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Study breaks are easy when the Atlantic Ocean is only three miles from campus. Students are always eager for their first spring trip to the local ice cream stand—Captain Dusty’s—or a walk on West Beach.

State of the art technology aids biblical studies professor Steve Hunt as he teaches his New Testament students in MacDonald Auditorium (pictured above). Learning at Gordon blends cutting edge technology with the traditional advantages of small classrooms and engaging discussions.

The North Shore’s natural splendor surrounds us at Gordon. From beautiful green grounds and five ponds to miles of wooded trails, our New England campus is truly magnificent.

At Gordon, relationships matter. They can be serious and silly, but they are always meaningful. Whether walking the trails of the 450 wooded acres behind campus, having coffee at Chester’s Place with a faculty mentor, or sharing ideas with classmates, our students take time to grow with one another through fellowship.

Science students get it all at Gordon—access to field research in natural habitats, cutting edge equipment in the newly constructed Ken Olsen Science Center, and opportunities to work with our network of scientists and companies in the Greater Boston area.


Studying off campus adds a truly unforgettable experience to our students’ time as undergraduates. They can study as close as Martha’s Vineyard or across the world in places like Orvieto (pictured above), Salzburg or Sydney. Because we want to make national and international study as accessible as possible, financial aid and scholarships apply to off-campus study programs.

Gordon students turn inspiration into excellence through many different venues: From the black box theatre to the annual science research symposium or the stage of the Phillips Music Recital Hall, they pursue their God-given talents with exceptional dedication and creativity.



It’s easy to get involved at Gordon. With extracurricular activities ranging from Division III athletics to recreational intramural sports, improvisational comedy to Chess Club, Gordon is not a place for those who want to sit on the sidelines—unless they’re cheering on our Fighting Scots!


Where you’ll live at Gordon is important and as much a part of the learning experience as a classroom. Through floor excursions, residence hall events and optional weekly Bible studies and you’ll be enriched by the relationships of those with whom you live, share and grow.

A National Reputation

A Good Investment

Gordon College has earned a reputation

A diploma from Gordon is more than a

as one of the nation’s best Christian

degree: It is an investment with lifelong

colleges both among our peers in

returns, and they start right away. Within

the Council for Christian Colleges

five years of graduation, 87 percent

& Universities (CCCU) and in the

of Gordon alumni enter full- or part-

wider academic community. We are a

time work in their fields. This is just one

longstanding member of the Annapolis

reason why Forbes magazine’s List of

Group, a nonprofit alliance of 130 of

Best Colleges ranked Gordon 173 of 650

the nation’s best independent liberal

undergraduate institutions across the

arts institutions that includes schools

country (out of 6,650 total accredited

like Williams, Amherst, Wellesley and



Plus, Gordon remains committed to

Independent rankings tell a similar

helping families afford a top Christian

story. U.S. News and World Report most

education. Last year we awarded more

recently ranked Gordon #130 on their list

than $19 million in need- and merit-based

of Best National Liberal Arts Colleges—

aid to Gordon students. As a result,

fourth among Christian colleges that are

many students complete their degrees

nationally ranked.

with less debt than those at comparable

Our academic distinction is also valued by some of the top graduate programs in the country. According to a recent alumni study, over 50 percent of Gordon graduates go on to earn a graduate degree within five years of graduation.

schools. In Gordon’s Class of 2012, 44 percent of students graduated with total loan obligations under $20,000—and 19 percent graduated with no outstanding loans.

An Informed and Inspired Education At Gordon, students have the freedom to pursue knowledge to the limits of their curiosity and ability in an environment where Christian faith and world-class learning inform one another. This dynamic interplay between freedom and faith is a defining characteristic of the

Take, for example, Jessica Ventura, assistant professor of kinesiology, who is credited with the development of low-cost, custom-fit, ankle prosthetics for patients in developing countries. She’s a leader in this type of research and frequently travels to Honduras with Gordon students to teach and continue her work.

Gordon experience. Gordon will challenge

Or Graeme Bird, who has a theology

you to make full use of your mind and

degree from London, a jazz piano degree

heart—to trust that faith in Christ will

from the Berklee College of Music, a

expand your knowledge and worldview.

book published by the Harvard University

An Outstanding Faculty

Press and a New Zealand accent. He has taught everything from Latin to computer

Our nationally recognized faculty have

science and has overseen 27 independent

trained at some of the best schools in

studies during his tenure at Gordon.

the world including Princeton, Juilliard, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Duke and many more. Gordon’s 98 faculty members represent six continents, and 87 percent of them have their doctorate or terminal degree. They are innovative and creative scholars in their fields.

Professors at Gordon, like Ventura and Bird, are passionate about their work, but they are also waiting to bring you alongside them in study and research. With a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, professors invest not only in your academic success but also in your future.

Prashan at a Glance Profession: President of Sri Lanka Unites Major: International affairs Year of Graduation: 2008 Hometown: Wattala, Sri Lanka Extracurricular Activities: Cricket, guitar, songwriting, leading worship and preaching

Prashan De Visser Class of 2008 As an international student at Gordon, Prashan De Visser ’08 recognized his leadership skills and a passion to someday bring peace to his war-torn homeland of Sri Lanka. So he got to work early by connecting with professors, serving as the student body president, and eventually interning in the Press Office of the Senate Republican Conference in Washington, D.C. There he met U.S. senators who were also Christians, and was encouraged by their commitment to both politics and faith. Now back in Sri Lanka, he’s using the educational and inspirational foundation he established at Gordon to follow the call to unify his country in significant ways. As the president of an organization called Sri Lanka Unites, he’s brought together hundreds of Sri Lankan youth for leadership conferences on peace. He hosts Good Morning, Sri Lanka, a TV show that promotes reconciliation on a national platform. He even hosted live election results for the first postwar presidential election. “I returned to Sri Lanka after graduating from Gordon with intellectual maturity and a deepened faith,” says De Visser. “My professors and mentors prepared me with knowledge and encouraged me to be passionate in answering my call to be a leader in the healing process of Sri Lanka.”

Lisa Spencer Class of 1995 As a teaching doctor of immunological diseases at Harvard Medical School, Lisa (Richard) Spencer ’95 says her lab is her mission field. She loves that as a scientist she can ask any question and explore her hypothesis from any angle—a practice she learned as a biology student at Gordon. “My faith and my work as a scientist are completely integrated. It’s a pursuit of truth, and it helps me understand God’s world in new ways,” says Spencer. While at Gordon, it was her dream to use her biology degree to cure people of diseases in third world countries. “In my lab work today that’s still my goal—to modulate diseases and put them into a drug design to bring healing to people,” says Spencer. “Using science to find treatments for illnesses is the best way I know to work towards God’s redemptive purposes.”

Lisa at a Glance Profession: Faculty member at Harvard Medical School Major: Biology Year of Graduation: 1995 Hometown: Torrington, Connecticut Graduate Education: Ph.D.: University of Connecticut School of Medicine Postdoctoral research: Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Extracurricular Activities: Being the mom of a 10-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son; running; and softball

Jim Belcher ’87 author of Deep Church

Dawn Gadow ’09 executive director, Cape Ann Art Haven

Graduates in Demand Gordon graduates have gone on to careers and callings as diverse as they are. They lead churches and companies, make policies and movies, fight illnesses and injustice. Our graduates are equipped to be strong, successful leaders

Zach Frey ’11 footwear designer at Reebok’s World Headquarters

who prize the pursuit of goodness and are valued for their integrity.

Cassandra siler ’08 graduate student, Harvard University; studying environmental chemistry at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Molly Lawry ’10 veterinary technician at Borash Veterinary Clinic

Sarah Loy ’09 nurse practitioner’s master’s program at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions

Evan Peck ’08 graduate student, Tufts University, studying computer science and human-computer interaction

David Flight ’09 mortgage research analyst, State Street Corporation

Erin Ovalle ’05 TV morning news anchor with Channel 8 in Portland, Maine

Jae Lim Jeon ’11 English teacher in South Korea

“As a recruiter for Oxford, I interact with many college students, and Gordon students are by far the most prepared. I’ve hired over 30 Gordon graduates in the past five years and am continually impressed with their character and drive.” Michelle Coffey Senior Corporate Recruiter, Oxford Global Resources

Amy Gentile ’08 high school mathematics teacher at Nashua Christian Academy

Drew Straton ’09 art director at Sapient Nitro










By the time they graduate, 40 percent of our students have studied abroad and prepared themselves to engage with our ever-changing world. Students deepen their understanding of humanity while cultivating a new global perspective.

Aix (France) Orvieto (Italy) Lupeni (Romania) Salzburg (Austria)



Washington, D.C. Nashville, Tennessee Los Angeles, California Ashland, Oregon San Francisco, California

International Approved Program Locations




With over 23 approved programs—plus the option to select a program that fits your specific interest— Gordon works hard to make studying abroad a possibility for every student. Because financial aid and scholarships apply to your semester abroad, studying off campus is financially viable at Gordon.

Gordon IN Programs (owned and operated by Gordon College)



Where in the world will I study?


Hungary China Spain Peru Dominican Republic Belize New Zealand

Germany Egypt Israel Costa Rica Thailand Uganda England

For a complete list of approved programs and locations visit:








Gordon College offers 38 majors and 42 concentrations Accounting Art Design Drawing/Printmaking Painting Sculpture

Biblical Studies Biblical Languages Jewish Studies

Biology (Bachelor of Arts) Biology (Bachelor of Science) Biotechnology Environmental Health Professions (Premedical) Marine Biology Professional

Business Administration International Business

Chemistry Health Professions (Premedical) Professional

Christian Ministries Youth Ministries Global Christianity Juvenile Justice Ministries Urban Ministries Outdoor Education Ministries

Communication Arts Computer Science General Concentration Computer Information Systems

Economics Early Childhood Education (PreK–2) ESL Licensure (PreK–6)

Elementary Education (1–6) ESL Licensure (PreK–6) Special Education Licensure (PreK–8)

Elementary Art Education (PreK–8) Middle School Education (5–8) ESL Licensure (5–12) Special Education Licensure (5–12)

Secondary Education (8–12) ESL Licensure (5–12) Special Education Licensure (5–12)

English Language and Literature Creative Writing

Finance French

Physics Professional Computational Physics Engineering Physics Physics: 3–2 Engineering Program

Political Science Psychology Recreation and Leisure Studies Outdoor Education Sport Studies

Sociology Social Work Spanish Theatre Arts

Francophone Studies

German History Public History and Museum Studies

International Affairs International Development

Kinesiology Health Professions Physician’s Assistant Prephysical Therapy Preoccupational Therapy Prenursing Corporate Fitness

Combined Language Linguistics Mathematics Music (Bachelor of Arts) Music Performance (Bachelor of Music) Music Education (Bachelor of Music) Philosophy

Interdisciplinary and Preprofessional Minors American Studies Classics East Asian Studies Environmental Studies Gender Studies Health Professions (Premedical) Latin American Studies Neuroscience Nonprofit Organization Management Outdoor Education Peace and Conflict Studies Prelaw Public History and Museum Studies Sport Studies Sustainable Development

Honors Programs The Elijah Project Jerusalem and Athens Forum Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program Departmental Honors

255 Grapevine Road, Wenham MA 01984-1899

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Gordon College Viewbook 2012-2013  

Gordon College Viewbook 2012-2013

Gordon College Viewbook 2012-2013  

Gordon College Viewbook 2012-2013