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Title: Saltwater/Marine Invertebrates

Species #: 101

Common Name: Common Cuttlefish Scientific Name: Sepia officinalis Kingdom: Animalia Class: Cephalopoda

Phylum: Mollusca Order: Sepiida

Family: Sepiidae Geography / Habitat: Mediterranean and adjacent Atlantic, reefs or channels up to 80 ft. deep. found on bottom covered in sand

Life Strategy: Internal fertilization, no larval stage. very smart for invertebrate. camouflage with sandy bottom for protection

Food / Feed Strategy: captures, paralyzes with poison or crushes with beak. eats small fish, shrimp, crabs, crustaceans

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Body Form or Style: Depressiform Swim / Locomotion Style: Jet Propulsion Mouth Position: Inferior Citation: "Cuttlefishes, Sepia Officinalis at" - Marine Biology, Ocean

Life Conservation, Sea Creatures, Biodiversity, Oceans Research... Web. 12 Dec. 2011. <>

1 Common Cuttlefish