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Many users who use itunes regularly may find that most of itunes music are M4P music. The M4P file type is primarily associated with 'Protected AAC File' by Apple Inc. AAC is the audio layer from the follow-on format to MP3. The .M4P extension is AAC purchased from Apple's Music Store (iTune) and is protected by a Digital Rights Management scheme.

Most songs sold through the iTunes Store are encoded using FairPlay-encrypted 128 kbits/s AAC streams in an MP4 wrapper, using M4P extension. Apple has maintained tight control of its FairPlay encryption. Other online music stores cannot sell music files encoded with FairPlay. This means that consumers who want to listen to songs downloaded from the iTunes Store must either have an iPod or convert the files to an open format. Here is step by step guide on how to convert M4P music to MP3. Part one: Using itunes to converting M4p music Step 1: Run iTunes and set burner options firstly. You can choose Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Burning menu and then select your CD burner.

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More info, visit Note: If you don't have a physical burner, you may use a virtual burner program, NoteBurner. Go to it official website to download the program. After you install it, you can choose NoteBurner Virtual CD-RW as what you do in the first step.

Step 2: Create a new playlist in iTunes and add all m4p files you want to convert to this new list. Note: If you use NoteBurner, you need to select the output format in NoteBurner. After you click Settings button, you can set the output as MP3, WAV and WMA.

Step 3: Click Burn Disc button in iTunes to starting the burning. If you use NoteBurner, this is the final step since the program can rip back the burned music automatically. The output folder will be open automatically after all music finishes encoding. Note: If you burn the m4p files on real CD, you need to rip the music back in iTunes. Open iTunes Edit>Preferences>Advanced menu and click small Importing tab inside the Advanced tab to choose "WAV encoder" or "AIFF Encoder" in the "Import Using" dropdown. In the left-hand panel under "Devices", select the CD that you burned

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More info, visit Step 4: In the main window opposite, deselect any CD track(s) you do not want to convert. Right-click or control-click over them, and choose the "convert to AIFF" or "convert to WAV" option. Step 5: After the conversion, you may find the converted file at C:\Documents




Music\iTunes\iTunes Music

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How to convert itunes m4p music to mp3 for free  
How to convert itunes m4p music to mp3 for free  

The following tutorial is going to show you a simple way on how to convert your itunes M4p music to MP3 music ,then you can play them on ot...