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Title: Saltwater Fishes

Species #: 35

Common Name: Pacific Angel Shark Scientific Name: Squatina californica Kingdom: Animalia Class: Chondrichthyes Family:

Phylum: Chordata Order:



Geography / Habitat: bottom-dweller, shallow waters, Eastern Pacific coastline, California to Chile

Life Strategy: long gestation period results in immediate survival of pups. annual breeding cycle. typically solitary

Food / Feed Strategy: carnivores, primarily eat bony fishes and cephalopods.

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Body Form or Style: Depressiform Swim / Locomotion Style: Subcarangiform Mouth Position: Inferior Citation: "Sawback Angelsharks, Squatina Aculeata at" Marine Biology, Ocean Life Conservation, Sea Creatures, Biodiversity, Oceans Research... Web. 12 Dec. 2011. <>

35 Pacific Angel Shark