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Collaboration means know-how that you dare and care to share with one another Brainport Industries Campus The most important asset for companies in the knowledge economy? Access to talent

Summa Engineering and Laboratory KMWE focuses strongly on education

Remarkable product KMWE Next-level 3D printing


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Introduction KMWE was founded in 1955 as a milling and turning company, literally in the back garden of founder Harrie Geven. The family business grew into an international supplier for high-tech industries and is currently active in the Aerospace, Semicon, Industrial and Healthtech sectors. KMWE aims to be a pioneer in the smart industry and is constantly developing new products and concepts. That is why the company will be one of the first to move to the new Brainport Industry Campus in Eindhoven, the beating heart of the innovative manufacturing industry. In this edition of Smart Industry, we will delve deeper into the developments unfolding in this dynamic sector. An informative issue that provides insight into a rapidly changing market.

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“Collaboration means know-how that you

dare and care to share with one another”



The specialiast in temperature measurement and control

8 Lemmens Metaalbewerking

Solid Machining Solutions


Landes High End Machining

“We speak the same language as people from KMWE”


Brainport Industries Campus

“The most important asset for companies

in the knowledge economy? Access to talent”

15 DMG Mori

“We’re creating the plant of the future together”

16 Summa Engineering and Laboratory

“KMWE focuses strongly on education”


Surface Treatment

Our chemistry brings aluminum to life

20 GROB Benelux BV

High-precision 5-axis machining for your sector

21 Jeveka

Always looking for the best fitting connection

22 Remarkable product KMWE

Next-level 3D printing

24 Putting ‘the next step’ together

4 Edward Voncken, CEO of KMWE

“Collaboration means know-how that you dare and care to share with one another”

Marc Evers

Edward Voncken

KMWE was founded in 1955 as a milling and turning company, literally in the back garden of founder Harrie Geven. Meanwhile, the family business has grown into an international supplier for high-tech industries. KMSWE aims to be a pioneer in the smart industry. That is why the company will be one of the first to move to the new Brainport Industry Campus, the beating heart of the innovative manufacturing industry.

CEO Edward Voncken has been at the helm of the KMWE Group since 2007 along with CTO Marc Evers. “When we took on our roles in 2007, everything was still possible. Our aim was to further develop the company at internal level”, Edward Voncken explains. However, in 2008 and 2009, our team was struck by the crisis. “We had no other option but

to intervene quickly and reorganise. However, even during those difficult years we continued to invest in new machines and know-how through in-house training. After all, once you lag behind in terms of capital and know-how, it is hard to catch up.” Luckily, we managed to push through with the planned growth of KMWE after the crisis and from 2010 to 2015 we caught up considerably. In those years, KMWE developed - through investments in machinery, innovative techniques and people - into an international supplier for high-tech mechanical engineering and aerospace applications. With the headquarters in Eindhoven, the company opened branches in Malaysia and India, and made its first acquisition, by taking over the Dutch Aero. Smart industry agenda In 2016, the company reached a crucial point. Voncken explains, “For us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and push our boundaries, we needed to stay true to our motto: be pioneers on the market. Therefore, we decided to invest in the Factory of the Future, eventually centralising all


Sustainability KMWE cherishes sustainability. It therefore comes as no surprise that in April 2015, KMWE, DutchAero (a full subsidiary of KMWE) and Van Hoorn Buig­ techniek were the first companies to sign FNV Metaal’s Code for Sustainable Market Behaviour in the Metals Sector. This Code is a tool that encour­ ages employees and employers to discuss the challenges in the metal and engineering sector in Brabant, as well as job security and flexibility in the chain and in the region. Both the employers and the employees have signed the Code. Sustainability is also high on the agenda with the upcoming move to the Brainport Industries Campus. The campus and the green, wooded area around Brainport Park form the third city park of Eindhoven. Sustainability and the reuse of building materials plays an important role in the design and construction of the corporate buildings. The campus does not negatively affect nature, on the contrary, it will be an ode to its environment.


About the KMWE Group KMWE designs, builds and continuously improves high tech components, modules and systems based on precision engineering and machining. We believe in a fast and flexible approach, based on a long-term vision. We focus on close cooperation, sustainable relationships and the entire product lifecycle, including the complete manufacturing process and supply chain management. KMWE is active in the following markets: Aerospace, Semicon, Industrial and Healthtech.

our production at one single location, in a hyper modern factory. Needless to say, this strategy has had a major impact on our business operations, so we needed financial support.” In 2017, Jan Aalbers invested in the KMWE Group and became a co-shareholder. “The result is that now we have the resources to operate at the top, and we can continue to be pioneers in the smart industry. A dream A major step for KMWE to stay true to that motto - to be a pioneer in its sector - is the upcoming move to the Brainport Industry Campus (BIC). The first phase of its construction started in late 2017. KMWE is expected to be one of the first companies to set up shop at this dynamic location in late 2019. Voncken explains, “In 2009 we joined forces with several companies in the region to strengthen the position of the manufacturing industry. Together, we dream of setting up a campus within the Brainport

Industries collective where we can join our talents, promote the manu­ facturing industry and develop new technologies. That is a must, because the manufacturing industry is in need of good experts and there is more and more work in the sector.” KMWE is one of the nine founding members of Brainport Industries, with Edward Voncken as its CEO. Meanwhile, the membership base has increased to 105, and includes specialised companies from the sector, as well as suppliers, and educational and knowledge institutions. “Together, we are working on an innovation programme. The campus, which is currently being built, will become a

7 education and production. “In the Factory of the Future, production will soon start 24/7. Together, we are investing in smart logistics, flexible automation, virtual reality and so on. In the development phase, we are often faced with questions like, ‘How are you going to develop that jointly?’, ‘How can you bring different parties together?’ and ‘What do the logistics of the future look like?’’ The campus will be the first location where high-tech suppliers innovate and produce together. We will share top-notch facilities, such as clean rooms, flexible production areas, warehouses and advanced facilities. There will also be a glass Atrium, which will be home to catering establishments and pavilions for special projects and education. By opening this Atrium to the public, we want to promote the manufacturing industry and engineering in the region.” Creative thinking KMWE Group employs about six hundred people. Just as in many other manufacturing companies, attracting and retaining well-trained staff is a challenge. “At the moment, we are faced with a lack of good craftsmen”, Voncken admits. “By focusing specifically on education and development at the Brainport Industries Campus, we hope to attract the right people.” KMWE also continuously focuses on the development of innovative products and techniques. Voncken explains, “We must focus on maintaining quality and delivery performance at a high level. That calls for quick adaptation and creative thinking.” Another important ongoing development is the company’s global presence. “We aim to tap into the American market and are actively looking for acquisitions.

unique location offering everything under one roof, from innovation to education and production. It will be unlike anything we know in this region.” Joint investments The companies within the BIC collective work according to the principle of joint development,

Last but not least, collaboration within the sector continues to be important for KMWE. “The Brainport Industries Campus is a prime example. Collaboration means knowhow that you dare and care to share with one another. There are so many developments in the smart industry that we cannot possibly take on everything ourselves, no matter how enticing it may be. The advantages of collaborating within the BIC collective are already clear. We can work faster and more efficiently, while every organisation maintains its own value and interests.”

8 Tempcontrol Industrial Electronic Products

The specialist in temperature measurement and control Where temperature is a critical factor, we are at our best. At Tempcontrol we provide customer specific solutions for measuring, controlling and recording temperature, moisture and dew point.

In house manufacturing of temperature sensors We are manufacturer of standard and customized temperature sensors, specializing in tailor made solutions. We can take into account factors as a quick response time, measurement accuracy, long-term stability, and/or demanding conditions such as use in vacuum, vibration proof or watertight, nearly everything is possible. Our team of temperature specialists can think along with you, as early in the process as possible, to find the right solution. In house facilities: cleanroom, calibration lab In our recently renewed and expanded cleanroom, we can manufacture and clean products according to high cleanliness standards. For testing and calibration of sensors we have a fully equipped calibration lab on site.

Supplier of quality instruments Tempcontrol is the Dutch supplier for a wide range of temperature-related high quality instruments such as dew point mirrors, calibration baths, precision thermometers, indicators, transmitters, climatic chambers etc.

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Lemmens Metaalbewerking BV

Solid Machining Solutions Lemmens Metaalbewerking BV is a supplier of machined products produced out of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We offer a large variety of possibilities with 7 turning and 14 milling machines. Our strength is

milling within the range from 100 mm up to 2.000 mm and turning from 50 mm up to 600 mm. Single machined pieces as well as welding fabrications and mechanical assemblies are delivered from our workshop. With our team of 40 employees we work on small and medium series. Recent investments have increased our automatized production capacity. Our customer base mainly exists of machine builders and system suppliers. They require a high level of both process quality and product quality. We achieve these by working according our NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certified processes and tailor made quality documents with input of our black belt lean six sigma if required. On top of this we have 2 CMM at our disposal with a max. product dimension of 3.000 x 1200 x 1000 mm. If you are looking for a reliable source for your products we are at your disposal @ More information:


Landes High End Machining BV in Emmen About Landes Landes supplies complex mechanical components to premium industries and has AS9100D and ISO9001-2015 certification. Major markets include aerospace, semiconductors, the medical sector and the process industry.

“We speak the same language as people from KMWE” As a metal processing specialist, Landes High End Machining has been a permanent partner of KMWE for many years. “KMWE has a no-nonsense mentality, just like us”, says Managing Director and owner, Herman Koning.

Under the motto ‘any shape in any material’, Landes founded in 1985 - uses state-of-the-art machinery to mill and turn very complex forms, and does so with great precision. “We check the accuracy of the measurements of our components to the micrometre in our climatecontrolled measuring room”, says Koning. “Our sector is evolving rapidly; so we had good reason to invest recently in two fully-automated production cells, consisting of a 5-axe Hermle milling machine and a 3-axe DMG milling machine, connected to each other with BMO robot automation. A total investment of around 2.25 million euros! The two production cells are equipped not only to handle pallets, but also products. This optimises our flexibility. The BMO robot can supply the DMG and Hermle machines with pallets to process the raw material, but can also transfer semi-finished goods between the two machines.” Complex products These recent additions to its machinery mean that Landes is outgrowing its premises and therefore looking at opportunities to expand or move to another location.

KMWE does not stand still either, confirms Koning. “Its move to the Brainport Industries Campus is a giant step as part of the factory of the future. We can learn from this. We have a wonderful partnership with KMWE: we speak a common language. The products are complex, made from aluminium and titanium. Since 2011, we have been working together even more intensively. We always invest in long-term relationships with our customers; an ambition that is shared by KMWE.” Business school technique Landes has around fifty highly qualified staff members and is busy training specialists internally. “There is talk of a tremendous shortage of technical specialists. This is why we have taken the initiative to form a professional school. We also give curriculum guidance at HBO (higher vocational, bachelor degree) level, so that technical students leave school with something useful. Our vision is that, as a manufacturer, we must get actively involved ourselves.”

More information:


The Brainport Industries Campus officially opened its doors on 1 September 2018. In the near future, the location will become the ultimate hotspot for high-tech suppliers, specialised companies and innovative educational and knowledge institutions. They will share knowledge with one another, pursue innovation together and prepare the talents of the future.


Niels Langenhuizen, Director of the Brainport Industries Campus:

“The most important asset for companies in the knowledge economy?

Access to talent”

Twenty companies have already signed up to set up shop at the Brainport Industries Campus, or simply BIC, very soon. Director Niels Langenhuizen expects this number to soon rise quickly. “Since opening our doors, we have seen a lot of interest. Companies want to see what the campus is all about and they are impressed with the possibilities. We are getting more and more quotation requests.” Ecosystem Anteryon BV and Summa College were the first to move in; KMWE is set to follow suit soon. Langenhuizen explains, “Anteryon is already calling the campus home and once KMWE moves in, we will have yet another great company

with fantastic facilities and a large staff base on site, further boosting the dynamics in the Factory of the Future. Together, we are building an eco­ system here. You could say it is a bit like a club house in the countryside for companies in the same value chain, acting as suppliers for large multinatio­ nals. For some of these companies, this is also the place where they physically share facilities and knowhow. Together, we aim to make the chain even smarter and faster.”

The specialist in temperature measurement and control Tempcontrol manufactures customer specific temperature sensors for processes where, amongst others, shock and vibration resistant, accuracy, temperature range, long-term stability, robustness and response time are critical factors. When conditions are demanding, our team of temperature specialists can think along with you to find the right solution. More information: | +31 15 251 18 31

Ubroekweg 25 5928 NM VENLO The Netherlands T 31-(0)77 38 72 388 Temcontrol Advt goo.indd 1

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smartindustry Be good and tell it The professional magazine smartindustry zooms in on smart industries and focuses on industry in general, from agri-food to logistics and from chemicals to high-tech. The editorial staff writes about new production technologies, generating flexibility, increased use of robots, automation of the production process, etc., which in turn lead to the creation of new production methods, new business models and new sectors. The multimedia magazine provides information on innovative, high-quality, and sustainable production, the interaction between people and machines, new types of entrepreneurship, well-trained workers, and the integration of ICT into processes within large companies and SMEs. Paying special attention to the hidden champions that take over the world with their products and stand out due to their innovation, growth, and earning power. Would you like to see your company in smartindustry? Information Peter Molenaar Accountmanager smartindustry T +31 (0)71 7070 174 E I

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Innovation programmes Langenhuizen explains this approach offers nothing but benefits, financially but also in terms of innovation development. “At BIC, you constantly meet interesting people, which naturally results in new partnerships. Moreover, as an organisation we also actively and proactively encourage collaboration, for example by setting up innovation programmes in knowledge fields that are interesting for the companies on site. One of those innovation programmes focuses on smart logistics, which is a topic every business is concerned with, because efficient logistics are a must.”

At BIC, you constantly meet interesting people, which naturally results in new partnerships

Breeding ground The campus is not only a place where companies join forces and share

Niels Langenhuizen

knowledge, it is also a breeding ground for budding talents. “The most important asset for companies in the knowledge economy is access to talent”, Langenhuizen explains. “At BIC you will find over a thousand students, who are literally across the hallway. Why we focus so much on education, you ask? Several scientific studies have been conducted into what truly makes the difference in the knowledge economy. All those studies show the combination of talent, collaboration and clustering is a must. Without talent you can neither collaborate not cluster, which makes talent the key to success.”


State-of-the-art machines To train the talents of the future, companies give students access to innovative machines during their lessons. “DMG Mori has installed two state-of-the-art machines here. That offers a double benefit: in the evening, the supplier can train the staff of clients who bought the machine and at the same time, the students can use the machine during their courses.”

We want BIC to become an established concept, a network for high-tech manufacturing companies

At the forefront KMWE is looking forward to its upcoming move to the Factory of the Future. CEO Edward Voncken says, “Since the whole supply chain is represented, we can open up to new business models and innovations, as well as digitised production processes and technologies. And another important advantage is that we will more easily attract new talents.”

Magnet Apart from mentoring young talents, jointly developing innovations and sharing facilities, Langenhuizen highlights another benefit: a good reputation. “We have welcomed the Singaporean Minister of Trade and recently, a group of seven German journalists also visited our campus. Since BIC brings together numerous companies and educational institutions, we are like a magnet attracting these types of visitors. BIC is set to become a business card for companies, and everyone will benefit from that. Our dream is that soon people working at the Factory of the Future will say, ‘I work at BIC, with KMWE’ instead of ‘I work with KMWE at BIC’. We want BIC to become an established concept, a network for high-tech manufacturing companies.”

15 DMG Mori

“We’re creating the plant of the future together”

DMG Mori has had a long relationship with KMWE. “KMWE isn’t looking for an SEC machine supplier so much as a partner that helps it brainstorm for the future,” says Walther Kokx, speaking on behalf of DMG Mori. DMG Mori - established in Veenendaal (the Netherlands) - builds and supplies machining equipment and is a leading global manufacturer of CNCcontrolled turning centres and milling machines. The wide range of products can be used for a variety of applications, including in the aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors. “We’ve been increasingly focusing on digitisation in recent years and have been targeting questions like, ‘How do you link the machines to each other?’ ‘How will you then monitor these machines?’ And, also importantly, ‘How do you automate these machines, so that they can be used optimally in a 24/7 setting?’ After all, that’s also KMWE’s reasoning behind the new location: setting up an Industry 4.0 plant, i.e. the plant of the future.” Cyclical investments According to Kokx, KMWE - just like many other customers - invests in new machines cyclically. “After about six or seven years, machines are replaced by newer models with more options to take the productivity to a

higher level. We will once again supply various new machines to KMWE in early 2019, which will be installed at the Brainport Industries Campus.” Kokx feels that the partnership with KMWE is going well. “This is a customer that knows precisely where it wants to go, now and in the future. As soon as we get the signal that it’s ready to invest in new machines, we enter into intensive discussions with the company concerning the technical possibilities. After all, KMWE isn’t looking for an SEC machine supplier so much as a partner that helps it brainstorm.” Machinery unity Creating unity in their machinery is often an ambition held by many companies, including KMWE. “When you have as many machines operating as KMWE does, then you have a technical department that is responsible for maintaining all this machinery. Then it’s crucial to be able to work with a reliable partner that can continue to deliver the required components. To make maintenance and repairs even easier, the technical department employees can follow a course within our own plant. This way, they’re able to respond quickly internally in case of malfunctions or defects. This benefits both parties. If a machine is out of commission for too long because components haven’t arrived yet or communication is ambiguous, this naturally costs a lot of money and a company can’t keep to its schedule. Obviously, we want to prevent these things.” More information:


Director of Summa Engineering and Laboratory:

“KMWE focuses strongly on education� The first challenge students of International Engineering at Summa College are presented with is a demanding practical assignment at KMWE. Instead of working in a school setting, students are asked to design packaging for a product KMWE is launching on the market.

KMWE: award-winning KMWE has won several awards in its sector, including the Ir. Noordhof Prize, a yearly award for the best craftsman in the Zuidoost-Brabant region. To be nominated, an employee has to meet the requirements of the organisation. The employee must have reached the highest level of craftsmanship, act as an example for younger colleagues and give a social contribution to the company. Last year, no less than two KMWE employees were nominated for this craftsmanship award, namely Wim Michiels, mechatronics installer, and Peter van den Molengraaf, spot welder.

Willy Ickenroth


The Summa International Engineering course is entirely in English and made up of project-based modules. Willy Ickenroth, Director of Summa Engineering and Laboratory, explains, “As part of the first assignment, the first-year students head to KMWE, where they are asked to design packaging for a specific high-tech product that KMWE produces, such as a plane part. During this meeting, the students receive information on the product and they are expected to ask for the packaging specifications.” “Jump in at the deep end” The students then work on the assignment in small groups. “They need to find everything out for themselves: which types of packaging exist, what does it cost to ship the product to another country and what does the product look like? After six weeks, they are asked to present the prototype they have developed to KMWE. That is a very exciting moment, because they need to explain why they made certain choices and how much it costs to produce the packaging.” Ickenroth sees first-year students go on a steep learning curve during the project. “We see them grow tremendously in terms

of product knowledge, technical know-how and creativity. Sometimes the students’ original perspectives even surprise the KMWE team, who can learn from them too!” The students really jump into the deep end, Ickenroth explains. “This is not just another assignment from a workbook; it is very realistic. That makes it much more exciting for them than a regular school assignment, because they are working with a real product and a real client. A valuable contribution For these assignments, Summa College works with a number of companies across the region. “The great thing about KMWE is that they were immediately eager to join

Further growth Ruud Hurkens is Project Manager at KMWE. He joined the company about ten years ago as a trainee installer. “In the past decade at KMWE, I grew from a trainee installer to project manager, taking on every role in between. When I first joined KMWE, I was completing a BBL level-2 course. Meanwhile, I have also completed the mechanical engineering course at HTS and I recently completed a Project Management course. KMWE gives you every opportunity to grow. For a while I even worked four days a week to allow me enough time to study.”


the project. That is lovely, because at the end of the day, it is time-consuming for them too. This is a company that clearly focuses on education. In fact, KMWE also offers our students placements. And as they are critical in their assessments, they make a valuable contribution to the course.” Ickenroth feels KMWE looks at the bigger picture. “Maybe none of these students will eventually end up working at KMWE. The company shows how important it is for the educational sector and businesses to join forces. KMWE not only defends its own interests, but genuinely contributes to education in the sector.”

We see them grow tremendously in terms of product knowledge, technical know-how and creativity

Brainport Industries College KMWE has not only teamed up with Summa College, it does a lot more than that in terms of education. With this in mind, partnerships are being formed across the region.

CEO Edward Voncken says, “At the Brainport Industries Campus, education will play a key role. In this ‘business school 2.0’ we will, just like all the other specialised companies, join forces with several innovative educational and knowledge institutions at different levels, from MVO to HBO and WO. They will soon have access to a range of facilities, including the latest 3D printers, to teach their students all about today’s techniques, without the need to invest heavily in this equipment themselves.” In-house training KMWE also offers in-house training. It has developed a two-year course for all employees within the organisation, World Class Manufacturing and World Class Office. The aim is to share and continuously improve know-how and standard working methods. “Our experts need specific know-how that you do not learn at school. That is why we like to train them in-house”, Voncken explains. The company has always strongly invested in training its staff. “Our company has the culture of a family business. Many children of our employees do their holiday jobs here or even their final study assignment. Many people also take their children along for a traineeship to get a taste of the job. It is nice to see that our people will gladly share their expertise and corporate culture with the next generation.”


Our chemistry brings aluminum to life Since 1978, Surface Treatment is your perfect partner for the development and application of high-quality and hightech surface treatments of aluminum products and provide improvement of specific product properties. Everyone who works at Surface Treatment has one thing in common: they share a passion for aluminum applications and together we can meet any challenge. Everything we do revolves around the customer: starting with your specific wishes or ideas, we develop concrete, practical custom solutions of single pieces and even large series. We have the expertise, experience and equipment in-house to realize every project to your full satisfaction. Ideally, we prefer to consult with you at an early stage. Then you can benefit from the specialist knowledge of our experienced professionals who can help you to ensure you do everything necessary from the very start to achieve exactly what you intend. With this approach we always achieve the best technical and commercial solution. Every project is assigned to a team with the most relevant knowledge and expertise. They also serve as your single point of contact, which keeps the lines of communication short and efficient. In doing so, we build long-term relationships. After all, we see our customers as partners. The fact that we, along with our customers, never stop developing; allows us to continuously implement new improvements and stay at the top of our field. Moreover, these improvements not only keep us at the cutting edge of technology but can also improve the functionality of our customers’ products. At Surface Treatment, the production, processes and developments are subjected to the most stringent standards, therefore ensuring continuous quality. Whether you have a delivery that requires a certificate or First Article Inspection (FAI) or not: quality is always our highest priority. Surface Treatment has a laboratory in which we are able to apply our know-how to develop customer-specific solutions and test them to ensure the application meets all your requirements. Our company is still growing and that’s why we, on a regular basis, are looking for new colleagues. You can always check our website for the latest vacancies. More information:

20 GROB Benelux BV

High-precision 5-axis machining for your sector

The GROB branch, set up on January 6, 2018, in Hengelo in the Netherlands close to the GermanDutch border, got off to a successful start by establishing its own service team. Alongside our managing director and man of the hour Eric Huiskes, a longstanding GROB distribution partner in the Benelux countries, and his assistant Lisette Hampsink, the GROB team was expanded by one service and one electronics specialist. The goal is to provide Dutch, German and Belgian customers in the region with even better support. With our own service technicians on site, the journeys can be significantly reduced and the service quality considerably improved as a result. Hengelo is an important location in the emerging Benelux countries. The Dutch market, in particular, has developed well, especially in the Aerospace sector and the die and mold industries. With our own service staff on site, we can now respond to customer inquiries even more efficiently. “In addition to existing customers from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, the idea is to convince also small and medium-sized companies of the technological potentials of the GROB 5-axis machining centers�, says Eric Huiskes explaining his goals. More information: Tel: +31 (0)743490207

21 Jeveka

Always looking for the best fitting connection Jeveka is a technical wholesaler of fasteners and focuses on the hightech segment. Jeveka purchases high-quality fasteners and associated tools from around the whole world and can deliver a high percentage directly from the stock. In that context, Jeveka built a long-term relationship with KMWE. “We like to look at the design together with the customer and think along with them with the underlying process. The choice of the correct technical fastening materials starts at the design process of a machine”, says the head of sales Anton de Hoogh.

Jeveka has its own production facility where high-quality fasteners are custom-made and also provides postprocessing of products. “We create added value to the products, for example by drilling, polishing, applying surface treatments to the products and offering cleanroom packaging. In some processes, the fasteners must be fully documented so in case of problems, its origin can be traced. We also have our own quality department where the materials are tested and documented,” continues de Hoogh. Logistic Solutions 4.0 Jeveka exists more than 81 years and is known in the market for their longterm relationship with many customers. KMWE is one of these customers. Our engineers and our quality department are happy to think along with the customer. We provide advice to KMWE, for example, so that the right fasteners are available at the requested time and in the correct quantities.

In addition, we are continually looking for new products and materials so that we can continue to fulfil this role. This includes logistics solutions and stock management. This is known at Jeveka: Logistic Solutions 4.0.” A product available at Jeveka, which applies to this philosophy, is ‘SmartBin’. De Hoogh explains: “SmartBin is a smart logistics system. It simplifies stock management by continuously monitoring the usage. SmartBin manages the (grab) stock by means of weight sensors. With adjustable Anton de Hoogh parameters, we ensure that the stock is adapted to the levels of usage. The orders are placed automatically and delivered by us. Refill occurs by choice, via Jeveka or via the customers own warehouse.” New programme developed Over the years, Jeveka has developed various products such as the Jeclin and Jextar. Jeclin is a serie of fasteners for vacuum and cleanroom applications. “In order to obtain and keep an optimal vacuum space but also to prevent virtual leaks and potential contamination, it is important that these fasteners are used. Jeclin is characterised by a standard quality of A4-80, whereas others often only have A2 or A4-70 in their assortment. These items are also available in Inconel 718 and Titanium (grade 2 and 5). Jextar is our answer to the demand for stronger stainlesssteel fasteners. The Jextar fasteners are stronger than the standard A4-80 fasteners. With each test, the pulling force was well above 900 N/mm². We developed both Jeclin and Jextar in-house and we call ourselves the market leader in this.” More information:


Remarkable product in the spotlight


3D printing

Mid November 2018, KMWE presented a unique powder-bed printer at the Precision Fair. This printer is fully prepared for customised mass production. The 3D printer was developed in collaboration with TNO in the framework of two EU-subsidised research projects. Ruud Hurkens, Engineering Manager at KMWE Engineering, explains the challenges the team faced during the development process.

“The development of this new powder-bed printer - which called for tackling technical challenges and creative thinking - offers us countless new possibilities. Both for other clients and for the development of other machines”, Hurkens enthusiastically explains. In the past three years, the Engineering Manager was closely involved in two European research projects. The result is an innovative 3D printer that can deliver customised products in a fully automated manner.

The design and development of this printer has encouraged the KMWE engineers to move forward

Following a challenging development process, the KMWE Engineering team created a prototype that works fully and was presented for the first time at the Precision Fair in November 2018. The prototype is currently at KMWE. “We aim to eventually launch this machine through a company that is yet to be founded. Usually we work the other way around, with an existing client asking us to develop a product. This time, we developed and built a machine, and now we are searching for a client to launch it on the market.”


several challenges. For example, the production of these products calls for different types of plastics and different temperatures. The shoe soles require plastic powder to be melted at low temperatures because the plastic needs to be flexible, while the exoskeletons must be produced at high temperatures because the end result should be solid plastic.” Modular system The printer develops products using layers of plastic powder and can apply several coats of co-lour. “The carriers can move independently from one another and a product can be removed from the machine without the need to interrupt the process. It is a modular system with an oval frame and a track. The track is a base plate topped with moving carriers that you could compare to little train wagons. They keep moving towards the next station in the machine. The layers of plastic powder are applied and subsequently, the powder is melted with a laser. This laser diode was developed by TNO and is made of six hundred laser beams placed behind one another. The laser switches on and off as the carrier moves three hundred millimetres per second under the laser beams.” The printer also has a powder removal station. “In Robotisation a drum, eighty to ninety per cent of Robotisation is a hot topic in the manufacturing industry. The use of the loose powder that is not part of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), robots and cobots is a good example of the product is removed to be reused this robotisation at KMWE. The robots carry out interventions at specific at a later stage”, Hurkens explains. locations, such as machine conversions or local tasks, including deburring Trigger and cleaning of manufactured parts. We believe robots are not only useful The target time to produce the shoe in fully automated applications, they can also support human interventions. soles is about ten minutes. “For hard In those cases, we call them ‘cobots’, such as robots that can hold parts materials, like the exo-skeletons, the during the deburring process and can position them, simplifying the printer takes two to three hours, but required interventions. that is still very fast compared to previous machines.” The design and development of this printer has encouraged the KMWE engineers to move Temperature challenges forward. You could say it acted as a trigger”, Hurkens The two European research projects explains. “These projects stimulate us to look at a problem are ADDFactor* (Advanced Digital for other products and clients in the same way. As a technologies and virtual engineering development team, we have really grown and we hope to for mini-Factories) and MovAiD* transfer the system we have created to other market areas (Movement Assistive Devices). The too, and use it for the creation of machines for our clients. first focuses on the production of, Our goal is for this type of machines to eventually be among other things, (orthopaedic) produced in higher numbers for the other KMWE divisions; plastic soles for shoes, and the second we see this printer as a spin-off for other corporate business focuses on exoskeletons, a kind of units.” braces for the support of human joints. These are both highly A piece of the puzzle customised products that can be For the two projects, Hurkens got in touch with partners produced quickly and accurately in from different countries, from Spain and Italy to Switzerland high volumes thanks to the new 3D and Denmark. “You join forces with all those partner printer. Hurkens explains, “Until companies to work on one major project. We developed the recently, this could not be done with hardware for this machine, but the entire project consists of one and the same machine. We countless steps, both before and after the development of joined forces with TNO to analyse the actual printer. The development of this powder-bed whether that was an option. printer is just a piece of the puzzle; it is our contribution to a Throughout the process, we faced much larger whole.” *AddFactor: FP7 programme: Grant agreement no.: 609386 *MovAid: H2020 programme: Grant agreement no.: 680754



‘the next step’


KMWE launched a completely new corporate style in December 2018. However, it appears to be an outward change only. But the new face of KMWE also had something to add concerning the positioning and ambition of the company under the motto ‘Manufacturing the Future’.

“KMWE wants to position itself as a specialist leader with a strong focus on new technological innovations, i.e. Industry 4.0,” says Ilona van der Waals, Marketing & Commu­ nications Manager at KMWE.

Manoeuvrability and inventive thinking becomes the new way of working

“We want to do a little better every day. To stay ahead, you have to push the boundaries and go after your ambitions. And we like to do that.” According to Van der Waals, the old logo no longer fits the times and KMWE’s goals, which is why they revamped it. “We started thinking about our goals to determine what suits us and the image that we want to project. What are our strengths and how can we express this powerfully? The result is a fresh, contem­ porary logo.”

Ilona van der Waals

Visual identity KMWE not only got a new logo, but a completely new visual identity was developed that is in line with the company’s growth ambitions and plans for the future. “Our website has been completely revamped and the new corporate style will be communicated in all our future communications.” According to Van der Waals, the new visual identity is also important when recruiting new people. “It’s still a big challenge to get good professionals behind our machines; a ‘fresh’ look helps in our employment communication.” Always better KMWE’s brand promise is ‘Always better’. According to Van der Waals, “The challenge is to continuously adapt to dynamic markets and technologies, while maintaining our no-nonsense family culture. The basis of this conviction is that not only do we focus on state-of-the-art technology, we also primarily focus on highly motivated and welltrained employees. Our people are characterised by their high ambitions; they aren’t afraid to think progressively. But at the same time, they keep their feet firmly on the ground.” Inventive thinking power In recent years, KMWE has regularly been at the forefront of projects full of technological innovations. KMWE will continue to pursue this ambition in the coming years. “Agility and inventive thinking have become the new ‘way of working’ in a world that is changing rapidly and where customers are becoming increasingly more ‘demanding’. This isn’t possible without ambitious employees who are constantly developing and brainstorming with us to take the ‘next step’ every day. Due to the explosive growth in digitisation and robotisation, products naturally ‘just’ have to be made still. Let that be precisely where KMWE’s strength lies: leading the way in innovative producible products and solutions!”

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For years now PHYNICX ® has an intensive and successful

ceramics or glass to metal for x-ray tubes but also FeNi80Mo5 for

cooperation with KMWE to turn its client’s challenges into a

ship navigation systems to shield against the earth’s magnetic

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