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Natural Sleep Aid by Van Winkle's Powerful Sleep Formula - Offered at Amazon Van Winkle's All Natural Sleep Option is a powerful herbal sleep supplement. By combining six powerful ingredients in specific quantities, Van Winkle's could have you sleeping such as a baby from the first night! Powerful Ingredients Read below for information about the ingredients in our natural sleeping pills that may help in promoting healthy sleep. Calcium - 60 mg Ever heard of drinking a warm glass of milk before bed to aid your whole body to go to sleep? Well, it is not just an old wive's tale. Calcium is really a mineral which is used directly through the brain to create melatonin, also known as the "sleep hormone". Melatonin is the hormone that your body uses to keep up it's 24 / 7 sleep/wake cycle. At night, the body produces more melatonin which promotes sleep. Conversly, throughout the day, melatonin levels are supressed, so that we can be alert and wakeful. Calcium, like magnesium is also a mineral that naturally relaxes the body. Van Winkle's Sleep Solution contains 60 mg of Calcium in each capsule by means of calcium carbonate. This represents 6% from the daily recommended importance of calcium! Magnesium - 30 mg In accordance with Dr. Oz, magnesium can be a mineral that relaxes nerves and muscles and promotes healthy circulation. Dificiencies of magnesium are already related to several sleep disorders, including insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Along with your magnesium intake through your daily diet, Van Winkle's provides 30 mg, or 8% of your own daily recommended value. It is important for healthy sleep that you simply take calcium and magnesium supplements in a 2:1 ratio, just what Van Winkle's Natural Sleep Solution provides! Natural Sleep Aid SurAsleep™ Proprietary Blend - 406 mg The SurAsleep™ Blend is how the sleep magic really starts to happen. This blend of natural herbs as well as melatonin will certainly make you go to sleep, and stay asleep. Valerian root (Valeriana Officinalis) The Valeriana Officinalis is a perennial flowering plan with sweetly scented flowers. Valerian root can have sedative and de-stressing effects. Valerian root has been used for hundreds of years both for it's sleep promoting effects and it's stress reducing abilities. Valerian root also can boost the negative effects of other sleeping aids, which is the reason it can be so good at Van Winkle's. Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa (also termed as Oats, Oatstraw, Oats Milky Seed) is thought to be soothing on the brain and nervous system. Often, insomnia sufferers report that their insomnia is a result of being unable to slow their brain at nighttime. That is exactly what Avena Sativa can deal with. Over a side note, Avena Sativa has become reported as being a sexual enhancer for men and women! L-Theanine L-theanine is regarded as a really powerful anxiety and stress reliever. It can be praised for it's capability to decrease mental and physical stress. It is said that 30-40 minutes after using this, it can help the individual enter a state of deep relaxation and tranquility without making a person overly drowsy. Researchers also learned that the compound helps to improve concentration and attention, too. Melatonin - 2 mg Melatonin, as research has shown, helps people to fall asleep faster, and also enhance sleep quality. Those who have delayed sleep disorder can also benefit from taking melatonin supplements. Everyday life can compromse your body's natural manufacturing of melatonin, by way of example, staying up late, restless sleeping, sleeping with the lights on, and waking up even though under 6 hours of sleep. Melatonin can also help you possess more vivid dreams! GMP Certified Manufacturing Our manufacturing facility can be found in the United States, and it is GMP certified, meaning this is a clean, safe, climate controlled facility. Once you order a sleep aid, you wish to know that you are acquiring a quality product. That is exactly what this site offers. Sleeping is the most important thing we do. Without good sleep, you will not fulfill your potential, and also you could develop related health problems. Get some sleep tonight with Van Winkle's Natural Sleep Solution! Always fulfilled by Amazon, and free Prime shipping!

Natural Sleep Aid by Van Winkle's Powerful Sleep Formula - Available at Amazon  
Natural Sleep Aid by Van Winkle's Powerful Sleep Formula - Available at Amazon  

Van Winkle's Natural Sleep Aid is a new, powerful product available on that will help you get to sleep and sleep deeply. With it'...