje Group. The company operates two units out of two locations: Today GDS specialises in product- as well as service design,

the studio in Ljubljana, headed by Rok Jenko, serves

communications design and architecture design, and

largely external clients with service, product, graphic

serves clients from both inside and outside the Gorenje

and advertising design, while the studio in Velenje,

Group. The company’s expert capabilities are rooted in a

headed by Lidija Pritr žnik , is dedicated almost

very tangible holistic approach to design and development

exclusively to internal projects developing products

projects, from research and ideation to modelling and

and research projects for the Gorenje group. Effective

prototyping; and further, to design implementation, tooling

synergies between teams and units within GDS are

and marketing support.

evidenced in a number of Red dot Awards, most recently for their ArtMe facade cladding for Trimo in

The studio’s interdisciplinary teams work as designers

2010, their CPE optical access for Iskratel, and for the

as well as consultants and developers. In all facets and

innovative Gorenje iChef control module in 2011.

Ana Osredkar Project Manager GDS, Ljubljana What's your job?

Today, my colleague and I supervised the implementation of a

I manage projects for key external clients in the Ljubljana studio.

project at one of the post offices in Kranj, where I also made a

My job entails writing project proposals, communication with

short presentation of the project to the employees. After coming

clients and management of product, graphic and consulting

back to the office I wrote a workshop proposal for another client,

projects. I’m also in charge of developing the service design

and the Red Dot Awards application for our customer premises

competency within the studio and building network cooperation

equipment design for Iskratel.

with national and international professional networks. What are you working on these days? What are the key issues and questions surrounding what you

Most of my time lately has gone to the Post Office project,


finishing the pilot phase of implementation at 14 post offices

My job is to make the client and designer pleased with the outputs

across the country. We hope the project will see follow-up

throughout the whole project. Sometimes this means convincing

through implementation across the entire national network

the client of the importance and added value that design brings

of 400 post offices over the next three years. Besides day to

to the end customer; at other times it’s convincing the designers

day management of existing projects, I’ve been writing project

that the client is limited by economies of scale and investment.

proposals for prospective clients with an emphasis on the service design approach, which we believe is a good market opportunity,


What particular tasks did you perform – as part of what you’re

and what we are developing as our main differentiation element

working on – today?

on the market.



My job is to make the client and designer pleased with the outputs throughout the whole project.




David Cugelj Industrial Designer GDS, Ljubljana

To be a good designer I have to be innovative, come to work full of good ideas on a daily basis. What's your job?

emotional intelligence. Part of my job is being familiar with

I'm a Senior Designer at GDS, working in the field of industrial

past design trends, following current trends, and being able

design at the Ljubljana studio.

to forge new ones.

What are the key issues and questions surrounding what

What are you working on at the moment?

you do?

Currently I'm working on a few things: modular living units

To be a good designer I have to be innovative, come to

for our client, the Trimo company; a multi-functional WC

work full of good ideas on a daily basis. I have to be able to

flushing cistern for the Kolektor LIV company; and on

be critical about my work, and to be able to view my work

modular customer premises equipment design for Iskratel.

from a critical distance. Part of good design is the ability to express one’s thoughts clearly; also to use own’s own head

I enjoy the different scales of the products and projects I'm

in problem solving. As part of an inter-disciplinary team it’s

working on, and the different challenges that are part of

important to work well both independently and with other

each. All of these projects are quite versatile – and should

team members.

stay that way. And they all employ very different materials

and types of technology – for entirely different customers.

And it’s important to be able to think both rationally and emotionally and combine these – to create and apply 70



Matevž Popič Industrial Designer GDS, Velenje

In my work, I focus on improving the current function and performance of the object I’m working on. What's your job?

I think the most important part of designing a product is

I’m an industrial designer at Gorenje Design Studio, where I’ve

finding common ground with both our R&D department and

been working for GDS since 2009. Most of my time is devoted

marketing; this way we can produce a quality product which

to work on our kitchen appliances program. Apart from that I

will be useful and both the customers and we ourselves, will

also work on other programs – refrigerators and freezers – as

be happy with it.

well as on external projects, depending on the time I have at my disposal and the size of the project.

What are you working on at the moment? I’ve been finishing up this stage of a project working on the

What are the key issues and questions surrounding what

the iChef electronic program module for ovens. It’s about

you do?

how to manage an oven using a high-quality display with a

In my work, I focus on improving the current function and

touch screen and a slider, which allows easy and effective

performance of the object I’m working on; or on discovering

operation of the oven. The module allows the user to choose

entirely new functions that allow users to complete their tasks

a dish from quality colour photo-icons to which recipes and

more easily. This applies to each project I develop. Needless to

instructions are added. This is an ongoing project which will

say, I also pay attention to the final appearance of the product,

see more applications. Apart from that I’m also part of a

as well as the user-handling experience, in terms of materials,

project designing new refrigerators.

colours, emotional appeal and similar. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Material Girl

Copenhagen-based designer Louise Campbell successfully strikes a delicate balance between an unabashed attraction to the new and a hands-on respect for traditional craft. Jeff Bickert


Louise Campbell archive

aybe it’s the combination of Scandinavian ratio-

commissions include chairs, tables, storage units,

nalism and femininity, together with her dual (En-

lamps, tableware, glassware, desktop accessories, and

glish and Danish) nationality and her playful approach

urban installations.

to disciplined execution that makes Louise Campbell the compelling and accomplished designer she is.

Her Prince Chair from 2002, for HAY, pairs a very personal expression with extremely high-tech manufacturing

With her own studio since 1996 (a large, old open-

methods. In a curious mix of the contemporary and the

space workshop in the heart of Copenhagen), Louise

traditional (something of a distinct pattern in her work)

Campbell designs products of all sorts in all sizes – some

her most recent larger collaboration was a three-year

more commercial, some more as creative experiments.

project with Royal Copenhagen creating the complete

While her studio’s focus is on furniture and lighting

Elements dinnerware collection.

design, it is increasingly involved in product design and interior design projects as well. And their work is based

And her Collage lamp, from 2004/5 for Louis Poulsen

on three simple rules: always start from scratch, find

Lighting, takes its inspiration from the way light in

the core of the issue, and dare to be different.

a forest filters through thousands of layers before reaching the ground. Basing the pattern on a simple


Her list of clients includes Louis Poulsen, Zanotta,

abstraction of the ellipse creates depth of field and

Royal Copenhagen, Holmegaard, Muuto, Kähler, Hay,

shadowplay on the pendant itself. And nowhere does

Interstop and The Danish Ministry of Culture, among

the light source blind the eye in spite of the hundreds

others. The studio’s body of production and current

of holes in the pendant.









I very much enjoy flirting with technology, it opens so many doors, but I will never abandon the craft side of my work.

You mention – in a recent video interview – sunlight as a

Your work seems an eclectic mix of contemporary,

starting or inspiration point when considering light and

traditional, playful, practical, narrative, ironic and

lighting; are there any other ‘fundamentals’ from which

whimsical. Which or what what combination do you

you draw particular inspiration or ideas?

think best describes you as a person; as a designer?

Materials, almost all of them, in hand, the more, the better.

Thank you, I take this description as a great compliment! I’m

Repetition. Basic everyday life.

afraid it is also necessary to add stubborn, but apart from that you’re pretty spot on.

What (objects, rooms, spaces, other) in the household – or the studio – do you feel particularly close to?

Having just returned from a holiday, do you take

My pens and pencils. My duvet. All my Mac-stuff. My coffee

inspiration or ideas from your holiday surroundings and

and my nicotine gum. These are the essential objects in my

circumstances? Or do you just try and simply shut off?

life. All other items are extras.

Yes – on both counts! The more I shut off, the more it turns out I’ve taken home with me. This last trip, which lasted a

How much do new technologies figure in or inform your

full, glorious month for the first time in many years, was

approach to your design-thinking? Are you on a friendly

just magic. And I came home more revitalized and ready

basis with technology?

to go than I had dared dream of. Now full of fresh images,

I very much enjoy flirting with technology, it opens so many

pulled out of the daily rut that all 40-year old hard-working

doors, but I will never abandon the craft side of my work.

parents are usually stuck in whether they like it or not. I

It’s through hands-on experiments that most of my work

have to accept that time out is increasingly necessary to

begins. Technology comes later. New materials, however,

recharge the hard worn batteries.

are fascinating, and I’m increasingly collecting all sorts of


strange samples of these, which are a wonderful source of

What would you like to design that you have not already?

inspiration. But also challenging, because the newer the

A lot. But slowly, and one object at a time. I’m done with

material, the greater the battle to implement it in an efficient

racing, and have made a pact with myself that from now

and effective production process. This process often bites

on I set the pace; and that it will be a more comfortable

itself in the tail. Designers are attracted to the newest of the

one than I have been set(ting) for the past 15 years. I’m

new, but the industry needs time to adapt

embarking on a new chapter, and looking forward.




01 Flora vase (by Holmegaard, 2007) [previous page] 02 Elements (for Royal Copenhagen, 2008) [previous page] 03 Louise Campbell, with Fatso (for Louis Poulsen Lighting, 2004) 04 Collage lamps, floor and ceiling versions


(for Louis Poulsen Lighting, 2004)

05 Folda sofa (prototype, 2001) 06 Prince Chair (for HAY, 2001/2005)




Technology & Technique

The New Gas The power of flame lights up, with enhanced control, features and performance Jeff Bickert


Gorenje Archives

orenje’s innovative new electronic touch control is

resistant. Optimal cooking performance is guaranteed, and

a welcome feature on the gas hobs in the Gorenje

its smooth, sheer surface, makes cleaning simplicity itself.

Pininfarina Steel Collection. This smart solution delivers convincing functionality and efficiency, allowing fast

Power and Prep

and accurate output adjustment. An upgrade to the

Extremely powerful gas burners heat pots at an accelerated

TouchControl feature is the automatic timer, which allows

rate, which allows preparation of dishes within minutes.

fine control of cooking times independently for each

Vegetables are crispier and cooked just right, and retain

burner. And if the flame goes out, electronic regulation

more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients compared to

takes care of automatic restart, while a clearly laid-out

conventionally-prepared foods. For improved safety in the

control modules makes for easy monitoring of each burner.

kitchen, gas intake valves automatically close in the event that the flame is extinguished at any time during burner

Gorenje’s wide range of hobs includes a selection of glass


ceramic hobs fitted with gas burners. A glass ceramic hob featuring a combination of gas and HiLight burners

Lovers of Asian and similar cuisines are well served by the

is also available. In addition to offering control typical of

series of gas on glass ceramic hobs featuring improved

a professional chef’s, this combination boasts the extra

high-capacity wok burners available with several models,

advantage of easy cleaning and fine design.

including the striking horizontal “4-in-a-row” hob. A castiron plate – half of which is smooth, the other ribbed – can

Glass hobs featuring four gas burners are available in three

be placed over two of the burners to create a genuine grill

different colours: black, anthracite and white. The cast iron


pan supports prove highly stable and highly temperature 76


Technology & Technique

Innovative gas hob burners optimize the flame, making for faster cooking and maximum efficiency.

Individual Combos Hobs with two heating zones allows for creating custommade cooking combinations. The range encompasses glass ceramic hobs with HiLight or induction burners, as well as a hob with two gas or one wok burner. The cooking timer is an original new feature in gas hob control. Each burner has a dedicated timer that allows accurate control of cooking time (up to 99 minutes) for dishes whose cooking time is already known. Once the time has elapsed, the hob automatically shuts off, which is also indicated by a handy beep. And extra large gas burners enable highly accurate flame control, and single-handed ignition makes things easy, and turns the focus on enjoyment.




Succulent Seasonal With the appearance of Na gradu and their marvellous traditional home-food fare with flair, Ljubljaners are coming to discover what they were so obviously sorely missing. Manca Krnel Hess



Saša Hess


Inside a vast, high vaulted ceiling in raw stone curls down to meet oak and glass.


jubljana’s Na gradu restaurant opened its

create magical culinary elixirs that satisfy even the most

doors just last August, putting on a spe-

demanding tastes.

cial trial run for as many as 700 guests who

Snagging a table at Hiša Franko has become far more diffi-

enjoyed culinary treats like Kobarid frika and

cult since it became a member of the Jeunes restaurateurs

frittata, crispy suckling pig, delicious home-

d'Europe (JRE) culinary association. A source of frustra-

made pork cracklings, and cooked ham with

tion, surely, for the crowd who saw it as a good restaurant

freshly grated horseradish; and no less than

in the middle of nowhere (in the mountainous north-west

an entire bull calf roasted up just for the oc-

near the Italian border) that happened to serve brilliant


food, but a clear sign that Ana and Valter are doing it right.

Since then it’s become celebrated without

The dishes on offer at Na gradu appeal to every taste,

losing its mojo. And it’s become a must-visit

from grandmothers to grandchildren, from business peo-

destination, but not just because it represents

ple to the it-crowd, yet they remain as extraordinary as the

a rather ambitious venture nestled in Ljublja-

creators themselves. The informal character of the place

na’s iconic castle overlooking the city below.

extends to the menu, which is nicely unfussy. It’s short and

But because of the people behind it, and the

reads like a dream. On one hand it highlights provenance

fan-base they deservedly enjoy: Ana Roš and

as jota, a traditional soup made of sour turnips, beans and

Valter Kramar from Hiše Franko fame, and

potatoes; or roast leg of lamb from the country’s "bela

Pope (Svetozar Raspopović) from Ljubljana’s

krajina" region, with celery root puré; on the other sea-

celebrated Gostilne As. The young chefs in

sonal side we find a dandelion salad with warm potatoes

the castle have learned near everything from

and pancetta. It’s all served up alongside the right recom-

these three masters, whose culinary creativity

mended wines and local organic juices – all the ingredients

has changed the way people think about (and

are organically grown and healthy healthy.

enjoy) food – both here and far beyond. Prices come in (well) under what other well-fêted restaurants would charge, with a slew of dishes costing around Pope will go down in history as the man who changed

€7.00 – like pumpkin dumplings with sage and smoked

the taste of Ljubljana diners forever. His gastronomic path

cottage cheese?

began in the Kras region of Slovenia, in Dutovlje, where he enjoyed the honour of being the only former Yugo-

Inside a vast, high vaulted ceiling in raw stone curls down

slav customs official to open a famous seafood restaurant.

to meet oak and glass. Creating an intimate atmosphere

After that he decided to take over the capital as well – and

in a cavernous space is no simple task – maybe it’s the hot

did. Despite his brusqueness he’s become an indispensa-

maroon and bright orange colours that contrast and com-

ble, pivotal member of the Ljubljana culinary scene. And

pliment. The bar/entrance end sparkles with traditional

his fans have been ready to swallow the occasional steep

local juices and homemade spirits in amphoras perched

bill, because he was – and still is – a great culinary per-

atop dark wood shelving. Bottles from Slovenian wine cel-


lars can be bought to take home, as can the bread, some baked goods and a selection of jams, chutneys and other

The other half of the winning gastro tandem are Ana Roš

yummy delights.

and Valter Kramar, a source of inexhaustible culinary creativity, which they’ve used to elevate their Hiša Franko

The tables may be topped with easy-wipe glass plate but the

into the “extraordinary” category. At Franko, Ana’s daring

classy cutlery, hessian napkins, quirky enamelware (water

flavours and creations together with Valter’s pragmatic

jugs, coffee pots) remind us this is no casual cafeteria or

expertise combined to create something unique. Their

typical simple lunch place. Tables might get a bit squeezed

dishes are masterpieces, tributes to the seasons and to

when bigger guest-groups converge, but there's always a

nature: herbs fresh from their garden, "grasses" from the

buzz of happy diners regardless, due in large part to the skill-

meadows, cheeses from the hills. Adding both a contem-

ful staff, who are always professional but never starchy and

porary and extreme touch to these primary flavours they

help maintain the lively yet relaxed atmosphere. SPRING – SUMMER 2011



Out front there’s a lovely alfresco courtyard, perfect for summer lunches or for dinner just before an evening screening at the open-air summer cinema just beyond. Also perfect is a short stop after a walk up to the castle for their one-and-only fried chicken wing take-away. Either way, Na gradu’s eclectic mix of traditional nostalgia, contemporary twists and personal touch make it a rare culinary treat.

Their dishes are masterpieces, tributes to the seasons and to nature.


(4 servings)

Ingredients 0.4 kg sweet ricotta 0.25 kg mini or cherry tomatoes 0.4 kg rye bread 1 dl olive oil pinch of sugar salt and freshly ground pepper fresh herbs (basil, tarragon, fennel) Mix together the ricotta cheese, salt, pepper and oil and place in the fridge. In the boiling water blanch mini tomatoes. Place them on a baking tray covered with baking paper, then sprinkle with salt, a pinch of sugar and add a bit of oil. Bake at 180 ˚C for 30 minutes then cool and chop. Add your favorite combination of fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Cut the rye bread into desired pieces, oil finely, and bake in the oven at 180 ˚C for about 3 minutes. When warm, top with the tomato mix, ricotta and some fresh herbs. To finish drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with fresh pepper. 80



Pumpkin Gnocchi

(10 servings)

Ingredients 0.9 kg soaked pumpkin (orange muscat pumpkin) 0.2 kg plain flour 0.1 kg coarse flour 1 egg 80 g finely grated parmesan cheese salt Dressing

In the meanwhile, bring a large pot of lightly salted water

0.1 kg butter

to a low boil. Divide the dough into 6 parts, and on a lightly

5 g sage

floured surface, roll each piece into a rope about 1 inch in

60 g smoked ricotta cheese

diameter. Cut the rope into 2 cm pieces and roll each lightly along the floured surface. Continue to use up all the dough

Preheat the oven to 140 ËšC. Cut the pumpkin into 4 sec-

in this fashion. Place on a lightly floured baking sheet.

tions stem to base, then remove seeds and pulp. Bake in

Cook the gnocchi in lightly salted boiling water until the

preheated oven for 1 hour, or until tender. Scrape pumpkin

gnocchi rise to the surface and float there.

meat from shell halves and puree in a blender. Strain to re-

Place the butter in a small saucepan and heat.

move any remaining stringy pieces. Store in the freezer in

Add sage for extra flavour.

freezer-safe bags overnight (3 days if possible, the longer

Remove gnocchi from the water, mix with the butter-

the better) so that the flesh releases most of its water. When

sage sauce, and serve topped with the freshly grated

well drained add flour, egg, parmesan and salt. Stir well.

smoked ricotta. SPRING – SUMMER 2011




Daring to Dream – And Live It Cross-country Olympic medalist Petra Majdič – Gorenje's PLUS star Petra Majdič, Slovenia's most successful cross-country skier ever, won 24 races at the highest level of competition – three sprint overall standings (sprint Crystal Globes), and an unforgettable Olympic medal in Vancouver in 2010 which earned her a place in Olympic history as a world sports phenomena. With the end of the season she’s wrapping up her professional racing career and taking a step towards new challenges. URŠKA OJSTERŠEK 82


Slovenian Olympic committee & Gorenje archives



"Dare to dream your dreams" would seem to be the

relentless effort and a willingness to work. I invested so

maxim that has inspired you through 22 years of training

much energy in this that I am quite convinced I would have

and 13 years of competition in the World Cup. What is

succeeded at anything I put my mind to. At least three-

your secret to the pursuit of a dream?

quarters of all people have this quality about them; the only

The whole secret for me is not to let the people around

difference is whether they let themselves kneel before the

me influence my visions. I also don’t tolerate any rigid

first obstacle or not.

boundaries and confining structures. We live our daily lives within the framework of fictitious limits and obstacles that

How do you find motivation in moments of crisis?

we in fact invent ourselves. I suppose it’s a personal trait of

In times of crisis, I focus on my work. Work, work, and more

mine that I never give up and always look to achieve more.

work. In the worst of times, my desire to work was the strongest and I worked even more than normal. My worst

When did you realise that cross country skiing could

crisis came about after the Winter Olympics in Turin when

become the mission of your life?

my coach parted with me. It was then that I set new goals,

When I took up cross country skiing as a child, I spent a lot

assembled a new team, surrounded myself with new people.

of time by myself in the nature, in long training sessions; it’s

I believed that anything could be achieved by hard work.

then that I had the time to think, to learn about myself and

No goal in life is easily attainable, however. The higher the

my desires. At the time, I actually didn't want to become a

goal, the more difficult it is to reach. I also believe that when

top-class athlete. However, I soon realised I appreciate the

one is in greatest need of guidance, someone will appear in

freedom offered by cross country skiing – the freedom to do

one's life to provide the answer; or an event will point out

what I want without being restricted. I was further motivated

the solution.

to train because I liked to travel, so I oriented by challenges in cross-country skiing in a positive direction.

What are your future challenges in the world of sports? I’m interested in working with youngsters, encouraging them

When was the dream of a world-class athlete born?

to exercise more. If one does not develop the feeling for

My dream did not come about on its own; it was born of

motion and grasp the importance of it, it is more difficult to SPRING – SUMMER 2011




do so at a later age. Motion is what gives us more energy. It’s been scientifically proven that running, for example, makes a disheartened person feel better. I know that from my own experience. Doing what many people do today, lying in front of TV and taking pills when they feel bad, is the wrong way. The average weight of our children is increasing with each generation and at this rate, our healthcare system will collapse. I am also aware that adults are role models to children; therefore, I intend to work on promoting a love of exercise among adults as well. What part of your life will you open up for the most? A normal rhythm of work and leisure. And weekends for myself. I simply look forward to being able to rest and socialise with friends and family, maybe take a trip. Above all, I’d like to do more cooking and household work as this is something I did only occasionally; and I hope to avoid always being on a schedule, especially on a tight one.





A Gorenje gift for Petra For 18 years Gorenje served as the proud sponsor of cross- country skier Petra Majdič, whose competitive career saw 24 wins over 13 competition years. Petra always aimed highest and achieved most. At 13 competition years in World Cup Petra showed the world something about overcoming limits, achieving an excellent race result and proved herself to be among the bravest, most self-sacrificing sportswomen in the world. She has, with her story, become a role model for many.

I invested so much energy in this

Petra’s efforts, success and honours are much

that I am quite convinced I would

for their many years of fruitful collaboration Gorenje

have succeeded at anything I put

career, with the company’s latest innovation – an iChef+

my mind to.

of the first users of this highly contemporary oven. She’s

appreciated at Gorenje. For her brilliant results and presented her, at the conclusion of her competitive oven from the new Gorenje + brand. So Petra will be one announced that from now on she’ll be devoting more of her time to cooking – which was demonstrated in a symbolic gesture at her last race in Falun, Sweden,

What will your dream be now?

where she removed her race jersey and posed instead

Spreading the awareness that life is a beautiful story. In my

in an apron. We hope her new Gorenje iChef+ will prove

heart, I carry a saying: "No dying person says that life was

a big help back home.

beautiful or easy; but they all say it was worth living." This is my story, too. It’s never easy in one's lifetime, but life itself will not make you suffer. You only need to find what satisfies you, what interests you. What can you say about Gorenje as your supporter? In Scandinavia and Europe, Gorenje is well known and appreciated. Furthermore, the Slovenian Nordic ski team is associated with Gorenje. To me, Gorenje is above all an example of how to fight in one's life. Many things in life are

01 Vancouver Olympics: Her fall in the qualifying round resulted in five broken ribs and a punctured thorax. Despite the injury, she made it to the finals and won bronze. 02 Her last career race was in Falun, which will be remembered forever by the quote printed on the back of her ski-bodysuit.

not given or free, and one has to work hard to get them.

03 The end of the 2010/2011 Nordic ski season saw Petra Majdič

This means we better appreciate things if they are earned

celebrate by crossing the finish line at the last FIS race in

by hard work. Since Gorenje has been my general sponsor

Falun, Sweden by removing her starting jersey and donning

throughout my career as an athlete, I know I worked hard to earn it. And as I see, Gorenje too is working hard to be a winner.

an apron. 04 A bronze medal for Petra Majdič, FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo.



Travels Copenhagen, Denmark

Lust for Life Making the most of Copenhagen’s contemporary renaissance Jerica Živa Puterle, with Rune Boserup Jacobsen, young Danish architect, urban planner and project manager at copenhagen-based architecture studio cobe. JERicA ŽIVA PUTERLE



Rune Boserup Jacobsen, JERicA ŽIVA PUTERLE

Travels Copenhagen, Denmark

Apart from H.C. Andersen, The Little Mermaid and bacon,

first city to adopt the free-bike system. And there's also really

what would you say Denmark is best known for?

good night life scene.

I would say that Copenhagen is known for bikes; and perhaps for Aqua (authors of the delectable Barbie girl song).

I think Copenhagen is the only city in the world that has a party festival.

What about design? Danish, and Scandinavian design in

Yes, the Distortion festival happens every year in June, and is

general, is so renowned throughout the world. And right

even supported by the municipality. It's a big collaboration,

now, Danish architecture is big and getting bigger by the

revolving around parties and nightlife; even street parties,

day. Why is that?

where they block off entire neighborhoods, people spill out

You could say the Danish design tradition is really strong, has

onto the street, listen to music and dance.

been for many years. But its richest days were back in the

(June 1 - 5, 2011;

50s, with Arne Jacobsen and a lot of modernist architects and very talented furniture designers. Denmark has long

What are the other little joys in life that only Copenhagen

been feeding off that tradition, and maybe it got a bit tired,

has to offer; apart from beautiful people?

so now there's a new optimism in architecture and urban

Well, you get to see beautiful people on bikes... It's a very

planing that is built on kind of the same design values but is

safe and friendly city, easy to move around, with water so

simply more pragmatic and bold. We’ve seen a new wave of

clean you can swim in the harbor. It has lots of parks and is

young architects, a change of generations with studios like

extremely green. And it's a very inclusive place; people are

BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), and COBE on the urban planning

encouraged to use the public spaces, and they do – bring


your barbeque, have a drink. We Danes love the sunshine – because we don't get much of it, so the canals, sidewalks

In the past few years, we’ve seen a whole new buzz about

and waterfronts overflow with people taking shedding their

the city. What started this? Why the sudden or renewed

jackets at the first sign of a possibly sunny day.

interest? Copenhagen was a rather poor city in the 80s and 90s, but

What's your perfect scenario for a work-free sunny day?

now it’s gained new momentum. The city has grown, a lot of

It's summer, of course. August and warm. In the morning

people are not only moving into it, but also staying. Maybe

I'd bike to Amager Strandpark, an urban beach with a view

because it’s so livable. It strikes a nice balance between a

of the windmills at sea, the suspension bridge leading to

kind of metropolis with the comfort of the suburbs. A lot of

Sweden and the planes taking off from CPH, to have a swim

international people have started to notice Copenhagen,

and relax. Then I'd bike back towards to the city through Am-

come to work here, and stay. Steady eco-nomic growth also

ager Fælled, a wild green area wedged between different

helps; and it’s very well connected with trains, the metro and

neighborhoods. Back in town I'd have lunch with friends on a

our bikes.

sidewalk cafe in the inner city before heading back home to have a nap in my back yard.

When you come to Copenhagen, you have to have a bike. If

you come as a tourist you can borrow city bikes for free – the

In the evening I'd meet up with some friends again to go buy SPRING – SUMMER 2011


Travels Copenhagen, Denmark

meat, veggies, beer and wine to take to the side of one of

Mix meat, flour, egg, onion, salt and pepper. Stir in the milk

the canals for a barbeque, our feet dangling over the water.

until the mixture has the right (firm but lean) consistency.

We'd sit until sunset (around 23:00 in summer), before going

Let stand in the fridge half an hour for best results. Fry the

to a bar with a terrace and then on to a club in the meat-

meatballs, around 5 minutes on each side, on medium heat.

packing district. Next day, heavy-headed, I'd go to the Zoo

Serve with boiled potatoes, a knob of butter and mixed

to watch the penguins.

green salad.

Finally, how well do you get around in the kitchen?

Are you familiar with Gorenje?

I excel in making the renowned Danish meatballs: Frikadeller!

Yes, of course – my parents had a Gorenje fridge when I was

500 grams of minced veal and pork 3 tbsp. flour 1 egg 2-2

a kid. I think they’re very good at what they do. And it’s a

1/2 dl. milk 1 finely chopped / grated onion 1-1 1/2 tsp. salt

well known brand in Denmark.

Coarsely ground pepper 2-3 tbsp. oil for frying.



Travels Copenhagen, Denmark

Tips & Tricks TOURISTY THINGS TO DO... Take a tour on a canal cruise boat. It's kitschy and cute, with live commentary and basic info about the history of Copenhagen. Go see the Little Mermaid – at least to see how little she really is. The real entertainment though, is looking at all the other people having their picture taken in front of her. After that, go to the tip of the Langelinie Pier for ice cream. ...AND Traps to Avoid Strøget, the main pedestrian street, is crowded by day; then packed with bottle-throwing bar brawlers by night. Nyhavn, the historical canal area in the inner city is pretty but don't line up for over-priced meals with the other tourists. Hidden Gems The Post & Tele Museum has a rooftop café known to few. Walk through the post office and take the elevator through the roof (literally). Once there, you'll have your coffee with a view of the Copenhagen skyline and the Rundetaarn observatory from the 16th century. Jægerborggade in the Nørrebro district is a great street full of basement galleries, cafés with organic food and benches on the sidewalk and vinyl record shops all weirdly mixed up with drug dealing gang thugs. Worth a visit. Istedgade is something like Jægerborgsgade (above), but with far more design shops. In the summer Kongens Have is worth a visit; pack a picnic basket or box lunch and the The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, located just north of Copenhagen, is beautifully situated with views of Øresund sound; it also features exhibitions on design and architecture. One of the best. Food & Drink For a piece of authentic, smoke-filled atmosphere of journalists - meet the working class, meet design students, meet one-legged sailors, Eiffel Bar in Christianshavn is a must-visit. The place has been a bar since 1736. And no, it's not just you – the floor is sloped. Order the Hancock Beer. Nice prices. Adendum is a cosy wine bar with a good selection of wines and a simple but tasty menu. Located on Islands Brygge, it's close to the Harbour Bath by Plot architects. With its relaxing atmosphere, it works as well as a place to wind as it does as a warm-up for a late night out. Midpriced. Ida Davidsens Smørrebrødsrestaurant is a must, featuring the longest list of different kinds of smørre-brød (Scando-sandwiches); known in Denmark as the Danish Smørrebrød Queen.

Noma features Nordic gourmet cuisine with an innovative take on tradition. Exclusive Greenland musk ox is mixed with simple ingredients like grains and pulses in new and unexpected ways. Book well in advance – voted world's best restaurant in 2010, it carries two Michelin stars. Expensive! The meatpacking district is minefield of hip restaurants, galleries and nightlife. It’s currently in transition from actual butchers to hub for creative businesses, clubs, bars and restaurants. Here mix butchers, truck drivers, designers and clubbers. Karriere Bar features interiors by artist Olafur Eliasson; Jolene is run by Icelandic hipsters; and Paté Paté and Kødbyens Fiskebar serve Frech cuisine on Berlin benches and excellent raw fish, respectively. Later the crammed dance floor at Mesteren & Lærlingen features the best underground DJ's. Design Find Louise Campbell, for great furniture design, www.; AiAiAI, for nice headphones, www. and Illums Bolighus,, for a comprehensive tour of contemporary, classic, Scandinavian and international design and furniture. Fashion Henrik Vibskov, Wood Wood, Norse Projects www., Paris Texas and Frost Birgens, just to name a few. Architecture Tietgen Kollegiet (Lundgaard & Tranberg, 2006), Rued Langgaards Vej 10-18, 2300 København S The VM-house (Julien de Smedt and Bjarke Ingels, 2005) and The Mountain, Ørestads Boulevard 55, 2300 København S 8-House, Richard Mortensens Vej 81 A, 2300 København S Gemini Silos Havneholmen housing (MVRDV & JJW Arkitekter, 2005), Havneholmen 68, 1561 København V The Royal Danish Playhouse (Lundgaard & Tranberg, 2008), Sankt Annæ Plads 36, 1250 København K SAS Royal Hotel (Arne Jacobsen, 1960), Hammerichsgade1, København V lsands Brygge, 32 2300 København S Architects Adept; BIG www.big,dk; COBE; Effekt; JDS / Julien De Smedt; Lundgaard & Tranberg; Vandkunsten www.vandkunsten. com For more on Copenhagen go to



Last Word


Boštjan Tadel

Everlasting New

Life’s little rewards are not shadows

– and come in surprising packages


n the not too grand (nor particularly) creative, yet for

the state of being disillusioned with just about everything?

better or for worse efficient realm of the (m)advertising

world, two words stand out. One is “free” – not the political,

In our day-to-day lives we don't have the luxury of such

with all its attendant socio-political implications but as in

would-be clever wordings and pronouncements. We need

price; or rather, the absence of such. The other is “new”. If

to be in control of our lives in order to take care of ourselves,

we jumped far forward to the trade’s radical conclusion-

our kids and those others who depend on us in one way or

message – in an ideal world there would be an unlimited

another. Every now and then we receive a little reward for

supply of new stuff – for free.

our trouble. I remember one December 31 when around noon our refrigerator stopped working. It may not seem

The ideal world, however, is populated by characters

like much, but imagine spending the holidays without it.

like Santa Claus and perfect parents; for some reason

One phone call saved the day: the serviceman from Gorenje

perfect children do not seem to be among its citizens. Is it

arrived and solved the problem within a matter of minutes,

because we adults are far too disillusioned about just about

around 2:00 pm on New Year's Eve.

everything to harbour flighty hopes for something which is clearly the outcome of all that's come before (including

A couple of years later when I was working in advertising,

ourselves in several meanings of the verb); or is it the other

I felt immensely glad to be handed a brief for a campaign

way around – we invest all of our hope for this ideal world

to promote Gorenje’s after-sales operations. I felt this was

in the futures of our offspring?

the best selling point for such a brand, as it addressed the real customer needs: problem-free use. And if and when a

When faced with such a powerful concept as “ideal”, it

problem does occur – service, pronto. In anything less than

would seem to make sense to think back on its origins.

that ideal world, problems do occur – we must learn, with

Of course there are thousands of books on theories of

the years, to expect them, and to take the most effective

representation, construction of ideology, the repressive

and efficient steps to solve them.

power of the unconscious and whatever; but a fairly common birthplace (one of them, at the very least) of ideals

I felt great about the campaign we had created: we

is actually the cave. Not just any cave, however: Plato's

highlighted 20-year-old products that still worked great;

cave, in which we observe the shadows of things cast by

and if something happened, they could be fixed, pronto.

fire. These shadows of things are meant as metaphors, for

I'm sorry the campaign didn’t run longer. I think its message

the poor relation these same things, i.e. the material world,

was great. Such a message is more modern today than it

exhibit next to the realm of ideals – to perfection.

was back then. It may not point out the newest, flashiest features, but it says a lot about the quality of a product

In short, by aspiring to such an ideal we are belittling

when you say, between the lines, that this purchase is for

ourselves. We are submitting to some higher power,

(much of it anyway) life. The formula may or may not make

surrendering authority over our lives, our tastes, our selves.

the shareholders happy in the short-term; similarly it may or

It may have made sense in a world that was run by gods (or

may not make the employees happy in the medium-term.

at least by their more or less reliable deputies), but it seems

But it’s the best way to make customers happy for (well,

outrageous in an era which has declared the individual the

almost) a lifetime. And after all, what else is one in business

sole and indisputable authority. The problem is that while

for – at least business that aspires to endure?

it was clear to the gods (and even clearer to their down-


to-earth deputies) that their sole goal is reproduction, it is

The writer is a Ljubljana-based dramaturge, writer and

(far) less clear what the individual’s goal is. Reproducing

Deputy Editor of the cultural bi-weekly Pogledi.



WHERE FOOD FEELS GOOD. Gorenje innovative technologies make every Gorenje cooling appliance a perfect place for any type of food. Advanced functions like SensoTech, ZeroZone, SuperCool, MultiFlow, MoistControl and FastFreeze customize the climate to preserve different types of food fresh and healthier than ever. Besides the natural preservation Gorenje offers outstanding design, top-level energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.


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