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HALLOWEEN COSTUME GENERATOR First Letter of First Name A. Plaid B. On Fleek C. Punk Rock D. Preside ntial E. Angry F. Monstr ous G. Ridicu lous H. Hairy I. Shiny J. Tiny K. Goofy L. Elegan t M. Tangle d N. Golde n O. Bloody P. Blue/G old? Q. Larger-than-l ife R. Striped S. Evil T. Silver U. Filthy V. Bearde d W. Green X. Blue Y. Dead Z. Sparkl y

First Letter of Last Name A. Shrink ing B. Crouch ing C. Trend- setting D. Jumpin g E. Singin g F. Flying G. Runnin g H. Hoppi ng I. Decom posing J. Acting K. Dancin g L. Twirlin g M. Growi ng N. Faintin g O. Readin g P. Grinni ng Q. Wande ring R. Kickin g S. Flippin g T. Exerci sing U. Cleani ng V. Stomp ing W. Snooz ing X. Skateb oardin g Y. Frolick ing Z. Traveli ng

First Letter of Midd le Name A. Machi ne B. Devil C. Zombi e D. Vampi re E. Alien F. Luchad or G. Ninja H. Dance r I. Prince /Princ ess J. Interne t Star K. Athlete L. Drago n M. Mount ain Climbe r N. Flight Attend ant O. Franke nstein P. Report er Q. Mumm y R. Witch S. Musici an T. Smartp hone U. Cowbo y/Cow girl V. Pet W. Wolf X. Doctor /Nurs e Y. Pirate Z. Robot


Items Needed: 1. Lab coat irt 2. Blue or white t-sh or medical scrubs mask 3. Bandanna for face 4. Briefcase or big black bag s: Other Accessorie 1. Rubber gloves 2. Face mask 3. Stethoscope s 4. Rubber clog shoe 5. Empty coffee mug (for overnight shifts)

DOROTHY Items Needed: irt and 1. Blue button-up sh ress white skirt or blue d with white shirt 2. Red high heels se 3. Straw bag or pur 4. Bows for hair g 5. Stuffed animal do for Toto

Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Denver

ROLLER R A T S Y B R DE Items Needed: 1. Colorful shirt 2. Suspenders tic pants 3. Patterned or athle ates 4. Rollerblades or sk ories: 5. Additional access The sky’s the limit!

Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Denver


Items Needed: t into 1. White sheet to cu strips or white shirt and pants lastic 2. Orange bag or p pumpkin for candy


Items Needed: irt 1. White button-up sh eeves 2. Suit jacket with sl removed or 3. Black sweatpants leggings 4. Leather boots 5. Scarf or belt scarf 6. Pirate hat or head


Items Needed: dscarf 1. Witch hat or hea r broom 2. Plastic cauldron o pe 3. Black dress or ca 4. Black shoes 5. Tights or leggings

BASEBALL PLAYER Items Needed: 1. Sweatpants or baseball pants 2. Cleats 3. Baseball shirt ll hat 4. Helmet or baseba love 5. Baseball bat or g

lina Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Caro


Items Needed: 1. Leather jacket 2. Sunglasses rf 3. Helmet/Head sca 4. All-black clothing


Items Needed: nts 1. Medical scrub pa utton-down 2. Bowling shirt or b me on shirt with a team na the back dark 3. Bowling shoes or sneakers type of ball 4. Bowling or other of similar size

lina Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Caro


Items Needed: et 1. Camouflage jack and pants hat 2. Orange or camo oots 3. Work or hiking b 4. Stuffed animal

lina Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Caro

80s GIRL

Items Needed: 1. Denim jacket es 2. Colorful sunglass 3. High heels 4. Leg warmers t 5. Leggings and skir 6. Hair scrunchie

lina Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Caro


Items Needed: white 1. Striped shirt or a ed on shirt with stripes tap 2. Black pants s 3. White tennis shoe 4. Whistle

lina Photo courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Caro


Items Needed: , 1. Graduation gown cloak or smock 2. Beret 3. Angel wings 4. Paintbrush 5. Paint and cardboard/palette

E T A R O P R O C WARRIOR Items Needed: 1. Tie 2. Briefcase utfit 3. Business casual o st 4. Faux fur jacket/ve s Other Accessorie 1. Laptop 2. Cell phone 3. Arm band

COWGIRL Items Needed: 1. Cowboy hat 2. Plaid shirt 3. Vest 4. Leather boots


Items Needed: 1. Overalls or jeans 2. Straw hat 3. Plaid shirt 4. Rain boots et 5. Farm tools or bask with toy fruits or vegetables

FLAPPER Items Needed: 1. Fringed dress hat 2. Wreath or small 3. High heels s: Other Accessorie 1. Necklace 2. Formal gloves


Items Needed: shawl 1. Patterned skirt or 2. Head scarf 3. Colorful bracelets ch 4. Necklace or broo r sphere 5. Fish bowl or othe s: Other Accessorie 1. Book of spells 2. Sunglasses

LITTLE RED T A C G N I D I R Items Needed: to 1. Red cape or shirt cut into cape 2. Basket 3. Cat mask 4. Toy mice

LOWEST COMMON R O T A N I M DENO Items Needed: 1. T-shirt 2. Name tag nchalance 3. A teaspoon of no

E D A R E U Q S A M GUEST Items Needed: 1. Mask it 2. Formal gown or su 3. Boa or fancy tie s: Other Accessorie s 1. Beaded necklace 2. Shiny earrings

BABY BERRY Items Needed: d fabric 1. Quilt/patterned re from quilt or clothing 2. Green felt

ONE-MAN BAND Items Needed: 1. Solid color pants and shirt 2. Belt and tray 3. Toy instruments

s: Other Accessorie 1. Sunglasses 2. Top hat rs 3. Vest or suspende otes 4. Printed musical n


Items Needed: ing 1. Animal-print cloth s 2. Beaded necklace streamers 3. Ribbons, bows or 4. Noisemaker s: Other Accessorie 5. Balloons 6. Wig band 7. Animal ear head


Items Needed: 1. Band t-shirt jacket 2. Denim or leather 3. Jeans ne or 4. Guitar, micropho other instrument


Items Needed: me 1. Empty picture fra 2. Wire hanger to support frame ick 3. Wand or selfie st 4. Cell phone u’d like! 5. Whatever outfit yo

SINGING IN THE RAIN Items Needed: 1. Raincoat 2. Umbrella 3. Music note or microphone 4. Rainboots

SKATING COWBOY Items Needed: 1. Rollerskates or rollerblades 2. Cowboy hat 3. Plaid shirt or robe


Items Needed: or bedsheet 1. Graduation gown h 2. Mask or eye patc y 3. Gavel or other to s: Other Accessorie 1. Hat or wig 2. Decorative skull 3. Book


Items Needed: 1. T-shirt 2. Fabric or tape to create insignia 3. Dark pants 4. Sneakers 5. Bandanna for face mask 6. Red or black table cloth or sheet for use as a cape

G N I Y F I R R E T 80’S PROM QUEEN Items Needed: ss 1. Puffy colorful dre 2. Tiara 3. High heels d 4. Corn syrup and re food coloring for fake blood s: Other Accessorie 1. Prom Queen sash 2. Makeup


Items Needed: rs or flashlight la cu o in b , ra e m a C . 1 2. Hat orts 3. Khaki pants or sh 4. Map s: Other Accessorie 1. Blanket 2. Fanny pack 3. Sunglasses


Items Needed: 1. Wizard hat edsheet 2. Cloak or brown b mstick 3. Wand or toy dru s: Other Accessorie 1. Book 2. Beard 3. Decorative skull

2015 Halloween Look Book  

Need inspiration for your Halloween Costume? Be Your Own Monster with a one-of-a-kind costume from Goodwill this year!

2015 Halloween Look Book  

Need inspiration for your Halloween Costume? Be Your Own Monster with a one-of-a-kind costume from Goodwill this year!