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Kodak Graphic Communications 2600 Manitou Road Rochester, NY 14653 Internal: US&C Roadshow Cross-Media Marketing Release date: August 2008

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How KODAK Uses Cross Media Marketing to Promote and Measure Roadshow Success.

This is a case study for print providers to communicate the value of cross media marketing and to demonstrate the additional possible sources of revenue that marketing campaigns might provide to their bottom line. We will review the benefits associated with print vehicles alone, and the increased benefits derived from the addition of personal landing pages and a micro site to the campaign mix. We’ll also cover the importance of providing campaign metrics to justify the programs and increase the likelihood of future work for the print provider. Lastly, we will demonstrate how Kodak created a multi-dimensional view of its potential customers by better identifying prospects and helping its sales force prioritize and nurture sales leads more effectively and efficiently.

Kodak was seeking a means to establish a more regular dialogue with its customers and prospects on important business issues, as an extension to its initiatives to generate qualified leads through trade shows, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. With over 15,000 Kodak customers, marketing needed to get in front of more prospects to speak about the business of printing, educate both prospects and customers on the strategic opportunities for commercial printers to grow their business and how the vision of the new Kodak could get them there.


The mission was two- fold: Increase sales and qualified prospects for Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group and help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force.


A decision was made to conduct a number of regional seminars throughout the United States and Canada as a value exchange between Kodak and their customers and prospects. Kodak’s desire was to educate them on the latest technologies, trends and economic challenges facing commercial and in-plant printers and in return, be able to gauge and support the needs of customers to determine Kodak opportunities. The strategy would need to incorporate the same integrated marketing techniques that Kodak promotes to its customer base and to support the sales force in reaching a larger, more qualified base of prospects.

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The integrated marketing tactics incorporated the following touch points: PRE EVENT • A roadshow micro site • Variable print direct mail (with an image of the city in which the roadshow was held) and Direct Type motif of the prospect’s name • Personalized landing page (PLP) • Electronic PDF version of the invitation to the seminar • Reminder email to registered attendees

POST EVENT • Post show survey conducted right after the event that was tied to drawing for a camera • Post show e-survey to registrants who did not attend

ADDITIONALLY, specific training for the Kodak sales reps included: • Understanding the personalized landing page responses and how to respond to them • Telemarketing strategies including voice mail scripts. Underlying these tactics were the metrics that tracked and scored the type and amount of interaction the prospect had with the roadshow promotion. In the past, like many companies, Kodak only viewed actual attendees as qualified prospects, archiving those who did not attend for possible future follow up.

Key Takeaway:

By employing this integrated marketing approach, every interaction tracked was put into a lead nurturing campaign designed to help Marketing and Sales better qualify the interests and needs of a prospect. This is important in supporting the sales force to utilize their selling time as efficiently as possible.

Including an offer increased our response rate.

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The Personalized Landing Page (PLP) provided a simplified registration process as well as a link to the micro site where additional information was provided on the event and topics relevant to those interested in digital print and workflow. With this multi-dimensional approach, Kodak identified 5 interaction touch points: • Those who hit the PLP, but didn’t register (shows interest) • Those who hit the PLP, and registered (definite interest) • Those who attend (definite interest)

Outside panel uses personalized image to generate increased response.

• Those who registered but did not attend (doesn’t necessarily connote lack of interest) • Those who did not attend, but completed the survey they were mailed after the event highlighting what they missed at the seminar (possible interest) This process helped categorize levels of interest based on the prospect’s level of interactivity and provided an extra level of intelligence to help the sales person prioritize who to follow up with and importantly, identify relevant customer interest areas. The most important takeaway is that at a very minimum, this group has, by the simple action of going to the PLP, demonstrated a higher level of interest than those who have not responded at all. The value of each level of interactivity is defined below:

Why did prospects hit the PLP but not submit the form or register for the event? • They may have had interest but had recently purchased a digital press or workflow • Once they read the additional information on the PLP, there was no further interest

Inside panel uses prominent placement of PURL

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• They were busy and could not attend on the date of the seminar • The location was too far to travel

Measuring the return on a marketing campaign and molding it into actionable intelligence for the sales organization is the difference between simply spending your marketing budget versus making a true “marketing investment”.

• Other pressing problems that distracted them from completing the registration form.

• Had interest but the message was not compelling enough to register. Another important aspect of the strategy was to have the sales person get this PLP click information daily and establish a process for them to follow up and clarify the prospect’s interest. In fact, there were many prospects that ended up registering and attending once they received a call from the sales rep. After all, the purpose of these events is to provide the reps with business reasons to speak with, engage and interact with customers.

• For those who attended, a survey was completed following the event that included a coupon to win a camera. To win, one had to fill out the survey and submit the coupon. The tracking of the responses were input directly into a pre-created form compliant with Kodak’s sales automation software. This made it convenient and quick to push the level of prospect interest directly into the hands of the salesperson. • For people who registered but did not attend, Kodak conducted a post event follow up using an electronically distributed PLP with a survey to share the information and data presented at the event and further query the prospect’s level of interest. This intelligence was made available for the sales reps to assess in real time the level of interest and priority of opportunity there might be. For example, a respondent surveyed who answered they already had a digital press but did rate workflow automation as important would be contacted by the Pre Press Sales Solution Manager. • Another benefit of the online registration process was that management was able to view registrations on a daily basis and better support sales if registrations were low. This provided another opportunity for the sales reps to follow up with mail recipients and encourage attendance.

A personalized landing page (PLP) is made more effective when directions and parking information are included.

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• Over the course of the roadshow, these techniques resulted in better intelligence about prospects, identified a larger base of prospects and identified where they were in a buying cycle.

A big part of the value of any roadshow (and marketing campaign) is to continually provide a sales force with relevant information and business reasons to speak to decision makers. Therefore, it is incumbent on the sales force to realize that decision makers

are bombarded with advertising and marketing and

The Results:

as a result, they are often forced to make choices

The initial goal of the roadshow was to have 200 companies, with 400 visitors in total attending. In fact, attendance included 226 companies and 390 visitors.

about whom they speak to and why. Telemarketing follow up to the invitations was extremely important in reinforcing the message.

Another benchmark was being able to measure if there was an increase in closing existing campaigns from those attending the roadshow. Here again, Kodak closed many deals within 30 days following the events and accelerated the closure on several other deals.

Additional benefits: Kodak was able to identify another 370 individuals who interacted with the company but did not attend the roadshow. Using the intelligence from the PLP’s, nonattending registrants and post show surveys, Kodak identified prospects that interacted in some way (though not technically meeting the previous criteria of a “qualified lead”). Out of the 12,000 people receiving the mailing, this group took the time to go to the site, review the seminar topics, and register, even though they might not have actually attended. This group has clearly distinguished themselves from the initial mailing base of invitees who did not respond in any way. While they have not yet been qualified for a sales campaign, they are now recognized separately and will be targeted with a specific sales and marketing strategy.

Electronic PDF of the invitation was distributed as a reminder to increase registration.

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Economics for the Printer:

One of the values that digital print and PLPs

offer is the ability to inexpensively test,

measure and react to response rates.

Every print provider with digital print On a number of occasions, Kodak modified equipment speaks about being a comthe messaging and images to reflect local munications provider and creating and enjoying higher value annuity streams of needs and the copy that resonated best revenue. Under normal circumstances, with prospects. the print provider would have printed and mailed 12,000 invitations to prospects for about $12,000. And under normal circumstances, the print provider would now have to wait on the sidelines to see if the roadshow was a success or failure before finding out if the program would continue. In this instance, however, the Kodak print provider proved to be a critical partner and project manager in the success of this program. How? • It provided the custom city landscapes and motif for each city’s variable invitation • It worked with the data department to establish the right flow of information gathered from the show in order to integrate Kodak’s sales force automation software • It created and executed PURLs and provided access to the intelligence they gathered on a daily basis to Kodak’s Sales and Marketing teams to ensure success in each city. The printer was able to price the job based on a value basis vs cost plus quote for a direct mail piece because they clearly understood what was important about these seminars (not just attendees but everyone that interacted with the promotion) and how to support Kodak in delivering the intelligence gathered in a simple, usable format. As a result, they had a hand in supporting the initial success and now the continuation of the program by providing measurable results and making the shift from a marketing cost to a marketing investment.


There is greater pressure than ever on marketing organizations to demonstrate measurable results from their campaigns. In the face of extraordinary advertising clutter, conventional marketing tactics consisting merely of direct mail, email, trade shows or phone calls are having marginally declining benefits. Those print providers that can help their prospects and customers utilize integrated marketing techniques to help improve the way they sell and market will be the successful printers and profit leaders of the industry. © Kodak, 2008. Use of the content, marks or logos appearing in this White Paper without permission from the trademark owner, except as permitted by applicable law is prohibited.

Cross-Media Study - Kodak  

White paper detailing Kodak's successful implementation of a Cross-Media marketing strategy

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