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Title: Saltwater/Marine Invertebrates

Species #: 119

Common Name: Red Abalone Scientific Name: Haliotis rufescens Kingdom: Animalia Class: Gastropoda Family:

Phylum: Mollusca Order:



Geography / Habitat: Southern Oregon to Baja California, intertidal zones, attached to rocks

Life Strategy: external fertilization, eggs and sperm released together. up to 2 million eggs per spawning season, larval stage (veligers) for 2 months

Food / Feed Strategy: herbivore, grazes on algae, kelp, plankton

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Body Form or Style: Shelled gastropod Swim / Locomotion Style: Foot Mouth Position: Inferior Citation: "Red Abalone." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 12 Dec. 2011. <>.

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