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Trending Medical Procedures: Dr. Gabriel Chiu, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc

What would you say is the most popular medical or cosmetic procedure being requested at your office right now? Liposuction. Some of the most popular areas right now are stomach and love handles, arms, and thighs as everyone is getting ready for spring break and summer beach bodies. High definition facial liposuction to the jawline is also popular to provide a more “sharp� and youthful look. What does this procedure entail, and what issues does it address? Liposuction can address any problem areas. It involves using a long, hollow rod with holes on one end and a vacuum on the other to shear and suction fat cells after the tissues have been treated with a medicated solution. I am known for high-

definition liposuction, during which stylized and customized cannulas are used to targeted areas for a high-intensity, sculpted look. Why do you think this has become a trend? Liposuction is especially popular right now as people are getting ready for spring weddings and the summer. While the stomach and love handles have been and always will be popular, arms and jawlines have been extremely popular with brides and bridesmaids so that they can look their best in strapless gowns and for their photos- which every bride uses to reminisce throughout their lifetime. Thighs are often requested in preparation for summer because of all the short shorts, daisy dukes, miniskirts, and bikinis. To whom would you recommend this procedure? Who would be the ideal candidate? The ideal candidate will be healthy, in relatively good shape, but with problem areas that never seem to go away no matter how hard they work out, how diligently they diet, or what treatments they succumb their bodies to. Ideal candidates will not have significant stretch marks, sagging tissues, or poor skin tone. What benefits do patients report after having this done? (Include before after pictures and/or testimonials if available.) Not only do patients report correction of their trouble areas, they experience tightening of the skin and tissues in the area of liposuction, improvement of their contours and silhouette, and a more youthful appearance. Often times, liposuction can inspire and motivate patients to lead even healthier and more active lifestyles, since patient want to preserve their newly-sculpted and toned bodies. - See more at:

Trending medical procedures dr gabriel chiu, beverly hills plastic surgery, inc  
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