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Family Law Advisor August 2019

What is a High-Conflict Personality? By Thomas A. Greenwald

Thomas Ausley Honored by Texas Bar Foundation with the Outstanding 50 Year Lawyer Award Over a five-decade

A high-conflict personality person is

career, Thomas L.

a person who typically is a very rigid

Ausley has

thinker, someone who thinks in very

established a

black and white terms, and they are

reputation as one of

also people who do not like surprises and get very frustrated and angry if they're surprised. Contrary to what most people think, high-conflict personalities are not just involved in high-conflict cases. Watch video

the most distinguished family law attorneys in the state of Texas. To recognize his extraordinary career, the Texas Bar Foundation has presented him with the Outstanding 50 Year Lawyer Award. Read more

Can You Have a Collaborative Divorce if Your Spouse Has a Difficult Personality? By Kristen A. Algert One of the toughest personalities to

Britney Harrison Elected President-Elect Texas Young Lawyers Association

be married to, or to divorce, is the

We are proud of our associate Britney

person who exhibits narcissist

Harrison, who was elected President-

qualities. The word narcissist is in

Elect of the Texas Young Lawyers

the news a lot lately with people frequently using the

Association (TYLA).

word loosely to describe anyone who is boastful,

Britney will be sworn

arrogant, manipulative, or seems to let emotions control

in as the first

their actions and reactions. Someone with a narcissistic


personality disorder may indeed exhibit these

female TYLA

characteristics. However, other individuals may share

President on June

these same qualities, not have a personality disorder,

26, 2020 at the Annual Meeting.

but still be really, really difficult to interact with,

Britney's goals as President are to find

especially in the divorce context.

new and innovative ways to serve the

Read more

public, create educational materials for young lawyers, and empower the young lawyers of Texas to become future leaders. The primary purposes of the

The Effects of Divorce on Children of All Ages By Anita C. Savage

TYLA are to facilitate the administration of justice, foster respect for the law, and advance the role of the legal profession in serving the public.

Individuals of any age can experience emotional issues when their parents end their marriage. Parents interactions with each other and with their children during and after a divorce can profoundly affect their children's ability to cope with life

Kristiana Butler and Rob Frazer Join GoransonBain Ausley's Austin Office

and with relationships, both now and into the future. When it comes to divorce, sons and daughters of any age are "children" of divorce. Read more

GoransonBain Ausley is pleased to

Is the Standard Possession Schedule a Good Fit for Your Family? By Britney E. Harrison

announce two new associates in our Austin office. Both associates bring a wealth of family law and courtroom experience, furthering our mission to offer constructive, strategic and

I have been practicing family law

intelligent resolutions to family law

since 1991 and have heard


hundreds of divorcing spouses say they want to "take the high road" in their divorce. In almost every instance, they were telling the truth. In practice though, many fell short finding it difficult to choose the high road and stay there. Because divorce involves a transactional event ("I give you this if

Welcome back Lerrin Reinecke

you give me that") and an emotional event ("you hurt

We are pleased to

me" or "I am afraid") it is easy to understand how the

announce Lerrin

interaction between the two events might cause

Reinecke, who was

someone, intentionally or not, to choose a lower road.

previously with

Read more

GoransonBain Ausley from 2016 to 2018, has rejoined the firm as an associate in our Dallas office. As one of six children and a mom of two young

GoransonBain Ausley New Plano Office

children, Lerrin brings a family-oriented perspective to her clients. She knows

The new GoransonBain Ausley Plano office is located

what is at stake in family law cases and

two blocks north of our current office in Legacy Town

helps clients reach resolutions that

Center 1. Surface parking will still be available.

positively set the stage for the future.

7160 N. Dallas Parkway Suite 650 Plano, TX 75024

GoransonBain Ausley named Best Places to Work by the Austin Business Journal.

GoransonBain Ausley is a Texas family law firm building on long-standing records of successful and ethical representation in the field of family law. In 2017, GoransonBain and Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores merged to bring together two firms with 40 years of experience guiding people constructively through complex family law issues. The firm's shared values have fostered a constructive atmosphere and strategic approach to help clients control costs, minimize the disruption to their daily lives and achieve the best possible outcome. For the past five years, U.S. News & World Report named GoransonBain Ausley a Best Law Firm in its U.S. News - Best LawyersÂŽ for family law and family law mediation, an achievement that involved a rigorous independent evaluation process. The firm has been named a Top Workplace by the Dallas Morning News and a Best Places to Work by both the Dallas Business Journal and the Austin Business Journal.

Dallas 8350 N. Central Expy Suite 1700 Dallas, TX 75206 214-373-7676

Plano 7160 N. Dallas Pkwy Suite 650 Plano, TX 75024 214-473-9696

Austin 3307 Northland Drive Suite 420 Austin,TX 78731 512-454-8791

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GoransonBain Ausley Family Law Advisor - August 2018  

GoransonBain Ausley Family Law Advisor - August 2018