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“At Ferreiras, we will always inspire you with new ideas that present a world of possibilities.” Kim Davidson Managing Director: Ferreiras

Our Vision At Ferreiras, we strive to offer an unrivalled customer experience through our state-of-the-art showrooms, exclusive product range, and innovative customer solutions.

About Ferreiras has been crafting beautiful spaces in excess of 35 years, and we pride ourselves in the fact that, since its inception, we have been at the forefront of supplying the latest trends in the world of interior design and finishes. It’s about attention to detail – from the most intimate trim to a floor of porcelain, or a shiny mixer to a sexy shower, you’ll find elegance in every detail, and splendour in every perfectly integrated design.

Bathroom: Duravit Ketho range


About our services... Homeowners We regularly travel the globe in search of the latest trends in design and innovation. Our highly skilled and trained sales consultants will assist you in making the best suited selection to your needs. At Ferreiras, you have the opportunity to unleash the artist in you, and turn your home into a gallery displaying your unique style. Our Design Studio will design your space and provide a 3D representation on how your home will look once complete.


Contractors and Developers In the Contracts department, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We therefore provide a complete range of services, including: • • • •

Technical product advice On-site installation advice Supply forecasting and planning Cost estimates for tenders

With our wide range of products, we’ll tailor a solution to your budget. Credit facilities are available for your convenience.

Architects and Designers Our National Architectural Sales Department offers both Architectural and Design professionals technical support and guidance through our wide array of products. We specialize in commercial projects such as corporate identities, shopping centres, hospitals, hotel and leisure facilities, offices, and more, and focus on bringing together the aesthetic and technical performance of the materials required for various types of installations. From project inception to completion, our team of internal project coordinators support our highly trained external sales staff in order to facilitate and project manage materials from specification through to delivery on site.

Bathroom: Ferreiras exhibition display



Our showroom Seeing is believing... We understand that seeing beauty through a picture is not the same as experiencing it in real life. That’s why our showroom is designed to inspire ideas and to demonstrate how dreams can become a reality. Through our expert advice and innovative product offerings, you will be one step closer to experiencing your own dream home in reality.


Our Design Studio facilitates the complete design and specification process for all residential and architectural designs, offering an effortless, time-saving solution for all your bathroom and tiling needs. Our professional team of interior designers assists with the following services:

Design Studio 6

• Product specifications • Alternative plan layout drawings to optimise bathroom potential • Elevation drawings for tile layout • Floor plans for tile layout • Material schedules for wall and floor finishes • Computer-aided visuals of interior designs • Sales

The first step in our design service is to meet and consult with the client to establish their design needs. Once the studio has identified the client’s requirements, conceptual development and specification follows. The conceptual phase is the key in creative problem-solving of interior spaces, and finding the holistic feel desired for the space. After the concept and specifications have been finalized, the service will commence with the working drawing phase, to assist in the construction of the design. As a final option, a photo-realistic image can be generated to show the client the design that will be implemented. Contact our Design Studio Manager to book your appointment.

Bathroom: Design Studio rendering


Bathroom: Versace Palace range


Versace The purity of Form and Beauty, beyond time... Living on the edge of a dream, in spaces designed to be beautiful beyond fashion, there are no limits to the creativity and imagination of design. Special compositions create an eclectic setting for daily living, and the infinite number of colours and refined designs make each home truly unique.

Bathroom: Versace Venere range


Living area: Portobello ConcretĂ­ssyma range


Bathroom: Portobello Minimale range

Portobello Design and innovation. We are always innovating, and design is the vehicle of our innovation. We use technology to offer solutions of high aesthetic value and excellent functional performance that express the Portobello style, respecting the environment and our social responsibility. Design is the creative activity that captures the characteristics of products and services, and integrates them with aesthetic, social, environmental and cultural values. For us at Portobello, design is an attitude that transforms spaces into special places to live.


A mirror of its times, reflecting all styles, and bringing to life all trends. The Imola tile range is designed to help you create your dream, with no limits to your creativity; no boundaries to your passion. Using shapes, surfaces and colours, spaces can be decorated by listening to their soul – each one expressing itself differently.


With classic or contemporary identities, traditional taste and innovative spirit, it can interpret the warmth of a family and the grandeur of great works, lending an international dimension to Italian refinement. It lives and grows in every project that strives to realise an idea; a dream.

Restaurant: Imola Magma range


Bathroom: Imola Koshi range


Bathroom: TAU Vesubio range

TAU Innovative evolution in the world of ceramics. Tau Ceramics offers the widest range of ceramic products in terms of type, format and finish. The Tau collection includes the following ranges, with unique qualities for specific functions: • Tau Macro Formats – a large ceramic for a substantial aesthetic change • Tau Fine – a ceramic concept that expresses subtle fineness and offers superior resistance. • Tau Eco – a tile that supports the recycling process and embodies environmental sustainability values.


Living area: TAU Mayfair range


Fixtures, left and right: Newform Morpho range


Design is an absolute value.


Function has evolved into an aesthetic expression, and taps have been elevated to furnishing details that represent a choice of style and express personality. For this reason, Newform is continuously looking for new stylistic and technological solutions, not only within the bounds of the industry, but with an eye on fashion. Every Newform product becomes a real synthesis of quality, pure design, and a charismatic style, adapted to satisfy any taste.

Bathroom: Newform Morpho range


Living bathrooms just keep getting better. Holidays are like all beautiful moments in life … they’re over far too quickly. What wouldn’t you give to have somewhere special that you could escape to for a mini break? Well now you can have one in your own home – a place you can take refuge in several times a day! It’s your own spa at home, where you can relax and be rejuvinated. Create your dream bathroom, with the ultimate fusion of aesthetics and practicality, to make your life a little more comfortable. Thanks to the superb high-quality, high-end materials, expert manufacture and timeless design of Duravit products, relaxing in your own bathroom can be as revitalizing as a mini break.



Bathroom, right: Duravit Stark 3 range

Bathroom, left: Duravit Ketho range


Bathroom: Gardenia Orchidea Onice range


Gardenia Orchidea The achievements of the past are the foundations for our future. The home has always been our source of inspiration for focused research in the development of Gardenia products. It is experienced as the central core of harmony and intimacy. Moving from either the living room or the kitchen to an environment of focused expression, the bathroom is a place where you can intimately pamper your body and soul. Living area: Gardenia Orchidea Luxoring range


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The products featured in this brochure may vary according to availability and not all items will be immediately available.

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Ferreiras has been crafting beautiful spaces in excess of 35 years, and we pride ourselves in the fact that, since its inception, we have be...