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Annual Report 2012

Inspiring Change.


Goodwill Keystone Area is a member of Goodwill Industries International (GII), a network of 184 independent, community-based organizations in the United States, Canada, and 14 other countries.

Goodwill Keystone Area

Goodwill Keystone Area serves 22 counties in Pennsylvania.


To support persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.


A community where the talents and value of all people are celebrated.


Goodwill believes that work is, and will continue to be, a fundamental building block of community. Employment provides economic independence, as well as the secondary gains of preventing and minimizing other social problems. It empowers each person to develop a broader role within the community.

Program Services Workforce Development Goodwill provides education and career services, job placement opportunities, postemployment support, and personal development to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to independence. Individuals can achieve greater levels of self-sufficiency and economic success through Goodwill’s workforce development and community integration services. Goodwill programs strengthen communities and families and promote selfsufficiency and dignity for those we serve. Donated Goods and Retail Goodwill utilizes its retail and donation centers to provide on-the-job training and employment to people with disabilities, people with disadvantages and others having barriers to finding employment. Revenue from the sale of donated goods goes directly toward supporting and growing critical community-based services and other employment related supports. Business Services Goodwill creates paid employment experiences and job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to independence by providing contract work for commercial businesses, state and local government, and other community partners. These business service opportunities provide a variety of work experience and training environments in Goodwill facilities and in the community.

From our Leaders Dear Friends, Goodwill’s true value to the community is best measured by our ability to fulfill our mission of supporting our neighbors with disabilities and other barriers to independence reach their full potential as workers and as members of the broader community. During the last fiscal year, July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, we engineered major growth in our mission impact. Here are two shining examples: Allentown Acquisition On July 1, 2012, we acquired the mission programs of the Good Shepherd Work Services Division in Allentown, PA. The operation, now known as the Goodwill Allentown Facility, provides a wide range of vocational services to individuals with intellectual and mental health disabilities.

Ron Kratofil, President & CEO with Dennis J. J. McGee, Jr., Board Chair

Employee & Family Strengthening Program Our founder Edgar Helms often said that the best social program ever invented is a job. And while we are proud of our ability to help people obtain and maintain that first step in developing work skills, we looked at how we could support our employees and clients at Goodwill Keystone Area in reaching their fullest potential. The high level goals for the Employee & Family Strengthening Program are to help individuals maintain optimal health, financial stability and career and personal development. Thank you for supporting Goodwill and improving our community!

Ron Kratofil President & CEO

Dennis J. J. McGee, Jr. Board Chair

Board of Directors Dennis J. J. McGee, Jr., Chair Katie E. Clarke Anthony Byrne, Vice Chair Richard W. Conley Jane Pinkerton, Immediate Past Chair Timothy P. Hanlon Marion C. Alexander Brenda Kauffman Robert P. Blickley Theodore M. Niemczyk, Jr.

James Perano Craig Schwartz Chuck Wingate Thomas E. Wood, Esq. Ron Kratofil, President & CEO

Achieving Our Mission Goodwill Keystone Area by the numbers.

1.41 MILLION SQUARE FEET of custodial contracts

people received life-changing services


pounds of computers recycled through Dell Reconnect





of documents shredded & recycled

of clothing reused


stores & donation centers

34,545 822,469 DONORS

of clothing & household goods

items sold on



shoppers in our stores





people with disabilities worked for Goodwill Services, Inc.


paychecks issued bi-weekly



:000000000000: :0000000000000:


people received paid training in the Summer Youth Employment Program

318 seniors with barriers to employment received paid training

432 people received paid training in the Donated Goods and Business Services Programs

6,810 laser toner cartridges remanufactured

e W

nd y

Change was not something that came naturally to Wendy. “When she first started, she was hesitant and would hide from me,” said Marian Powders, Wendy’s supervisor at Goodwill. She added, “She would worry and think, ‘what if I fail?’”

“Developed a newfound sense of pride.”

When Wendy first began her training at Goodwill, she was very shy and tentative and had the fear of failure in the back of her mind. Not wanting to risk making any mistakes, she hid from her supervisors, reluctant to do any kind of work. Now, that is no longer the case. Through encouragement and guidance from her supervisors, Wendy developed a newfound sense of pride. She wakes up every morning eager to work and learn something new. While Wendy learns invaluable work skills and takes part in hands-on training through Goodwill, she earns a paycheck. Now, Wendy works in the Goodwill retail program, but also is part of Goodwill crews that complete work projects for local businesses. Her favorite job is bagging for School Specialty, Inc. in Mount Joy, filling packs with school supplies for children. Variety and change in routine is now a part of her life and she displays enthusiasm and interest in SPOTLIGHT ON: Services across the Life Span what she does. From youth to senior citizens, Goodwill Keystone Area provides support to individuals who are interested in moving toward selfsufficiency. Whether it’s helping someone receive their first paycheck or re-enter the workforce, we support thousands of individuals to become empowered through work.

to Fa


at a

“Gaining confidence every day.”

Fatoumata has overcome odds and obstacles. She came to the United States alone – without her family and friends – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fatoumata was born in West Africa, and she was born deaf. Her teachers and family didn’t know how to sign, so no one could teach her how to communicate. She struggled to tell others her needs and feelings and couldn’t attend school. Hoping for a better future for his daughter, Fatoumata’s father arranged for her to live with friends in the United States. Once she settled in Berks County, she was connected with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), and was partnered with a teacher who taught reading, writing, and sign language. Fatoumata was interested in working at a store and she was referred to Goodwill. Goodwill job coaches began working with Fatoumata and arranged for her assessment and job training to take place at the Goodwill Store and Donation Center in Shillington. She was officially hired and transferred from Goodwill client to Goodwill employee. Store employees are learning sign language. “Everyone pitches in to help her and communicate,” commented her coworker and friend Lori. Her SPOTLIGHT ON: supervisor Patti Burns noted, “She is Assessment and Training gaining confidence every day.” We believe that career planning often starts with a thorough assessment of an individual’s goals, skills, and interests. From there, we can provide training for career and personal development. We use this information to target job opportunities so that the person can achieve success.


h C

“Met change head on.” Change has been a part of Chad’s career at Northwestern Human Services (NHS). Almost 12 years ago, a Goodwill job coach helped Chad apply and interview for a file clerk position at NHS. Shortly after Chad was hired, he found out that the office was moving to a new location. Chad took charge of his department and organized and packed files. He said, “I usually work Monday through Thursday, but I also worked on Friday to get ready for the move.” Chad’s take-charge attitude caught the attention of his coworkers and supervisor and his hard work and dedication paid off. He was promoted to Administrative Assistant/ Resource Librarian. Chad is now in charge of creating new charts for new clients and filing all charts. When he’s creating new charts for clients, Chad has to double check facts and figures to ensure that all of the information is correct. He also tracks files that are signed out and makes sure that everything is returned in a timely manner. Nancy Schreefer, a Goodwill job coach, said, “Chad dealt with change within his job, and not everyone can do that. He met change head on and did whatever he needed to do to make the transition successful.”

SPOTLIGHT ON: Employment and Retention

Goodwill Keystone Area provides services for people to find employment situations that are a good match to their interests and abilities. Our services assist people in maintaining and developing their employment so that they can experience higher levels of independence.

Goodwill Keystone September 2011: 3rd Annual Goodwill Runway Show raised $28,000+ for our mission.

September 2011: Goodwill Treasures: An Antique & Collectible Occasion raised $45,000+ for our mission.

December 2011: Holiday party for trainees in Lancaster courtesy of Weber Advertising & Marketing.

Spring 2012: Partnered with the United Way to host VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) for lowincome families as part of the Employee & Family Strengthening initiative.

April 2012: Goodwill Services, Inc. custodians at the Defense Enterprise Computing Center in Mechanicsburg honored by the President’s Commission with commemorative coins.

May 2012: Spreading the word about our mission to our customers during the 1st Annual Community Awareness Day.

Area: At a Glance October 2011: Grand Opening of St. Lawrence Outlet Center where most items are sold by the pound

March 2012: Launched e-commerce Book Program resulting in six new client-mission hires.

May 2012: Open house at the new Distribution Center in Reading.

November 2011: Became a Dell Reconnect Partner for computer recycling.

April 2012: Goodwill Shredding Service hosted a Community Shred Day in Mechanicsburg.

May 2012: President & CEO Ron Kratofil receives Frank Grady Award for outstanding leadership from the United Way of the Capital Region. Pictured here with past Goodwill Keystone Area Board Chair, Rick Conley.

Business Services While we are known for our stores and donation centers, Goodwill Keystone Area also provides business services such as cartridge service remanufacturing, custodial service, work crews, and shredding. Proceeds from business services fund programs and services to help people with disabilities and other barriers with disabilities in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

Labor Fulfillment

Cartridge Service

A reliable source of employment resources for high volume packaging, assembling and light manufacturing at your facility.

Supplier of top, quality remanufactured laser cartridges for printers, faxes and copiers.

Some of our customers include: Keystone Industries Dering

Some of our customers include: Ink Recycling PIBH - Staples, Inc. Laser Concepts Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce

Custodial Convenient and reliable commercial cleaning service for offices and other work facilities. Some of our customers include: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) * NHS Human Services, Edgewater General Services Administration (GSA)* Letterkenny Army Depot * Salisbury Behavioral Health, Inc. Case Management Unit PennDOT * Those marked with an asterisk are customers of Goodwill Services, Inc. which provides paid employment experiences and job placement opportunities for individuals with severe disabilities through participation in the AbilityOne Federal contract program.

Shredding We destroy confidential materials at our secure facility in Harrisburg, PA. Some of our customers include: Allstate Gaudenzia Hempt Brothers, Inc. L.B. Smith Ford, Inc. PA Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (PIBH) Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Records Management & Archiving Royal Oak Recycling Secure Document Alliance Wells Fargo Woodstream Corporation YWCA

Investing in Our Future The Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation provides support for innovative services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to independence, helping them to reach their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community. The Foundation seeks financial resources for services provided by Goodwill Keystone Area and similar non-profit organizations throughout 22 counties in Pennsylvania.

Bob is employed at Goodwill, where he receives ongoing support through the Ticket to Work Program.

Named Funds and Grant Making Activity The Dr. Claude E. Nichols, Jr. Memorial Endowment

Statement of Financial Position

The Gary McElwain Fund: $4,178 grant for staff participation in the Goodwill Industries International Senior Leadership Program and Leadership programs in York and Berks Counties.


Eric N. Stein Retail Technology Fund: $10,540 grant to establish the e-commerce book program.


Goodwill Keystone Area Family Strengthening Fund

Current Liabilities

Raymond E. Evleth Charitable Trust: $146,000 grant in support of mission services.

Net Assets - Unrestricted $5,802,630 - Temp. Restricted $236,065 - Perm. Restricted $3,049,494

Unrestricted Fund Grants to Goodwill Keystone Area Ticket to Work Program: $28,068 grant. An outcome includes 22 people with severe disabilities have become self-sufficient and no longer receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cash benefits. Mission in Retail: $57,870 grant. In its first year of operation, the program facilitated a 30% increase in clients served by our retail division. Employee and Family Strengthening Program (E&FS): $69,941 grant. The E&FS program provides a step up for employees and their families through programs and services targeted toward optimal health, financial stability, and personal and professional development. A copy of the official registration and financial information for Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.


Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust $3,013,381 Total Assets

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$47,799 $9,138,378 $50,189


Presented by Colleen McAuliffe, CFO

Board of Directors Marion C. Alexander, Chair Thomas E. Wood, Vice Chair William H. Alexander Harris T. Booker, Jr. Lori El Shanti Timothy P. Hanlon Barry R. Landis Ken Norman Kathleen A. Smarilli Merrill A. Yohe, Jr., Ex-officio Ron Kratofil, President, CEO

Gifts & Pledges Of $100 or more to Goodwill Keystone Area Your gift to Goodwill Keystone Area, small or large, is vitally important to our mission of assisting individuals in achieving independence and employability. $5000+ Anonymous Goodwill Campaign Donors Fulton Bank Highmark Blue Shield Jeffrey J. & Mary E. Burdge Charitable Trust LB Smith Estate Foundation, Inc. LeTort Management & Trust Co United Way of the Capital Region W. S. Miller & Sons, Inc. Wells Fargo $1000 - $4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Allen Clarke Ms. Mary Davis HealthAmerica The High Companies Mr. Richard E. Jordan, II Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Kratofil The M&T Charitable Foundation Mary Sachs Trust Mr. Dennis J. J. McGee, Jr. McInroy-Sheffer People Trust Fund McKonly & Asbury Members 1st Federal Credit Union Mutual of America Life Insurance Co Paul A. Troutman Foundation Mr. Jeffrey A. Savard The Joseph T & Helen M Simpson Foundation StoudtAdvisors2 Wert Investment Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Mr. & Mrs. Ross Witcoski Mr. Thomas E. Wood, Esq. Mr. Merrill A. Yohe, Jr.

$500 - $999 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Addy Mr. James Barnitz Mr. Kenneth M. Bistline Ms. Sharon D. Friese GIANT Food Stores Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goodling Goodwill Industries International, Inc. The Hall Foundation Mr. Timothy P. Hanlon The Hershey Company United Way Campaign Ironstone Spring Farms Janney Montgomery Scott LLC The Kellogg Company Lehigh Valley Signs & Service, Inc. M&T Bank Ms. Colleen McAuliffe Mr. & Mrs. John McHenry Mr. James Perano United Way of Lancaster County Ms. Manon B. Yeager $250 - $499 Adelphi Realty Co. Mr. & Mrs. Marc E. Althen Ms. Julie Askins Barley Snyder LLC Mr. Harris T. Booker, Jr. Mr. Todd Bozes Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Butler The Clutter Crew Mr. Richard W. Conley Freedom Auto Group Mrs. Brenda Kauffman Lancaster Toyota Mazda Scion Mr. Barry R. Landis Life Management Associates Mr. & Mrs. Karl V. Matter Mr. Stan McCarty

Michael A. Serluco Foundation Mosteller & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Sherill T. Moyer Ms. Corey Nelson Mr. Theodore M. Niemczyk, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Poorman Ms. Linda A. Rhoads Ms. Sharon L. Schwab Mr. Craig Schwartz Ms. Susan Soderberg Mrs. Tracy A. Thompson Trenton Data VIST Financial $100 - $249 Ms. Cindy Anderson Ann’s Hands & Feet Country Boutique Kathryn Bard Mr. Leonard R. Barnhart Ms. Barbara J. Baughman Mrs. Louise A. Bell Ms. Margaret Bellis Mr. & Mrs. Franklin D. Beskid Ms. Tina Blatt Mr. Robert P. Blickley Ms. Jolene Bolinger Ms. Ann Bonwit Ms. S. Elizabeth Boyle Ms. Rosanna Brock Mr. Jason Brown Mr. Robert J. Byer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cain Cain Automotive Ms. Kristy Carduff Carpenters Local Union #214 Mr. & Mrs. Jay Carr Ms. Vicki Cloos Ms. June Clougher Ms. Kathleen Conrad Mr. Daniel Cooper Costan’s Cleaning Ms. Jennifer Crispino Mr. & Mrs. Lance Davis

Mr. Michael A. Dillon Diversified Design Edwin L. Heim Company Ms. Carolyn Engle Entech Engineering Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore D. Fazzolari Ms. Megan Fioretta The Foundation for Enhancing Communities Ms. Pamela E. Fowler Mr. Michael Frazier Ms. Sharon Roth Fulton Ms. Gwen Gage Mr. & Mrs. Mike Garipoli Mr. Craig Gibson Ms. Dianne Goetter Mr. Graeme C. Goodsir The Juniata Valley Bank Mr. Matthew Graham Groff Wood Products Mr. Terry Halbur Ms. Nicole Henderson Ms. Kathe Hertzog Mr. Jeremy Hetes Ms. Tonya Hollinger Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Ms. Anne Marie Hoover-Smith Mr. Ryan Huth Ms. Erika Iskowitz Ms. Patricia Johnson Ms. Jennifer Kaucher Ms. Deborah Kearse Ms. Karin Keefer Ms. Kirsten N. Keim-Sendge Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kerchner Ms. Leanne Klein Ms. Cheryl Kulp L&J Transportation Services, Inc. Mr. Gregory Landis

Ms. Paulette Lewandowski Ms. Lois Linfield Mr. Richard Long Mr. Jeff Lynch Mr. Geir Magnusson Ms. Bonnie McCarty Mary Louise McDowell Mr. Gary M. McElwain Ms. Laura Mealia Mr. Blair Menefee Ms. Sue Miller Mr. William G. Mills Dr. George R. Moffitt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Irvin S. Naylor Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Neilson Nestor Charitable Foundation Ms. Dianne I. Nichols, Esq. Dr. Pentti J. Nupponen Ms. Tabitha Ohlerking Papillon Brasserie Penn Pride Plouse Machine Shop, Inc. Ms. Lynn Pyott Mr. & Mrs. William Quain Mr. Darrell Quance Ms. Jennifer Radick Ms. Anna Ragland Mr. & Mrs. David J. Remmel Ms. Joyce Reynolds Mr. Wesley J Rineer Ms. Jennifer Ross Mr. Charles R. Ruhl, MBA Mr. Kevin Sassaman Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Schleicher Mrs. Jennifer Schley Ms. Susan Schocko Ms. Nancy Schreefer Shady Maple Farm Market Sheetz, Incorporated Shells Evangelical Lutheran Church Ms. Martine Shendge

Ms. Barbara Spangenberg Mr. & Mrs. Reed S. Spiegel Ms. Vergie G. Spiker Ms. Pamela Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Straw Mr. & Mrs. William Suhring Susquehanna Bank Mr. Jon Titus Mr. Randolph Trach Transparency Matters United Concordia Utility Rates Analysts Ms. Amanda Veszpremi Mrs. Yelena Weaver Ms. Betty Weinhold Mrs. Rita Yorty Ms. Lori Zelesko Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman Non-Government Program Grants United Way of the Capital Region Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation PA Developmental Disabilities Council

In addition to this list, there are many who have contributed less than $100 to the organization and hundreds of thousands of used goods donors that support Goodwill.

Thank You Goodwill makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. We sincerely apologize if your name has been listed incorrectly or unintentionally omitted. Please notify us at 1.800.432.4483 x2017 so that we may correct any problems. A copy of the official registration and financial information for Goodwill Keystone Area may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Employers Who Hires Goodwill Keystone Area Graduates?

Goodwill graduate Carrie enjoys working at Target.

Abilities in Motion Accountemps Amber’s Food Court Aria Health Aspiring Champions Aunt Mel’s Cleaning Service Berks Soil & Stone, Inc. Berman Freightliner Cabela’s Camilla Hall Nursing Home Commonwealth of PA Convent of the Sacred Heart Crossroads Technology, Inc. Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Dollar Tree, Inc. Fashion Bug Fulton Financial Services Fulton Steamboat Inn Garden Spring Center GCA Services Group Geisinger Medical Center Genuardi’s Giant Food Stores Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant & Bakery Hatboro-Horsham School District Hawkins Home Care, LLC Hertz Hobbie Professional

Holy Redeemer Hospital & Medical Center Home Helpers Instutute for Disabilities Research and Training Kmart Laurel’s Loft Lenape Valley Foundation Liberty Tax Service Logan’s Roadhouse Lowe’s LuLu Country Club Mad Mex McDonald’s Mifflin County School District Newport School District Norristown Public Library Northeast Prestressed Products LLC Northtec LLC - Bristol Oasis Development and Learning Center Parma Pizza & Grill Penn DOT Penndel Mental Health Center Pennswood Village Prizer- Painter Stove Works, Inc Quaker Maid Meats, Inc Quality Inn Reading Liederkranz Reading Truck Body Redner’s Markets, Inc. RGIS Inventory Specialists Sacred Heart Villa Sam’s Club Sears Sesame Place Shenandoah Public Library ShopRite Spring Creek Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Spring Garden Center Spring Hill Suites SSC Service Solutions Stokesay Castle Super Duper Susquehanna Polling & Research

T.J. Maxx Taco Bell Target Telecommunications on Demands The Home Depot Tri-County Association of the Blind Tyson Union County Housing Authority Voice & Vision Walmart WaWa, Inc. Weis Markets Wendy’s Employers of the Senior Community Employment Program (SCSEP) VA Medical Center Allied Barton Security Services Bensalem Senior Citizens Center Camilla Hall Nursing Home Chester Community Charter School, East Campus Chester County Dept. of Community Development Club Demonstration Services Community Youth & Women’s Alliance (CYWA) Darby Free Library Delaware County SPCA Douglasville Veterinary Hospital Elmwood Park Zoo Foster Grandparents ProgramEnfield Elementary School Habitat for Humanity Handi-Crafters Impact Systems, Inc. Main Line Adult Day Center Mattie N. Dixon Community Cupboard National Vision Inc. at Walmart Pro Signs Sanatoga Auto Body, Inc. Upper Chichester Library Wells Fargo YMCA Child Care at St. John’s Church

Expanded Services Goodwill In the Lehigh Valley After thoughtful consideration and exploration on how to enhance its Work Services Division, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network transferred the operation of its Work Services Division and the Clubhouse of Lehigh County to Goodwill Keystone Area on July 1, 2012. In seeking a new organization to acquire Work Services and the Clubhouse, Good Shepherd’s Board of Trustees sought an organization with a similar mission, which would maintain the business while better serving the clients and providing more opportunities for the staff. The Good Shepherd Board made a unanimous

decision in selecting Goodwill Keystone Area. Goodwill Keystone Area has a positive track record of serving people disabilities, and intends to keep the Work Services division and the Clubhouse intact, offering employment to the current employees and retaining the client base.

Financials The Community Investment

Goodwill Returns to the Community

Sale of Donated Goods

Program Services


Workforce Development Funding


Management & General

Business Services for Industry








$41,303,309 $4,437,466 $282,845 $46,023,620

Available for Future Growth $3,747,726

Presented by Colleen McAuliffe, CFO It is the policy of Goodwill Keystone Area to provide equal employment and training opportunities without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, veteran or disabled status.

To support persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

Primary Service Locations

Stores & Donation Centers

1150 Goodwill Drive Harrisburg, PA 17101 General: 717.232.1831 Toll Free: 800.432.GIVE Business Services: 717.525.6202

Berks Morgantown 610.286.6676

1048 N. Plum Street Lancaster, PA 17601 717.394.0647

Robesonia 610.693.6014

300 Welsh Road Building 4, Suite 155 Horsham, PA 19044 215.653.7095 3001 St. Lawrence Avenue Reading, PA 19606 610.777.7875 1901 Lehigh Street Allentown, PA 18103 610.904.6070 1 S. Second Street Pottsville, PA 17901 570.628.9090 Letterkenny Army Depot Building 4, Wisconsin Avenue Chambersburg, PA 17201 717.261.1337 182 Engle Road Elizabethville, PA 17023 717.896.8826 Clubhouse of Lehigh County 1437 W. Gordon Street Allentown, PA 18102 610.433.9910


Muhlenberg 610.921.8221

St. Lawrence 484.525.4075 Shillington 610.777.5250 Bucks Bensalem 215.638.1540

Elizabethville 717.896.8826 Harrisburg 717.232.5876 Franklin Chambersburg 717.267.0488 Lancaster East Earl 717.445.6016 Elizabethtown 717.367.8830 Ephrata 717.733.7928

Langhorne Coming Soon

Kendig Square 717.464.1858

Warminster 215.441.9185

Lancaster 717.509.4015

Chester Exton 610.594.6949

Regency 717.396.6756

Phoenixville 610.917.0095

Lebanon Lebanon 717.272.7557

Thorndale 610.384.3206

Palmyra Coming Soon

Cumberland Lemoyne 717.737.6134

Lehigh Allentown 610.391.9760

Mechanicsburg 717.635.2881

Fogelsville 610.398.2042

Dauphin Colonial Park 717.652.4148

Mifflin Burnham 717.248.3174

This publication was printed on paper of 55% recycled, 30% post-consumer product.

Montgomery Montgomeryville Coming Soon Royersford 610.948.4067 Northampton Bethlehem 610.866.1778 Perry Newport 717.567.3020 Snyder Shamokin Dam 570.743.0041 York Hanover 717.637.0397 Shrewsbury 717.227.4775 York 717.846.5780 Attended Donation Centers Berwyn 610.644.2533 Hershey 717.232.1831 Lancaster 717.394.0647 Lancaster Shopping Center 717.394.0647 Lititz 717.394.0647

Goodwill Keystone Area Annual Report 2012  

Goodwill Keystone Area, a non-profit, covers 22 counties in southeastern and central Pennsylvania. We have thrift stores and business servic...

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