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KSTORY TELLING DIGITAL STORYTELLING There is nothing better than a good story and telling stories is what I do, fundamentally corporate film making is about story telling. It’s all about the story. I am an experienced self shooting director of photography, producer and director. Making video and making video work for business, charities and organisations is what I do. I have worked all over the UK and Europe for a diverse range of clients and on a variety of projects. From exploring Passivhaus in Austria to training videos for Nissan cars to behind the scenes fashion shoots. For me it’s all in a days work. My video production company, iotaMEDIA, has earned a reputation for producing engaging quality content and working in partnership with our clients. I work with clients on all aspects of the production including the vital area of utilising the video online through YouTube and other online channels including Social Media. I am based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire but work throughout the UK and Europe either in person or with my excellent team of freelancers


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LATEST PRODUCTIONS The Arla dairy at Aylesbury is the world’s largest milk processing plant. At full capacity the plant will process one billion litres of milk a year. For the first time at any of their facilities Arla has introduced a visitors gallery which will feature the work of the dairy. A key element of the gallery are a series of videos and animations. Over eleven months I filmed at the plant and produced a total of fourteen films and animations explaining how milk is processed from arriving at the dairy to dispatch to supermarkets and stores. The plant was officially opened on 26th May Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP.

Plus Finance Plus are the UK’s only leasing company that specialises solely in the furniture and fitout market. They commissioned me to produce a video for an upcoming awards ceremony and to produce a further two videos explaining the benefits of leasing from different perspectives. The videos will feature on their website and in their future marketing. Each production featured Plus staff and testimonials from clients.

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TOP TEN YOUTUBE MISTAKES 1. Not optimising your YouTube title The title tag of a YouTube video is one of the main ranking factors on the site.

2. Not adding a description YouTube provides a description field so that you can give your potential viewers an idea of what they are about to watch, and provide further information if needed.

3. No links to your site or landing page Link to a landing page or a page on your site to take people on in the sales/promotion journey.

4. Failing to tag your video or select the correct category Tagging helps users find your video. It gives YouTube the right information to categorise your video so getting this right is really important.

5. Using the worst thumbnail you can A colourful thumbnail acts as an advertisement for your video, so make sure you pick the one that reflects the content. YouTube will pick one for you if you don’t, so use the custom thumbnail option and pick your own.

6. Not using subtitles on your video There are millions of people who are deaf and hard of hearing and rely on subtitles or closed captions to engage with your content.

7. Turning off comments and not engaging with anyone Why create content and not engage with the viewers? Yes you might get the odd spammer or troll but you can deal with that.

8. Not adding your video to a playlist Playlists help YouTube determine the relevancy of your content. A long term video strategy will have playlists, tags and optimisation at its heart.

9. Failing to use social media Just uploading to YouTube will not get your video seen or improve it’s visibility. You need to use the full breadth of social media to promote your video and bring it to the attention of your prospective viewers.

10. Uploading consistently bad content ‘Nuff said!

CONFERENCE AND SEMINAR RECORDING Extend the reach and effectiveness of your event by having it filmed or audio only recording by iotamedia. We have filmed and recordedfor all types of corporate and private events. Conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, press conferences and launches. Every event is different and we take the time to find out what you want from your event. Your event will go beyond the room. iotaMEDIA has a long-standing reputation in the field of event filming. To talk about your event get in contact for a personal consultation, call Gordon on 020 8133 4601


Don't make a Video! MAKE AN INVESTMENT Embracing online video as part of a marketing strategy is the next big thing for brands who hold an online presence, according to industry experts. Companies are now rushing to become video-savvy and offer an online video strategy that will help to drive traffic, engage customers and ultimately lead to sales. The key is not to make a video but to make an investment, not just a financial investment but a strategic, purpose driven emotional investment. Here are five compelling facts why you should. 1. Video’s widespread use. Check out these stats. • • • • • •

By 2014, video as a total of internet traffic will rise to 90% The average YouTube viewer watches 261 minute per month 500 tweets every minute contain web video More than 50% of social media videos are commented on 68% of online video viewers share video links 53% more likely to get a first page Google result with web video on your homepage

2. A video improves your chance of a first page Google ranking by 53% (Forrester) 3. Mobile Video use is exploding. According to some reports a ten fold increase in the last year. YouTube mobile is now available on over 350 million devices and growing. 4. According to a recent Forbes Insight study, 59% of C-Level decision makers prefer watching online video to reading text because it helps them make deeper connections and better understand a company’s product or service. 5. Including a video in an online press release increases views by 77% according to PR Newswire. So before making the investment in video ask yourself three questions 1. Is there a need for your video? (Content Gap Analysis)

Answering this question may be easier if you start by identifying your target audience. KSTORY TELLING Jot down some of the personality traits of the people you hope will be reached by video. Video is nothing without an audience.

2. What have your competitors done? (Competitor Analysis) Have a good look at what your competitors are doing. If they have done or are doing video think how your video will stand out from theirs. 3. Is video the right medium for your idea? (Form Gap Analysis) Deciding to film a video is easy, but is that the best forum for your idea? Filming could consume a lot of time and money, both of which could be used to create other types of content. Choosing the most effective format for your message is an essential.


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