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player profiles Getting to Know Brianna What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy Minnesota summer afternoon? Go to the lake.

Before a game, what do you do to prepare yourself? Listen to my iPod

What about in the winter? Snowboarding

What is one thing you always pack for a road trip? My homework

What is the one sport that you are hilariously terrible at? Dance. I have no rhythm.

What has been the most challenging thing about your college experience? Keeping up with such a busy schedule.

Which one of your teammates would win on Survivor? Me. I love being outdoors and I will eat almost anything.

What advice would you give to the incoming freshman class? Have good time management.

My family tells me this is my greatest attribute? My humor

How many songs are on your iPod or mp3 player? 250

My proudest moment as a Gopher was? Playing in the NCAA Tournament.

I’ve been in college for a while but I still miss this the most about home? My mom’s home-cooked meals and the family.

This is the best ice cream flavor, no doubt? Cotton Candy

Favorite Gopher team other than women’s basketball? Hockey, I know a few of the girls and they are fun to watch.

If a kid looks to me as a role model, I hope they learn this from me? Hard work can go a long way.

Favorite class you’ve taken at the U? Sports in a Diverse Society

At what age did you start taking basketball seriously? In 10th grade, because that is when I figured out I could play at the next level.

Favorite memory from your Gopher career so far? NCAA Tournament

The best book I ever read was? Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

My breakfast of champions? Fruit

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni Favorite sports movie? Love & Basketball

Over the last year, what community service project was the most meaningful? Urban Ventures. Working with the kids was a great experience.

My latest food craze? Chicken nuggets

Three words to describe me? Athletic, strong, dedicated

B. Mastey’s Career Statistics Year 2008-09 Totals

GP/S 20/0 20/0

Min 148 148

Avg 7.4 7.4

FG - A 13-38 13-38

Pct .342 .342

3FG-A 2-9 2-9

Pct .222 .222

FT-A 6-9 6-9

Pct .667 .667

O-D-Reb 8-19-27 8-19-27

Avg 1.4 1.4

PF 16/0 16/0

A 2 2

Avg 0.1 0.1

TO 16 16

Bl 5 5

St 6 6

Pts 34 34

Avg 1.7 1.7

B. Mastey’s Career Statistics in the NCAA Tournament NCAA

GP/S 2/0

FG - A 3-5

Pct .600

3FG-A 0-0

Pct .000

FT-A 1-3

Pct .333

Reb 5

Avg 2.5

PF 2/0

A 1

Avg 0.5

TO 2

Bl 4

St 1

Pts 7

Avg 3.5

73 * Minnesota Basketball

2009-10 Minnesota Women's Basketball Media Guide  
2009-10 Minnesota Women's Basketball Media Guide  

The official media and recruiting guide for the 2009-10 University of Minnesota women's basketball team