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Cross-Media Marketing by

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Enabling you to have an intimate conversation with your customers.

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Overview ●

The Current Marketing Landscape

Introducing Cross-Media Marketing

Why is Cross-Media Marketing Effective?

How is Cross-Media Marketing Implemented?

A Typical Campaign

Sample Scenarios

What can The Rebel Media do?

Traditional Marketing Strategies ●

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TV, Newspapers, Billboards, etc. One-To-Many Broadcast Method A one way communication and a wasted opportunity to elicit feedback A waste of precious resources

Cross-Media Mktg: The What â—?

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Cross-Media Mktg is a platform the allows multiple channels of communication. The communication process is a concerted effort to reach the audience by tying it all together using a software platform

Cross-Media Mktg: The Why ●

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Successfully implemented in mature markets worldwide Better Return on Investment (ROI) Builds sustainable, long-term relationship with the customer

Fully customizable campaigns

Quicker campaign cycles

Higher conversion rate of Leads to Sales

Cross-Media Mktg: The How

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The Cross-Media Engine uses this simple methodology to execute campaigns that enables us to create very specific messages to capture the attention of the audience

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A Typical Campaign

Sample Implementations ●

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Sime Darby Property ●

Engage existing customers for product improvement

Communicating new product launches

Quill BMW ●

Extend customer database (Active)

Keep in touch with existing customers (Passive)

Emirates (Airlines) ●

Update existing customers of promotions and improvements

What can Rebel Media do? We provide complete Design, Build and ● Implementation services for unique campaigns. ● We also consult with third party designers to create  campaigns. ● We provide data mining expertise to analyse customer  data to find trends and behaviour patterns.

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For Further Information Kindly contact Gopi (010) 226-0037


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Cross-Media Presentation  

A brief description of what Cross-Media is and what it can do for your business.

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