Goodwill Halloween Costume Look Book

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The Addams Family ‘SnapSnap’

Beige Sheet + Grass Skirt


Striped Shirt

Tall Friend

Helpful Hand

Bath Robe Black Suit Black Dress Employees, family, and friends of Goodwill

Zombie Bride & Groom Veil White Tux

Eternal Vows Wedding Dress

Dirt From Graveyard

Trenten & Sophie Family & Friends of Goodwill

Bonus: Till death do us part

Squirrel Girl Pet Squirrel

Squeeky Voice

Brown Pants

Brown Vest Belt with Pouches April

South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: A love of comic books

Steampunk Explorers Goggles Helmet

Belts Medallions Brown Skirt

Clock Parts

Vintage Jacket Long Boots

Goodwill instagram influencer & cosplayer Sarah (@sprightlyvogue) and Matt

Bonus: Finding their lost pet camel

Scary Stories Bad Hair Day

Fake Spiders Red Makeup

Rope Belt Jeans

Little Girl Dress

Grass or Straw Lauren Family of Goodwill

April South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: Must not be afraid of the dark

Detective Pikachu Detective Hat

Pikachu Ears Rosy Cheeks



South Hill Goodwill

Yellow Dress

Bonus: A love for solving mysteries

The Cat’s Meow Ears for Patch of Fur

Fingerless Gloves

hearing the can opener Black Sweater

Black Pants Georgeann South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: Loves to push things off tables

Italian Dinner Plaid Table Cloth

Foam Balls Mop Head

Adorable & Patient Dog @wilson.goldenretriever Friend of Goodwill

Bonus: A love of spaghetti & meatballs

Furry Sidekick Spooktacular Glasses

Googley Eye Glasses

Mohawk Vintage Band Shirt @wilson.goldenretriever Friend of Goodwill

Punk Rocker Dog Cool Bandana

Hipster WerewolfSide

Fur Hoodie


Buffalo Plaid Gray Skirt Trenten & Sophie Family & Friends of Goodwill

Bonus: Love to howl at the moon

Dark Unicorn & Mermaid Unicorn Wig

Mermaid Crown

Glitter Makeup Trident

Dark Dress Morena & Daughter Federal Way Goodwill

Aquatic Dress

Rocketman Microphone

Glittery Glasses

Disco Suit High Heel Velvet Boots Trenten Family of Goodwill

Bonus: Think Saturday night is alright

Fortnite Paper Mache Hoodie


Band Uniform

Black Clothes

Bayleigh Maple Valley Goodwill


Bonus: Saving the world

Davion & Jacob Family of Goodwill

Donut, Cupcake & Ice Cream

Bright Colored T’s

Tasty Toppings

Sweet Shoes Whitney South Hill Goodwill Emelia & April South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: Sprinkles for all the winners

Ice Castles Must Love Ice

Magical Cloak

Blue Dress Green Dress Friends of Goodwill

Winter Boots

Bonus: Snowman sidekick

A Whole New World Clip-on Earring

Princess Attitude

Flies on a carpet

Gold Bracelets

White Pants

Blue Scrubs or Fabric Trenten Family of Goodwill

Beaded Coat

Flowy Dress

Bonus: 3 Wishes

Francisco & Morena South Hill Goodwill 38th St Goodwill

Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat

Vest Belts Black Boots

White Puffy Shirt Brown Pants Kaetlyn Friend of Goodwill

Bonus: Arrr!

Umbrella Academy Uniform Jacket

Umbrella Patch Plaid Skirt

Tall Socks

Francisco & Whitney South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: Supernatural siblings

Umbrella Academy Feather Boa

Violin Black Jacket Black Boots

Francisco & Whitney South Hill Goodwill

Dragon Purple Makeup

DIY Scales

Black Clothes DIY Tail Shiny Tights


South Hill Goodwill

Bonus: Ability to Breathe Fire