Goplay Adventure Edition 2021

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Looking for a Custom Playground?

WE TRANSFORM DREAMS INTO REALITY. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to a Goplay playground! Or is our imagination the limit? Let’s have an imagination competition! We can make the impossible, possible.




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A proud Australian company.








Bumble Bee Honey I am home! This is our newest addition to the theme family! Buzzing with fun and oozing activity.

We have been busy bee’s in 2020 creating our new Bumble Bee theme!

We created these cool honey comb facades to emphasize our Bee aesthetic.

This theme is the bee’s knees.

Adventure Maze Equipment Size: L7.8m W3.2m

Made in Australia

H5m Area Required: L8m W5.5m

Australian Standard Compliant


Explore our iconic, world class adventure maze. With twists and turns at every corner, you have a world of paths to choose from.

Will you be a spy sliding down to the ground for a quick escape? An astronaut trying to navigate through space?

Create your own story as you adventure through levels of activities, up ramps, through tunnels, down slides and into pods.

Adventure maze is the foundation of imagination.

Adventure Wave Equipment Size: L5.2m

Made in Australia

W4.1m H4.25m Area Required: L7.4m W4.8m

Australian Standard Compliant


All aboard! Set sail on the topsy turvy waves of the playground ocean.

Dive into the deep or climb up and over our wave decks as you explore how to get to your next submarine pod.

The views are endless with our full visibility panels. Watch from ashore or head to the highest wave! Submerge into fun as you head down on of our spiral slides.

Adventure Tower Equipment Size: L5.4m W5.1m

Made in Australia

H6.7m Area Required: L6.3m W5.1m H6.7m

Head on a high-flying journey into the sky. Burst through the clouds and see the view of the city in our Adventure Tower.

As you make the trek to the top, stop at our pod lookouts or take a rest with one of our activity panels! The expedition back to base camp is made easy with our giant sweeping slides.

Australian Standard Compliant

Adventure World Equipment Size: L5.6m W4.3m

Made in Australia

H3.5m Area Required: L5.6m W4.3m

Australian Standard Compliant


This is the cuter, cuddlier side of playgrounds. It’s magical and wonderous and will send you daydreaming for hours.

Embark on a quest in your mystical pod that glides on pixie dust or a whimsical slide down into fairy land.

Adventure world is full of fantasy with interactive panels and imaginative towers and accessories.

LED Lighting

Draws attention and maximises the visual appeal and excitement of your facility.

Remote controlled, Australasian Standard compliant and waterproof.

The first integrated LED lighting solution in playground equipment.

Our aluminium lighting extrusions sit flush with our posts.

Changes colours throughout the full spectrum.

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