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Boarding and Lodging of Animals while you are on a Holiday There are several people in this world not only in love with animals but also who volunteer to take good care of them. Pet lovers have started a trend of making every pet feel at home while their owners are holidaying in some other part of the world. This service of keeping pets happy is a very niche business only available in the U.S. and the UK. Australia is another country taking the lead in such services.

Let me give you an example of rabbit boarding. Rabbits are a special animal and a small pet category. A rabbit as a pet is a big responsibility. If you want to holiday where there are no amenities for rabbits then you can leave them at a rabbit boarding. So while vacationing you wouldn’t have problems of keeping your pet happy and most importantly to be safe. The boarding should be very clean so that the animals don’t get any kind of disease through contact. A boarding service should have all these qualities cited below:

 Different types of accommodation for rabbits  Any kind of exercise practiced for rabbits should be very safe  Experienced staff should be a necessity in the list of your keeping the rabbit in the particular boarding.

 If there are chances of your pet becoming unwell then administration of medicines should be a requirement you look for in the boarding  The food given to the rabbits should be of good quality and the brand the owners use for the rabbit.  Vaccination is another aspect that needs to be administered before keeping your pet in a boarding  In certain circumstances if a vet is required then an emergency number along with your contact details and rabbit’s medical history is required.  Your dates allotted to the boarding, fees details, grooming details have to be informed.  There should be fresh water and hay  Accommodation should not be filthy but should be clean and there should be fresh air, no pointed corners, etc.  In case of the rabbit attempting to escape there should be a thick fencing around the boarding  Potential dangers such as other animals, predators should not be close to the rabbit boarding.  Other animals such as dogs & cats should be kept separately  After ascertaining these qualities in a boarding, a visit before keeping your rabbit is a must.

 If you log on to your internet, there are just a few boarding facilities in the U.S and the UK. Wellness Dog

food a renowned animal food company also caters to help such boarders put up their details on their portal.

Rabbit Boarding and Food  
Rabbit Boarding and Food  

There are several people in this world not only in love with animals but also who volunteer to take good care of them. Pet lovers have start...